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Season 1

  • S01E01 September 7, 1990

    • September 7, 1990

    Match ResultsBarry Windham defeated Jeff StoneBrian Pillman defeated Tim HughesMark Callous d. Dave JohnsonMike Rotunda & Tim Horner defeated Death Row & Mike ThorJunk Yard Dog defeated Brian CarrSid Vicious defeated Dave DiamondSteiner Brothers vs. Samoan Swat Team

  • S01E02 September 14, 1990

    • September 14, 1990

    Match Results:Junk Yard Dog defeated Crusher KnopfBrad Armstrong defeated Doug VinesBambi defeated Peggy Lee LeatherDoom defeated Lou Perez & Dave JohnsonLex Luger defeated Scotty WilliamsDanny Spivey defeated Dave DiamondTerry Taylor defeated Buddy Landell

  • S01E03 September 21, 1990

    • September 21, 1990

    Match ResultsBlade Hunter defeated Dave DiamondBrian Pillman defeated BasherFabulous Freebirds defeated Alex Porteau & Joe CazanaBuddy Landel defeated Allan Iron EagleMike Rotunda & Tim Horner defeated Nasty Boys by disqualificationDoom defeated Brian Carr & Jim Solomon

  • S01E04 September 28, 1990

    • September 28, 1990

    Match ResultsArn Anderson defeated Greg SawyerSid Vicious defeated Steve StackBrian Pillman defeated Barry HorowitzJ.W. Storm defeated Keith HartNasty Boys defeated Brian Carr & Dave JohnsonTerry Taylor defeated Stan LaneDoom defeated Chris Hamrick & Gil Cannatella

  • S01E05 October 6, 1990

    • October 6, 1990

    Match Results:The Southern Boys defeated State PatrolDutch Mantell defeated Joe BarrettTerry Taylor defeated Brain CarrZ-Man & Tim Horner defeated Moondog Rex & Barry HorowitzMichael Hayes defeated Brett HolidayDoom defeated Itallion Stallion & Keith Hart

  • S01E06 October 13, 1990

    • October 13, 1990

    Match Results:The Juicer defeated Chuck CoatsScott Steiner defeated Bill FordDoom defeated Tommy Angel & Brett HolidayRenegade Warriors defeated Barry Horowitz & Tom BurtonSid Vicious defeated Greg SawyerNasty Boys defeated Pablo Crenshaw & Scott Allen

  • S01E07 October 20, 1990

    • October 20, 1990

    Match Results:Lex Luger defeated Bob EmorySteiner Brothers defeated unnamed jobbersFabulous Freebirds defeated Joe DeFuria & Dave BerrySid Vicious defeated Mike WilliamsNasty Boys defeated Terry Taylor & Tommy Rich

  • S01E08 October 27, 1990

    • October 27, 1990

    Match Results:Brian Pillman & Z-Man defeated Hassin Farouk & Gil CannatellaJ.W. Storm defeated John PetersonMike Rotunda defeated Chuck CoatsThe Juicer defeated Todd BrewerMidnight Express defeated Mike Freeman & Dave TaylorJunk Yard Dog defeated Barry HorowitzNasty Boys defeated Pablo Crenshaw & Mark White

  • S01E09 November 3, 1990

    • November 3, 1990

    Match Results:The Steiner Brothers defeated Johnny B. Goode & Paul LeeSid Vicious defeated Rob MorganTerry Taylor defeated Tony BurtonThe Master Blasters defeated Scott Allen & John ErnestLex Luger defeated Rip RogersRic Flair & Arn Anderson defeated Itallion Stallion & Joe Barrett

  • S01E10 November 10, 1990

    • November 10, 1990

    Match Results:Sting defeated Ringlord IIThe Iron Sheik defeated Todd BrewerBuddy Landell defeated Reno RigginsJunk Yard Dog defeated Chuck CoatesNasty Boys defeated John Chambers & Scott SimonThe Southern Boys defeated Rip Rogers & Jim Corna

  • S01E11 November 17, 1990

    • November 17, 1990

    Match Results:Sid Vicious defeated David TaylorSteiner Brothers defeated Mark Kyle & Johnny EbertDoom defeated Dave Diamond & Lynn FieldsZ-Man defeated Barry HorowitzThe Juicer defeated Moondog RexThe Fabulous Freebirds defeated Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich

