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Season 1

  • S01E01 The Magic Jersey

    • January 30, 1999
    • Disney Channel

    After Nick's grandpa dies, a magical jersey is left to him.

  • S01E02 In Training

    • September 24, 1999
    • Disney Channel

    Coleman tries to get in shape by using the jersey.

  • S01E03 Be True to You

    • October 1, 1999
    • Disney Channel

    Morgan tries to get a guy on her soccer team to like her. Hillary, as usual, accuses her of being too much of a tomboy. All Morgan has been doing in this episode is playing soccer, which is why Hillary tells her that if she wants to date the player on the team, she needs to quit and get into more ""girlish"" things. Morgan starts to go through with it until the Jersey transforms her into Clint Mathis, former star of the Los Angeles Galaxy. From conversing with teammate Cobi Jones, Morgan realizes that she should just be like herself and not worry about what others think. Morgan rejoins the soccer team and the guy ends up wanting to date her.

  • S01E04 Heroes

    • October 8, 1999
    • Disney Channel

    Morgan, Elliott, and Nick are assigned individual projects. The theme for this project is to write about a hero. Nick wants to write about Rob Moore, wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. To gain experience, he wants to jump into Moore, but the jersey puts him into Junior Seau, linebacker for the San Diego Chargers. After the game, Nick learns that Seau is a real hero because of his charity he runs. Morgan has trouble finding a hero, but after some thoughtful thinking and Uncle Larry's help for her mother, she picks Larry.

  • S01E05 Ouch

    • October 15, 1999
    • Disney Channel

    Morgan doesn't wanna be an alternate on the guys team. She declines the offer, thinking that she's better than them (and she proved it, too). So to get some ""real"" playing time, she jumps into Byron Defoe, goalie for the Boston Bruins. When she gets hurt, she wants an alternate to replace her, but all of the other goalies were hurt. That's when she learned the importance of an alternate. Meanwhile, Nick, Coleman, and Elliott are playing in their tournament and Elliott gets hurt. Morgan is nowhere to be found, so Phoenix Coyotes' star player Jeremy Roenick subs for Elliott.

  • S01E06 Team Player

    • October 22, 1999
    • Disney Channel

    Elliot, Nick, and Morgan are assigned a project at school concerning the colonial period. After refusing Elliot's ""special"" idea and Morgan's numerous great ideas, Nick is not willing to accept either idea. They eventually fail the project. The group keeps arguing until the Jersey takes Morgan and Nick to an Atlanta Braves game. Nick is the pitcher, Kevin Milwood, and Morgan is the catcher, Eddie Perez. The opposing batter is Gary Sheffield, of the Los Angeles Dodgers (at the time). Morgan tries to give Nick good pitching types, but Nick just throws how he wants to. Well, Sheffield is definitely ready to hit a homerun, but Morgan knocks some sense into him and they get out of the jam. Finally, Nick learns his lesson and the three redo their project. The turn it in and get a. . .C+!

  • S01E07 Get Back on the Horse

    • November 5, 1999
    • Disney Channel

    One day after school, Morgan is talking to one of her friends, and the subject of horseback riding comes up. Morgan has never done it before and thinks it's easy, so she decides to take some lessons. Simply put, she's horrible. Morgan quits, but the jersey won't let her do that. It transforms her into a gymnist. Domnique Dawes reminds her of how she never gives up after only one try at something. Morgan returns as a new person, and finds a little success the second time around. Meanwhile, Coleman, Nick, and Elliot all need a new pair of shoes, but have absolutely no money. Nick's father, Larry, offers them a job at his office, ""Lighter than Air"". While there, Coleman finds some really cool clothes, Elliot finds office supplies, and Nick builds an enorous sandwich. Obviously, they didn't do their job. However, they meet Jim Harbaugh, star quarterback for the San Diego Chargers (at the time) and Larry lets the three each get a pair of new shoes for no apparent reason.

