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Angelica Bridges



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Kitchen Confidential Dinner Date With Death October 3, 2005 Guest Star
Quintuplets Get a Job July 21, 2004 Guest Star
Son of the Beach The Gay Team July 23, 2002 Guest Star
Son of the Beach From Russia with Johnson March 20, 2001 Guest Star
That '70s Show Hyde's Father October 17, 2000 Guest Star
V.I.P. Vallery's Secret February 19, 2000 Guest Star
Conan Red Sonja February 8, 1998 Guest Star
Ask Harriet Lips That Pass in the Night January 29, 1998 Guest Star
Suddenly Susan The Big Shalom January 12, 1998 Guest Star
Cybill Little Bo Peep January 20, 1997 Guest Star
NYPD Blue Yes, We Have No Cannolis October 29, 1996 Guest Star
Pacific Blue Genuine Heroes October 20, 1996 Guest Star
Night Stand Militia Babes January 1, 1970 Guest Star