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The Patron Saint of Impossible Causes

As Christmas nears, Jerry is out having lunch with his girlfriend, Amber, and Liam when his wife, Betty, surprises him. Jerry tries to save face by telling her that Amber is Liam's fianceé. Bobby gets into a brawl with a mall santa (who's also a suspect) in front of a lot of children. Clarissa helps deliver a very ill crack baby whose mother doesn't want them to try to save it. Liam meets Siobhan, and takes a liking to her. Eileen gets accepted into her college of choice, but doesn't know how she'll ever afford it. Father Peter surprises Kevin with a Christmas present -- midnight mass this year. Clarissa is equally surprised to find out that the baby's still alive, even though its mother took off. With her gone, Clarissa breaks hospital rules, and gives the baby treatment anyway. Fiona invites Josh to midnight mass with her family. Bobby kicking Santa's ass makes front page news and gets him in hot water with the lieutenant, who asks that he take time off. Liam tries to help find a new

  • Runtime 45 minutes
  • Production Code 467308
  • Network NBC
Name Type Role
Matthew Carnahan Writer
Angela Lanza Guest Star
William Hill Guest Star
Amy Ryan Guest Star
Leo Burmester Guest Star
Tracie Jade Guest Star
Skipp Sudduth Guest Star
Thom Sesma Guest Star
Madison Arnold Guest Star
Maryann Urbano Guest Star
Kevin Chamberlin Guest Star
Joanna Rhinehart Guest Star
Damian D. Lewis Guest Star
Ken Marks Guest Star
Nicholas J. Giangiulio Guest Star
Spencer Breslin Guest Star
R.W. Goodwin Director