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Season 1

  • S01E01 Moving In, Moving Out, Moving On

    • May 11, 1991
    • NBC

    Reed siblings Alex, Georgie, Teddy and Frankie are brought together by the sale of their family home, an event that disturbs their recently widowed mom.

  • S01E02 80%

    • May 18, 1991
    • NBC

    On the eve of her 15th anniversary, Alex learns her marriage may not be as healthy as she thought.

  • S01E03 A Thousand Sprinkles

    • May 25, 1991
    • NBC

    Georgie pressures Frankie to hire Teddy; Alex and Wade attend counseling; Teddy resents the gifts Frankie is buying for Cat.

  • S01E04 Devoted Husband, Loving Father

    • June 1, 1991
    • NBC

    Georgie considers romance with an old flame; Frankie learns of a woman in their father's past.

  • S01E05 Of Mice and Women

    • June 8, 1991
    • NBC

    After a fight with Frankie, Mitch calls a party line and unknowingly gets Teddy. Georgie asks for a promotion and invites her boss to dinner. Unfortunately, as she carves the goose, she finds Evan's pet cooked inside. She gets the promotion.

  • S01E06 Deja Vu All Over Again

    • June 15, 1991
    • NBC

    Frankie and Mitch's impending nuptials stress Teddy.

  • S01E07 Some Tuesday in July

    • June 22, 1991
    • NBC

    Mitch gets Cat while Teddy wanders; Georgie remains stoic during her son Evan's hospital stay.

Season 2

  • S02E01 One to Grow On

    • September 21, 1991
    • NBC

    Alex plans a birthday bash for Evan; Georgie fears tippling Teddy will cause trouble; Frankie is torn between business and pleasure.

  • S02E02 The Picture of Perfection

    • September 28, 1991
    • NBC

    Wade and Alex pose for a portrait, but his secret mars the session; Hank and model Teddy work well together; Mitch asks Frankie for monetary help.

  • S02E03 Strikes and Spares

    • October 5, 1991
    • NBC

    Alex plots divorce; Wade's girlfriend schemes; Frankie and Mitch agonize over breaking the news; Teddy makes a self-discovery. Georgie competes in a bowling tournament with friends from work and they win.

  • S02E04 Living Arrangements

    • October 12, 1991
    • NBC

    Teddy and Mitch search for runaway Cat; Alex vows to get wild.

  • S02E05 A Kiss is Still a Kiss

    • October 19, 1991
    • NBC

    Alex encounters an old flame at her high school reunion; Georgie and John try to restore passion.

  • S02E06 Freedom's Just Another Word

    • November 2, 1991
    • NBC

    An exhibit of nude photos of Teddy shocks the family and incites a councilman to close the exhibit and put Teddy in jail.

  • S02E07 The Family Way

    • November 9, 1991
    • NBC

    Teddy reveals her pregnancy; the sisters witness their mother's romance with a judge.

  • S02E08 The Kindness of Strangers

    • November 16, 1991
    • NBC

    Alex joins a dating service, then has an affair with her plumber; Frankie's meddlesome mother-in-law visits; Georgie wars with a neighbor.

  • S02E09 Georgie Through the Looking Glass

    • November 23, 1991
    • NBC

    Georgie revisits the old Reed home and relives past Thanksgivings; collegiate Reed returns from France.

  • S02E10 Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

    • December 14, 1991
    • NBC

    Turning in a harassing office Romeo could ruin Frankie's business deal; Teddy has another emotional setback.

  • S02E11 Eggnog

    • December 21, 1991
    • NBC

    Spoiled eggnog ruins Christmas Eve; Frankie sees Mitch comfort Teddy; the ghost of Christmas past visits Teddy.

  • S02E12 Good Help is Hard to Find

    • January 11, 1992
    • NBC

    Georgie confronts the school board over ousting an HIV-positive teacher; Alex fights her maid's deportation.

  • S02E13 Troubled Waters

    • January 18, 1992
    • NBC

    Alex can't decide whether to go to awards ceremonies for Wade or for Victor; Frankie chooses Mitch's fishing trip over business.

