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Season 1

  • S01E01 Fly Away Home

    • March 19, 2012
    • CBeebies

  • S01E02 The Right Colour to Be

    • March 20, 2012
    • CBeebies

    Bobo White desperately wants to be a Cloudbaby and he thinks he's succeeded when he gets his hands on a pot of purple paint and paints Sun.

  • S01E03 Best Bouncer

    • June 1, 2015
    • CBeebies

    Baba Green can't cloud bounce like the others, and it makes him sad. But after bravely rescuing Bobo White, he becomes the best bouncer of all.

  • S01E04 Baba Pink's Bossy Day

    • June 2, 2015
    • CBeebies

    Baba Pink thinks she is being helpful when she creates a star chart to monitor each of the Cloudbabies' jobs, but in the process she forgets about her own jobs. The Cloudbabies work together as a team to make sure all the jobs are done - but Baba Pink still can't help but be a little bit bossy!

  • S01E05 Superdonk

    • June 3, 2015
    • CBeebies

    The Cloudbabies go on a picnic, taking lots of rainpears with them. After Bobo White feeds the rainpears to the skyhorsies, they fall into a deep sleep. How will the Cloudbabies get to do their chores now, without the skyhorsies or the skytrain to take them? It is up to Skydonk to save the day.

  • S01E06 Painting the Door

    • June 4, 2015
    • CBeebies

    Fuffa sees an opportunity for mischief and suggests to each of the Cloudbabies that the door of Cloudy House needs a new coat of paint. Each Cloudbaby resolves to paint the door in their favourite colour. None can understand why, when they have painted the door in their favourite colour, it isn't that colour when they return. Of course, another Cloudbaby has already painted over it. When they finally realise what has gone on, they confront Fuffa, who simply says she didn't tell them to paint the door in any particular colour. As they fail to resolve which colour to paint the door, the errant rainclouds rain on the door and make a mess of all the colours. Rainbow suggests to them that they had the solution all along. He is made of many colours and looks fabulous. The Cloudbabies all paint their favourite colour in stripes on the door and soon it is looking wonderful again.

  • S01E07 Mystery Noise

    • May 6, 2015
    • CBeebies

    Sun is being put to bed and it's time for Little Star to twinkle. The Cloudbabies have done their chores and go to bed. Little Star hears a rumbly noise in the sky and is spooked by it. He comes to the Cloudy House and taps on the window to wake the Cloudbabies. They allow him to get into bed with them, but his points are too pointy and he has to move from bed to bed until he finally settles with Baba Green. Suddenly they are all woken by the rumbly noise in the sky. They resolve to find out what it is and venture out with nets and a torch. They find it coming from a cloud - it's Sun and he's snoring because he is sleeping on his back. They all move him on his side, the mystery of the rumbling noise is solved and Little Star can twinkle in the night sky again.

  • S01E08 Full Moon

    • June 6, 2015
    • CBeebies

    The Cloudbabies hear a rumble from the sky and realise that it's coming from Moon, who is in her crescent shape. She's hungry and her tummy is rumbling. She was expecting a moon rock meteor shower for breakfast but it hasn't arrived. The Cloudbabies look for spare moon rock in the Cloudy House but the cupboards are bare. All they have is rainpears. They give the rainpears to Moon but she's still not full. Bobo White alerts everyone to the incoming moon rock shower and the Cloudbabies go to pick up the windfall of moon rock from the skycloud. There is too much moon rock to carry on the skyhorsies, so they call the skytrain. They take the moon rock to Moon, who eats it all. As she eats it, she gets bigger and bigger. Contented, she goes to sleep, radiating moonbeams.

  • S01E09 Rainbow in a Knot

    • June 7, 2015
    • CBeebies

    Baba Blue is picking shooting stars from the star tree in readiness for the star slinging later on. Rainbow confirms that he is top condition for it. While Bobo, Skydonk and Fuffa are playing tag, Baba Pink has finished polishing Sun and goes to enlist Rainbow's help to chase some rainclouds away. Baba Yellow also wants to get Rainbow to come to the Cloudy House so she can paint him. Both Baba Pink and Baba Yellow grab Rainbow's hands to pull him in their direction, but Rainbow gets in a knot. He can't sling any stars now. Baba Blue is very concerned and asks Baba Green for help but they can't find a way of replacing Rainbow. Without him, there will be no shooting stars in the sky. Baba Pink and Baba Yellow try a number of ways to untie Rainbow's knot but to no avail. Bobo is still playing tag and as he does so, Skydonk's tail tickles Rainbow. He starts to laugh and in doing so, his knot unravels. Back to top condition, he launches the shooting stars into the night sky.

  • S01E10 Achoo!

    • June 8, 2015
    • CBeebies

    Bobo White is charging around the skygarden on Skydonk and accidentally crashes into Baba Green's prized fluffigold flowers. The flowers send up a great deal of pollen into the air which forms a yellow cloud. Fuffa is intrigued by this new visitor and tries to make friends with it. However the yellow cloud is unresponsive, and wherever the yellow cloud goes, the Cloudbabies all start to sneeze. No one can work out where these sneezes have come from. Baba Blue, sneezing profusely, visits each Cloudbaby in turn for advice on how to stop these sneezes but with the yellow cloud following closely behind, the sneezing just spreads to everyone. Fuffa is most suspicious but is frowned on by the Cloudbabies when she voices her concerns. They think she is just being mean to the yellow cloud. It is only when Fuffa traces the pollen back to the fluffigold flowers that she is believed. She tries to blow the yellow cloud of pollen away but she is too small to do it.