  • S01E12 November 24, 1990

    • November 24, 1990

    Match Results:Doom defeated Pablo Crenshaw & Mark WhiteRicky Morton & Tommy Rich defeated Mike Samples & Jim CorbettBig Cat defeated Keith HartZ-Man defeated Rip RogersThe Steiner Brothers defeated Buddy Landell & Moondog RexFabulous Freebirds defeated Todd Brewer & Paul Lee

  • S01E13 December 1, 1990

    • December 1, 1990

    Match Results:Steiner Brothers d. State PatrolBobby Eaton d. Keith HartSting d. Moondog RexStan Hansen d. Elbert BiselLex Luger d. Joe CazanaRic Flair & Arn Anderson d. Greg Sawyer & Jeff Grimbo

  • S01E14 March 2, 1991

    • March 2, 1991

    Match Results:Ricky Morton & Junk Yard Dog & Tommy Rich d. Bill Ford & Greg Sawyer & Randy StarrSting d. Dr. XSteiner Brothers d. Keith Hart & Lou FabiannoZ-Man d. Joey MaggsWCW United States Championship - Lex Luger d. Sid Vicious via count-out.

  • S01E15 December 8, 1990

    • December 8, 1990

    Match Results:Ron Simmons d. Itallion StallionBrian Pillman defeated Jeff SwordTom Zenk defeated Buddy LandellSkyscrapers d. Lee Scott & Jerry PriceNight Stalker & Motor City Madman vs Phillip Parish & Brett Wayne

  • S01E16 December 15, 1990

    • December 15, 1990

    Match Results:Big Cat & Motor City Madman d. Barry Deville & Tim ParkerMichael Wallstreet d. Rick CannonRick Steiner d. Chuck CoatesLex Luger d. Paul LeeRicky Morton d. Rip RogersSid Vicious d. Dave Perry

  • S01E17 December 22, 1990

    • December 22, 1990

    Match Results:Brian Pillman & Z-Man d. Joe Cazana & Ed BrockRicky Morton d. Bobby Eaton by disqualificationBig Cat & The Nightstalker d. John Faulkner & Scott AllenMichael Wallstreet d. Rick HardrockTerry Taylor d. Brian CarrFabulous Freebirds d. Tommy Angel & Rob Morgan

  • S01E18 December 29, 1990

    • December 29, 1990

    Match Results:Z-Man d. Motor City Madman (From 'WCW Main Event' - Dec. 1, 1990)Sid Vicious d. Lou Perez (From 'WCW Pro-Wrestling' - October 1990)Brian Pillman d. Stan Lane (From 'NWA Worldwide' - May 1990)Bobby Eaton d. The Juicer (From 'WCW Saturday Night' - Dec. 7, 1990)Terry Taylor d. Rip Rogers (From 'WCW Saturday Night' - Nov. 30, 1990)

  • S01E19 January 5, 1991

    • January 5, 1991

    Match Results:Master Blasters d. Pablo Crenshaw & Todd BrewerDutch Mantell d. Dave JohnsonZ-Man d. Tim HughesBig Cat d. Jamie McKinnonRicky Morton NC Bobby EatonMichael Wallstreet d. Scott Sadlin

  • S01E20 January 12, 1991

    • January 12, 1991

    Match Results:Lex Luger d. Mike HartBobby Eaton d. Tommy AngelTim Horner d. Rip RogersBrian Pillman d. Dutch MantellRick Steiner d. Topp GallianLarry Cameron d. Ray Hammer

  • S01E21 January 19, 1991

    • January 19, 1991

    Match Results:Konnan d. Chuck CoatsBig Cat & Motor City Madman d. Allan Iron Eagle & Greg SawyerRenegade Warriors d. Magnum ForceZ-Man d. Wild Bill IrwinFabulous Freebirds d. Itallion Stallion & Reno RigginsTerry Taylor d. Mike Thor

  • S01E22 January 26, 1991

    • January 26, 1991

    Match Results:Doom (w/Teddy Long) d. John Faulkner & Greg SawyerNumber One Contender for the Television Title Match - Arn Anderson d. Bobby EatonMichael Wallstreet (w/Alexandra York) d. Larry SantoScott Steiner d. Rick FordLex Luger d. Magnum Force #1Sid Vicious d. Brian Worley