  • S02E14 Working Girls

    • January 25, 1992
    • NBC

    A secretary complains of sexual harassment by the executive who promoted Frankie; Teddy sells cosmetics door-to-door.

  • S02E15 Tippecanoe and Georgie Too!

    • February 8, 1992
    • NBC

    Georgie runs for the school board; Alex fibs to get Reed into private school; Frankie and Mitch try to unload a defective stove.

  • S02E16 The Four Elements

    • February 15, 1992
    • NBC

    The sisters help out when a fire destroys Teddy's designs on the eve of a showcase; Frankie and Mitch calculate when to conceive.

  • S02E17 A Matter of Life and Death

    • February 22, 1992
    • NBC

    The siblings' various duties distract them from their mother's life-threatening condition.

  • S02E18 The First Time

    • February 29, 1992
    • NBC

    Mugging victim Alex springs for a high-tech security system; Teddy learns of Cat's romantic plans; John gets stage fright at a nightclub.

  • S02E19 Empty Rooms

    • April 11, 1992
    • NBC

    Alex considers selling her home to pay a deadbeat client's debts; the sisters try to cheer their despondent mother.

  • S02E20 Heart and Soul

    • April 18, 1992
    • NBC

    Teddy tries romance with a recovering alcoholic; Wade shells out to get Alex back; Georgie is jealous of John's singing partner, Fern.

  • S02E21 Pandora's Box

    • April 25, 1992
    • NBC

    A single mother offers her newborn to Frankie and Mitch for adoption; Alex puzzles over how to tell Victor she's returning to Wade.

  • S02E22 Not in a Million Years

    • May 2, 1992
    • NBC

    Siblings volunteer to carry Frankie and Mitch's embryo; Teddy may have to hire an ex-convict; Alex gets hooked on a soap opera.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Sunstroke

    • September 26, 1992
    • NBC

    Alex sweats out her mother's wedding day; pregnant Georgie resents Frankie's pampering; collegian Cat's departure saddens Mitch and Teddy.

  • S03E02 The Bottom Line

    • October 3, 1992
    • NBC

    A corporate magnate offers Teddy a lucrative deal for her apparel business; Georgie's binging in her last weeks of pregnancy alarms all.

  • S03E03 A Promise Kept

    • October 10, 1992
    • NBC

    Frankie dreads telling the family she's going to convert and raise the children in the Jewish faith; Alex hovers around her newlywed daughter.

  • S03E04 And God Laughs

    • October 17, 1992
    • NBC

    Georgie flashes back after learning John's plane crashed; Bolt coaches Teddy for a news conference spotlighting her line.

  • S03E05 Sins of the Mothers

    • October 24, 1992
    • NBC

    A visit to Cat's college makes Teddy fear her daughter will become an alcoholic; Alex clashes with animal-rights activists.

  • S03E06 Lost Souls

    • October 31, 1992
    • NBC

    Teddy unearths her boss's tragic childhood secret; Alex thinks she killed a homeless man; Frankie and Mitch spend the night in a haunted house.

  • S03E07 Accidents Will Happen

    • November 7, 1992
    • NBC

    The women search for a $60 million lottery ticket Bea lost; Teddy answers to Bolt for firing his employee.

  • S03E08 Crash and Born

    • November 14, 1992
    • NBC

    In a car accident, Georgie goes into labor while pinned in the vehicle.

  • S03E09 The Best Seats in the House

    • November 21, 1992
    • NBC

    Nervous Teddy prepares for her fashion show; a prominent women's club asks Alex to join because of Teddy's celebrity; new mother Frankie depends on Georgie too much.

  • S03E10 Rivals

    • December 5, 1992
    • NBC

    Jealous of Teddy, Alex launches her own jewelry line; Frankie feels threatened by her mother's ease with the baby; Reed must choose between her husband and her father; Mitch and Bolt face off to see who's the ""best"" man.

  • S03E11 Portrait of the Artists

    • December 12, 1992
    • NBC

    Teddy learns her high-school beau has AIDS; Frankie over-mothers Trevor and Evan while Georgie vacations; Alex's idol pans her writing.

