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Charles Rocket



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Law & Order: Criminal Intent Pas de Deux February 15, 2004 Guest Star
Greg the Bunny Father & Son Reunion June 4, 2002 Guest Star
The Zeta Project Change of Heart February 17, 2001 Guest Star
3rd Rock from the Sun A Dick Replacement January 30, 2001 Guest Star
The X-Files Three of a Kind May 2, 1999 Guest Star
Star Trek: Voyager The Disease February 24, 1999 Guest Star
Superman: The Animated Series Superman's Pal February 20, 1999 Guest Star
Men In Black: The Series The Jack O'Lantern Syndrome October 31, 1998 Guest Star
The New Batman Adventures Legends of the Dark Knight October 10, 1998 Guest Star
Cybill Ka-Boom! July 13, 1998 Guest Star
Cybill Cybill in the Morning July 6, 1998 Guest Star
The New Batman Adventures Mean Seasons April 25, 1998 Guest Star
Grace Under Fire Riverboat Queen December 30, 1997 Guest Star
Men In Black: The Series The Inanimate Syndrome December 6, 1997 Guest Star
The New Batman Adventures Never Fear November 1, 1997 Guest Star
The Pretender To Protect and Serve November 9, 1996 Guest Star
Picket Fences Dante's Inferno April 22, 1996 Guest Star
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Operation Blackout October 30, 1994 Guest Star
Wings Call of the Wild May 5, 1994 Guest Star
Quantum Leap A Leap for Lisa May 20, 1992 Guest Star
Parker Lewis Can't Lose Randall Without a Cause March 10, 1991 Guest Star
Quantum Leap A Little Miracle December 21, 1990 Guest Star
Murder, She Wrote The Family Jewels November 4, 1990 Guest Star
Doctor Doctor The Terminator October 25, 1990 Guest Star
thirtysomething Going Limp May 1, 1990 Guest Star
Max Headroom Baby Grobags May 12, 1988 Guest Star
Max Headroom Grossberg's Return October 2, 1987 Guest Star
Max Headroom Blipverts March 31, 1987 Guest Star
Hardcastle and McCormick The Yankee Clipper October 7, 1985 Guest Star
Remington Steele Have I Got a Steele for You January 22, 1985 Guest Star
Hawaiian Heat Picture Imperfect December 21, 1984 Guest Star
Jenny A Girl's Gotta Protect Her Assets January 1, 1970 Guest Star