  • S01E23 February 2, 1991

    • February 2, 1991

    Match Results:Fabulous Freebirds d. Flyin' Brian Pillman & Brad ArmstrongSid Vicious d. Dave JohnsonWCW World Heavyweight Championship - Ric Flair d. StingDoom d. Scott Allen & Carl RobertsonWCW Television Championship - Arn Anderson d. Z-ManTommy Rich d. John PetersonSteiner Brothers d. Master Blasters

  • S01E24 February 9, 1991

    • February 9, 1991

    Match Results:Michael Wallstreet d. David IsleySteiner Brothers d. Mike Samples & Magnum Force #2Sid Vicious d. Unnamed JobberBarry Windham d. Ron SimmonsRicky Morton & Tommy Rich & Junk Yard Dog d. The Master Blasters & Lt. James Earl WrightWCW World Heavyweight Championship - Ric Flair d. Mike HartSting & Lex Luger d. Dutch Mantell & Rip Rogers

  • S01E25 February 16, 1991

    • February 16, 1991

    Match Results:Sting d. SamariSteiner Brothers d. Mike Samples & Steve StacksState Patrol d. Larry Santo & Jim BossBrian Pillman d. J.W. WolfeSid Vicious d. Tom SawyerWCW Television Championship - Arn Anderson d. Bobby EatonEl Gigante d. Mike ThorRon Simmons d. Dave Perry

  • S01E26 February 23, 1991

    • February 23, 1991

    Match Results:Z-Man d. Terrence Taylor (w/ Alexandra York) by disqualificationEl Gigante d. State PatrolSting, Brian Pillman & The Steiners d. Magnum Force, Rip Rogers & Jeff StoneMichael P.S Hayes (w/ Jimmy Garvin) d. Terry BronsonSid Vicious d. Rick HardrockArn Anderson & Barry Windham d. Tim Horner & Brad Armstrong

  • S01E27 March 9, 1991

    • March 9, 1991

    Match Results:Sting & El Gigante d. State PatrolDan Spivey d. Tim ParkerYoung Pistols d. Jim Boss & Pat RoseSid Vicious d. David IsleyBobby Eaton d. Terrence TaylorBarry Windham d. Brad ArmstrongRic Flair drew with Tim HornerSting d. Ric Flair in an impromptu non-title match.

  • S01E28 March 16, 1991

    • March 16, 1991

    Match Results:Terrence Taylor & Buddy Landell d. Bobby Eaton & Z-ManSteiner Brothers d. Rob Morgan & John PetersonRicky Morton & Junk Yard Dog & Tommy Rich & Big Josh d. Magnum Force & State PatrolRon Simmons d. Joe BruceYoung Pistols d. Doug Vines & Jeff SwordSid Vicious d. Larry SantoEl Gigante d. Joe Cruz

  • S01E29 March 23, 1991

    • March 23, 1991

    Match Results:Dustin Rhodes d. Joey MaggsLex Luger d. Snake WatsonBig Josh & Tommy Rich d. State PatrolTerrence Taylor d. Rick NelsonRicky Morton d. Barry Windham by disqualificationFabulous Freebirds d. Junk Yard Dog & Tommy RichRon Simmons d. Rip Rogers

  • S01E30 March 30, 1991

    • March 30, 1991

    Match Results:Dustin Rhodes & The Young Pistols d. Mark Kyle & Joe Cruz & Johnny BoydOwen Hart d. Pat RoseSid Vicious d. Jamie McKinnonFabulous Freebirds d. Brett Wayne & Tommy AngelStan Hansen d. Joey MaggsBobby Eaton d. Lou FabianoEl Gigante d. Jim Boss

  • S01E31 April 6, 1991

    • April 6, 1991

    Match Results:Sid Vicious & Stan Hansen d. David Isley & Keith HartDustin Rhodes d. Mike ThorRick Steiner d. John DouglasOwen Hart d. Rip RogersRicky Morton & Tommy Rich d. Ric Flair & Barry Windham by disqualificationZ-Man d. Hacksaw Higgins

  • S01E32 April 13, 1991

    • April 13, 1991

    Match Results:Sting & Lex Luger d. Marc Merol & Joe CazanaEl Gigante d. Terry BronsonOne Man Gang d. Greg SawyerDan Spivey d. Larry SantoTerrence Taylor d. Big Josh by disqualificationFabulous Freebirds d. Joe Barrett & Rick NelsonRicky Morton & Junk Yard Dog & Tommy Rich d. Dutch Mantell & State Patrol

