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Season 1

  • S01E01 Phil's Hell Day (a.k.a. Bam's Skate Park)

    • October 26, 2003

    Bam wants to get Phil angry. So in the middle of the night, Bam decides to install a fireman's pole in his room. Bam begins by creating a hole in floor with a chainsaw. The sound of the construction wakes April and Phil. Phil comes to Bam's room to see what's going on. Phil sees a big hole in the floor but he doesn't get angry. Next, Bam takes a bunch of Phil's clothes and irons on a graphic of hamburgers on them. As Phil is getting dressed he notices all the hamburgers on his clothes. Phil wonders where the hamburgers came from, but doesn't get angry. Next, in the middle of the night, Bam replaces Phil's toothpaste with ground meat. The next morning, Phil gets up and brushes his teeth. After a few brushes, Phil spits out the meat. Bam shows Phil the meat as he squeezes the toothpaste tube but, Phil doesn't get angry. Next, Bam steals Phil's van and takes it to a junkyard. The van is crushed and demolished. The destroyed van is brought back to the house and placed in the driveway. Phil

  • S01E02 Don't Feed Phil

    • November 2, 2003

    Can Phil go without food for an entire day? That's what Bam wants to find out. Like it or not, Phil's going on a starvation diet. For 24 hours, Bam has instilled his family, friends, and heck, the whole town with one simple message: Don't Feed Phil. It's a tough day, but Phil comes through in the end, logging 24 food free hours. And to celebrate his father's fast, Bam hosts a rock concert in his living room.

  • S01E03 The Family Reunion

    • November 9, 2003

    Bam wants to do something special for the family reunion. So he decides to build a drawbridge and a moat to replace the front door. But where will the big family dinner take place? Bam and his crew erect a walled area in the form of a castle in the front yard. The guests arrive but there is no food. Finally the food arrives, with Bam's crew dressed in medieval armor. To top it all, Compton Ass Terry makes his entrance riding a top an elephant. Soon after, Bam's Grandmother leaves the party claiming ""this whole family is crazy!""

  • S01E04 Viva Las Vegas

    • November 16, 2003

    It's two days before Phil and April's wedding anniversary. Bam wants to do something special for them, so he decides to take them to Las Vegas. But Bam wants to make the trip really special. So Bam goes on a website and orders a bride from Russia for Raab. Raab agrees to marry the mail-order bride from Russia, during their stay in Las Vegas. Upon arrival, Bam helps Raab pick out a tuxedo for the wedding. Raab picks up a very pimped out white tuxedo with a black fedora hat. Later, Bam and his crew do everything they can to soil the new tux, including dragging Raab through the dirt and through an oil-slicked parking lot. The day of the wedding arrives and it's time for Phil and Don Vito to get a make over. Phil gets made up like his idol, Elvis Presley. Meanwhile, Don Vito unknowingly gets his hair dyed the color blue. On the day of the wedding, Phil makes a grand entrance dressed as Elvis. Raab shows up with his extremely dirty tuxedo. The ceremony begins but, soon after Don Vito tries

  • S01E05 Paint Phil Blue & Other Stories

    • November 23, 2003

    April and Phil go on a three-day-weekend leaving Bam at home. While they're away, Bam and his crew paint the kitchen blue along with everything in it. Then they build a secret underground tunnel into Don Vito's house, and convert April's car into a suped-up hot-rod.

  • S01E06 A Very Merry Margera Christmas

    • November 30, 2003

    With twenty bucks and some duct tape, Bam brings the Christmas spirit to West Chester, Pennsylvania. Bam adorns the Margera house with ultra-bright festive lights, man-made snow, giant-sized Christmas ornaments, and an indoor ice-skating rink.

