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Vacuma's Showdown

Rodak tells Goldar that Gor’s body contains an army of 6-inch tall robots which will be released if Gor is destroyed. The villain next orders Gor and Vacuma to destroy the military complex where Sultan is being kept. Sultan informs the authorities that only freezing cold can safely destroy Gor. Mathusam equips Gam with a freezing chemical. As Goldar attacks Gor, Gam throws the freezing chemical on the monster, defeating him once and for all. Rodak orders an all-out attack to find and kill Sultan before he can give away any more of Rodak’s secrets. Because Sultan came from a highly magnetic planet, Rodak is able to locate him with a powerful compass. He finds Sultan hiding in a hotel, Rodak shrinks Vacuma, enabling the monster to get inside the building and murder Sultan. Using Mathusam’s freezing compound, Goldar destroys Vacuma.

  • Originally Aired January 9, 1967
  • Runtime 1 minutes
  • Modified November 13, 2019