  • S01E08 Fathers and Sons

    • December 10, 1999
    • Disney Channel

    Nick's dad gets mad at him when he gets a D on his history test. He jumps into a player on his grandfather's semi-pro team, and notices his dad (as a child) and his grandad, the player. Little Larry complains how he never gets to spend time with his dad, and how they don't have a good relationship. This lesson soon changes their relationship and Nick and Larry are talking to each other again. Hillary, Morgan, and their moms go out on a ""girl's night out"" to the karaoke bar and find Jamal Anderson there, running back for the Atlanta Falcons.

  • S01E09 Beauty and the Beast

    • January 7, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    Coleman is turned down by a girl he likes, but ends up getting to skate with Michelle Kwan. Meanwhile, Elliot, with the aid of Morgan, tries to figure out what present to get for his mom. And with the aid of Morgan, he uses the jersey to jump into a football game, and ends up getting Kordell Stewart to say Happy Birthday.

  • S01E10 Nick's a Chick

    • January 14, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    Nick doesn't think that women's basketball is as important as men's basketball. When the jersey transforms Nick into Lisa Leslie, he soon finds out that it is just as important. After Nick comes back, he gives Morgan advice on how to just have fun when playing since she is going to prove to the coach that she is team material. (Contributor: Scary Boogeyman (a.k.a. Tha ReelKid))

  • S01E11 Election

    • January 21, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    Nick runs for student class president. But when the jersey jumps him into David Robinson, he learns it will take hard work to achieve it. Meanwhile, Morgan thinks she discovered the publisher of The Zine, Willa. While in reality, Hilary is the publisher of The Zine. But when Elliot and Morgan try getting Willa to endorse Nick as student class president, things turn for the worse when the computer, which has The Zine on it, gets destroyed.

  • S01E12 The Prize (a.k.a. Super Bowl Special)

    • January 28, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    Morgan has a chance to win SuperBowl tickets but loses the last question. So all seems fair and well when they decide to watch it together at home. Until Nicks father wins superbowl tickets and NIck decides to go and his friends are less than thriled and decide to cancel this years MNFC. After realizing what Nick has done they all make up and Nick stays home with his friends. Then the Jersey transfers them in to superbowl 34. Meanwhile Hillary and her dad are making the outfits for superbowl 34 and t he jersey accidentally gets to the machine and now those are the uniforms.

  • S01E13 Speeding Bullet

    • February 11, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    eliott use the jersey in a track meet afterma secret about it is found.The nick and the gang findmsomething else about using the jersey that way the could put eliott's life in jeporady

  • S01E14 The Girlfriend

    • March 25, 2000
    • Disney Channel

  • S01E15 Elliot and Goliath

    • April 15, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    Elliot tries to stand up to Rory, the jersey jumps Elliot into Stephon Marbury.

  • S01E16 Take Me Out to the Ball Game

    • April 29, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    Nick is so caught up in meeting Nomar Garciaparra that he forgets to fit Kate's ring. Nick jumps into Nomar and starts panicking about getting the ring, even though the jersey won't let him leave yet. Willa catches Nick trying to escape Nomar's body, doing all these weird things. Willa finds Elliot and questions him about Nick and the jersey. Elliot gets so freaked out that he tells Willa and Hillary the truth. They find it so hard to believe that they dismiss all the ""stupid"" things Elliot said.

  • S01E17 Mother's Day

    • May 13, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    Morgan gets embarassed when her mom starts to coach her swimming team.

  • S01E18 Bat Girl

    • June 3, 2000
    • Disney Channel

  • S01E19 Legacy

    • June 24, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    Nick jumps into the body of Olympic gold medal winner Jackie Joyner-Kersee and is coached by her husband on how to throw the shotput for a track and field competition. This isn't enough so he decides to cheat. He wears the jersey inside out, which imbues him with another athlete's powers. Meanwhile Elliott and Morgan learn that Nick and Morgan's grandfather was wearing the jersey inside out and the power was too great and it blew out his knee. They rush to tell Nick, who ignores them. He injures his shoulder but fortunately the injury is not permanent.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Stealing the Spotlight

    • September 2, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    Morgan takes the rap of Nick, Coleman, & Elliot's plan to make a vacant lot into a park.