  • S01E07 April Gets Revenge

    • December 7, 2003

    Bam plans to take April, Phil, Don Vito and his raucous crew of friends out for a boating trip on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. But what Bam really wants to do, is take April, Phil and Don Vito to an island 100 yards away from Three Mile Island, the notorious nuclear power plant and leave them there for 24 hours. When they arrive on the island, April becomes suspicious of Bam's intentions. April, Phil and Don Vito decide to take the boat back to shore without Bam. Bam and his crew end up being the ones staying on the island for 24 hours. Bam and company try to make most of their time on the island by building a makeshift skate ramp and a wooden shack for shelter. 24 hours later, Bam and his crew make it back to shore. To get revenge on April, Bam has a local news reporter show up at April's job. The reporter shows April a video clip of the Margera house exploding. April freaks and hurries home, only to find the house still intact with Bam sitting in the driveway laughing.

  • S01E08 The Scavenger Hunt

    • December 14, 2003

    In this season finale, Bam, the crew and the band known as the Blood Hound Gang embark on an outrageous scavenger hunt. The hunt begins with Bam purchasing three banged-up used cars. Next, he splits everyone up into three teams. The teams jump into their cars and race around town collecting bizarre items, as well as performing grotesque tasks needed to win the scavenger hunt. Check out the list of scavenger hunt items below... Scavenger Hunt items: 1. Get service without shoes or shirt - 15 pts. 2. Trade pants with a stranger - 20 pts. 3. French Kiss a girl - 10 pts. 4. Get a bum to sign a pizza box - 20 pts. 5. Get help from someone - 10 pts. 6. Mystery Item ??? 7. Catch the ""Franklin Vibe"" - dress up like Ben Franklin and fly a kite - 25 pts. 8. Mud from a sick lake - 10 pts. 9. Hot Chick in lingerie - 25 pts. 10. Get a bee sting - 30 pts. 11. Autograph a cow - 20 pts. 12. Get clothes-lined - 30 pts. 13. Do a ""Shopping Cart"" - 20 pts. 14. Get a girl's b

Season 2

  • S02E01 Castle Bam

    • April 25, 2004

    Bam is tired of his family complaining about the house, so Bam and the crew pile into the Hummer in search of a new house. The first house they check out has a hockey rink in the basement. Bam and the boys play a quick game of hockey but the game quickly ends as Bam throws a lamp onto the floor. Bam proclaims that this house isn't what he's looking for. The crew continues their search among the tree-lined snow covered roads of West Chester, PA. Finally, the boys stumble upon a secluded house with acres of yard, complete with a unicorn mural painted on the side. Bam and the boys check out the house and decide that this is the one. The crew hastily move the Margera's belongings into the new house. During their unpacking, Bam's brother Jess pays an unexpected visit. Jess' band, CKY, is playing a show in Amsterdam. Bam and the boys decide to abandon their unpacking duties and head out to Amsterdam to check out CKY's show. April and Phil are left with the big job of unpacking and decorating

  • S02E02 Dating Don Vito

    • May 2, 2004

    While Bam and Dunn are busy ""landscaping"" the yard with their ATVs, April braves the mud and tells Bam he has a phone call. Bam learns that the legendary heavy metal band Slayer are coming to stay over. To prepare for Slayer's visit, the crew feels the need to do some decorating and modifications to the house. The modifications include an indoor mini-half in Bam's room, a pirate-themed bar downstairs and a full concert stage in the backyard. Bam plans to have a party when Slayer arrive, and Don Vito needs a date for the party. Brandon, Ryan and Raab go into town armed with Don Vito's picture, asking random women if they would like to go on a date with Don Vito. Most of the women refuse or just laugh as they walk away. Eventually, three women or shall we saw victims agree to meet Don Vito at a coffee shop. Before the dates, Don Vito is outfitted with a wireless ear piece where Bam can give commands to Don Vito. Bam and the crew monitor Don Vito's progress from afar and give suggestions

