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Season 1

  • S01E01 Amsterdam

    • April 1, 1991
    • PBS

    It's the beginning of Rick's 3,000-mile grand tour of Europe. In the midst of seeing all of Holland's freedom, Rick advises wearing a money belt to keep your valuables close by.

  • S01E02 Rhine & Mosel

    • April 8, 1991
    • PBS

    Rick tours Germany's famed Rhine and Mosel river valleys on train. It's the perfect way to discuss travel strategies and Eurail Passes.

  • S01E03 The Romantic Road

    • April 15, 1991
    • PBS

    Timelessness is the word to describe Germany's Romantic Road. Rick passes along Prince Bishop's Palace in Wurzburg, among other places. Walking tours of the Romantic Road also provide a backdrop for self-defense.

  • S01E04 Munich & Bavaria

    • April 22, 1991
    • PBS

    Diversity is the dictum as Rick spans from a beer hall to a haunting World War II memorial. He provides lessons on traveling with children and alternate forms of lodging.

  • S01E05 Venice

    • April 29, 1991
    • PBS

    Rick delves into the formation of Venice. His advice to tourists: It's okay to get pleasantly lost. Just remember to plan an itinerary.

  • S01E06 Italy's Hilltowns

    • May 6, 1991
    • PBS

    Tuscany and Umbria represents small town Italy. Rick tells all to pack light to really enjoy these and other locales.

  • S01E07 Rome

    • May 13, 1991
    • PBS

    Rick concentrates on the lesser-known landmarks in Rome, particularly inexpensive hotels and restaurants. His back-door approach includes a stop at Mussolini's old neighborhood.

  • S01E08 Florence

    • May 20, 1991
    • PBS

    Rick battles fatigue in Florence with cappucino and gelati stops in his selective sightseeing. He also gives advice on interpreting the city's telephone system.

  • S01E09 The Italian Riviera

    • May 27, 1991
    • PBS

    Pisa, Lucca, and Portofino are first up Rick scouts the villages on the Italian Riviera. He advises how to stay clean and healthy abroad.

  • S01E10 The Berner Alps

    • June 3, 1991
    • PBS

    Swiss Alps are the order of the day. Rick recommends using gondolas, funiculars and trains to see the Berner Alps and close contact with Nature. He also discusses wise use of credit cards, travelers' cheques, and money exchanges.

  • S01E11 Western Switzerland

    • June 10, 1991
    • PBS

    Rick devotes this program to renting and driving cars in Europe. That will direct us to the remote villages of French Switzerland. Part of the journey is an appreciation of modern art, specifically Paul Klee.

  • S01E12 Paris

    • June 17, 1991
    • PBS

    Rick tackles the sometimes-difficult task of using public transportation in this tour of Paris. He includes a history lesson on Napoleon and the fascinating world of Rodin.

  • S01E13 London

    • PBS

Season 2

  • S02E01 Western Ireland

    • January 1, 1993
    • PBS

    Rick Steves begins another 3,000-mile tour at Ireland's West Coast. He tells viewers to slow down when visiting Ireland.

  • S02E02 The Irish Capitals: Dublin and Belfast

    • January 8, 1993
    • PBS

    Both the capitals of Ireland and Northern Ireland are rooted in a bitter struggle for independence. Rick shows some of the passion evident in Irish city citizens.

  • S02E03 North Wales

    • January 15, 1993
    • PBS

    Rich enters Wales via ferry. Once on land, he scours through castles and cuisine, talking about driving on the left side of the road. He also gets to hear a bit of the Welsh language.

  • S02E04 Edinburgh

    • January 22, 1993
    • PBS

    It's Festival time in Edinburgh, and Rick commutes through the city at its busiest time. Planning ahead is the key, both to an organized city like Edinburgh and its tourists.

  • S02E05 Cotswold and Bath

    • January 29, 1993
    • PBS

    Rick concludes his U.K. stretch of the tour in rhe Cotswold traditions. He walks through Chipping Campden to Bath to Avebury.

  • S02E06 Normandy and Brittany

    • February 5, 1993
    • PBS

    Both Normandy and Brittany have seen its historic battles. Rick mentions several struggles in both regions, to be sure, but he also has tips on local French cuisine.

  • S02E07 Belgium and Luxembourg

    • February 12, 1993
    • PBS

    Brugge in Belgium is fast becoming a tourist mecca while retaining its old charm. Rick visits the locales common to medieval citizens: an almshouse, a lace-making school, a refuge for war widows. Brussels is but a whistle-stop en route to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, storied in fortresses and battles. Today Luxembourg is the model country for a unifying Europe.

