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Season 1

  • S01E01 My Left Fang

    • September 14, 1991
    • CBS

    Wizard Whitebeard sends Wally and Woof on a quest in the land of the Nasty Nasties. There the two travelers meet Fang, a young and nerdy vampire who does not want to grow-up to become a mean and horrid vampire; instead he wants to be human. With Wally's help, Fang searches for the magic scroll that can help him change who he is. Along the way they meet up with witches, vampires, ghosts, mummies, and Clyde (a four-armed prison guard). The evil and awful Odlaw tries to keep up with Waldo and grab the magic walking stick, but is thwarted (as usual) by a series of unfortunate events and calamities. Based on the picture "The Nasty Nasties" from "Where's Wally? 3: The Fantastic Journey" (US title: "The Great Waldo Search")

  • S01E02 Forest Women

    • September 21, 1991
    • CBS

    When Fred and his evil army start destroying the magic forest, Wally and Woof are sent to the rescue. The two travelers are sent by Wizard Whitebeard to find a magic fruit that will help protect and restore the forest. With the aide of Queen Emeralda, the Green Ladies and the Mud Men, Wally sets out to help restore nature from the grasp of the evil "bucket-heads". Meanwhile, Odlaw tries to impress the evil leader Fred and join his army in order to help him finally get Wally, and his magic walking stick. Finally, the two sides collide in a climatic battle over the magical forest. In the end, Wally and his forest friend prevail over the evil army and the woods are restored. This episode was based off the illustration "The Fighting Foresters" from The Great Waldo Search. .

  • S01E03 It's A Gruel, Gruel World

    • September 28, 1991
    • CBS

    Chef Baker Cook, who cooks all the food in the land of the Gobbling Gluttons is tortured by a curse from the evil (and ugly) witch Porcina. Due to Porcina’s spell, the people of the land are eternally hungry, and Chef Baker Cook has to keep feeding them all – day and night. Wally and Woof are sent to help him stop the gluttons' hunger. As they try to break the curse they run into Elvis Parsley, the blue mushroom miners, and a slew of other wacky characters. Odlaw trails behind teaming up with the witch Porcina to stop Wally in his task, and again attempting to get his hands on the magic walking stick. However Odlaw runs into trouble when he falls in love with Porcina. This episode was based off the illustration "The Gobbling Gluttons" from The Great Waldo Search.

  • S01E04 The Great Ballgame

    • October 5, 1991
    • CBS

    King Fussifuss is in trouble when the crown trophy goes missing. Without the trophy the great ball players who populate the land will turn against him and his kingdom will be lost to his evil step-brother. Wally and Woof are on the case. The two traveling companions follow a trail of riddles and clues to find the crown trophy. Wally dodges ball-players, jumps down the giant ball pit, navigates the “maze of no return”, meets monsters and weirdos, rides a balloon, and still manages to stays one step ahead of Odlaw. Wally races to unravel the mystery before the final ball game finishes, and the players discover the trophy is gone. He even gets involved in the sports himself when he helps win the giant tie-breaking game for the missing trophy. This episode was based off the illustration "The Great Ball-Game Players" from The Great Waldo Search and the illustration "Oh, What A Lovely Maze" from The Ultimate Fun Book.

  • S01E05 Draining The Deep

    • October 12, 1991
    • CBS

    There is trouble in the Land of the Deep Sea Divers – the sea is draining. Wally is sent by the Wizard Whitebeard to help solve the problem. Wally meets Lucinda, the mermaid who was in charge of guarding the great sea plug. Unfortunately for Lucinda, a ship full of plug-snatching pirates came and took the plug when she wasn’t looking. Now Wally, Woof and Lucinda have to try to get the plug back and the sea level restored. Meanwhile, Odlaw teams up with Pegbeard (the pirate captin who stole the plug), and the evil pirate octopus Sidney. The pirates are draining the sea to uncover the treasures that have sunken to the bottom, while Odlaw is after (as always) Wally’s magic stick. Wally (and Woof) travel to the bottom of the sea, nearly avoid being eating by a shark, fight off pirates, meet mermaids (and mermen), and take a wild boat ride. Will Wally be able to plug the sea and restore water to the land before it’s too late? Yes. This episode was based off the illustration “The Deep-Sea Divers” from The Great Waldo Search and the illustrations “Being a Pirate” from Find Waldo Now.

