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Killer at Large

Afton finds Bobby shot in J.R.'s office. Lucy suspects J.R. framed Peter. Ray tries to warn J.R. against Randolph. Sue Ellen and J.R. have a new "marital arrangement" after the showdown with Peter. Lucy, J.R., and Sue Ellen rush to Dallas Memorial where Bobby undergoes an operation. J.R. realizes the killer was after him. Tract 340 comes in and Cliff is delighted. Bobby is blinded by the bullet wound. Marilee is angry with J.R. after Cliff strikes oil. Afton suspects Cliff shot Bobby. Jenna and Pam meet by Bobby's hospital bed. An attempt is made on J.R.'s life. Afton leaves Cliff. Pam stops Katherine from going into the hospital to see Bobby. Marilee seduces Cliff. Bobby is skeptical about J.R. "watching" Ewing Oil business while he's away. J.R. and Bobby learn that the killer is still at large.

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Name Type Role
Arthur Bernard Lewis Writer
Rose Ann Holloway Guest Star
Randy Tallman Guest Star
Jenny Gago Guest Star
Casey Sander Guest Star
Mark Walters Guest Star
Karen Radcliffe Guest Star
Chris Hendrie Guest Star
Gerald Gordon Guest Star
Paul Osborne Guest Star
J.T. O'Connor Guest Star
Mitchell Ryan Guest Star
Cora Cardona Guest Star
Jill Scroggin Guest Star
Dennis Haysbert Guest Star
Jesse Baca Guest Star
Leonard Katzman Director