  • S02E08 France's Burgundy

    • February 19, 1993
    • PBS

    Thoughts of Burgundy lead to the top of the French wine list and other elegant images. Rick turns for guidance to Steve Smith, a savvy Francophile. Rick reminds viewers how best to use the metric system, and shows alternate means of overnight stay.

  • S02E09 Loire and Provence

    • February 26, 1993
    • PBS

    The TGV whisks Rick to the popular Loire Valley, starting in Amboise. Rick tells of the hard-fought history in the region. Then it's off to the Mediterranean splendor of Provence. Rick advises all to be polite when visiting France.

  • S02E10 Toledo and Madrid

    • March 5, 1993
    • PBS

    ""Holy Toledo"" is a daytime mecca for tours from Madrid. Rick tackles both regions, discussing the Moorish ways of Spain.

  • S02E11 Andalusian Hilltowns and Seville

    • March 12, 1993
    • PBS

    Rick avoids the traffic jams of Costa del Sol (at least until the fourth season). His goal is for Andalusia's interior villages. Spain offers Zahara, Grazalema and Arcos de la Frontera. And of course, there is Seville, as Rick labors into Spain's Moorish past.

  • S02E12 Algarve, Portugal's South Coast

    • March 19, 1993
    • PBS

    There are still parts of the Algarve Coast that are not well-known, such as the village of Salema. Within the resort town of Lagos and ancient Cape Sagres, Rick shares safety tips for traveling alone as well as using the metric system in markets.

  • S02E13 The Best Travels in Europe

    • March 1, 1993
    • PBS

    This 70-minute pledge special rounds up some of Rick's favorite scenes from the first two seasons.

  • S02E14 Lisbon

    • March 26, 1993
    • PBS

    The second 3,000-mile tour ends in Lisbon. Rick retells Portugal's glorious past. He reminds us how to find inexpensive and comfortable lodgings in expensive parts of Europe.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Berlin and Potsdam

    • January 1, 1995
    • PBS

    Rick starts the third season in country and city reunified just a half-decade before. He relates some of Berlin's stormy history and visions of a more prosperous future.

  • S03E02 Prague and Budapest

    • January 8, 1995
    • PBS

    Prague is in the Czech Republic now, still splendid in 14th-century elegance. Rick spots the corner where Mozart put the finishing touches on Don Giovianni. Rick delves into the 1,000-year Magyar history while in Budapest. Rick's travel tip concentrates on keeping a good eye on not getting ripped off.

  • S03E03 Vienna

    • January 15, 1995
    • PBS

    Vienna is old, and Rick presents its artistic landmarks. He gives tips on buying concert tickets and traveling on the Danube.

  • S03E04 Salzburg

    • January 22, 1995
    • PBS

    Salzburg seems to be rooted in Mozart's music. But Austria also has a spectacular medieval fort, the Salzkammergut Lakes District, Augustiner monks, and an ancient salt mine. Rick tips off where and how to find free music concerts.

  • S03E05 French Dordogne

    • January 29, 1995
    • PBS

    Castles, markets, and art await along the Dordogne River. Rick advises how to get the most out of budget shuttle service and hotel accommodations.

  • S03E06 French Riviera

    • February 5, 1995
    • PBS

    The Mediterranean's Cote d'Azur, Villefranche-Sur-Mer, and Cannes can be a hectic place. Rick tells us how to avoid the crowds and interpret information at train stations.

  • S03E07 Milan and Lake Como

    • February 12, 1995
    • PBS

    Rick introduces the powerhouse Italy of the 1990s while detailing its past unification struggles, some of which took place in and around Milan.

  • S03E08 Naples and the Amalfi Coast

    • February 19, 1995
    • PBS

    Naples is everything the viewer expects. Rick begins in this birthplace of pizza, settling for the night with 20 miles of Sorrento. He observes Roman ruins and Greek temples on his way to the Amalfi Coast.

  • S03E09 Athens

    • February 26, 1995
    • PBS

    Ruins are just part of Rick's first venture into Greece. He advises us on car and taxi travel.

  • S03E10 Greek Islands

    • March 5, 1995
    • PBS

    Rick hops around from the island bus tour of Santorini to Lipsi for some out-of-the-way places.

  • S03E11 Western Turkey

    • March 12, 1995
    • PBS

    Rick advises all on how to stay healthy as he journeys along the Meander River.

