Pulp Fiction

This stylized crime caper weaves together stories featuring a hit man, his philosophical partner and a washed-up boxer.

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Filmes de Quentin Tarantino

1 10 Fabio Lucas


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Finished Movies

1 31 Hypnagogia

Just movies I've finished watching at least once, as I remember to add them. Not intended for any official use.

My All-Time Favorite Mafia & Gangster Flicks

1 5 CoolMatthewSinegar

Matthew Alexander “Matt” Sinegar [SIN-NA-GAR] (An EXTREMELY Mature & EXTREMELY Heterosexual (Straight) African-American/Black Man): I’m LITERALLY Interested/Intrigued In Gang Culture. Including The Bloods, The Crips, The Yakuza, The Mafia (Including The Sicilian Mafia), The Cartels, The Triads, The Marielitos, etc.

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