Mission: Impossible II

Bio-chemical expert Dr. Vladimir Nekhorvich sends a message to the Impossible Missions Force for Ethan Hunt, an old friend of his, warning that his employer, Biocyte Pharmaceuticals, forced him to develop a biological epidemic to profit from its remedy. He arranges to meet with Ethan to deliver the Chimera (virus) virus, and its cure, Bellerophon. With Ethan on vacation and incommunicado, the IMF sends agent Sean Ambrose disguised as Ethan to meet Nekhorvich on a passenger plane. Ambrose goes rogue, killing Nekhorvich and stealing Bellerophon before his men destroy the plane.

  • Mission Impossible 2
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Mission: Impossible Franchise

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Mission: Impossible is a series of a secret agent thriller films based on the popular television series. They chronicle the missions of a team of secret government agents known as the Impossible Missions Force (IMF) under the leadership of Hunt.

Mission Imposible

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