  • S01E06 The Underground Hunters

    • October 19, 1991
    • CBS

    The Wizard Whitebeard has lost one of his scrolls and asks Wally to go find it in the Land of the Underground Hunters. There Wally meets Seymour McGuywholikestocatchdragonsson (the name says it all), a feared dragon hunter, who is fighting the dragons who plague the land and driving them deep into the underground caves. Seymour’s son, Claxton McGuywhodoesntlikestocatchdragonsson, is appalled by this practice; he likes the dragons and is convinced that they mean the humans no harm. Wally (and Woof) travel deep into the caves of the Land of the Underground hunters in search of the Wizard’s scroll. Soon they meet Bernie, a small dragon, who follows them on their quest. Following Whitebeard’s clues, the three travelers confront dragons, take a ride on a giant rock slide, and survive an avalanche. Seymour, and the other hunters, soon come to respect the dragons when Bernie saves Claxton’s life. Life in the Land of the Underground Hunters will not be the same since the hunters learn that dragons aren’t mean, nasty, and all around icky – but will the Wizard get his missing scroll? This episode was based off the illustration “The Underground Hunters” from The Great Waldo Search.

  • S01E07 The Unfriendly Giant

    • November 2, 1991
    • CBS

    There are some little people with a big problem in the Land of the Unfriendly Giants. Wizard Whitebeard sends Wally off to find three puzzling clues that will end the giants’ reign of terror. Wally and Woof set out to stop the unfriendly giants, lead by J. Archibald Barrington III (or Archie for short). Wally follows clues all over the village as he works to solve the Wizard’s riddle, and in the end Wally is able to teach the townsfolk to stand up for themselves. The episode erupts with a massive battle, when the little people strike back with their tricks and traps. Wally finally solves the Wizard’s riddle, and finds a way to stop the giants for good. This episode was based off the illustration “The Unfriendly Giants” from The Great Waldo Search.

  • S01E08 A Stone Age Story

    • November 9, 1991
    • CBS

    Wally is invited to a wild party at Wizard Whitebeard’s cave. However once getting there, Wally is more interested in the cave paintings found on the Wizard’s walls; he soon he decides to travel to a time he’s never been to – back to the Stone Age. Wally (and Woof) travel back in time and soon meet Sconk, a tribe leader, who shows Wally the tribe’s latest project. The tribe is building a huge theater, but unlike other tribes, they have enlisted the work of animals to get the job done. As usual, trouble starts as soon as Odlaw shows up. Odlaw teams up with the scheming caveman Carn, and the two convince the animals to go on strike – and stop working until they get more respect. With the help of Wally, Sconk attempts to restore peace between the animals and caveman and complete the theater. Wally evens runs into an old ancestor (and his dog Bark). Will the humans be able to come to an agreement with the bears, mammoths, mice, birds, dogs, and other creatures? Will the theater ever be complete? This episode was based off the illustration “The Stone Age” from Find Waldo Now.

  • S01E09 The Land of the Carpet Flyers

    • November 16, 1991
    • CBS

    When there is trouble in the Land of the Carpet Flyers, Wizard Whitebeard sends Wally and Woof to help. The two travelers soon meet Rudniesh, a carpet weaver a problem. It is only a few hours until the big Rug-Burner 500 race. The winner of the Rug-Burner 500 gets to rub a lamp, and if a genie comes out of the lamp they are declared the king. Rudniesh was going to enter the race, but his plans for a special racing rug were stolen along with everyone else's rugs. With only hours to go until the race, all the other racers want Rudniesh to weave them replacement rugs but the large workload is unbearable. Everyone suspects that the mean Ali Blobi stole the carpets in order to win the race. So Wally, Woof and Rudniesh follow the clues to uncover the mystery. Unable to retrieve the missing plans in time, Wally lends his rug to Rudniesh to enter the race. After a long and heated race between Ali Blobi and Rudniesh, Blobi comes out victorious. Yet when Ali Blobi rubs the lamp (and the genie) the wrong way, Rudniesh's luck turns around. This episode was based off the illustration "The Land of the Carpet Flyers" from The Great Waldo Search.

