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  • S02E01 Chinese Whispers

    • September 25, 1990
    • BBC One

  • S02E02 Hell's Kitchenette

    • October 2, 1990
    • BBC One

  • S02E03 Faces From the Past

    • October 9, 1990
    • BBC One

  • S02E04 The Great Fly-Tipping War

    • October 16, 1990
    • BBC One

  • S02E05 Old Pals

    • October 23, 1990
    • BBC One

    When one of Danny's old school friends - Harry Vincent - turns up offering him a lucrative investment in a holiday village in Africa, it almost seems too good to be true. In the meantime Frank takes a beaten up escort girl under his wing - and eventually finds out it's how Vincent gets his kicks. Danny is furious when he realises he's been conned into investing in a gun running business and ends up at the wrong end of a gangster's gun. It takes a car chase around south London, a little bargaining between DS Jack Nesbit and Frank Kane and a chase across a river bank to reunite Danny with his money.

  • S02E06 Lord of the Files

    • October 30, 1990
    • BBC One

    A fight in the Paradise Club is broken up by Danny and Frank and results in the son of a former gangster - now a building magnate - being hurt. A few days later a computer expert is gunned down in broad daylight - and then Danny's car is blown up. Is it Jimmy Dexter out for revenge - or is there more to it than meets the eye? It's the Lord of the Files who holds the key and leads to a final confrontation on the top of a highrise building.

  • S02E07 Rock and Roll Roulette

    • November 6, 1990
    • BBC One

  • S02E08 The Rotherhithe Project

    • November 13, 1990
    • BBC One

    People living in Rotherhithe are getting scared and moving out and Danny's getting the blame. He's involved in a new development being run by a smarmy developer called Fanshawe. Unbeknown to Danny, Fanshawe's employing a group of men who use heavy handed tactics. Meanwhile the Japanese consortium backing the Rotherhite development turn out to be from a group which make the Mafia look like the WI. Can Danny extricate himself from the mess without being caught in the crossfire?

  • S02E09 Snow Business

    • November 20, 1990
    • BBC One

  • S02E10 Dead Dogs Don't Bark

    • November 27, 1990
    • BBC One


    • BBC One