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All Seasons

Season 1

  • S01E01 Episode 1

    • November 20, 2005
    • BBC Three

    Various sketches including "Shag, Marry, Kill?" "How to feed a dog?", "You can never just say I look nice, can you?" and "So how many woman have you slept with Ben?"

  • S01E02 Episode 2

    • November 27, 2005
    • BBC Three

    Various sketches including "Wheres Josh?", "It's got quite a kick hasn't it?", the make-up girls and "What's the final number?"

  • S01E03 Episode 3

    • December 4, 2005
    • BBC Three

    Various sketches including a horrible daughter and a man on the tube with unusual seating habits.

  • S01E04 Episode 4

    • December 11, 2005
    • BBC Three

    What's the worst that can happen on a beach wedding? How to deal with a wedding band? Other sketches shown: Office Types; You Must Have Some Chocolate; False Promise - Dance Class & Dojo; Palm Pilot; and Make Up Girls.

  • S01E05 Episode 5

    • December 18, 2005
    • BBC Three

    What the F**k are babies, and a boyfriend who fails to understand his relationship is over.

  • S01E06 Episode 6

    • December 28, 2005
    • BBC Three

    Shirt in or shirt out? and a patio heater that does more than they bargained for.

Season 2

  • S02E00 Unknown

    • BBC Three

  • S02E01 Episode 1

    • January 25, 2007
    • BBC Three

    Sketches include the mini-cab driver who cries when he gets lost, a woman who discovers her husband's big secret, and the Ninja whose stunts backfire.

  • S02E02 Episode 2

    • February 1, 2007
    • BBC Three

    A wife takes bedroom role-play too seriously when she dons a nurse's uniform and tells her husband he's going to die.

  • S02E03 Episode 3

    • February 8, 2007
    • BBC Three

    In tonight's show we meet the clown who uses his skills to seduce women, and the terminally ill girl whose final request proves tricky.

  • S02E04 Episode 4

    • February 15, 2007
    • BBC Three

    An office manager fills the water cooler with gin so that her staff get too drunk to care about being fired.

  • S02E05 Episode 5

    • February 22, 2007
    • BBC Three

    Skits include the boys discussing the do's and dont's of replying to sms's, a house haunted by unspeakable evil and Darren develops the largest rollercoaster in the world to unexpected responses.

  • S02E06 Episode 6

    • March 1, 2007
    • BBC Three

    Skits include the other side of shopping for clothes, being a little too keen at a job interview, emailing in the office and an inappropriate time for puppets