  • S01E11 Wide Awake Sun

    • June 9, 2015
    • CBeebies

    It is time for Sun to go to bed but Sun does not want to. 'In a minute' he keeps saying. He wants to stay up and play with Bobo White, Little Star and Fuffa Cloud. Bobo is reluctantly dragged off to bed. Meanwhile Baba Green is worried. With Sun up past his bedtime, the sky is too hot and his flowers are wilting. The paintwell is steaming, Rainbow's colours are running and the skyhorsies are overheating. Sun has to go to bed! But he is too over excited. Baba Green manages to peel Fuffa away for a bedtime story. Moon meanwhile cannot come out until Sun goes to bed. Everyone is hot and tired. The Cloudbabies sing the sleepy song while Baba Yellow plays the fluteytoot. Sun slowly starts to fall asleep and is soon snoring. The night sky creeps in and Moon ascends. Everything is as it should be. Even the Cloudbabies are asleep.

  • S01E12 Anyone Seen Sun?

    • June 10, 2015
    • CBeebies

    The Cloudbabies are having a playtime break from their daily chores and are playing hide and seek. Bobo White is particularly good at hiding. Sun is intrigued by this game and wants to join in. Unconvinced that it will work because he is so big, the Cloudbabies agree. But he is too big and cannot effectively hide behind a small cloud or some horseyhay or the Shooting Star Tree. The Cloudbabies return to their chores but Sun is not to be defeated and resolves to find a bigger place to hide. As the Cloudbabies go about their business, the sky darkens. They wonder why night time has come so soon. No one is really tired yet and there are not enough shooting stars on the tree yet to fling into the sky. Moon arrives sleepy, not really ready for her night time duties. She advises the Cloudbabies that Sun is playing his favourite game and the Cloudbabies have to find him if they want him to come back. The Cloudbabies look everywhere. They cannot find Sun anywhere. Moon moves a little to one side to reveal Sun, hiding behind her. He really is the best at hide and seek.

  • S01E13 Grumpy Rainbow

    • June 11, 2015
    • CBeebies

    Rainbow is trying to get some rest while Baba Yellow is trying to paint a portrait of the Cloudbabies but Bobo White, Fuffa and Little Star are playing around and getting in the way. The Cloudbabies decide they need a babysitter and ask Rainbow who reluctantly agrees. The Cloudbabies try to find the right place to have their picture painted but nothing is right and they cannot agree on the right place. Bobo, Little Star and Fuffa fool around with Rainbow until his patience snaps and he sends them to the naughty cloud. They call him grumpy which he does not like. Sun tells Rainbow that the sky is too quiet without the noise of the mischievous trio. Rainbow relents and asks them to do one more thing... chase him! Rainbow dashes off through the sky with the three miscreants tearing after him in delight. The Cloudbabies go to see how Rainbow is getting on, still not resolved on where to be painted. They find Bobo, Little Star and Fuffa asleep in Rainbow's arms and decide that this is the perfect backdrop to their group portrait.

  • S01E14 Being Baba Pink

    • June 12, 2015
    • CBeebies

    It's morning and Baba Pink has all of her jobs to do. But she didn't sleep well and is still very tired - so tired that she can't stop yawning when she is dusting Moon! Moon suggests she go back to bed and the other Cloudbabies agree to do her jobs for her. She reminds them that they have to give each of their Skyfriends the Baba Pink tickle. Baba Green reads to Little Star, Baba Blue fluffs Fuffa Cloud and Baba Yellow polishes Sun, but they all forget to give their Skyfriends the tickle. Meanwhile, Bobo White and Skydonk are trying to give Baba Pink the rest she needs but they still make a lot of noise. When Baba Pink gets up, now fully rested, Sun, Fuffa and Little Star all arrive to say they didn't get their tickle. The other Cloudbabies apologise and they all make up for it by giving their Skyfriends and each other the Baba Pink tickle.

  • S01E15 Fuffa's Raining Lesson

    • June 13, 2015
    • CBeebies

    It is Fuffa's big day. She has a rain test ahead of her. She refuses Baba Pink's help and is determined to practise on her own. Meanwhile Baba Green is planting out a sapling rainpear tree and needs some rain to make it grow. Everywhere Fuffa tries to practice her raining seems to be the wrong place. She rains on Rainbow, she rains on Baba Yellow playing her Fluteytoot and she even rains on Baba Pink's washing. Fed up, she resolves to stop trying and goes off in a huff. Meanwhile there is not a raincloud in the sky to rain on the poor little rainpear tree. The Cloudbabies search the sky for Fuffa but she is nowhere to be found. Until they come to the little rainpear tree where they find Fuffa successfully raining on the rainpear tree and making it grow.

  • S01E16 Little Star Flies High

    • August 15, 2012
    • CBeebies

    Baba Blue and Rainbow are slinging stars into the sky watched by Bobo White, Fuffa Cloud and Little Star. Bobo and Fuffa think the shooting stars are the best thing in the sky. A little downhearted that his friends did not choose him as the best thing in the sky, Little Star resolves to be a shooting star. But it is time for bed. Baba Pink puts him in his cot but as soon as her back is turned, he is up again. He practises throwing himself off a cloud but it does not work. Baba Pink finds him and puts him back to bed again. Once she has gone, he is up again. This time, he collects all the shooting stars off the star tree but on hearing that Baba Pink's going to check up on him, he abandons the basket of stars in the stables and rushes back to bed. Meanwhile the Cloudbabies find that the star tree is bare. How will they light up the night sky without shooting stars? Little Star, who is now officially up, realises the gravity of his actions and retrieves the basket of shooting stars from the stables and confesses. The Cloudbabies take pity on him. After all, he only wanted to be a shooting star. Baba Blue lets him into the slingshot and slings him up into the night sky. Little Star is a shooting star after all.