  • S01E33 April 20, 1991

    • April 20, 1991

    Match Results:Big Van Vader d. Snake WatsonRic Flair d. Tim ParkerBrian Pillman & El Gigante d. Mike Thor & Jeff StoneDustin Rhodes d. Greg SawyerSteiner Brothers d. Jim Corbett & Paul LeeFabulous Freebirds d. Lynn Fields & Randy Tatum

  • S01E34 April 27, 1991

    • April 27, 1991

    Match Results:Sid Vicious d. Mark MerroSteiner Brothers d. State PatrolTatsumi Fujinami d. Ric Flair to win the WCW Title - Decision reversed in the locker room. (From 'WCW Supershow in Japan', March 21st, 1991)Ron Simmons d. Terry BronsonOne Man Gang d. Joey MaggsFabulous Freebirds d. Keith Hart & Jamie McKinnonSting & Lex Luger d. Chuck Coates & Kevin Dalton

  • S01E35 May 4, 1991

    • May 4, 1991

    Match Results:Young Pistols d. Rip Rogers & Joe CruzEl Gigante d. Magnum Force #1Dustin Rhodes d. Lou FabianoSid Vicious d. Scott SandlinBig Van Vader d. Rob MorganBrian Pillman & Bobby Eaton d. Arn Anderson & Barry WindhamRicky Morton d. Terrence Taylor

  • S01E36 May 11, 1991

    • May 11, 1991

    Match Results:Steiner Brothers d. Pat Powers & Kevin KatlynDustin Rhodes d. Bob CookRick Ryder d. Ric Flair by D.Q.P.N. News d. Terry BronsonArn Anderson & Terrence Taylor d. Big Josh & Tommy RichNikita Koloff d. Larry SantoEl Gigante d. Tony Mella

  • S01E37 May 18, 1991

    • May 18, 1991

    Match Results:Sting d. Randy BarberLex Luger d. Doug GilbertYoung Pistols d. Lou Fabiano & Hacksaw HigginsBrian Pillman d. Doug VinesOne Man Gang d. Kevin DiamondFabulous Freebirds d. Kip Abee & Rick HardrockSteiner Brothers d. Nasty Ned Brady & Jim Boss

  • S01E38 May 25, 1991

    • May 25, 1991

    Match Results:Ron Simmons d. John PetersonArn Anderson & Terrence Taylor d. Dustin Rhodes & Ricky Morton by disqualificationSting d. Chuck CoatesOne Man Gang d. Randy StarrLex Luger d. Cody WadeBarry Windham d. Ken KendallP.N. News d. Joe Cruz

  • S01E39 June 1, 1991

    • June 1, 1991

    Match Results:P.N. News d. Rip RogersSting d. Mike SamplesRicky Morton d. Doug VinesStan Hansen & Dan Spivey d. Joey Maggs & Tim ParkerEl Gigante d. Bob CookBig Josh d. Paul LeeMichael Hayes d. Steve Armstrong

  • S01E40 June 8, 1991

    • June 8, 1991

    Match Results:Arn Anderson & Terrence Taylor d. Dustin Rhodes & Bobby EatonP.N. News d. Greg SawyerSteiner Brothers d. Tim Frye & Rob MorganNikita Koloff d. Tommy Richrian Pillman d. Doug GilbertOne Man Gang d. Dave JohnsonBarry Windham d. Ian Western

  • S01E41 June 15, 1991

    • June 15, 1991

    Match Results:Barry Windham d. Greg SawyerSteiner Brothers d. Chuck Coates & Jim BossP.N. News d. Hacksaw HigginsDustin Rhodes d. Tim FryeSting & Flyin' Brian Pillman & El Gigante & Tommy Rich NC. Ric Flair & Barry Windham & Nikita Koloff & One Man GangDan Spivey d. Jamie McKinnonRic Flair d. Johnny Meadows

  • S01E42 June 22, 1991

    • June 22, 1991

    Recap coming soon.

