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All Seasons

Season 1

  • S01E01 Pedigree

    • Nine Network

    Visiting Old Earth, the Valiant crew meets Ramon Ridley, the original inventor of the Robog. They help him back to New Earth to confront Bob Santino, the man who ripped him off! Lincoln creates a voice-box for Boombah so they can understand what he's saying. This proves to be an annoying mistake. Not surprisingly, the Dogstar remains lost.

  • S01E02 Underdogs

    • Nine Network

    The Valiant is captured by the robot inhabitants of Ruca, a race that has done away with humans. Ruca now has a king and queen robot and slave robots called drones. The robots recognise Gran, with her robotic leg, as being almost like them. They confide in Gran and with her inside knowledge, she is able to save the kids from being exterminated. Meanwhile, Zeke decides to see what life is really like as a dog, and joins Hobart in his kennel. He discovers he actually prefers it to working with Alice.

  • S01E03 Dog Gone

    • Nine Network

    Hobart, Zeke and Alice come across Chester, a highly evolved yet tiny dog who speaks incessantly. Chester, a secret agent from the Planet Sirius II, is convinced he's in a prison ship and tries to organise a breakout with Hobart. Meanwhile Bob Santino sends the galaxy's best bounty hunter, Baba Ganoosh, to find and destroy the Valiant. Not only does Baba Ganoosh find the Valiant, he is confronted by his niece, Gemma. This could be his toughest mission ever.

  • S01E04 Top Dog

    • Nine Network

    Could there really be a whole planet that acts as an advertising agency for the entire universe? And could this planet help the Clarks to locate the Dogstar? Or will the Dogstar remain lost? The answers are yes, no and probably.

  • S01E05 Dogged Determination

    • Nine Network

    A single pink hair is all it takes for Bob Santino to clone Boombah. Problem is the clone, called Barbara, grows to the size of a building and takes Dino as a hostage. The Clarks strike a deal with Bob and save his son. Onboard the Dogstar, Zeke the robot pilot, once again proves to his co-pilot, Alice, that he is human ­ this time by becoming a portrait artist.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Dogfight

    • Nine Network

    The crew of the Valiant become embroiled in a war between two alien races; the Glurgs and the Radnoks. Gran tries to unite the warring factions by introducing them to the joys of competitive sport. It works. Trouble is, it turns out to be more dangerous than war ­ and the Valiant crew members are right in the middle of it. On board the Dogstar, Zeke and Alice almost fly into an orange sun but are saved when Hobart unknowingly helps the robots fix the navigation system.

  • S02E02 Dog Ears

    • Nine Network

    Bob Santino discovers that Glenn is a Planet Man fan and inserts spy ware into a Planet Man add-on which Glenn unwittingly buys. With Glenn's Planet Man doll now a homing device, it's just a matter of time before Bob Santino will locate and destroy the Valiant ­ after retrieving Boombah, of course. Eventually, it's Glenn who saves the day for a change.

  • S02E03 The Beagle Has Landed

    • Nine Network

    Lincoln and Glenn are captured by a highly evolved race of dogs, from the planet Sirius II. They walk on their hind legs and speak like human beings. Meanwhile, Zeke loses his memory, and while Alice leaves him to find a lap link data cable, the Valiant finds the Dogstar. Simone tells Zeke to stay exactly where he is while she saves Lincoln and Glenn. But by the time she returns from saving her brothers, the Dogstar is gone and Zeke has no memory of ever seeing the Valiant.

  • S02E04 Running with the Pack

    • Nine Network

    Glenn attends a Planet Man convention and after being chased by Bob, escapes with the old actor, Bud Rafferty, who played Planet Man in the TV series. Glenn struggles to understand that Bud is only an actor and not the real Planet Man, while Bud struggles to understand that he's not acting in a TV show when Bob Santino attacks the Valiant. In a sly ruse to escape being annihilated, the Valiant crew sends Bud to Bob as a hostage - dressed in a pink cat costume.

  • S02E05 Hounded

    • Nine Network

    Could Gemma really do the unthinkable and eat Boombah? This seems to be what happens when the Clark kids visit New Earth and are lauded as heroes at a public reception. As it happens, Boombah has been eaten. But not by Gemma. The truth, as usual, is much more bizarre.