  • S01E17 Missing Rainclouds

    • August 16, 2012
    • CBeebies

    It is a hot day and there are no clouds in the sky. The paintwell is dry so Baba Yellow can't touch up Rainbow's stripes. Baba Green and Baba Blue go off on their skyhorsies to rustle up some clouds, but Bobo can't help as he is too young. However, they find a cheeky grey cloud by the stables and practise cloud rustling with it. After much effort, Baba Blue and Baba Green find some clouds and bring them back to the paintwell to rain. But the clouds rain everywhere except in the paintwell and soon there is no rain left in them. Rainbow is distraught - now he will never have his colours replenished! Bobo White arrives with his new friend, the little grey cloud, and after some coaxing, the cloud rains into the paintwell and it becomes full again with all of the colours that Rainbow needs for his stripes.

  • S01E18 Rainbow's Orchestra

    • August 17, 2012
    • CBeebies

    A storm is brewing and it is Fuffa's first. Rainbow is very excited because he likes to conduct the storm. Dark rain clouds appear and Bobo White and Little Star are unnerved by them and the growing noise and retire to the Cloudy House. The Cloudbabies look after them and reassure them that the noise of thunder is natural and it's just the storm clouds' job. Even when the Cloudy House rocks, the Cloudbabies manage to hang onto the pictures and vases and make a game of it. Bobo and Little Star start to feel more reassured. Meanwhile Fuffa is nervously awaiting her part in the storm. Rainbow is conducting the clouds to bang into each other like drums. The rain coming down is like the sound of chimes and the lightening is like the cymbals. The Cloudbabies encourage Bobo and Little Star to come outside to watch Fuffa join in. She does so tentatively at first but soon gets into the swing of it and with Rainbow's gentle encouragement, she is soon thoroughly enjoying herself. The Cloudbabies, Little Star and Bobo all dance to the heavenly music, all fear of the storm now gone.

  • S01E19 Finding Fuffa

    • August 20, 2012
    • CBeebies

    Fuffa is being a little naughty and playing hide and seek by camouflaging herself in the orchard, the smoke from the Cloudyhouse and the horseyhay bales in the Hayfield. Each time, she taunts Bobo and Skydonk that they can't find her, by singing her hide and seek song. The Cloudbabies each hear the song and chide her for giving the impression she is lost. However, when the clouds start coming in, Fuffa really does get lost. She calls for help but the Cloudbabies think she is just fooling around again. Bobo White and Skydonk do find her in amongst the clouds but then they can't find their way out either. When the Cloudbabies hear them crying for help, they rush to the rescue and lead everyone back to the Skycloud. Fuffa resolves never to play tricks again.

  • S01E20 Skydonk's New Home

    • August 21, 2012
    • CBeebies

    The Cloudbabies are giving the stables a makeover. Poor Skydonk wants to sleep in the stables, but he's not allowed. Baba Blue notices his disappointment, and decideds to surprise him and build Skydonk his very own kennel! Bobo is very excited - he spots Skydonk, and quickly takes him to be with Rainbow so that he and Baba Blue can carry on with the surprise. Skydonk is sad that Bobo left him with Rainbow, and despite Rainbow pulling some funny faces, Skydonk is not amused. Soon Baba Blue has finished the kennel, and Baba Yellow knows just the thing to finish it off - a bit of colour! Bobo rushes off to fetch Skydonk from Rainbow, to take him back to see his new home. A very excited Skydonk looks happily at his new home, but when it comes to bed time, he and Bobo are sad not to be staying together. Both Bobo and Skydonk sneak into the night to find each-other. They bump into one another in the kitchen, and hug tightly. The Cloudbabies wake up in the morning to find Bobo not in his bed, but asleep with Skydonk in his kennel! Shortly after the discovery, Baba Blue trips into Baba Green, sending him flying into the kennel, smashing it to pieces. Thinking Skydonk will be upset, they soon find that he and Bobo would rather sleep together in Bobo's room instead.

  • S01E21 Sun's Very Own Sunset

    • June 19, 2015
    • CBeebies

    Sun is very confused when everyone says thank you to him for his beautiful colourful sunset the night before, since has never seen a sunset for himself. Meanwhile Baba Green is in the garden. He asks Bobo White and Fuffa if they want to help water the garden, but instead Bobo decides to pretend to be a raincloud like Fuffa, and flies off on Skydonk with Baba Green's watering can. Baba Pink asks Baba Yellow if she is able to help with Sun - she offers to paint him a picture of his sunset so he can see what it looks like. Bobo rushes past with his watering can, spilling the water over the picture - making the colours merge even more like a real sunset. Bobo flies off, and Sun turns to the Cloudbabies looking really sad. The Cloudbabies try putting him to bed, but soon realise he can't see the sunset if he is asleep, but he can't make the sunset if he is awake! Bobo White runs out of water, and accidentally fills his watering can with blue paint. Sun laughs at his mistake, saying that rain clouds are meant to wash the sky - not paint it! Baba Yellow has an idea. She and the other Cloudbabies paint a beautiful sunset in the sky for Sun.