  • S01E43 June 29, 1991

    • June 29, 1991

    Match Results:Lex Luger d. Allen MartinYoung Pistols d. Pat Rose & Gene SpurlockJohnny B. Badd d. Terry BronsonThe Hardliners d. Tim Parker & Mike JacksonBlack Blood & One Man Gang d. Greg Sawyer & Kenny KendallWCW Television Championship - Steve Austin d. Bobby Eaton

  • S01E44 July 6, 1991

    • July 6, 1991

    Match Results:Steve Austin d. Ian WestinP.N. News d. Tommy StarBig Josh d. Tim FryeTerrence Taylor & Richard Morton d. Johnny Rich & Tommy AngelNikita Koloff d. Johnny MeadowsBarry Windham d. Kerry BoothThe Hardliners d. Rob Morgan & Scotty Williams

  • S01E45 July 13, 1991

    • July 13, 1991

    Match Results:Diamond Studd d. Rick RyderP.N. News d. John PetersonSteve Austin d. Keno McKenzieMr. Hughes d. Scott AllenThe Hardliners d. Sonny Trout & Chris Sullivan

  • S01E46 July 20, 1991

    • July 20, 1991

    Match Results:Steve Austin d. Kip AbeeEl Gigante d. Carl NelsonRon Simmons d. Bob CookJohnny B. Badd d. Joey MaggsYellow Dog & Bobby Eaton & Dustin Rhodes d. Barry Windham & Arn Anderson & The Diamond Studd

  • S01E47 July 27, 1991

    • July 27, 1991

    WCW Television Championship - Steve Austin d. Ron Simmons

  • S01E48 August 3, 1991

    • August 3, 1991

    Match Results:P.N. News d. Chris SullivanBlackblood d. Kenny KendallRichard Morton & Terrence Taylor d. The Young PistolsNikita Koloff d. Jackie FultonOne Man Gang d. Big JoshThe Yellow Dog & Dustin Rhodes d. Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko

  • S01E49 August 10, 1991

    • August 10, 1991

    Match Results:Dustin Rhodes d. Bubba MonroeJohnny B. Badd d. Scott SandlinFirebreaker Chip & Todd Champion d. Black Bart & Rich MyersArn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko d. Z-Man & Robert GibsonYellow Dog d. Terrence TaylorThe Hardliners d. Sting & Rick Steiner by D.Q.

  • S01E50 August 17, 1991

    • August 17, 1991

    Match Results:Young Pistols d. Rip Rogers & Sam CodySting d. Harley WatkinsThe Hardliners d. Kenny McGuire & Mark BRobert Gibson d. Stunning Steve Austin by count-outRon Simmons d. Morgis The ManiacNikita Koloff d. Bob StarrBobby Eaton & Big Josh NC Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko

  • S01E51 August 24, 1991

    • August 24, 1991

    Match Results:Firebreaker Chip & Todd Champion d. Steve Estes & Chris SullivanBadstreet d. Johnny RichOz d. Scott SandlinRick Steiner & Bill Kazmier d. Jim Boss & Sam CodyWCW Six-Man Tag Team Championship - Dustin Rhodes & Z-Man & Big Josh d. The Fabulous Freebirds & BadstreetRon Simmons d. Russell SappWCW Light Heavyweight Title Tournament First Round Match - Richard Morton d. Johnny Rich

  • S01E52 August 31, 1991

    • August 31, 1991

    Match Results:Johnny B. Badd d. Jim HodgeSteve Austin d. T.C. CarterWCW Light Heavyweight Title Tournament First Round Match - Badstreet d. Joey MaggsFirebreaker Chip & Todd Champion d. Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko by D.Q.Nikita Koloff d. Kevin GrantDiamond Studd d. Larry Santo

  • S01E53 September 7, 1991

    • September 7, 1991

    Match Results:Dustin Rhodes, Big Josh & Z-Man d. Terrence Taylor, Richard Morton & Thomas Rich by D.Q.Barry Windham NC Snake WatsonFirebreaker Chip & Todd Champion d. Sam Cody & Snake WatsonArn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko d. Jamie McKinnon & Jim BossRick Steiner d. Jack SavageDiamond Studd d. Chris Sullivan

  • S01E54 September 21, 1991

    • September 21, 1991

    Match Results:Brian Pillman d. Thomas RichArn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko d. Jim Boss & T.C. CarterGreg Sawyer d. ‘Stunning' Steve Austin (after decision was reversed by referee)Cactus Jack d. Dave DiamondLex Luger & Mr. Hughes d. Joey Maggs & Larry Santo