  • S02E02 Sophomore Year

    • September 9, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    Sophmore year has just begun and Nick, Coleman, Morgan and Eliot are looking forward to no longer being freshmen. However, they run into a few problems along the way. First, Morgan's soccer team is in serious need of some money or there will be no soccer team for the year and it has to be done before the end of the weekend. So Morgan gets the idea to start a car wash and wants to jump into a famous athlete to tell people about it. However, Nick, Coleman, and Elliot have their own intentions to use the jersey, but they decide to give up and let Nick use it. Suprisingly, Nick jumps into Morgan's athlete for her and accidentally gives out the wrong info. But things work out and Morgan gets the money and there is a soccer team for the year. Meanwhile, Nick trys to become quaterback on the football team. He doesn't win the job but ends up as third string and is very pleased.

  • S02E03 Unemployed

    • September 16, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    The MNFC played football in the rain which caused Nick & Morgan to get sick with the flu. Hillary winds up taking care of them, but she thinks that they're both faking it. Coleman gets fired from his job because he couldn't handle all the customers who were all demanding what they ordered. After that, there's nothing left to do but go to Nick's house and watch the Cowboys & Redskins game. Nick, Morgan, and Hillary have a little problem when Nick & Morgan accidentally hit Hillary (who was bringing them soup at the time). She calls her parents to tell them that they were faking sick this whole time. The Jersey solves Coleman & Hillary's problems by jumping both of them into the Cowboys & Redskins game.

  • S02E04 Breaking the Rules

    • September 23, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    The Jersey is accidentally taken to the drycleaners. Morgan and Tamika, a new girl in school, bicker and wind up in dentention together. Elliott is obsessed with the same girl and wants to learn gymnastics since she is on the team. He gets Nick to agree to jump him into the body of Olympic gymnast Blaine Wilson but he jumps alone. (This is new. Previously the Jersey would only work on family members - Nick, Hilary and Morgan. And the dog, Leonardo.) Elliott doesn't make the team but the coach suggests that he should take a gymnastics class to develop his potential.

  • S02E05 Trust Me

    • September 30, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    After letting Morgan down one too many times, Elliott tries to regain her trust with help from the jersey. Meanwhile, Nick and Coleman let an obstacle-course competition get in the way of their friendship. The NFL's Marvin Harrison and Peyton Manning appear as themselves.

  • S02E06 Halloween

    • October 14, 2000
    • Disney Channel

  • S02E07 They Say It's Your Birthday

    • October 21, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    Morgan's birthaday is here and she is really excited because she thinks that her brothers are coming to visit for her birthday. The way the usually spend her birthday. Well due to delays at the airport it seems Morgan's brothers can't make it. Morgan is devastated and everyone trys to make her feel better. Hillary takes her to a batting cage to prove how terrible she (Hillary.) is. Also Nick, Coleman, and Morgan try to jump into Denver Bronco Stars but lose Morgan on the way. At the end though Morgans brothers finally show up and things are perfect.

  • S02E08 Bowling for Jets

    • November 3, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    Coleman gets over his bowling slump with football players Wayne Chrebet and Ray Lucas of the New York Jets.

  • S02E09 Thanksgiving Day

    • November 11, 2000
    • Disney Channel

  • S02E10 It's My Party

    • November 25, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    Nick throws a party at his house.

  • S02E11 Star Tutor

    • December 15, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    Coleman tutors the star football player but he fails after letting himself get caught up in the player's social life, not actually tutoring him.