  • S02E03 Fat Boy Face-Off

    • May 9, 2004

    Bam enters Phil and Don Vito in a competition he calls ""Fat Boy Face Off."" The first event is a race where a hoagie is dangled in front of the contestants. The first to either cross the finish line or eat a hoagie becomes the winner. Phil, with much more hustle than Don Vito, crosses the finish line first. In the next event, Don Vito and Phil are blind folded and spun in circles. With their equilibrium off balance, Don Vito and Phil venture into a field were they have to find a chocolate cake propped up on a garbage can. Phil takes about one minute and thirty seconds to find the cake where as Don Vito, easily frustrated, takes about four minutes to find the cake. Chalk one up for Phil. The next event in the ""Fat Boy Face Off"" is an obstacle course affectionally labeled the ""Slobstacle Course."" The obstacle course includes crawling under a fence, running through tires, and finally eating a tray full of chicken wings. At the start Don Vito tries to sabatoge Phil by dragging him to the gr

  • S02E04 Mardi Gras (1)

    • May 16, 2004

    Bam, with a group of skateboarding legends, head down to Mardi Gras. On the way down, Bam sessions out-of-the-way skate spots. Don Vito gets very pissed and yells at Tony Hawk ""No more skateboarding!""

  • S02E05 Mardi Gras (2)

    • May 23, 2004

    Bam and the crew leave Skatetopia in one piece and continue their trek towards Mardi Gras. Don Vito continues to get annoyed at Tony Hawk for delaying their travel with his constant skate sessions. Eventually, the crew arrives in New Orleans and waste no time in adding their own brand of chaos to Mardi Gras. Submitted by Home Improvement Fan

  • S02E06 Community Disservice

    • May 30, 2004

    Bam challenges April to do five things that will benefit the community. From Bam's list, April chooses reading stories to the elderly, giving Phil a haircut, and, with the help of Don Vito and Phil, picking up trash from public spaces. On the other hand, Bam opts to build a crude concrete half-pipe for the kids in front of a hardware store, up root trees by running them over with his ATV and dump the trash that April, Phil and Don Vito collected into Don Vito's house.

  • S02E07 Tree Top Casino

    • June 6, 2004

    It's Arbor Day, so Bam decides to knock down one the tall trees in the backyard. April hears the commotion from the house and comes outside to yell at Bam. While April is yelling at Bam, Bam gets an idea to build a tree house/casino and call it Fast Eddie's Tree Top Casino. To make the opening of Fast Eddie's Tree Top Casino extravagant, Bam hires professional wrestlers to wrestle in a ring below the casino. In the end, the wrestling match becomes a Battle Royale that includes, Phil, Don Vito, the wrestlers, and Bam.

  • S02E08 Demo Derby

    • June 13, 2004

    Bam takes Don Vito to a used car dealer to buy him a new car. After seeing the cheap prices of the used cars, Bam decides to purchase four cars and bring them back to his 14 acre lot. What to do with 4 cars and 14 acres?...Have a Demolition Derby of course! Bam and the crew smash and crash into each other until there is nothing left of their automobiles.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Drive-Way Skate Park

    • October 24, 2004

    On a beautiful Saturday morning at Castle Bam, Ryan and Bam pick up the mail at the mailbox. As Bam gathers his mail, the box collapses to the ground. Suddenly, Bam gets an idea to turn his driveway into a driveway skate park. Resident carpenter and ramp building expert, Tim Glomb, is put on the job to build Bam's skateboarding vision. While Glomb is busy building the skate park's walls, Bam takes the family out to Los Angeles to find Hollywood flair. Bam's plan is to decorate the skate park with objects collected from celebrities. Bam travels around Hollywood paying visits to Jack Osbourne, Tommy Lee, Dave Grohl and N.E.R.D. Bam collects a smashed watch from Jack, a pair of drumsticks and a snare drum from Tommy Lee, a belt from Dave Grohl and an autographed trucker cap from N.E.R.D. Meanwhile, Don Vito is bent on finding the Playboy mansion. Rake and Raab accompany Don Vito on his quest. Eventually, Don Vito finds the Playboy mansion but is denied entrance. Don Vito starts to really