  • S01E55 September 28, 1991

    • September 28, 1991

  • S01E56 October 5, 1991

    • October 5, 1991

    Match Results:P.N News d. Mike FeverFabulous Freebirds d. Chris Sullivan & Joey MaggsWCW World Championship - Lex Luger (w/ Harley Race & Mr. Hughes) d. Terry BronsonCactus Jack d. Bobby EatonDiamond Studd d. T.C CarterJohnny B. Badd d. Keith Hart

  • S01E57 October 12, 1991

    • October 12, 1991

    Match Results:WCW United States Tag Team Championship - The Patriots defeated Rip Rogers & Paul LeeP.N News. defeated Tony MelloLarry Zbyszko (w/ Arn Anderson) defeated Jimmy Garvin (w/Micheal ""P.S"" Hayes)Brian Pillman & Mike Graham defeated York Foundation (Terrence Taylor & Thomas Rich) (w/ Alexandra York)WCW Television Championship - Steve Austin (w/ Lady Blossom) defeated Steve ArmstrongRick Steiner defeated Lou Fabiano

  • S01E58 October 19, 1991

    • October 19, 1991

    Match ResultsBill Kazmaier defeated Mike ThorCactus Jack & Abdullah The Butcher defeated Unnamed JobbersOz defeated John FinchJohnny B. Badd (w/ Teddy Long) defeated Scott SandlinMr. Hughes (w/ Harley Race) defeated Dustin Rhodes by count-outBig Josh defeated Thomas Rich (w/ Alexandra York & Terrence Taylor)

  • S01E59 October 26, 1991

    • October 26, 1991

    Match Results:Barry Windham defeated Lou FabianoRick Steiner defeated Rick ThamesWCW United States Tag Team Championship - The Patriots defeated Fred Avery & Bob CookRon Simmons defeated Mr. Hughes (w/ Harley Race) by disqualificationMadusa defeated Judy Martin

  • S01E60 November 2, 1991

    • November 2, 1991

    Match Results:Barry Windham defeated Larry ZbyszkoVan Hammer defeated Paul LeeArachnaman defeated Lou FabianoRick Steiner defeated Lex LugerSubmit or Surrender Match - Bobby Eaton defeated Johnny B. Badd (w/ Teddy Long)

  • S01E61 November 16, 1991

    • November 16, 1991

    Match Results::Van Hammer defeated John PetersonEl Gigante defeated Mike FeverDustin Rhodes, Bobby Eaton & Z-Man defeated Arn Anderson, Larry Zbyszko & Steve AustinTerrence Taylor, Richard Morton & Thomas Rich defeated Joey Maggs, Larry Santo & Lynn FieldsMr. Hughes defeated P.N. News

  • S01E62 November 23, 1991

    • November 23, 1991

    Match Results:Big Van Vader defeated Mike McReynoldsWCW United States Championship - Rick Rude (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) defeated Johnny RichSteve Austin (w/ Lady Blossom) & Arn Anderson defeated Bobby Eaton & Dustin RhodesP.N News defeated Mark CantaberrySubmit or Surrender Match - Larry Zbyszko defeated Firebreaker Chip

  • S01E63 November 30, 1991

    • November 30, 1991

    Match Results:Arachniman defeated Mike SamplesDangerous Alliance (Bobby Eaton, Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko) (w/ Madusa) defeated Brian Pillman, Z-Man & Mike GrahamWCW Television Championship - Steve Austin (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) defeated Michael P.S HayesSubmit or Surrender Match - Big Josh defeated Thomas Rich (w/ Alexandra York)

  • S01E64 December 7, 1991

    • December 7, 1991

    Match Results:Diamond Studd defeated Ian WestinMr. Hughes (w/ Harley Race) defeated Buddy Baker & Scott SandlinSteve Austin & Bobby Eaton (w/ Madusa) defeated Fabulous FreebirdsRick Rude (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) defeated Larry SantoVan Hammer defeated Cactus Jack

  • S01E65 December 14, 1991

    • December 14, 1991

    Match Results:Rick Steiner (w/ Scott Steiner) defeated Sonny TroutJohnny B. Badd defeated Jim BossDangerous Alliance (Bobby Eaton, Arn Anderson & Steve Austin) (w/ Madusa & Paul E. Dangerously) defeated Big Josh, P.N News & ArachnimanWCW Tag Team Championship - Dustin Rhodes & Ricky Steamboat defeated Greg Sawyer & Sgt. Buddy Lee ParkerSting defeated Mr. Hughes