  • S03E12 Central Turkey

    • March 19, 1995
    • PBS

    From the cliffs and caves in Cappadocia to the modern capital of Ankara, Rick continues to peruse inexpensively through Turkey. He gives a historical perspective on Ataturk, praised as father of the Turks.

  • S03E13 Istanbul

    • March 26, 1995
    • PBS

    Istanbul resides in two continents. Rick enters from the European side of Turkey and begins that tantalizing path into the next continent (and the following season).

Season 4

  • S04E01 Israel

    • November 1, 1997
    • PBS

    The new and the old Israel become a thrillingly different start to Rick's fourth seasopn. He talks extensively of Israel's religious sites. The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and the Dome of the Rock and Christians at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre are tops. But Rick also steps into Tel Aviv and the present-day Mediterranean beach.

  • S04E02 Egypt

    • November 8, 1997
    • PBS

    Rick transports down Egypt's less-traveled roads. Inevitably he rides the camel, stops at a bazaar, and cruises down the Nile.

  • S04E03 Denmark

    • November 15, 1997
    • PBS

    Delightful Copenhagen is first on Rick's journey through Denmark, and the locals are a friendly bunch. After visiting the carnival at Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park, Rick treks to Aero Island for visions of the Old World ways.

  • S04E04 Stockholm & Helsinki

    • November 22, 1997
    • PBS

    In Stockholm, Rick combs through centuries of Swedish life, both fortunate and unfrotunate events. An overnight cruise leads to through the Baltic Archipelago to Helsinki, Finland.

  • S04E05 Norway

    • November 29, 1997
    • PBS

    Rick finds that boat across the Oslo harbor for ocean adventure. Historically, this city has ties to the Vikings, Thor Heyerdahl, and Nazi Resistance. ""Norway in a Nutshell"" leads Rick to Bergen.

  • S04E06 North England

    • December 6, 1997
    • PBS

    Rick brings his family along as he shares tips on traveling with children. On their itinerary: Ironbridge Gorge, Blackpool, the Cumbrian Lake District, and the Norman cathedral at Durham.

  • S04E07 London and Beyond

    • December 13, 1997
    • PBS

    Rick pays his respects to Winston Churchill in London's Cabinet War Room. Along with stops at the Globe Theatre, Rick and family attend Stratford, Warwick Castle, Cambridge, and York. The new tunnel under the English Channel awaits.

  • S04E08 Paris and Beyond

    • December 20, 1997
    • PBS

    Rick presentst his avorites: a familiar restaurant and a neighborhood market. The old familiar sights in Paris get a once-over before Rick jaunts to the palace of Versailles. He also salutes the Impressionists' artistic revolution.

  • S04E09 France's Alsace

    • December 27, 1997
    • PBS

    Rick rents a car for his sight-seeing tour of Alsace's route du vin, full of vineyards, villages, and fortresses. Alsatian village-hopping precedes a trek into Verdun and Reims Cathedral. Epernay, birthplace of champagne, comes at the end.

  • S04E10 French and Swiss Alps

    • January 3, 1998
    • PBS

    Back to the Alps for Rick, who visits Chamonix, the original French Alpine resort. He takes a balloon ride over Mount Blanc before his train trek to Appenzell, Switzerland. This gives Rick the chance for more rail travel tips.

  • S04E11 Austrian and Italian Alps

    • January 10, 1998
    • PBS

    Rick begins at the border of Germany and Austria and shoots down to Innsbruck. A lesson on Austrian cuisine preceds a trek into Italy's Reifenstein Castle and the Italian Dolomites.

  • S04E12 Barcelona and Segovia

    • January 17, 1998
    • PBS

    Barcelona is a Catalonian cornucopia, as Rick spots the art of Gaudi and Picasso. In the heart of Spain, Rick contrasts the 15th-Century palace of El Escorial with rhe 20th-Century Valley of the Fallen. Finally, there's Segovia.

  • S04E13 Costa del Sol

    • January 24, 1998
    • PBS

    Southern Spain offers the greatest Moorish feel. Rick finally shows off the fabulous Costa del Sol beach. After Gibraltar, Rick floats across the Mediterranean to Tangier, Morocco.

  • S04E14 Best of the Mediterranean with Rick Steves

    • December 1, 1998
    • PBS

    Selected scenes from Seasons 3 and 4 are highlighted as Rick revisits the Mediterranean countries in this 80-minute pledge special.