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Ed Peck




Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Love, Sidney The Shrink May 30, 1983 Guest Star
The Dukes of Hazzard Hughie Hogg Strikes Again December 18, 1981 Guest Star
Benson All Shook Up May 15, 1981 Guest Star
Archie Bunker's Place Barney the Gambler February 1, 1981 Guest Star
Mork & Mindy The Night They Raided Mind-ski's January 10, 1980 Guest Star
Detective School The Runaway October 5, 1979 Guest Star
The Incredible Hulk 747 April 7, 1978 Guest Star
Rosetti and Ryan The Ten-Second Client October 13, 1977 Guest Star
Laverne & Shirley Airport '59 September 20, 1977 Guest Star
Happy Days A.K.A. the Fonz November 30, 1976 Guest Star
Happy Days The Happy Days 2nd Anniversary Special January 12, 1976 Guest Star
Happy Days Fonzie the Flatfoot November 4, 1975 Guest Star
Happy Days Jailhouse Rock October 21, 1975 Guest Star
S.W.A.T. Criss-Cross October 18, 1975 Guest Star
Cannon The Wrong Medicine September 24, 1975 Guest Star
The Odd Couple The Rent Strike January 31, 1975 Guest Star
Hong Kong Phooey Comedy Cowboys December 21, 1974 Guest Star
All in the Family Archie's Contract December 7, 1974 Guest Star
All in the Family George and Archie Make a Deal November 30, 1974 Guest Star
The Odd Couple The Flying Felix January 18, 1974 Guest Star
The Odd Couple The Odd Monks October 13, 1972 Guest Star
McCloud Top of the World, Ma! November 3, 1971 Guest Star
Longstreet Elegy in Brass October 14, 1971 Guest Star
That Girl An Uncle Herbert for All Seasons December 18, 1970 Guest Star
Ironside Noel's Gonna Fly October 15, 1970 Guest Star
Land of the Giants Doomsday February 15, 1970 Guest Star
My World and Welcome to It Nobody Ever Kills Dragons Anymore October 27, 1969 Guest Star
That Girl Nobody Here but Us Chickens October 9, 1969 Guest Star
That Girl The Subject Was Rabies February 20, 1969 Guest Star
That Girl 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, You're Under Arrest December 21, 1967 Guest Star
The Invaders Labyrinth November 21, 1967 Guest Star
Star Trek Tomorrow is Yesterday January 26, 1967 Guest Star
That Girl Don't Just Do Something, Stand There September 8, 1966 Guest Star
The Dick Van Dyke Show Buddy Sorrell, Man and Boy March 2, 1966 Guest Star
The Loner Pick Me Another Time to Die February 26, 1966 Guest Star
Combat! Ask Me No Questions February 8, 1966 Guest Star
A Man Called Shenandoah The Accused January 3, 1966 Guest Star
The Dick Van Dyke Show Body and Sol November 24, 1965 Guest Star
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Double-Edged Knife November 12, 1965 Guest Star
Get Smart KAOS in CONTROL October 30, 1965 Guest Star
The Loner The Kingdom of McComb October 9, 1965 Guest Star
The F.B.I. Image in a Cracked Mirror September 26, 1965 Guest Star
The Munsters Grandpa's Call of the Wild January 7, 1965 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Old Man October 10, 1964 Guest Star
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Ten Minutes from Now May 1, 1964 Guest Star
The Jack Benny Program Jack Renews His Drivers' License March 24, 1964 Guest Star
Perry Mason The Case of the Bouncing Boomerang December 12, 1963 Guest Star
The Untouchables A Taste for Pineapple May 21, 1963 Guest Star
The Dakotas Crisis At High Banjo February 11, 1963 Guest Star
The Eleventh Hour Why am I Grown so Cold? February 6, 1963 Guest Star
Leave It to Beaver Wally Buys a Car January 10, 1963 Guest Star
Checkmate Ride a Wild Horse April 4, 1962 Guest Star
Have Gun, Will Travel The Gospel Singer October 21, 1961 Guest Star