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Richard Tanner



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
NYPD Blue In Goddess We Trussed April 6, 2004 Guest Star
The Agency Pilot November 1, 2001 Guest Star
Star Trek: Enterprise The Andorian Incident October 31, 2001 Guest Star
NYPD Blue Thumb Enchanted Evening March 27, 2001 Guest Star
JAG Collision Course January 30, 2001 Guest Star
The West Wing The Lame Duck Congress November 8, 2000 Guest Star
The Pretender Mr. Lee February 6, 1999 Guest Star
The Journey of Allen Strange Gronpoly December 6, 1997 Guest Star
The Parent 'Hood House Arrest September 7, 1997 Guest Star
The Nanny Love Is a Many Blundered Thing February 12, 1996 Guest Star
Empty Nest The Devil and Dr. Weston April 9, 1994 Guest Star
Empty Nest More to Love February 13, 1993 Guest Star
Empty Nest It's Not Easy Being Green October 31, 1992 Guest Star
The Golden Girls Dateline: Miami November 2, 1991 Guest Star
10-8: Officers on Duty The Wild and the Innocent January 1, 1970 Guest Star