  • S03E12 Teach Your Children Well

    • December 19, 1992
    • NBC

    Frankie anticipates her first Hanukkah, while Mitch's shop is defaced with Swastikas; Reed and Cat try to reconcile their mothers.

  • S03E13 All That Glitters

    • January 9, 1993
    • NBC

    Restless Frankie wants to curtail her maternity leave, putting her at odds with Mitch; Teddy cautiously agrees to live with Simon.

  • S03E14 Crimes and Ms. Demeanors

    • January 16, 1993
    • NBC

    Teddy declares war on a fashion critic; Georgie back over a neighbor's chihuahua.

  • S03E15 The Whole Truth

    • January 23, 1993
    • NBC

    A screenwriter profiles Georgie's surrogacy and starts family fights; Alex tries to get Reed and Kirby to leave.

  • S03E16 Things Are Tough All Over

    • February 6, 1993
    • NBC

    A fired employee takes Teddy hostage, but Bolt offers himself in exchange; Wade tells Alex he is remarrying.

  • S03E17 Moving Pictures

    • February 13, 1993
    • NBC

    A TV movie on the sisters unites Alex with her romantic idol.

  • S03E18 Mirror, Mirror

    • February 20, 1993
    • NBC

    Alex faces some difficult decisions when her doctor finds a lump in her breast; Frankie tries to resurrect her love life with Mitch; Georgie has a crisis of faith.

  • S03E19 Different

    • February 27, 1993
    • NBC

    Worry over chemotherapy makes Alex more sarcastic; Teddy offers to sell her shares to help Simon ward off a takeover; school officials notify Georgie and John that Evan is a genius.

  • S03E20 Dear Georgie

    • April 24, 1993
    • NBC

    Georgie is hired to write an advice column for the local newspaper; John thinks Teddy has fallen in love with him; Alex and Frankie accuse Truman of cheating on their mother.

  • S03E21 Some Other Time

    • May 1, 1993
    • NBC

    A podiatrist romances Alex; Frankie spends time with an executive; Georgie and John try to rekindle romance.

  • S03E22 The Cold Light of Day

    • May 8, 1993
    • NBC

    Simon proposes to Teddy; Alex buys a wig from a mystic who claims it has powers; Frankie and Mitch consult a marriage counselor.

  • S03E23 Out of the Ashes

    • May 15, 1993
    • NBC

    Moving into a new house makes Mitch confront Frankie; a diminutive Texas billionaire buys out Teddy's firm and they lock horns over a discount clothing line; Kirby is accepted into a film school in Los Angeles.

  • S03E24 The Icing on the Cake

    • May 22, 1993
    • NBC

    Frankie accepts a job in New York; a comedian teaches Alex how to perform stand-up as a way of coping with her disease.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Back on Track

    • September 25, 1993
    • NBC

    Georgie gets caught in the middle as Frankie and Mitch battle in court over Thomas George; Cat trains Alex for a marathon; the first lady seeks Teddy's services and inspires her to return to fashion design.

  • S04E02 The Land of the Lost Children

    • October 2, 1993
    • NBC

    Teddy decides to take the law into her own hands and avenge Cat's attack while Cat lies on the brink of death; Reed joins a religious cult.

  • S04E03 Demons

    • October 9, 1993
    • NBC

    Teddy and Mitch assist Cat's recovery and spend a night together; Falconer encourages Cat to remember so she can identify her attacker; Alex goes to California to visit Reed and Kirby.

  • S04E04 A Kick in the Caboose

    • October 16, 1993
    • NBC

    Alex takes her story of survival on a talk show; Teddy and Mitch mull reconciliation; Frankie and Georgie try to convince the owners of the ""Sweet Sixteen"" ice cream shop to rebuild.

  • S04E05 Sleepless in Winnetka

    • October 23, 1993
    • NBC

    Teddy overreacts when Kyle makes bail; Frankie prepares for a date with a man she met over her computer; John wants to perform on Alex's show.

