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Sympathy for the Devil

Reggie and Foltrigg again work together to put mobster Waldo Gaines in jail when they bring him to trial for the murder of two businessmen. A conviction is unlikely unless Gaines' son, Eric (Reggie's young client who witnessed the murders) testifies against his father. No matter how much Reggie wants to help Foltrigg put Gaines away, she works for Eric and does everything she can to protect him from what she understands will be severe psychological damage inherent in testifying against his own father – including pleading the judge to appoint her Guardian Ad Litum. Reggie and Foltrigg go head-to-head regarding the boy's being forced to testify, ultimately resulting in Reggie's removing herself from the State's case when Foltrigg insists Eric should testify no matter what the cost to the young boy. In the end, Gaines finally does time. Meanwhile, a drunken and disorderly Jackson plays matchmaker between his sister, Reggie, and his boss, Mike, who has driven home safely.

Name Type Role
Grace McKeaney Writer
Vern Gillum Director