  • S01E66 July 5, 1997

    • July 5, 1997

    Match Results:Buff Bagwell defeated Sean CaseyThe Giant defeated a jobberMortis defeated Buddy Lee ParkerGlacier defeated Johnny SwingerThe Steiner Brothers defeated Public Enemy

  • S01E67 July 12, 1997

    • July 12, 1997

    Match Results:Dean Malenko over Casey ThompsonSuper Calo over The PunisherHarlem Heat (w/Sister Sherri Martel) over Power CompanyChris Jericho over Rick FullerPrince Iaukea over Pat TanakaGlacier over Sgt. Craig ""Pitbull"" Pittman

  • S01E68 August 16, 1997

    • August 16, 1997

    Match Results:Public Enemy vs. Amazing French Canadians w/Col. ParkerBuff Bagwell over Mark StarrRoadblock over. Lizmark Jr.Steiner Brothers over Power CompanyJuventud Guerrera over Super CaloJeff Jarrett w/Debra McMicheal over Chris Jericho

  • S01E69 December 6, 1997

    • December 6, 1997

    Match Results:Hugh Morrus over Hardbody HarrisHector Garza over Hector GuerreroYuji Nagata w/Sonny Onoo over Keith ShearerHigh Voltage over Southern PosseGreg ""The Hammer"" Valentine over Dave HeathFaces of Fear w/Jimmy Hart over Villano IV and V

  • S01E70 November 29, 1997

    • November 29, 1997

    Match Results:Chavo Guerrero Jr. over Adrian ByrdJohnny Swinger over Julio SanchezCurt Hennig over The PunisherGlacier and Ernest Miller over Tim Cheeks and Mark KyleCyclope over Shibu NomunagaHarlem Heat w/Miss Jacqueline over Stevie Regal and Dave Taylor

  • S01E71 December 13, 1997

    • December 13, 1997

    Match Results:Disco Inferno over Alex PorteauPublic Enemy d. La Parka & Silver KingGlacier over Mortis w/James VandenburgBill Goldberg over Frankie LancaserChris Adams over Tokyo MangumLex Luger defeated Alex Wright

  • S01E72 December 20, 1997

    • December 20, 1997

    Match Results:Chris Adams over Bobby BlazeJim Duggan over RoadblockRay Traylor beats Chris TolbertVincent over Super CaloEddie Guerrero over Lizmark Jr.

  • S01E73 December 27, 1997

    • December 27, 1997

    Match Results:Psicosis d. Joey MaggsDisco Inferno over Steve ArmstrongHugh Morrus d. Greg ValentineScott Norton (w/Vincent) over Lenny LaneRey Mysterio Jr. over Alex Wright

  • S01E74 January 3, 1998

    • January 3, 1998

    Match Results:Harlem Heat defeated La Parka and Silver KingBlue Bloods defeated Bobby Walker & Jim PowersKonnan defeated Johnny BooneLorenzo defeated Mark StarrDiamond Dallas Page defeated Fit Finley

  • S01E75 January 10, 1998

    • January 10, 1998

    Match Results:Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Johnny AttitudeBobby Eaton and Joey Maggs defeated The ArmstrongsCurt Hennig defeated Booker THector Garza, Juventud Guerrera, and Silver King defeated Damian and the VillanosChris Benoit defeated Konnan

  • S01E76 January 17, 1998

    • January 17, 1998

    Match Results:Steven Regal defeated Doc DeanBarry Horowitz defeated Hardbody HarrisonDave Taylor defeats Mike AnthonyNorman Smiley defeats Manny FernandezBobby Walker defeats Rick FullerThe Giant defeats Louis Spicolli

  • S01E77 January 24, 1998

    • January 24, 1998

    Match Results:The Giant defeats VincentSuper Calo defeats Barry HoustonSilver King defeats Lizmark Jr.Diamond Dallas Page defeats Yugi NagataJohn Nord defeats Road BlockRandy Savage defeats Chris Adams

  • S01E78 January 31, 1998

    • January 31, 1998

    Match Results:Yugi Nagata defeats Sumo FujiFit Finlay defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee ParkerLa Parka defeats Barry HoustonRandy Savage defeats Ultimo DragonThe Faces of Fear defeat Michael Nova and David HeathLex Luger defeats Scott Norton

