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Dhamaal Franchise

1 3 szsori

Baaghi Franchise

1 2 szsori

Singham Franchise

1 2 szsori

Jolly LLB Franchise

1 2 szsori

Taxi Franchise

1 5 szsori

Ai Weiwei Franchise

1 2 szsori

Somm Franchise

1 2 szsori

Death Race Franchise

1 2 PolarGeek

Cube Franchise

1 3 PolarGeek

A group of strangers awaken in a gigantic, mechanized cubical structure of unknown purpose and origin, made up of numerous smaller cubical rooms. Each room has six doors, one on each face of the cube, which lead into adjacent, largely identical rooms.Some of these rooms are "safe", while others are equipped with deadly booby traps.

Bill & Ted Franchise

1 4 Imzadi

History is about to be rewritten by two guys who can't spell.

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