  • S01E22 Runaway Skytrain

    • August 23, 2012
    • CBeebies

    Bobo and Fuffa are playing at being a skytrain, with Fuffa as the train and Bobo as the driver. They tear around the Skyworld causing trouble until Baba Yellow tells Bobo that if he calms down and is good, she will take him on a ride on the real skytrain later. Bobo and Skydonk go off to find something to do. Each time Bobo is tempted to be naughty, he dutifully doesn't and returns each time to Cloudyhouse to ask if it's time to ride the skytrain yet. Baba Yellow eventually tells him to wait by the skytrain bell until she is ready, but not to ring the bell. This proves to be a temptation too far. Bobo rings the bell and summons the skytrain. He jumps in with much delight and as it picks up speed, he is joined by Fuffa and Little Star. But the train goes faster and faster and Bobo can't control it. The Cloudbabies are alerted to their predicament and corrall a bank of clouds as a buffer to slow the train down, but to no avail. They catch up with the train and Baba Yellow coaxes the train to a stop with her fluteytoot and the Cloudbabies rescue the frightened passengers. Bobo resolves never to be naughty again.

  • S01E23 Race Around the Sun

    • August 24, 2012
    • CBeebies

    The Cloudbabies are vying for the very last, biggest, juiciest rainpear from the orchard. But who is going to eat it? Sun suggests a race - around himself, of course. Bobo White wants to join in and although initially reluctant to let him because he's too small, the Cloudbabies relent and let him and Skydonk enter the race. Bobo and Skydonk don't make a very good start. They trample the garden and Baba Green has to return to tidy up. Bobo is still behind, until Rainbow bounces him back into the race. But in doing so, he smudges his colours and Baba Yellow has to turn back to repaint him. Baba Pink and Baba Blue are out in front until Bobo bumps into Moon, disturbing her moondust. She blows the dust away and in doing so, propels Bobo within touching distance of the other two Cloudbabies. But Baba Pink now has to go back to Moon to dust her. Baba Blue and Bobo are going round Sun when Sun gives them a hand by spinning them around. But he spins too much and can't stop! Baba Blue has to turn back to sort him out, leaving Bobo out in front. He looks like he's going to win when all of the Cloudbabies start to catch up. They all cross the line together and so still can't decide who is going to have the big juicy rainpear. While they are debating it, they hear a munching sound, only to find that Skydonk has claimed the pear for himself!

  • S01E24 Sun Catches a Cold

    • December 3, 2012
    • CBeebies

    It's a clear, starry night and the Cloudbabies are collecting Moon's moonbeams and winding them up like balls of wool. They return to the Cloudyhouse passing Sun who is snoring and sounds like he has a blocked up nose. When they wake the next morning, something is wrong. It is still dark. Baba Pink goes to see Sun to find out that he has a cold and this prevents him from shining as he should. Moon agrees to stay out a bit later to cast her light over the sky but she can't do this for long. The Cloudbabies try to make Sun feel better by bringing him rainpear juice, making him a get-warm card and bringing him flowers but nothing seems to be working. Meanwhile, Bobo White and Skydonk have found the balls of wound up moonbeams and are playing with them. As they are doing so, they unravel the moonbeams and get them into a big mess with Skydonk wrapped up in it all. He complains that he is hot. Baba Blue hears this and has an idea how to make Sun better. Baba Pink gets out her knitting needles and knits a scarf from all of the moonbeams. With Sun wrapped up in his moonbeam scarf, he immediately starts to feel better and soon the sky is back to being flooded with daylight. All is back to how it should be.

  • S01E25 Lost and Found

    • December 4, 2012
    • CBeebies

    Baba Yellow is rushing about the Cloudyhouse looking for her bag. The other Cloudbabies leave the house to begin their day's work. Soon Baba Yellow finds her bag but is in such a hurry, she leaves her Fluteytoot behind on the table. Without it, she is unable to play Little Star his lullaby so she rushes back to the Cloudyhouse to find it. Bobo is bored, and spots the Fluteytoot on the table. Knowing Baba Yellow will need it, Bobo picks up the Fluteytoot and rides off on Skydonk to find her. Baba Yellow comes rushing into the Cloudyhouse a moment later only to find the Fluteytoot has gone! Bobo heads to Little Star, and decides that he should play a lullaby for Little Star but Bobo's playing is so bad, Little Star hides under his blanket. Baba Yellow races back to Little Star. Not knowing that he is under the blanket, Baba Yellow is sure he must have gone and panics that she must have lost him too. Baba Pink offers to help and with the other Cloudbabies tries to find Little Star. She soon finds Bobo with her Fluteytoot, who tells her that Little Star is napping. They head off back to his cloud to find that he was underneath his blanket all along!

  • S01E26 Mucky Skyhorsies

    • June 24, 2015
    • CBeebies

    It's morning and Bobo is having his bath. The Cloudbabies go about their daily jobs but get their Skyhorsies mucky in the process. Baba Blue gets paint on Bluehorsey, Baba Green gets dirt on Greenhorsey, Baba Yellow gets paint on Yellowhorsey while painting Rainbow and even Pinkhorsey gets dirty whilst helping Baba Pink polish Sun. They all need a wash in the horse trough. But Greenhorsey won't, and bolts around the Skycloud getting him and the others even dirtier in the process. Baba Green coaxes Greenhorsey into the trough by getting in first and when Greenhorsey realises it's actually quite fun, he creates so many bubbles that they rain down on everyone, cleaning them all as they pop.