  • S04E06 The Good Daughter

    • October 30, 1993
    • NBC

    The family supports Cat through the rape trial; the ordeal prompts Georgie to reveal a secret from her past.

  • S04E07 Something in Common

    • November 6, 1993
    • NBC

    Georgie and John find Trevor in a compromising position; Teddy and Falconer become closer; Alex learns an interesting fact about Norma.

  • S04E08 A Bolt from the Blue

    • November 13, 1993
    • NBC

    Simon Bolt returns from the dead; Alex and Truman plan a surprise party for Bea; ""Sweet Sixteen"" reopens and Frankie has second thoughts about hiring Trevor.

  • S04E09 The Best Intentions

    • November 20, 1993
    • NBC

    Frankie helps her father's one-time mistress, now a homeless woman; Teddy hires Bolt as her assistant; Mitch and John take Evan and Trevor on a camping trip.

  • S04E10 The Things We Do For Love

    • November 27, 1993
    • NBC

    Falconer learns Bolt is wanted in London for embezzlement; the family tries an ""intervention"" with Trevor.

  • S04E11 Broken Angel

    • December 11, 1993
    • NBC

    The sisters prepare for Christmas; Trevor is sent to rehab; Alex's show is cancelled; Teddy tries to help Falconer through memories of his son's death.

  • S04E12 Second Thoughts

    • December 18, 1993
    • NBC

    A disastrous introduction to Alex's family prompts seconds thoughts about Big Al; Falconer's work-related injury alerts Teddy to the risks of dating a cop; Frankie begins to wonder if she can handle running the ""Sweet Sixteen"".

  • S04E13 A Path Through the Snow

    • January 15, 1994
    • NBC

    Depressed and confused, Georgie contemplates suicide while Trevor is at the rehabilitation center and John and Evan are away, but her efforts are thwarted when the 'sisters' get snowbound at her house.

  • S04E14 Chemical Reactions

    • January 22, 1994
    • NBC

    Alex dates a doctor who makes her miss Al; Teddy believes an art-gallery owner's accidental death was murder and is determined to solve the crime; Georgie fears she will become addicted to the anti-depressants her doctor prescribed.

  • S04E15 Poison

    • January 29, 1994
    • NBC

    Trevor runs away from the rehabilitation center; Teddy doubts Falconer's innocence in an excessive force case; a new assistant aims for Alex's job as host.

  • S04E16 Tangled Webs

    • February 5, 1994
    • NBC

    Falconer goes off the wagon after his suspension; Alex confronts her ambitious assistant; Thomas George is wanted for a commercial.

  • S04E17 Up to His Old Tricks

    • February 12, 1994
    • NBC

    Teddy summons the courage to propose to Falconer; Alex and Al marry after he proposes on the air; Evan plots to reunite Georgie and John; Truman asks Bea for a divorce.

  • S04E18 Blood is Thicker Than Water

    • April 23, 1994
    • NBC

    The sisters learn they might have a half-sister; Mitch encourages Frankie to date; Teddy fears she has lost Falconer to his ex-wife.

  • S04E19 Lock and Key

    • April 30, 1994
    • NBC

    The sisters await results of their blood tests and Frankie resents Charley's refusal to be involved with the family; Alex and Al await the verdict in his tax-fraud case; Cat has her first date since the attack.

  • S04E20 Life Upside-Down

    • May 7, 1994
    • NBC

    Teddy spots Trevor living on the streets of Chicago and tries to convince him to return home; Alex invites Norma's parents to Winnetka when Norma wins an award.

  • S04E21 Protective Measures

    • May 14, 1994
    • NBC

    Pregnant Reed returns to learn Alex may have cancer again; Falconer is assigned to protect Teddy from a stalker.

  • S04E22 Up in the Air

    • May 21, 1994
    • NBC

    Naomi Judd appears on Alex's show, then must deliver Reed's baby; eloping Teddy and Falconer fly into a storm.

