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Walter Olkewicz



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Everwood Turf Wars November 11, 2002 Guest Star
ER Surrender February 1, 2001 Guest Star
Good vs Evil To Be Or Not to Be Evil August 29, 1999 Guest Star
Dharma & Greg Bed, Bath and Beyond May 12, 1999 Guest Star
Chicago Hope Austin, We Have a Problem November 11, 1998 Guest Star
Sliders World Killer June 29, 1998 Guest Star
The Visitor The Chain January 9, 1998 Guest Star
Michael Hayes Mob Mentality January 6, 1998 Guest Star
Seinfeld The Cadillac (1) February 8, 1996 Guest Star
Batman: The Animated Series Blind as a Bat February 22, 1993 Guest Star
Batman: The Animated Series The Mechanic January 24, 1993 Guest Star
Night Court To Sir With ... Ah, What the Heck ... Love February 26, 1992 Guest Star
Who's the Boss? Who's the Boss? January 25, 1992 Guest Star
Night Court Shave and a Haircut January 8, 1992 Guest Star
Night Court The System Works November 17, 1991 Guest Star
Brooklyn Bridge Boys of Summer October 4, 1991 Guest Star
Life Goes On Arthur April 7, 1991 Guest Star
Night Court Mama Was a Rollin' Stone January 30, 1991 Guest Star
The Flash Shroud of Death November 29, 1990 Guest Star
Bagdad Cafe Sixteen Candles November 2, 1990 Guest Star
Bagdad Cafe City on a Hill October 26, 1990 Guest Star
Twin Peaks The Man Behind the Glass October 13, 1990 Guest Star
Twin Peaks The Last Evening May 23, 1990 Guest Star
Twin Peaks Realization Time May 17, 1990 Guest Star
Twin Peaks Rest in Pain April 26, 1990 Guest Star
Murder, She Wrote When the Fat Lady Sings November 19, 1989 Guest Star
Wiseguy Sins of the Father October 4, 1989 Guest Star
Mr. Belvedere Really Full House March 17, 1989 Guest Star
Who's the Boss? Boozin' Buddies March 7, 1989 Guest Star
L.A. Law Full Marital Jacket January 7, 1988 Guest Star
Mr. Belvedere The Wedding December 4, 1987 Guest Star
The Charmings The Charmings and the Beanstalk November 26, 1987 Guest Star
Who's the Boss? Frankie and Tony Are Lovers September 22, 1987 Guest Star
Who's the Boss? A Moving Episode May 19, 1987 Guest Star
Married... with Children Sixteen Years and What Do You Get? May 10, 1987 Guest Star
Family Ties Architect's Apprentice January 29, 1987 Guest Star
Falcon Crest Double Jeopardy November 14, 1986 Guest Star
Falcon Crest Fatal Attraction October 24, 1986 Guest Star
Designing Women A Big Affair October 20, 1986 Guest Star
Family Ties My Back Pages October 16, 1986 Guest Star
Night Court Giving Thanks October 9, 1986 Guest Star
Hardcastle and McCormick In the Eye of the Beholder March 17, 1986 Guest Star
227 The Big Piano Play-Off December 7, 1985 Guest Star
The A-Team There Goes the Neighborhood December 3, 1985 Guest Star
Hollywood Beat The Long Weekend (a.k.a. Love Hurts) November 16, 1985 Guest Star
Tall Tales and Legends The Legend of Sleepy Hollow September 25, 1985 Guest Star
Trapper John, M.D. Go for Broker April 21, 1985 Guest Star
Newhart My Fair Larry March 4, 1985 Guest Star
The Duck Factory The Children's Half Hour June 27, 1984 Guest Star
Family Ties Working At It May 10, 1984 Guest Star
Cheers They Called Me Mayday December 1, 1983 Guest Star
Taxi Jim's Mario's May 18, 1983 Guest Star
It's a Living Falling in Love Again February 19, 1982 Guest Star
Barney Miller The Clown January 21, 1982 Guest Star
Barney Miller Liquidation May 21, 1981 Guest Star
Alice Vera Goes Out On a Limb January 18, 1981 Guest Star
Taxi Going Home December 17, 1980 Guest Star
The Rockford Files The Jersey Bounce October 6, 1978 Guest Star