  • S01E27 Bobo to the Rescue

    • June 25, 2015
    • CBeebies

    The Cloudbabies are taking Bobo White and Skydonk out for Skyhorsey practice in the sky. Bobo White is very keen to graduate and become as good as the Cloudbabies are on their Skyhorsies. Baba Blue on Bluehorsey is chasing clouds but comes to join the lesson. However, the two of them grow impatient with the slow pace and on spying an errant cloud they can't help themselves and speed off in pursuit. Bobo White looks at them enviously, wishing he could go that fast. But the other Cloudbabies insist that he sticks to what they are teaching him. Baba Blue meanwhile is tearing around the sky, fulfilling his need for speed and having a great time. The Cloudbabies lead Bobo White and Skydonk back to the stables and leave Bobo to feed the Skyhorsies. Up in the sky, Baba Blue has tried to leap over a particular high cloud but Bluehorsey can't make it and Baba Blue goes flying over the cloud hurdle and lands on a cloud on the other side. Bluehorsey panics and bolts back to the stables leaving Baba Blue stranded. Bobo White on Skydonk follows Baba Blue's cries of help and finds Baba Blue without his Skyhorsey. Using the lessons of good Skyhorsey practice that he has just been taught, he finds the other Cloudbabies to get help. The other Cloudbabies rescue Baba Blue but chide him for being too impetuous but they all agree that Bobo White is the best Skyhorseyrider of them all.

  • S01E28 Wash Day

    • June 26, 2015
    • CBeebies

    It's wash day and the Cloudbabies bring out all their washing. The clouds line up to rain on the washing and all the dirt is rinsed out. The Cloudbabies then peg up the washing to dry as Sun announces the arrival of the warm wind as he cartwheels by. Little Star descends with his blankey to get it washed but there is no more room on the washing line. Rainbow steps in to help and holds the blankey between both hands to dry. The newly-arrived wind, however, is very strong and tears the blankey from his grasp. It goes flying through the air and through the open window in the Cloudyhouse to land on Bobo White who is having a nap in his cot. Meanwhile the wind gets hold of the washing line and tears it out of the Skycloud into the sky. Each of the Cloudbabies grabs the line to try and hold it but the strength of the wind takes them all on a gusty ride in the sky. When the wind drops, Sun catches all the Cloudbabies and the washing lands on his head - nicely dried! Little Star is distraught over his lost blankey but all is fine again when Bobo sleepily arrives at the front door with the much-beloved blankey.

  • S01E29 Morning Mist

    • June 27, 2015
    • CBeebies

    It's a chilly day and a thick layer of morning mist covers the Skycloud. Bobo White has Baba Blue's cloud catcher in his hand, and is trying to use it to hook a basket of rainpears. Baba Pink catches him in the act and snatches the rainpears before he gets them. The Cloudbabies all leave the house for their day's work. Sun hasn't come out for his morning shine, and so the mist is still everywhere. It makes the Skyhorsies jumpy - and Greenhorsey won't even come anywhere near it, leaving Baba Green unable to harvest the horseyhay for their dinner. And Sun won't get out of his cloud bed because he is too cold. Baba Yellow and Rainbow try to get him to exercise to get warm. Meanwhile Bobo tries to help Baba Blue but knocks his toolbox into the mist. They use the cloud catcher to pull things up from the mist - they catch something big, too big until Sun comes to helps them to pull it up. Huffing and puffing, soon all the hard work get Sun warmed up and the mist melted, revealing that the cloud catcher has in fact pulled up a big ball of horseyhay! Just what the Skyhorsies needed!

  • S01E30 Fastest Rainbow

    • June 28, 2015
    • CBeebies

    It's a windy day and all the Cloudbabies are finding it hard to get their jobs done. Rainbow is finding it particularly hard to battle against the wind and is late getting to Sun to give him a shower. Back at the stables, Baba Blue is doing some painting but blue paint drips into Baba Yellow's fluteytoot, blocking it. In the Cloudyhouse, all the Cloudbabies are so distracted trying to fix Baba Yellow's fluteytoot that they don't notice Rainbow taking the skyhorsies from their stables in an attempt to be as fast as everyone else in the wind. Rainbow sits on a cloud with two sets of reins in each hand, each attached to the Skyhorsies. Racing off, without much control, Rainbow is pulled through the windy sky at speed. He hurtles through the sky, covering Sun in skydust before coming to an unsteady slide through Baba Green's garden, flattening each and every plant. Luckily Baba Pink has found a solution to the blocked fluteytoot and soaks it in some water. Baba Yellow pops the paint out with one big blow. Fuffa alerts them to Rainbow's plight and with the fluteytoot now working, Baba Yellow is able to coax the skyhorsies back to their stables, and Rainbow safely from their grasp. Soon the wind calms down and a contrite Rainbow is able to give Sun a shower and help Baba Green tidy up the garden.

  • S01E31 The Star Whistler

    • June 29, 2015
    • CBeebies
  • S01E32 Go To Bed Little Star

    • June 30, 2015
    • CBeebies
  • S01E33 Rainbow Baby

    • July 1, 2015
    • CBeebies

    Bobo, Skydonk and Fuffa set out to find the rainbow baby from Baba Yellow's paint book.

  • S01E34 Snowbaby

    • July 2, 2015
    • CBeebies

    It's a very cold day and a snow cloud has covered the Skyworld in snow. The Cloudbabies have their winter coats tightly buttoned up as they all play about in the fresh snow. They build a snowbaby which Bobo gets immediately attached to. Soon the Cloudbabies have to leave to do their day's work. Bobo refuses to leave the snowbaby. Despite the cold, Sun is very hot and while Bobo has a nap, the snowbaby soon melts. Bobo wakes up to find that the snowbaby is gone and is upset with Sun for being the cause. Sun and Baba Pink help Bobo look for the snow cloud so they can remake the snowbaby. Meanwhile Skydonk settles down for a nap himself. The snow cloud snows over Skydonk, covering him completely in a blanket of fresh snow. When Bobo, Sun and Baba Pink return, they find what Bobo calls a snowdonk. He is thrilled. At which point, the snowdonk yawns and shakes off the snow, revealing that it was Skydonk all along!

