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Marc Cherry


Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Why Women Kill Kill Me as If It Were the Last Time October 17, 2019 Writer
Why Women Kill Murder Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry August 15, 2019 Writer
Devious Maids Totally Clean September 22, 2013 Writer
Devious Maids Getting Out the Blood September 15, 2013 Writer
Devious Maids Scrambling the Eggs August 18, 2013 Writer
Devious Maids Setting the Table June 30, 2013 Writer
Devious Maids Pilot June 23, 2013 Writer
Desperate Housewives Finishing the Hat May 13, 2012 Writer
Desperate Housewives Remember Paul? September 26, 2010 Writer
Desperate Housewives Epiphany April 25, 2010 Writer
Desperate Housewives Nice Is Different Than Good September 27, 2009 Writer
Desperate Housewives The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened January 18, 2009 Writer
Desperate Housewives You're Gonna Love Tomorrow September 28, 2008 Writer
Head Case El Finks January 30, 2008 Guest Star
Desperate Housewives Now You Know September 30, 2007 Writer
Desperate Housewives The Little Things You Do Together February 18, 2007 Writer
Desperate Housewives Listen to the Rain on the Roof September 24, 2006 Writer
Desperate Housewives Remember (1) May 21, 2006 Writer
Desperate Housewives It Wasn't Meant to Happen April 30, 2006 Writer
Desperate Housewives Color and Light November 13, 2005 Writer
Desperate Housewives I Wish I Could Forget You November 6, 2005 Writer
Arrested Development Righteous Brothers April 17, 2005 Guest Star
Desperate Housewives The Ladies Who Lunch March 27, 2005 Writer
Desperate Housewives Come In, Stranger October 31, 2004 Writer
Desperate Housewives Who's That Woman? October 24, 2004 Writer
Desperate Housewives Ah, but Underneath October 10, 2004 Writer
Desperate Housewives Pilot October 3, 2004 Writer
The Crew Revised Old Pilot (aka Invitation to a Wedding) October 19, 1995 Writer
The Crew The New Pilot, Literally August 31, 1995 Writer
The Five Mrs. Buchanans The Other Woman October 1, 1994 Writer
The Five Mrs. Buchanans Pilot September 24, 1994 Writer
The Golden Palace Tad April 16, 1993 Writer
The Golden Palace Marriage on the Rocks with a Twist November 20, 1992 Writer
The Golden Palace Seems Like Old Times: Part 1 October 30, 1992 Writer
The Golden Palace Miles, We Hardly Knew Ye October 2, 1992 Writer
The Golden Girls Journey to the Center of Attention February 22, 1992 Writer
The Golden Girls Old Boyfriends January 4, 1992 Writer
The Golden Girls Dateline: Miami November 2, 1991 Writer
The Golden Girls Beauty and the Beast October 5, 1991 Writer
The Golden Girls What a Difference a Date Makes March 23, 1991 Writer
The Golden Girls Sisters of the Bride January 12, 1991 Writer
The Golden Girls How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sophia? November 10, 1990 Writer
The Golden Girls Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mammy October 20, 1990 Writer
The Golden Girls The President's Coming! The President's Coming! (2) May 5, 1990 Writer
The Golden Girls Sisters and Other Strangers March 3, 1990 Writer
The Golden Girls An Illegitimate Concern February 12, 1990 Writer
The Oprah Winfrey Show Desperate Housewives January 1, 1970 Guest Star