Season 5

  • S05E01 Bombshell

    • September 24, 1994
    • NBC

    No one believes Georgie when she has memories of being sexually abused by her father; Teddy and Falconer begin their lives as newlyweds.

  • S05E02 Blinders

    • October 1, 1994
    • NBC

    Teddy suffers from blindness after witnessing Falconer's murder; the rift between Bea and Georgie grows as a result of Georgie's claims that she was molested.

  • S05E03 I Only Have Eyes for You

    • October 8, 1994
    • NBC

    Frankie learns that a former client has died and left her a boxer in his will; a dying fan wants Alex to raise her child; Teddy receives a surprise visitor.

  • S05E04 Falling Leaves

    • October 15, 1994
    • NBC

    Teddy resorts to alcohol while struggling with Falconer's death; Georgie feels betrayed by John when he visits Dr. Caspian; Grace takes a turn for the worse.

  • S05E05 Heroes

    • October 22, 1994
    • NBC

    Big Al's life changes when he rescues the governor's wife from drowning in the prison pool; Lucky disappears just as Frankie gets him the match of his career; Teddy meets an unsavory character at a bar.

  • S05E06 Scandalous

    • October 29, 1994
    • NBC

    After Dr. Caspian encourages Georgie to fantasize, she's surprised that he's the object of her thoughts; Big Al hits the campaign trail, but scandals threaten to derail his bid; Teddy gets an intern---who may be her ticket to impressing a prospective client.

  • S05E07 Down for the Count

    • November 5, 1994
    • NBC

    Teddy has a near fatal accident and sets out for a rehab program; Alex---as the mayor's wife---constructs a ""kitchen cabinet"" and appoints a reluctant Georgie to fill a ""devoted wife and working mother"" position; Georgie confesses to Alex about her affair with Dr. Caspian; Frankie wants Lucky to withdraw from a fight with Cyclone.

  • S05E08 Cold Turkey

    • November 12, 1994
    • NBC

    Although Georgie cancels the annual Thanksgiving dinner at her home, family members--including half-sister Charley--gather there anyway to support Bea, who's coping with an ailing Truman; Alex views a videotaped message from Truman in which he makes a surprising request of her; and Teddy shows up with her roommate from rehab---a popular rock singer.

  • S05E09 Paradise Lost

    • November 19, 1994
    • NBC

    Alex and Big Al cancel their belated honeymoon when Roxie's mother dies; Georgie attends a psychiatric conference where Dr. Caspian is a speaker; Teddy recruits Lucky for a fashion show, but their pairing makes Frankie thinks her relationship with the boxer is on the ropes.

  • S05E10 Twilight Time

    • December 3, 1994
    • NBC

    Friends at a college homecoming try to convince Georgie and John to stay together; Truman is admitted to a nursing home; Alex attempts to nurse an ill Teddy back to health so they can attend a concert.

  • S05E11 A Child is Given

    • December 17, 1994
    • NBC

    Frankie hopes for a miracle when Thomas George disappears from a Christmas tree lot; Norma asks Big Al to donate sperm so she can have a child with her partner.

  • S05E12 No Pain, No Gain

    • January 7, 1995
    • NBC

    Georgie is left in the cold after leaving John for Dr. Caspian ; Alex speaks out on a controversial issue, and Norma is forced to fire her; Teddy and Cat go to a health spa.

  • S05E13 A Lullaby to My Father

    • January 14, 1995
    • NBC

    Georgie decides to bring Dr. Caspian up on ethics charges before the medical licensing board; Alex receives surprising news about Roxie.

  • S05E14 A Good Deed

    • January 21, 1995
    • NBC

    Charley tries to expose Dr. Caspian as the unethical therapist he is; Alex shares Truman's living will with Bea ; Frankie is a big hit as a bovine.

  • S05E15 A House Divided

    • February 4, 1995
    • NBC

    Roxie's father decides to move to St. Louis and take Roxie; John concludes that his marriage can't be saved and serves Georgie divorce papers; Teddy learns Cat's new boyfriend is a 40-year-old married professor, that she used to date.