  • S03E02 Uncivil War

    • October 31, 2004

    After purchasing potato guns, Bam and the crew return to Castle Bam to engage in a potato gun battle, launching potatoes at each other from a great distance. Don Vito checks out the commotion. Bam decides to launch Don Vito's watch out of one of the potato guns. With the help of Jen, Bam obtains Vito's watch and places it into a potato gun. With much protest from Vito, they launch his watch into the forest. Bam and the crew go looking for the watch and to their surprise, they uncover an old Civil War cannonball. This historical artifact gives Bam the idea that they're going to ""party like it's 1899."" Bam goes to the fuse box of Castle Bam and shuts down power to the house. The Viva La Bam cast spend the rest of day with out electricity. The next morning, April and Phil are awakened by the sound of marching feet from the Civil War reenactment army approaching the front door. April asks Bam, ""What's going on?"" Bam yells ""Civil War reenactment!"" Bam tells the army to go to the backyard an

  • S03E03 Fort Knoxville

    • November 7, 2004

    This episode of Bam is all about war--Prank War, that is. Bam goes up against Johnny Knoxville and Ryan Dunn in one of the nastiest, raunchiest, filthiest prank wars ever shown on national television. After not having seen Knoxville in a year, Bam is awakened by the sounds of Knoxville taking a drill and an ax to his precious, candy-red Hummer. Without having discussed it with Bam, Knoxville has decided to transform the Hummer into a convertible. Knoxville manages to remove the top of the truck as well as bust out a few windows. What a way to say ""Good morning!"" This means war... On Day One of the Prank War, Bam gives Vito the key to Knoxville's hotel room and gives him clear instructions to do whatever he can to be the worst guest ever--including ""rent a porno, call an escort service, run up the phone bill, do what you gotta do."" When Knoxville walks into the room, he finds Vito lying in a disgusting bed smeared with pizza sauce and chicken grease. As if that wasn't enough, Vito (who

  • S03E04 Rockstars

    • November 14, 2004

    Bam and friends are hanging at Castle Bam. They are enjoying the newly installed pool table and jukebox. Don Vito, annoyed at the music that they are playing, proclaims that he can sing better than ""any of those stupid idiots"" on Bam's juke box. Bam then challenges Don Vito to sing a single note on key; if not he has to enroll in Bam's ""Rock-n-Roll"" school. Later, the Viva La Bam cast are at karaoke night taking place at a local bar. Don Vito and Phil take the mics and attempt to sing the song ""American Woman."" After the laughter dies down from the audience, Bam tells Don Vito and Phil that they will be starting their rock star training tomorrow. The next day, Phil and Don Vito go to a singing instructor. The instructor puts the Margera brothers through singing exercises. Don Vito impresses the singing instructor with his vibrato skills that employ the wiggling of his double chin. Afterwards, Bam takes his dad and uncle to a dance instructor. The dance instructor desperately tries to g

  • S03E05 Mutiny on the Bam

    • November 21, 2004

    To make it up to April, for all the stuff he has pulled, Bam promises to bring April on a cruise. After giving her his word they'd stay docked on a rented ship, Ape falls asleep and they set sail without Phil or April knowing. Meanwhile, Don Vito is the lazy captain.

  • S03E06 Angry Ape

    • November 28, 2004

    Bam wants to ruin April's day as much as possible, and does this in the only 24-hour period in which his mother cannot complain.

  • S03E07 Mall of Bam

    • December 5, 2004

    Bam and crew spend the night in The Mall of America until a skate demo he has to do in the morning. Mike Vallely guest stars.

