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All Seasons

Season 13

  • S13E39 Hand in Glove

    • July 12, 2011
    • BBC One

    Recoiling from Malick's punch, a bruised Dan struggles to conceal the true circumstances surrounding the violent dispute, especially when Chrissie goes to Hanssen with her concerns, leaving Malick resolute that he will not lose his career over this. With his ego bruised by Sunil's dominance in their partnership, Michael sets out to prove his worth. But when he refuses to consult Sunil's expertise on a case, the initial success of his unlikely collaboration with Sahira is short-lived. Sacha is charmed by the attractive daughter of a patient, and gains a more secure relationship in his friendship with Eddi.

  • S13E40 Going It Alone

    • July 19, 2011
    • BBC One

    With the future of cardiothoracics on Darwin resting heavy on her shoulders, Sahira must ensure the success of the trial. But when she is forced to contend with a less-than-supportive Jac, as well as a series of severely critical cases, Sahira's leadership begins to fracture. Malick, removed from all theatre lists, is convinced he is being informally punished for his run-in with Dan. Confronting Hanssen, Malick is overjoyed to be offered the chance to assist in an important operation. Racing through his ward round, Malick is up against it if he is to make it to theatre in time, especially when a vulnerable patient resorts to extreme tactics in his desperation. Looking for a new doctor to replace Penny, Sacha has to choose between pitbull Shirley and sweet-natured Lulu. But when Hanssen explains Lulu's privileged connections, as the daughter of Sir Fraser, Sacha's objectives are blighted by politics. Despite the running of his 'Doctor Idol' contest with sidekick and fellow judge Eddi, Sacha struggles to maintain an impartial contest.