  • S05E16 A Proper Farewell

    • February 11, 1995
    • NBC

    Teddy takes matters into her own hands when Falconer's killer is freed for agreeing to testify against drug lord Daniel Albright; Alex helps Truman end his suffering; Frankie moves to Japan to market ""Cowlotta"".

  • S05E17 Angel of Death

    • February 18, 1995
    • NBC

    Alex decides to face a murder trial in the death of Truman; Teddy pretends to be interested in Albright; Charley discovers her new boyfriend is schizophrenic.

  • S05E18 Sleeping with the Devil

    • March 4, 1995
    • NBC

    Teddy and Lucky fear Albright is onto their charade, so they fake Lucky's death. Charley and Georgie get the evidence they need against Dr. Caspian. Alex fights media attacks.

  • S05E19 Judgement Day

    • April 1, 1995
    • NBC

    An unsympathetic judge presides over Alex's trial. Albright's wife confronts Teddy. Cat's married boyfriend makes plans to leave his wife, but Cat leaves him.

  • S05E20 Word of Honor

    • April 8, 1995
    • NBC

    Teddy obtains the evidence she needs against Albright, but plans are endangered when his associate becomes suspicious of her actions. Alex helps Norma with a PBS telethon. Charley quits her job at Lakeview Medical Association and returns to the free clinic.

  • S05E21 Remembrance of Sisters Past

    • April 15, 1995
    • NBC

    The sisters reach turning points in their lives and Aunt Gigi's stories about her own sisters helps to point them in the right direction.

  • S05E22 A Fighting Chance

    • April 22, 1995
    • NBC

    Jack Chambers, the recipient of Falconer's heart, contacts Teddy. Evan gets boxing lessons from Lucky after an incident with a bully. Charley offers Bea a job at the clinic.

  • S05E23 Matters of the Heart

    • April 29, 1995
    • NBC

    Teddy starts a romance with Jack. Alex becomes mayor for a day when Big Al has a heart attack. John and Georgie learn that Trevor has enlisted in the Army.

  • S05E24 Enchanted May

    • May 6, 1995
    • NBC

    Love is in the air when the sisters decide to take a break and head to a south-of-the-border resort for some rest and relaxation.

Season 6

  • S06E01 100

    • September 23, 1995
    • NBC

    Georgie tries to put her life back together; Reed returns to Winnetka without Halsey and Kirby; Teddy and Cat are car-jacked when they take a spin in Cat's graduation present, so Teddy decides to buy mother-daughter pistols.

  • S06E02 Out of the Woods

    • September 30, 1995
    • NBC

    Wounded Teddy falls into a coma; Georgie seeks solace from Brian; after spending time with Billy, Cat decides to be a cop.

  • S06E03 The Passion of Our Youth

    • October 7, 1995
    • NBC

    Roommate Reed saves Cat's life from a gas leak; Trevor visits Georgie and meets Brian; a former college beau, now a fugitive, seeks Alex's aid.

  • S06E04 One Fine Day

    • October 21, 1995
    • NBC

    After her release from the hospital, the family tries to trigger amnesiac Teddy's memory by relating stories of her past. Deciding she has caused her sisters enough pain, she hits the road.

  • S06E05 Deceit

    • October 28, 1995
    • NBC

    After Norma gives birth, her mother files a custody suit for Allie; Georgie and Brian spend a weekend together; romance sparks between Teddy and her life-saving doctor.

  • S06E06 A Perfect Circle

    • November 4, 1995
    • NBC

    Alex makes a sad discovery; Teddy learns her company's board may replace her; Charley mulls becoming a foster parent to Jesse .

  • S06E07 Change of Life

    • November 11, 1995
    • NBC

    Alex's denial of menopause leads to strange behavior; Evan's decision to live with his father devastates Georgie.

  • S06E08 Renaissance Woman

    • November 18, 1995
    • NBC

    Almost everyone approves of Georgie's new beau; Teddy and Kiri clash over a fashion fair; Charley learns the ropes of parenting.

  • S06E09 A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation

    • November 25, 1995
    • NBC

    Billy's ex-convict father saves Alex's Thanksgiving dinner, but then her diamond ring disappears; Gabe's troubled daughter drops in.

