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Mission: Impossible Franchise

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Mission: Impossible

Jim Phelps and his team, the Impossible Missions Force (IMF), attempt to retrieve the Central Intelligence Agency non-official cover (NOC) list from the American embassy in Prague. Their mission fails: Phelps is shot, his wife Claire dies in a car bombing, and the rest of the team except Ethan Hunt are eliminated by unknown assassins and supposed tech malfunctions. Meeting with IMF director Eugene Kittridge, Hunt reveals his awareness of a second IMF team sent to monitor them, and learns the job was a setup to lure out a mole within the IMF, who is believed to be working with an arms dealer known as "Max" as part of "Job 314." As Hunt is the only member left, Kittridge suspects him of being the mole, and Hunt flees.

Mission: Impossible II

Bio-chemical expert Dr. Vladimir Nekhorvich sends a message to the Impossible Missions Force for Ethan Hunt, an old friend of his, warning that his employer, Biocyte Pharmaceuticals, forced him to develop a biological epidemic to profit from its remedy. He arranges to meet with Ethan to deliver the Chimera (virus) virus, and its cure, Bellerophon. With Ethan on vacation and incommunicado, the IMF sends agent Sean Ambrose disguised as Ethan to meet Nekhorvich on a passenger plane. Ambrose goes rogue, killing Nekhorvich and stealing Bellerophon before his men destroy the plane.

Mission: Impossible III

Ethan Hunt has retired from field work for the IMF. He instead trains new recruits while settling down with his fiancée, Julia Meade, a nurse who is unaware of Ethan's true job. He is approached by fellow IMF agent John Musgrave about a mission to rescue one of Ethan's protégés, Lindsey Farris. Lindsey was captured while investigating arms dealer Owen Davian. Musgrave has already prepared a team for Ethan: Declan Gormley, Zhen Lei, and his old partner Luther Stickell.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

The IMF is shut down when it's implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization's name.

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

After intercepting nerve gas being sold to insurgency in the North Caucasus in Minsk, Impossible Missions Force agent Ethan Hunt is determined to prove the existence of the Syndicate, a criminal consortium the Central Intelligence Agency does not believe exists. As Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Alan Hunley successfully convinces United States congressional committee to disband and absorb the IMF, currently without a secretary in charge, into the CIA for its Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Hunt is captured by the Syndicate at a record shop in London, while their leader, a blond man in glasses, kills the female IMF agent stationed there. Hunt escapes a torture chamber led by Syndicate member Janik "Bone Doctor" Vinter with the help of disavowed Secret Intelligence Service agent and now Syndicate operative Ilsa Faust. IMF Field Operations Director William Brandt, knowing Hunley will try to capture Hunt, warns him to stay undercover. Cut off from the IMF, Hunt follows his only lead: the man in glasses, later identified as former MI6 agent Solomon Lane.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Two years after Solomon Lane's capture, the remnants of his organization, The Syndicate, have reorganized as a rogue terrorist group called the Apostles and agent Ethan Hunt is brought into the field again and assigned to buy three stolen nuclear weapons in Berlin from Eastern European gangsters before the Apostles can. He's joined by Benji Dunn and Luther Stickell for the mission, but when Stickell is taken hostage and Hunt attempts to save him, he allows the Apostles to make off with the plutonium. As familiar alliances join forces in a race against time to recover the weapons, Hunt begins to question the motivates of August Walker, the CIA’s top assassin August Walker, and his own dark agenda.

Mission: Impossible 7

Seventh entry in the long-running Mission: Impossible series.

Mission: Impossible 8

Plot unknown.