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Drive, He Said

Lenny, Reggie's friend from AA, double-crosses mobster Waldo Gaines by not killing (as he was ordered) a county clerk who threatened to expose a jury-tampering scheme which resulted in Gaines going free. Foltrigg had tried to convict Gaines three times but failed because of the tainted juries. Lenny goes to Reggie for help because he knows Gaines will have him killed when he learns the county clerk is still alive, and she convinces him to testify for the state about the jury tampering to put Gaines behind bars. Unfortunately, while lying in wait for his secret meeting with Reggie and Foltrigg, Lenny sees Foltrigg conversing with the head of the vice squad – the very person, it turns out, who hired him to kill the county clerk and cover up the scheme. Lenny flees to the backwoods, and Reggie and Foltrigg embark on a race to catch him before someone else does. They succeed, placing him in a witness relocation program after Foltrigg prosecutes the corrupt cop.

Name Type Role
Grace McKeaney Writer
Steve Robman Director