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The City Smasher

Rodak goes to New York and attacks the Statue of Liberty. Tom Mura, on assignment in in the city, calls Mikko and has him send Goldar to stop Rodak. Goldar and Gam arrive in New York and drive Rodak back into outer space. Mathusam is suspicious that Rodak went away without a fight. A hotel reports that ten of its guests have mysteriously disappeared. Kita is sent to cover the story. One of the caretakers tells Kita that people seem to disappear after going swimming. Kita asks if there is anything special in the water and is told that that the only additive is sulfur for health purposes. The caretaker even says that the water is drinkable. He demonstrates by drinking some of himself, but suddenly goes crazy and runs off. Kita decides to have the water analyzed. He is attacked by one of Rodak’s men, but is saved by Goldar. It is discovered that the water contains “Zana”(Zamaz), a chemical from outer space that acts as a radio transmitter. Just then, Mura calls from New York asking for Goldar to come back to Manhattan as Rodak is attacking again.

  • Originally Aired January 16, 1967
  • Runtime 1 minutes
  • Created November 13, 2019
  • Modified November 13, 2019