  • S03E08 Bamiature Golf

    • December 12, 2004

    Vito agrees to a golfing competition between him and Bam on the condition Bam'll leave Don's car alone if Vito wins.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Viva La Europe (1)

    • March 6, 2005

    Bam, his friends, and his family go on a trip to France. This is Bam's idea to treat Phil and April for their anniversary. The thing they don't know is that they are not alone. Bam, Vito, and his friends secretly follow them.

  • S04E02 Viva La Europe (2)

    • March 13, 2005

    Bam, his friends, and family celebrate April and Phil's anniversary. Nearly at the end, Vito has to go and ruin the whole thing. Later, Bam gets April and Phil another chance of having a great day while Raab and Dunn handcuff Vito out on a platform so he won't ruin another day for April and Phil.

  • S04E03 CKY Gets Jobs

    • March 20, 2005

    On this episode Bam and his friends(including Don Vito) get jobs so they can pay the heating bill or clean like April.

  • S04E04 State of Bam

    • March 27, 2005

    On this episode, Bam gets the idea to sail on a water.... with a car. But when the townships denies his request to do it, he decides to make his own little state. Like always, lots of cursing, playing tricks on each other, blowing up s***, and Vito.

  • S04E05 Bam on the Bayou

    • April 3, 2005

    Bam builds a bayou in front of Don Vito's trailer. Vito falls in and gets into one of his usual angry fits. In doing so, he claims that bayous only exist in Louisiana, so Bam decides to go there. Phil decides to stay home because he figures that it would be more fun than going to Louisiana, so it becomes a competition between Phil and Bam to see who can have the most fun.

  • S04E06 Groundhog Day

    • April 10, 2005

    Bam and the crew goes to Groundhog Day, to find out that there will be six more weeks of winter. So, they decide to make a snow-race. Guest Appearance by: Clutch

  • S04E07 Mexico

    • April 17, 2005

    On this episode, Bam, his family, and friends go to Mexico. Brandon and Vito stay behind to learn and teach spanish. If Vito learns ten spanish sentences when they all come back, Vito gets to keep Bam's hummer.

  • S04E08 CKY Challenge

    • April 24, 2005

    Bam and the guys are bored, so they make a game, which gives random activities for his family and friends.

Season 5

  • S05E01 Viva La Brazil

    • June 26, 2005

    Bam takes Don Vito to Brazil, what Vito thinks is in the Bahamas, and they hook up with pro-skater Bob Burnquist. Meanwhile, Dico turns April and Phil's pad into a more "rainforest-y" environment.

  • S05E02 Ape's Birthday Surprise

    • July 3, 2005

    Bam celebrates April's 20's for her birthday; Billy Idol guest appearance.

  • S05E03 Vito's Revenge

    • July 10, 2005

    When Don Vito has had enough of Bam's pranks, he seeks revenge.

  • S05E04 Metal Mulisha

    • July 17, 2005

    The Metal Mulisha comes to visit. Don Vito wants to join and is given a series of tasks to pay his dues. Bam invites Gwar to play at the Mulisha’s event.

  • S05E05 Limo vs. Lambo

    • July 24, 2005

    Bam and Ryan decide to have a drag race: Bam's Lamborgini against Ryan's Limo, but before the race can happen, the Lambo disappears from the garage.

  • S05E06 Where's Vito?

    • July 31, 2005

    After Bam wrecks Vito's bedroom window, Vito decides that he's had enough with Bam breaking his property and seeks revenge by stealing Bam's hummer.

  • S05E07 Bam on the River

    • August 7, 2005

    Bam and his crew decide to go to the Delaware Rehoboth Lagoon with Vito. Bam places a bet with Vito that if they don't make it down there by two days, Vito can have Bam's pool for the summer.

  • S05E08 Finlandia

    • August 14, 2005

    Bam, Raab and the rest of the CKY crew travel out to Finland. While Bam and Raab are searching for Debo, the Russian Mail Order bride, April and Phil hang out with the Dudesons. When Raab and Debo are reunited in Estonia, the crew end the series by heading out to Ruisrock, where H.I.M performs.