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5 18 vincent2n

Sister Act Franchise

4 2 bluesquirrel

A fugitive goes into witness protection at a convent.


4 1 who_cares


3 23 smaugtheterrible

all of the pixar movies

Miss Congeniality Franchise

3 2 bluesquirrel

Piratas das Caraíbas Coleção

3 5 BlackSpirits

Coleção dos filmes Piratas das Caraíbas

Cold Justice Franchise

3 4 wmulder

The Cold Justice Franchise from executive producer Dick Wolf is about real life crime series. It follows veteran prosecutor Kelly Siegler, who gets help from seasoned detectives as they dig into small town murder cases that have lingered for years without answers or justice for the victims (Cold Justice), it follows prosecutors Casey Garrett and Alicia O'Neill as they are traveling to small towns around the country to help local law enforcement close sexual assault cases that have sat dormant for years (Cold Justice: Sex Crimes), it delves into the psychological showdown that transpires inside actual police interrogation rooms between investigators and suspects and dissects what it takes to yield a confession (Criminal Confessions) and it gives an exclusive look into the dark world of contract killings, showcasing some of the most fascinating murder for hire cases ever caught on tape (Murder for Hire).

One Piece

3 28 Evan_

21 Jump Street

3 4 Imzadi

Doctor Who - TOS

3 1 Husky81

Charlie's Angels Franchise

3 3 bluesquirrel

Three gorgeous detectives solving crimes

NSA325 - 2020

3 1 csnka

Mission Imposible

3 6 thirstysoul585b8

Crank Franchise

3 2 bluesquirrel

A British hitman living in LA is poisoned with the Beijing Cocktail which blocks the adrenal gland. To survive he must keep a constant flow of adrenalin coursing through his body while finding the cure and his would-be killers.

The Haunting of Bly

3 1 sejsza

My Fav Movies - Series - TV Show.

3 3 Alhamadtadaa


Tv to watch

3 2 busyhobs

Into the Blue Franchise

2 2 bluesquirrel

my list

2 3 wienbau


“Every Crime Has a Story” Anthology

2 5 Equinox

A collection of five enthralling crime-focused documentary films from HBO. Each title goes beyond the sensational headlines to explore the human toll on all sides of a crime and delves deep into the internal and external worlds of perpetrators, victims, and survivors.

TV Shows

2 3 jamiemichael1984

Jane Austen - Emma

2 7 Imzadi

The Great Courses

2 1 jwhalen

Favorite Reality Shows

2 2 IanCranston


2 1 paulamntsns

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