  • S06E10 Sleeping Beauty

    • December 2, 1995
    • NBC

    Teddy confronts Gabe about another woman; Alex inspires a rich man's contribution to the ballet; Wes worries about Jesse.

  • S06E11 A Tough Act to Follow

    • December 9, 1995
    • NBC

    Alex begs Reed to close the escort service; Cat is asked to gather evidence about Reed's business; Georgie becomes obsessed with John's hit song.

  • S06E12 A Sudden Change of Heart

    • January 6, 1996
    • NBC

    Reed is sentenced to community service in an AIDS hospice; Big Al learns he needs a heart transplant; Gabe fades in the shadow of Teddy's spotlight.

  • S06E13 The Man That Got Away

    • January 13, 1996
    • NBC

    Cat investigates Teddy's carjacking, hoping to find the man who almost killed her mother; Big Al plans for his own demise.

  • S06E14 Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

    • January 20, 1996
    • NBC

    Teddy considers becoming the fourth Mrs. Sorenson; Alex challenges a critical journalist to a debate; Wes announces plans to move to Detroit.

  • S06E15 Impersonators

    • January 27, 1996
    • NBC

    Alex vies with her new co-host Pug Finnigan, to win an interview with a local hero; Reed is able to help fulfill the wishes of a dying AIDS patient.

  • S06E16 The Best Man

    • February 3, 1996
    • NBC

    The family fears that Teddy will suffer the 'wedding curse'; Alex tries to ensure a speedy heart donor for Big Al.

  • S06E17 A Little Snag

    • February 10, 1996
    • NBC

    Immediately after the wedding, the family members gather at the hospital to await the arrival of the heart for Big Al's transplant.

  • S06E18 Don't Go to Springfield

    • March 2, 1996
    • NBC

    Mom and the sisters reminisce when a sudden snowstorm strands all five women in a limousine on a deserted road.

  • S06E19 Where There's Smoke...

    • March 9, 1996
    • NBC

    Alex and Norma try to gain admittance to Pug's 'men only' cigar club; Trevor comes home from the Army on a weekend pass.

  • S06E20 Leap Before You Look

    • March 16, 1996
    • NBC

    Trevor is reported missing in action while serving in Korea; Bea and Billy's father consider buying the 'Sweet Sixteen' from Georgie.

  • S06E21 Dreamcatcher

    • March 23, 1996
    • NBC

    Alex persuades Reed to fight for joint custody of her daughter; Gabe mourns the death of a patient who was also one of his students.

  • S06E22 The Price

    • March 30, 1996
    • NBC

    Alex is delighted to learn that her show might be broadcast nationally, but is hesitant about the sacrifices involved.

  • S06E23 Guess Who's Coming to Seder

    • April 6, 1996
    • NBC

    Big Al is inspired to delve into his own ethnic heritage after meeting a prospective business partner who is an overt bigot; Wes' parents visit. Georgie thinks that she might be pregnant.

  • S06E24 Nothing Personal

    • April 13, 1996
    • NBC

    When Alex's show is canceled and Norma is offered a new job as a producer immediately, jealousy threatens their relationship.

  • S06E25 Housecleaning

    • April 20, 1996
    • NBC

    Alex finds that she has an abundance of free time after her show is canceled; Georgie and Brian are at odds over advice they give to a troubled married couple.

  • S06E26 Taking a Gamble

    • April 27, 1996
    • NBC

    Teddy and Gabe resort to drastic measures to produce a baby; Charley and Wes realize that being married will make it easier for them to adopt Jesse.

  • S06E27 War & Peace (1)

    • May 4, 1996
    • NBC

    Georgie presents each of her sisters with a copy of her graduate thesis - which is about them; Frankie returns from Japan when Bea suffers a massive stroke.

  • S06E28 War & Peace (2)

    • May 4, 1996
    • NBC

    The sisters decide to go there separate ways after Bea's death, believing it was her that held the family together - until she visits each of them.

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