  • S01E79 February 7, 1998

    • February 7, 1998

    Match Results:Jim Duggan defeats Barbarian (with Jimmy Hart)Chris Benoit defeats David SierraHarlem Heat defeats High VoltageHiroyoshi Tenzan defeats Tony CarrRic Flair defeats Barry Horowitz

  • S01E80 February 14, 1998

    • February 14, 1998

    Match Results:Rick Martel defeated Barry HoustonBill Goldberg defeated Joey MaggsBobby Eaton and Bobby Walker defeated Mark Starr and Jerry FlynnMarty Jannetty defeated William WorthyBobby Blaze defeated The RenegadeUltimo Dragon defeated La Parka

  • S01E81 February 21, 1998

    • February 21, 1998

    Match Results:Disco Inferno defeats Jerry FlynnPublic Enemy defeat Disorderly ConductKonnan defeats Rick FullerPerry Saturn defeats Super CaloDiamond Dallas Page defeats Yugi Nagata

  • S01E82 February 28, 1998

    • February 28, 1998

    Match Results:Rick Martel defeated Silver KingEddie Guerrero defeats Little DragonRay Traylor defeats Cocoa SamoaErnest Miller defeats MortisKonnan and Buff Bagwell defeat High Voltage

  • S01E83 March 7, 1998

    • March 7, 1998

    Match Results:Bill Goldberg defeated Jerry FlynnBarry Darsow defeated Jeff BradleyBarbarian defeated Road BlockJohn Nord defeated Adrian ByrdWayne Bloom and Mike Enos defeated Bill Payne and Butch LongRic Flair defeated Brad Armstong

  • S01E84 March 14, 1998

    • March 14, 1998

    Match Results:Chris Benoit defeated Black CatBilly Kidman defeated Super CaloJim Duggan defeated Rick FullerShiima Nobunaga defeated CiclopeScott Hall defeated Hugh Morrus

  • S01E85 June 3, 2000

    • June 3, 2000

    Match Results:Juventud Guerrera d. Alan FunkThe Mamalukes d. Chris Harris & Cassidy RileyCrowbar d. Mike Sanders

  • S01E86 August 12, 2000

    • August 12, 2000

    Match Results:Misfits in Action defeated Cody Hawk, Race Steele, and Anthony McMurphyRey Mysterio Jr. & Disco Inferno defeated Matt Stryker & Chris HarrisGreat Muta defeated Brian Adams

  • S01E87 August 19, 2000

    • August 19, 2000

    Match Results:M.I. Smooth defeated Mike RapadaShawn Stasiak defeated Chris HarrisFilthy Animals (Disco Inferno, Rey Mysterio Jr. and Juventued Guerrera) (w/Tygress and Konnan) defeated the Jung DragonsBig Vito defeated The Artist (w/Paisley)

  • S01E88 September 23, 2000

    • September 23, 2000

    Match Results:Corporal Cajun and Sgt. A-Wall defeated The Frog and Marty GarnerLt. Loco defeated Shannon MooreReno, ""Above Average"" Mike Sanders, and Chuck Palumbo (w/ Sean O'Haire) d. Steve Sharpe, Robbie Rage, and Kevin Northcutt

  • S01E89 September 9, 2000

    • September 9, 2000

    Match Results:Sean O'Haire (w/Mark Jindrak) defeated Mike RapadaJung Dragons (w/o Leia Meow) defeated Brian McNeal, Kory Williams, and Chris HarrisTriple Threat - Paisley defeated Tigress & Major GunnsMadusa was the referee

  • S01E90 December 2, 2000

    • December 2, 2000

    Match Results:Buff Bagwell defeated Scotty RiggsSgt. AWOL defeated Ian HarrisonNorman Smiley defeated Kwee Wee (w/Paisley)

  • S01E91 February 10, 2001

    • February 10, 2001

    Match Results:Lex Luger defeated Arn AndersonThis match was from Halloween Havoc 1996Shannon Moore defeated Chris Harris

  • S01E92 March 31, 2001

    • March 31, 2001

    Match Results:Buff Bagwell defeated Diamond Dallas Page by count outThis match is from Souled Out 2000Wargames - Dusty Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, The Nasty Boys defeated Col. Parker, Bunkhouse Buck, Arn AndersonThis match was taped at Fall Brawl 1994.