  • S01E35 Snow Fun Sun

    • July 3, 2015
    • CBeebies

    There is lots of snow and Baba Pink has made all the Cloudbabies new gloves. Bobo dashes past Baba Pink - she stops him and makes him find his gloves first. Bobo picks up a glove from the table and Baba Pink laughs, explaining it is an oven glove - designed to keep your hands cool, not warm. She asks him to wait while she makes him a new pair, but Bobo is off and out into the snow as quick as he can! The Cloudbabies are all hard at work despite the snow, and Bobo White wants to play. He makes a snowball and throws it at Sun! Sun wants to play and Baba Pink agrees they all can once they have finished their jobs. But for now, he can play with Bobo White. Sun scoops up some snow, but before he has a chance, the snowball has melted in his hands. Sun tries and tries, but he is just too hot to make a snowball. He is very disappointed that he cannot be part of the game. The Cloudbabies have soon finished all their jobs and come to play with Bobo White - this makes Sun even more upset that he can't join in. Baba Pink notices he is sad and Sun explains the snow melts whenever he tries to make a snowball because his hands are just too hot! Bobo White has lost his gloves again. He returns from the Cloudyhouse wearing the huge oven glove. This gives Baba Blue an idea. He and the rest of the Cloudbabies go into the Cloudyhouse, and shortly return with a huge pair of oven gloves for Sun - to keep his hands cool enough to make a snowball.

  • S01E36 No Room in the Sky

    • July 4, 2015
    • CBeebies

    It's a snowy winter's evening and the night before Star Day - for the Cloudbabies, this is the most exciting night of the year. Baba Pink, Baba Yellow and Baba Blue are in the cloudyhouse making star decorations. Baba Green is in the garden watering the startree with special liquid feed to help the stars grow. Little Star startles Baba Green and he spills extra liquid feed onto the startree. When Baba Green notices, it is too late and stars start appearing all over its branches. Baba Green hurries back to the Cloudyhouse to get the other Cloudbabies to help finish off their day's work and pick the stars from the startree. They all agree there are a lot of stars! But tell Baba Green tells them not to worry, as you can never have too many stars - not on the night before Star Night.The Cloudbabies use the skytrain to help transport all the stars to Baba Blue and Rainbow so they can fling them into the sky. The stars keep coming and coming and Rainbow starts to moan from all the extra work. Moon begins to get concerned about the lack of space in the sky and Little Star is upset as there is no room for him to twinkle. The Cloudbabies agree they need to take some of stars out of the sky. Bobo White gives them a great idea. They decide that they will use them as beautiful decorations to hang about the cloudyhouse in order to celebrate Star Day!

  • S01E37 Moons Big Shine

    • July 5, 2015
    • CBeebies

    It's a very frosty morning, and Moon is getting ready for a good day's sleep before the longest night of the year. She asks Sun to remind the Cloudbabies that she needs an extra special polish. He does so and all the Cloudbabies say they won't forget. Bobo is dazzled by the sparkling frost but Baba Pink explains that the pretty frost will make all their jobs a lot harder. As she clears the windows of frost, Bobo White puts it in his basket as icy treasure. Bobo White collects more icy treasure, like iced droplets and icicles in the orchard. As he pulls an icicle free, he bumps into a tree and icicles drop down around him, encircling him in an icy prison. Poor Bobo is stuck. The Cloudbabies hear his cries for help and with much effort, they free him. But the time has flown by, Sun is now ready for bed and the Cloudbabies haven't finished their jobs. They send Bobo back to the cloudyhouse so they can fluff the clouds, paint Rainbow's stripes and launch the shooting stars. As they too head back to the cloudyhouse, Moon thinks they are coming to give her the special polish she needs. But they have completely forgotten! They hurry to Moon, promising her she will shine the brightest tonight. But there is not much time for a polish. Bobo arrives with his basket of icy treasure. This gives the Cloudbabies an idea. They adorn Moon with Bobo's icy 'jewellery'. Soon she is glowing resplendently with an icy crown, earrings, a necklace and a bracelet, all made from Bobo's icy treasure. This really will be the brightest shiniest night of the year.

  • S01E38 Baba Blue's Little Helper

    • July 6, 2015
    • CBeebies

    The Cloudbabies are having their breakfast. Bobo asks Baba Blue if he can help him with his jobs. Baba Blue is reluctant but soon gives in. They head to the stables where Baba Blue fixes some holes in the trough. Bobo is impatient once the job is done and rushes to Skydonk, ready for the next job - helping Baba Green in the garden. Baba Blue and Baba Green tell him the plant is too heavy for little Bobo to help carry. As Bobo sulks, he spots a watering can. He remembers the holes he and Baba Blue fixed in the trough. He uses some mud to fill the holes of the watering can and hurries off to his next job! Soon he has found more holes to fix - Baba Pink's colander, which he fills with her pie pastry. Baba Blue sets off to find Bobo before he can do any more damage. Meanwhile Baba Green has come to fix the hosepipe to the tap. Bobo White has found the other end of the pipe - and spotted the hole at the end! He stuffs a rainpear into it. When Baba Green turns on the tap, the hose gets full of water, growing bigger and bigger. Soon the rainpear flies out and the water sprays everything, including Baba Yellow's painting. Baba Blue understands Bobo was trying to help - but tells him he is not ready to do Cloudbaby jobs. But Baba Yellow is so pleased that the water has turned her painting into a lovely watercolour of the sunset, she asks Bobo to be her little helper instead.

