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Godzilla Millennium Era

1 6 PolarGeek

The Millennium series is treated similarly to an anthology series where each film is a standalone story, with the 1954 film serving as the only previous point of reference.

Godzilla Reiwa Anime Franchise

1 4 PolarGeek

In the last summer of the 20th century, giant monsters began plaguing Earth and humanity is driven to near extinction by one monster that eliminated the others: Godzilla.

Alien Nation Franchise

1 7 PolarGeek

In 1991 a flying saucer crashes in the Mojave Desert containing a race of extraterrestrials, the Tenctonese, escaping from slavery under a cruel Overseer race. They resemble humans, but have certain anatomical differences and have been bred with greater physical strength and intelligence. These Newcomers, as they are called, are accepted as the latest immigrants to America, and the franchise explores issues around their integration into the multicultural society of the US.

Timecop Franchise

1 3 PolarGeek

Timecop is about The Time Enforcement Commission (TEC) and its officers. Which has been established to police the use of time travel,

Bionic Franchise

1 5 PolarGeek

People barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild them, we have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first Bionic Man & Woman.

TekWar Franchise

1 5 PolarGeek

The 22nd-century universe is centred on "Tek"—an illegal, addictive, mind-altering digital drug in the form of a microchip. The drug creates a simulated reality. The protagonist, Jake Cardigan, is a former police officer framed for dealing the drug four years prior to the start of the series

The Outer Limits Franchise

1 2 PolarGeek

Each episode is a celebration of the human imagination in which humanity's exploration of new frontiers in technology, outer space and the human experience reveal our greatest hopes and darkest fears

Carry On Franchise

1 33 PolarGeek

The series uses the British comic traditions of music hall and bawdy seaside postcards. Many titles parodied more serious films, such as their tongue-in-cheek homages to James Bond, westerns, and Hammer horror films. Carry On Emmannuelle, inspired by the soft-porn Emmanuelle, brought to an end the original Carry On run.

The Land Before Time Franchise

1 15 PolarGeek

The films follow a friendship of a group of young ornithodirans by the names of Littlefoot (Apatosaurus), Cera (Triceratops), Ducky (Saurolophus), Petrie (Pteranodon), and Spike (Stegosaurus).

Witchcraft Franchise

1 16 PolarGeek

William Spanner is the main character of the series, he is the descendant of evil witches and warlocks who want to bring about the end of the world. Spanner resists his heritage, preferring a normal life, but events conspire to force him to use his powers, often with the fate of the world at stake.

Jesse Stone Franchise

1 9 PolarGeek

Based on Robert B. Parker's novels. Jesse Stone is a New England police chief investigating a series of murders.

The Saint Franchise

1 8 PolarGeek

Simon Templar is a Robin Hood-like figure known as the Saint – plausibly from his initials, but the exact reason for his nickname is unknown. Blessed with boyish humour, he makes humorous and off-putting remarks and leaves a "calling card" at his "crimes," a stick figure of a man with a halo over his head.

Trancers Franchise

1 6 PolarGeek

Jack Deth is a cop in the 23rd century who travels back in time to 1984 to attempt to stop the creation of Trancers, an army of zombie-like humans.

Universal Soldier Franchise

1 6 PolarGeek

Fallen soldiers' bodies are retrieved, they are placed into a secret program in which they are reanimated as superhuman agents and trained to become unquestioning killing machines.

LOL: Last One Laughing

1 6 Imzadi

Ten professional comedians compete for cash with laughs.

O Marine - Coleção

1 6 BlackSpirits

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