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I Know What You Did Last Summer Franchise

1 3 PolarGeek

Not all secrets can be successfully kept. Some may come back to kill you because you and I Know What You Did Last Summer

Witch Mountain Franchise

1 4 PolarGeek

Extra-terrestrial siblings must evade corrupt government officials and scheming millionaires. If they have any hope of stopping them from abusing their powers.

Ski School Franchise

1 2 PolarGeek

Join the hard-partying and zany antics of Section 8 and everyone's favourite fictional ski school

The Substitute Franchise

1 4 PolarGeek

Sometimes a classroom needs more than a regular substitute sometimes you need a soldier.

American Pie Presents Franchise

1 5 PolarGeek

Delve deeper into the history of the Stiffler's and Levenstein's as they quest for a little more of that sweet warm pie.

Dark Rising Franchise

1 3 PolarGeek

The continuing exploits of demon slayer Princess Summer Vale and her entourage of misfits as they try to save the world from imminent destruction

Deadlands Franchise

1 2 PolarGeek

A loosely connected series of zombie films from zombie enthusiast and indie film director Gary Ugarek

District 13 Franchise

1 2 PolarGeek

In the ghettos of Paris in the 2010's, an undercover cop and an ex-thug fight to save their district from criminals and corrupt officials.

South Park - Coleção

1 2 BlackSpirits

Roseanne Franchise

1 2 Imzadi

Explore life, death and everything in between through the relatable, hilarious and brutally honest lens of the working-class Conner household, which is located in the drab, fictional exurb of Langford, Illinois.

Alarm for Cobra 11

1 3 Imzadi

Their precinct is the Autobahn, they work at breakneck speed. Their enemies: stolen car dealers, killers and extortionists. 24/7 service for the men of Cobra 11 - Our safety is their job!

28 Days Later Franchise

1 2 PolarGeek

Witness the aftermath of a mutated virus to cure rage that had the opposite effect.

K-9 Franchise

1 3 PolarGeek

Officer Michael Dooley prefers working alone, but, his boss assigns him a partner. The assigned companion is Jerry Lee, a German Shepherd detection police dog in the canine unit.

Tales From The Crypt Franchise

1 4 PolarGeek

Join the Crypt Keeper on a series of terrifying tales

Anchorman Franchise

1 3 PolarGeek

Ron Burgundy is San Diego's top rated newsman in the male-dominated broadcasting of the '70s, but that's all about to change for Ron and his cronies when an ambitious woman is hired as a new anchor.

Slapshot Franchise

1 3 PolarGeek

In the fictional small town of Charlestown, the town's minor league hockey team, the Charlestown Chiefs. Houses an eclectic bunch of players.

Pippi Longstocking Franchise

1 4 PolarGeek

A mysterious young girl, Pippi Longstocking, moves into the abandoned Villa Villekulla. The redheaded Pippi, living alone but for a monkey called Mr. Nilsson and her horse Little Old Man, befriends two neighbouring children, Tommy and Annika.

WolfCop Franchise

1 2 PolarGeek

Lou Garou is an alcoholic (werewolf) cop in the small community of Woodhaven

An American Tail Franchise

1 4 PolarGeek

Follow the adventures of Fievel Mousekewitz, a Russian-Jewish mouse immigrant to the United States in 1885.

Harold & Kumar Franchise

1 3 PolarGeek

Harold & Kumar are a couple of stoner pals, whose adventures while high are the stuff of legend.

Trailer Park Boys Franchise

1 13 PolarGeek

Nova Scotia's trailer parks are colorful thanks to residents Ricky, Bubbles and Julian. Together, they plan mad capers, usually get-rich-quick schemes, with plenty of screw-ups along the way.

Up Franchise

1 2 Imzadi

In the 1930s, shy, Eight-year-old Carl Fredricksen idolizes famous explorer Charles F. Muntz. When Muntz is accused of fabricating the skeleton of a giant exotic bird he says he discovered at Paradise Falls, he vows not to return until he captures one alive. One day, Carl befriends a girl named Ellie, also a Muntz fan. She confides to Carl her desire to move her "clubhouse"—an abandoned house in the neighborhood—to a cliff overlooking Paradise Falls.

Heroes Franchise

1 2 Evan_

Save the cheerleader, save the world.

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