  • S01E39 Horsies in the House

    • July 7, 2015
    • CBeebies
  • S01E40 The Big Pop

    • July 8, 2015
    • CBeebies

    Bobo and Little Star are mucking about in the garden, trying to stretch out the time before Bobo has to go to bed. They discover that the poppitypops plants explode when they're touched. Little Star is a little frightened by the noise. Baba Green returns from the star flinging and tells them these are some new plants that he's growing. A huge flower explodes with the biggest pop yet - and all the stars disappear!

  • S01E41 Something Beautiful

    • July 9, 2015
    • CBeebies

    It is a lovely sunny day and the Cloudbabies are hard at work. Baba Blue is fixing the squeaky door. Baba Green is watering his garden. Baba Yellow is painting a picture, and Baba Pink is sat sewing stars into a new blanket for Little Star. Baba Blue feels Baba Pink's blanket and wishes he could make something as beautiful as the blanket. Later, Baba Blue sees Baba Yellow's painting - it's beautiful - he wishes he could paint something as pretty as that. As Baba Blue continues his day's work, he spots Baba Green with a beautiful bunch of flowers for Baba Pink. Baba Blue tells Baba Green how he wishes he could create something beautiful - all he does is fix things. Baba Green tells him that he can do anything he wants to - so Baba Blue decides he will try to make something beautiful. Baba Blue spots Bobo White who has collected lots of bits and bobs - his "treasure". Baba Blue asks him if together they can make it into something beautiful. Bobo agrees. They construct a huge sculpture but Baba Blue thinks it is missing just one more thing. He lends Bobo White his skypeeper to find it. Bobo peeps through the wrong end, and thinking it's not working, he shakes the skypeeper until the lens drops out and lands right by Baba Blue. Baba Blue spots the lens and decides it is the missing piece of his sculpture! The Cloudbabies all gather round the odd-looking sculpture. When Sun comes to see what they are all looking at, he gets closer and closer behind the lens. His rays shine through making the most spectacular rainbow prism of colours, with sparkles! Everyone gasps with delight. Baba Blue really has made something beautiful.

  • S01E42 Rainpear Pirates

    • March 7, 2013
    • CBeebies

    Rainbow tells Fuffa, Bobo and Little Star a scary story about the fearsome rainpear pirates, the scourge of the sky! Bobo White is thrilled and resolves to find the pirates but it's now bedtime. As he goes to bed, Bobo spots a cloud that drifts past his window. It looks like a pirate ship. In the morning, Bobo and Skydonk chase the cloud shapes in the sky, thinking each time it may be the rainpear pirate ship! Sun joins in the game and suggests he looks in the garden for treasure! Baba Pink plays along too and sends Bobo to the orchard - where the rainpears are. There Bobo spots a cloud that he is sure is the pirate ship. As Bobo gets closer, the ship-shaped cloud changes direction and emits a thunderous rumble, as it seems to chase after him. The Cloudbabies find Bobo hiding under the table in the cloudyhouse. He points out the window to show them the rainpear pirate ship. Baba Blue agrees that it looks very scary but takes him outside to show him that it really is just a thunder cloud. The Cloudbabies explain how clouds can be any shape you want them to be - if you look hard enough. As they look at clouds in the sky forming into the shapes of lots of different things, Bobo White emerges on a ship shaped cloud - as the captain of his very own rainpear pirate ship!

  • S01E43 A Busy Night

    • July 11, 2015
    • CBeebies

    It's the end of the day. The Cloudbabies are picking the stars, flinging them into the sky and collecting all the moonbeams. Yawning, they all definitely feel it is time for bed. Soon the Cloudbabies and Bobo White are in their pajamas and tucked up in bed. As they drift off to sleep, the bedroom is filled with sunlight. It's Sun! He just can't get to sleep. The Cloudbabies agree to come and sing him a lullaby. With Sun soon asleep, night falls once again and the Cloudbabies snuggle back down in their beds. But then there's another knock at the window! Little Star's twinkling space has been taken by a big cloud that won't move. Baba Green and Baba Blue agree to help move the naughty cloud. Only moments after they have returned, they are all awoken yet again, this time by Sun snoring. Off on their skyhorsies, the Cloudbabies turn him over. When the morning comes, the Cloudbabies are still fast asleep. Moon explains to Sun and Rainbow that they were up all night working. Sun and Rainbow resolve to help the Cloudbabies by doing their jobs for them. They clean each other, herd clouds, fluff a reluctant Fuffa and paint the stables. All is going well until Rainbow puts Sun to bed. Now who is going to help him fling the stars into the night sky? Luckily the Cloudbabies wake up in time to help pick the stars. A relieved Rainbow flings them into the sky and heads off to bed. But the Cloudbabies now are finding it very hard to go back to sleep, having slept all day long. Fortunately Moon hears their dilemma and sings them the Sleepy Song to help them nod off, one by one. All is back to how it should be, until a cheeky Bobo White wakes up!

  • S01E44 Moonlight Sleepover

    • July 12, 2015
    • CBeebies

    Moon is sad shining up in the night sky by herself. It's always a little lonely. She has Little Star but he is young and only with her for a short time before zooming off again. It's a very hot night and Bobo and Baba Blue are having trouble sleeping. They see Moon in the night sky looking cool so they decide to visit her. Moon is so happy to have visitors. Baba Blue sings her a song, and Bobo and Little Star dance in the night sky. Baba Green wakes up, thirsty from the heat, and realising where Baba Blue and Bobo have gone to, he jumps on his skyhorsey to join them and Moon. Baba Pink and Baba Yellow also wake up and join them, bringing some rainpears for a night-time feast! They all sing along, enjoying this unexpected moonlight sleepover. But Moon starts to tire of all the noise and when the Cloudbabies nod off and head back to the Cloudyhouse, Moon is rather relieved to have her peace and quiet back.