  • S02E12 A Curfew Too Many

    • December 22, 2000
    • Disney Channel

    It all starts when Morgan decides to stay at Nick's after 11. It was okay with Elliott and Coleman. She arrives home at 11:45. Her mom isn't very pleased and said she won't extend her curfew until she becomes more responsible. The next day, there is a backwards dance that ends at 1:00AM. She begs her mom to go but she says no. Then she gets a call from a lady that needs a babysitter from 8-11 that night. She asks here mom, but here's the trick. She says ""Mom can I babysit from 8:00PM-1:00AM?"" Her moms says it's okay even though it breaks here curfew because it's for a good cause. So she babysite from 8-11, then goes to Hillary's party. Then at about 1:00 the jersey teaches her a lesson. She jumps as Elton Brand of the L.A. Clippers, but was with the Chicago Bulls back then. She asks what time it is and the coach says 11:30. So she plays a while, and then says to the players ""thanks for coming to Chicago to scrimmage"". They say, what are you talking about, we're in L.A.! So she figures

  • S02E13 Fake Me Out

    • January 5, 2001
    • Disney Channel

    Elliott makes some money by buying sport memorabilia on the internet but when he gets the group to invest he loses their money when he buys autographed Sergei Fedorov hockey sticks with forged signatures. So he jumps into Sergei Fedorov. Meanwhile Willa and Hilary do an investigative piece for the Zine on the vapidity of cheerleaders by trying out for the squad. However Hilary, who really wants to be on the team, is disappointed when they like the sarcastic Willa better.

  • S02E14 Truth and Consequences

    • January 12, 2001
    • Disney Channel

    Nick reveals the secret of the Jersey to his date to try and impress her but it backfires. Elliott wants Coleman to enter a pie eating contest and win him a bicycle.

  • S02E15 Jersey of Dreams

    • February 8, 2001
    • Disney Channel

    Coleman starts to sit in the park next to this old African-American man. The man could have easily played in professional football in his prime but since he was black, he could only et up to semi-pro. So Coleman decides to give him one more shot. He puts the Jersey on the old man and he becomes Stephen Davis of the Washington Redskins! He won the game obviously and he thought he died and went to heaven. When Coleman comes to visit him the next day, the old man's daughter comes and gives Coleman a note from her father. He died. Coleman was sad yet happy to give the old man a shot. He left the bench forever. Contributor: thejerseyisthebest State: New Thank you thejerseyisthebest

  • S02E16 The Sadie Incident

    • March 1, 2001
    • Disney Channel

    There is a dance in Fairfield High called Sadie Hawkins Dance where girls asks the guys out on a date.Elliot wants Tamika to ask him out and Coleman wants Angelina to ask him out.Nick broke his leg while practicing goalposts when he kicked the guy who was holding the ball.That guy was Morgan`s date.The guy canceled on her so now she`s not going to go.Then she meets up with Hilary who wants to be the one to lead the school dance.Hilary wants Morgan to be her assistant.The name on Hilary`s theme is Hilary`s Electronic Extravaganza.Hilary wanted everything in the school dance to be really costly.Then Mrs.Kettlebrooth asks Morgan to be the lead because she had the idea that wouldn`t cost a lot of money since the budget for the dance was only 100 dollars.Coleman comes up with a plan that will make Tamika and Angelina to ask them out.Elliot tells Angelina how good Coleman is and Coleman tells Tamika how good Elliot is.When Coleman talks to Angelina,Tamika wants to be friends with Elliot not

  • S02E17 3 Boys and a Nephew

    • March 8, 2001
    • Disney Channel

    Nick, Coleman, and Elliot baby-sits Nick`s coach`s nephew.

  • S02E18 Surfing

    • July 5, 2001
    • Disney Channel

    Elliot faces his fears of going into water by jumping into Kelly Slater.

  • S02E19 Speaking of Coleman

    • October 11, 2001
    • Disney Channel

    After Coleman has stage fright at a debate, the Jersey jumps him into a member of the female trio 3LW.