  • S01E10 The Living Exhibits

    • November 23, 1991
    • CBS

    Wenda calls Wally and Woof for help when Wizard Whitebeard gets stuck in the movie picture at Wenda's Theater. After helping the Wizard, Wally learns of a problem in the Land of the Living Museum. Wally invites Wenda along on their adventure. Wally, Woof, and Wenda, with Odlaw trailing behind, head off to the museum. There they meet Okey Dokey, the museum's curator, who informs them of the problem – the art is being stolen. Soon they are introduced to resident artist Norwood Oou. The three travelers visit the ancient Rome section of the museum in search of clues and find themselves in the middle of a gladiator match. After a few close calls, Wally learns that Emperor Nero's harp was stolen. They continue to follow the clues to the Egyptian exhibit. They learn that Cleopatra's golden pussy cat was stolen as well. There are a few more close calls as they explore the pyramids – meanwhile Wenda takes a lot more pictures. With all the clues and Wenda's pictures, Wally solves the crime and saves the day. This episode was based off the illustration "Museum" from Where's Waldo, the illustration "Fun and Games in Acient Rome" from Find Waldo Now, the illustration "The Riddle of the Pyramids" from Find Waldo Now.

  • S01E11 Ahead of the Future

    • November 30, 1991
    • CBS

    Wally is sent to Future Land by Wizard Whitebeard with a clue to the past. There he helps Robot 9 flee from Master Trasher to avoid being replaced for being obsolete. When the super UV solar flares hit Future Land Robot 9 is needed as the only functioning robot to save President Gomez's ship from crashing because of a fried robot pilot. This episode is based off the illustration "The Future" from Find Waldo Now.

  • S01E12 Viking Fling

    • December 7, 1991
    • CBS

    Wally and Woof accompany Miss Pixie to the Land of the Vikings to retrieve the Magical Musical Golden Horn so that she can become a full fledged wizard. Along the way Wally helps repel the Vikings from the village of Glurb, encounter a purple polka dotted pot bellied sea serpent, meet the Viking Queen Broonhilda, and sail off the edge of the world. This episode is based off the illustration "On Tour with the Vikings” from Find Waldo Now.

  • S01E13 The Land of the Lost Pyramid

    • December 14, 1991
    • CBS

    Wally and Woof travel to the Land of the Lost Pyramid. Wally finds himself battling his wits against Guanomuck - the most rotten, cruel (and often naughty) villain listed in the "Who's Who" of Aztec bad guys. This episode is based off the illustration "The Last Days of the Aztecs" from Find Waldo Now.

Season 2

  • S02E01 The Meanie Genie of Aladdin's Lamp

    • June 2, 1992
    • CBS

    When a Genie starts causing trouble in Lampsmania, Waldo takes the case and travles to the legendrary city. There he finds out that the genie will distroy Lampsmania unless Waldo is able to find Fernwick, the man who created the genie's first lamp. So now Waldo (and Woof) have to set out on a quest for the old lamp maker. Waldo Watchers will love this exciting direct-to-video episode that combines search-and-find fun with wacky puzzles and mazes.

  • S02E02 The Merry X-mas Mix-Up

    • November 20, 1992
    • CBS

    Waldo and his friends learn that Santa's gift list has been scrambled. So it's up to Waldo, Woof, Wenda, and the gang to help straighten things out or else Christmas may be canceled. Waldo Watchers will love this exciting activity video that combines search-and-find fun with wacky puzzles and mazes.

  • S02E03 The Birthday Blow-out

    • July 29, 1997
    • CBS

    Waldo travels to Birthday Land where cakes reach high into the sky, and gumdrops fill the landscape. Waldo and Woof search for a stolen Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Fudge Brownie Cake recipe. Will Waldo be able to find the missing recipe? Waldo Watchers will love this exciting activity video that combines search-and-find fun with wacky puzzles and mazes.

  • S02E04 Around the World in a Daze

    • July 29, 1997
    • CBS

    A journey filled with surprises is in store, when Wizard Whitebeard sends Waldo on yet another assignment. Waldo, Woof and Wenda set out to help a famous explorer break a world record on a trip around the globe. However problems arise as they try to keep one step ahead of the explorer's scheming rival. Odlaw also trails along, hoping to steal Waldo's magical walking stick.