  • S02E20 This Rocks

    • October 18, 2001
    • Disney Channel

    Elliot finds out he's a natural when it comes rock climbing, but ends up getting stuck in a rough spot. But when Nick, facing his fear of heights, comes to save him, they both end up getting saved by teen rock climber Katie Brown. When Leonardo, Hilary's dog, won't leave the jersey alone, the jersey jumps him into a referee at a pro-football game.

  • S02E21 Pop Quiz

    • December 6, 2003
    • Disney Channel

    While studying for a geometry test, Nick has a revelation.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Bringing the Heat

    • October 5, 2002
    • Disney Channel

    Hillary puts on the jersey after getting wet; Morgan interviews David Wells.

  • S03E02 It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Jersey

    • October 6, 2002
    • Disney Channel

    Hillary must deal with the consequences of abusing the jersey's powers.

  • S03E03 Out on a Limb

    • October 12, 2002
    • Disney Channel

    Morgan & the MNFC were playing kick ball with a huge beach ball in the park when they find this little boy's kite got stuck up in a tree. Morgan attemps to get the kite but th rest of the MNFC back out on her, so she climbs the tree to get the kite. She falls off but The Jersey saves her from getting killed. The Jersey jumps her into Donovan McNabb, but as soon as she jumps back, she will jump back in mid-air & she will fall & get killed. She calls the MNFC & Hillary to help her, so they set up a huge matress to catch her.

  • S03E04 Willa Jumps

    • October 19, 2002
    • Disney Channel

    Willa sneaks through the house and tries the jersey on for size after pumping a mum Hilary for information about the shirt's powers. First she jumps into a football player, Amani Toomer (Himself). Willa as Toomer, tries to tell everyone that he really is a high school girl possessing Toomer on national TV! (""Watch the hands!"" she tells someone after he tackles her as Toomer...) Luckily the female newscaster thinks it is a practical joke! Then Willa tries to exploit the jersey by exposing it to the whole school. She tries to sell rides into sports players bodies to others at school, and a male nerd winds up in the body of a little girl, ""Princess"", on a store rocking horse. After several unsatisfied customers mention a few hints at their jumps to the MNFC, Willa is transported by the Jersey into the body of a male dog headed to the veterinarian for shots!!!! She even has a dog collar and fleas now! Meanwhile, the MNFC gang and Hillary try to convince everyone that it was all a hy

  • S03E05 Halloween 2: The Legend of Henry

    • October 27, 2002
    • Disney Channel

    A seance is conducted to contact a ghost named Henry who was shocked to death while going to see his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Hillary & Willa refuse to get into the spirit of Halloween because they think they're too mature.

  • S03E06 Coleman's Big Date

    • November 2, 2002
    • Disney Channel

    Coleman reunites with a girl he had a crush on since he was little. Meanwhile, Nick & Hillary try to get their parents to spoil them rotten.

  • S03E07 NFL Virus

    • November 9, 2002
    • Disney Channel

    Elliot transports himself into the body of NFL player Jevon Kearse in order to combat a computer virus that threatens the Tennessee Titans; Morgan is disappointed when a guy she likes dumps her for another girl. Also, Morgan was going to perform a song at the school dance, but now she may back out.

  • S03E08 Playbook

    • November 16, 2002
    • Disney Channel

    Nick leaves his team's playbook at Fat Mora's. His old rival steals the playbook while Elliot uses the jersey to jump into La'Roi Glover in order to be able to steal Danberry High's Goose statue.

  • S03E09 Cheers, Jeers and Tears

    • November 23, 2002
    • Disney Channel

    Hillary's crying over her responsibilities as being cheerleader captain while Nick & Coleman fight for their rap song to be played on April's radio station.

  • S03E10 Alley of Dreams

    • November 30, 2002
    • Disney Channel

    Nick participates in his dad's charity bowling tournament.

  • S03E11 Dueling Coaches

    • December 7, 2002
    • Disney Channel

    Nick has problems coaching his pee-wee football team.

  • S03E12 Tomorrowland

    • December 14, 2002
    • Disney Channel

    The Jersey jumps Morgan into the future. Randy Johnson breaks his hand. It's up to the MNFC to prevent this from happening in the future.

  • S03E13 Jersey Switch

    • December 21, 2002
    • Disney Channel

    Elliot gives The Jersey new powers by mistake. Hillary & Morgan switch bodies.

  • S03E14 The Doghouse

    • December 28, 2002
    • Disney Channel

    The Jersey helps Leonardo to become a frisbee-catching dog. Morgan tries to keep her mother from finding out she's going on her first date.

  • S03E15 Riding the Bench

    • January 26, 2003
    • Disney Channel

    Nick disappoints his football team when he skips out of a game to play in the real NFL as Eddie George. Coleman joins Hilary and Morgan in a girls' night out.

  • S03E16 Fantasy Football

    • January 26, 2003
    • Disney Channel

    Nick & Coleman's fantasy football teams get the best of them when Coleman jumps into the Bengals' coach & Nick jumps into Danny Farmer.

  • S03E17 Origins (1)

    • January 26, 2003
    • Disney Channel

    Part 1 of two. A band of rogue government agents is tracking the Jersey when it jumps. Before they are captured, Morgan and Nick are transported back in time, where they meet Arthur and the wizard Merlin, and find the jersey was a cloak at that time. Merlin tells them the jersey is far older than he and legend says it came from ancient Egypt. He also tells them how to restore the powers of the jersey with a solution. Meanwhile, Coleman and Elliot are being held prisoner. When Morgan and Nick jump back, Blackstone demands that they turn over the Jersey. (to be continued)

  • S03E18 Origins (2)

    • January 26, 2003
    • Disney Channel

    As Blackstone reaches for the Jersey, it leaps Morgan and Nick into a football game. When Nick and Morgan jump back, Morgan escapes but the Jersey and Nick are captured. Hilary, Morgan and Willa attempt to rescue the guys and the Jersey as the evil Blackstone drains its powers. He plans to jump into the body of the president. When Morgan restores the powers of the Jersey with the solution Merlin told her how to make, it jumps her into Blackstone's body and she is able to take command and trick his people into a truck where they can be locked up. The Jersey is seemingly destroyed in an explosion but it is found in their yard and brought to them by Lee Thompson Young, whom Willa and Morgan have been trying to get an interview with.

  • S03E19 Basketball Diaries

    • October 25, 2003
    • Disney Channel

    Coleman is reluctant to ask his father to join him in a father-son basketball game. Hilary tries to makeover Leo into a film star.

  • S03E20 The New Kid in Town

    • November 2, 2003
    • Disney Channel

    When Elliott jumps into BMX champion Ryan Nyquist, he ends up having to spend the afternoon with a new kid at school who has a chip on his shoulder. Larry becomes insufferable after losing a game of pool to Hilary.

  • S03E21 Owning Up

    • October 30, 2003
    • Disney Channel

    When Coleman's birdhouse is poorly done, he sneaks in to school and tries to claim somebody else's birdhouse as his. Morgan detects he's hiding something, so the jersey jumps Morgan and Coleman into the middle of nowhere during a head to head motocross race.

  • S03E22 The Polar Express

    • January 31, 2004
    • Disney Channel

    Nick views his father differently, Elliot & Coleman make a movie.

  • S03E23 Player Faker

    • November 10, 2003
    • Disney Channel

    Morgan and Tamika compete for a spot on the basketball team.

  • S03E24 Weight For Me

    • Disney Channel

  • S03E25 Skills

    • Disney Channel

  • S03E26 What's Gotten Into Elliot Rifkin?

    • March 23, 2004
    • Disney Channel

    Elliot asks a geek to the school dance, Hilary babysits a monkey.