  • S01E45 A Cloud of Many Colours

    • July 13, 2015
    • CBeebies

    Bobo accidentally spills some paint and covers poor Fuffa Cloud, turning her blue! Bobo White, worried that Baba Pink will be cross, decides to give Fuffa Cloud a wash. Naughty Little Star has got out of bed to come to see what is going on. Bobo and Fuffa find a tub of water by the washing line and dunk Fuffa into the water - but Bobo's hands are going blue too as he tries to scrub off the paint. He picks up a red sock to scrub the blue paint off himself and Fuffa, but the the sock makes a big red smudge on Fuffa! Bobo hurries to the washing line and uses an orange sock to try and remove the red smudge but it only makes Fuffa orange, red and blue! They try various items to try and wash poor Fuffa, who is now stained with many different colours. Fuffa protests, but Bobo is happy with how pretty the colours are and decides that now she must be hung out to dry. Baba Pink and Baba Yellow arrive just in time to find the colourful Fuffa pegged out on the washing line. Bobo White explains they were trying to get the paint out. The Cloudbabies agree he was just trying to do the right thing and that Fuffa does look rather beautiful. Rainbow arrives, upset that Bobo left him with his blue stripe unpainted. His complaints stop though when he spots the rainbow cloud that Fuffa has become. He asks her to rain and beautiful rainbow coloured drops begin to fall. Rainbow can barely contain himself at the wonderful sight. Rainbow immediately wraps himself around her to explain just how hard it is to be as beautiful as he is! Fuffa has found herself a new fan!

  • S01E46 Stranded

    • July 14, 2015
    • CBeebies

    Baba Pink is making a moonrock cake for Moon! Bustling around the kitchen, she gathers all the ingredients but soon realises they have run out of moonrock. Luckily, Baba Blue comes to the rescue, having seen a piece of moonrock on a cloud earlier that morning. He takes Bluehorsey and sets off to fetch it for Baba Pink. Baba Blue collects the moonrock in a basket, when a cheeky-looking grey cloud bobs over and lands in front of him. Baba Blue frowns and shoos it away. But this naughty cloud is not to be dissuaded from getting in Baba Blue's way. Jumping on Bluehorsey, Baba Blue chases the cloud as it zooms ahead of him. Bluehorsey is tiring from all the extra weight of the moonrock so Baba Blue pops the basket on a cloud so they can continue their chase. Finally rid of the cheeky cloud, Baba Blue and Bluehorsey return to pick up the basket of moonrock - but it is nowhere to be seen. Baba Pink is very sad to hear that the moonrock has been lost - but she soon brightens and suggests they should look for it together in the skytrain - two Cloudbabies is always better than one! The sky grows thicker with grey clouds. With a storm brewing, the Cloudbabies know they need to find the lost moonrock quickly.

  • S01E47 Go Slow Rainbow

    • July 15, 2015
    • CBeebies

    Baba Yellow is painting Rainbow and Baba Green is hard at work in the garden. Baba Pink and Baba Blue are arranging a surprise for later that day. Bobo White is curious - but Baba Pink asks him to go help Baba Green in the garden. Baba Green is watering his fluffygold flowers, and Bobo tries to help. Bobo hastily splashes water all over the garden and Skydonk. Baba Green explains to him that you need to do things nice and slowly in the garden. Baba Yellow is a little distracted from painting Rainbow's stripes - she is very excited about the surprise that Baba Pink and Baba Blue are planning. Much to Rainbow's distress, Baba Yellow hops on Yellowhorsey and flies off to give Baba Pink and Baba Blue some help with the surprise. Embarrassed that he's only been half painted and too impatient to wait for her to return, Rainbow attempts to paint himself, unaware of the mess he's making. Bobo arrives on Skydonk to find Rainbow with a blue moustache and splodges of paint all over him. Rainbow contorts himself to try and paint his back while Bobo offers to help. Bobo tickles Rainbow with his brush and in the commotion, the paint pots spill. Blue paint drops through the cloud and onto one of Baba Green's fluffygold flowers! When Baba Green turns round, he is very unhappy - blue fluffygolds just won't do!

  • S01E48 Thank You Baba Blue

    • July 16, 2015
    • CBeebies

    Animated series about the Cloudbabies, who look after the sky. Baba Blue's job is painting the stables but he ends up helping everyone else.

  • S01E49 Harvest Moon

    • July 17, 2015
    • CBeebies

    Sun is very excited as it's time for the horsey hay harvest. Sun will blast his heat onto the horsey hay, making it golden all over and ready to be harvested. Moon has never seen a harvest before and decides not to go to bed but to stay up and watch. Moon soon gets in the way so Sun tells her to go away and to go to sleep. Moon sulkily agrees but is fast asleep in no time. Sun continues to blast his heat onto the horsey hay but it's the end of the day and he is exhausted and has to go to bed. With no light to carry on with the rest of the harvest, the Cloudbabies are at a loss of what to do. But Moon comes to the rescue. After a little sleep, she is now able to light up the night sky so that the Cloudbabies can finish the harvest under her bright moonshine. Moon can be helpful at last.

  • S01E50 Wishing Star

    • July 18, 2015
    • CBeebies

    Moon tells Little Star a story about a wishing star that grants wishes and Little Star decides that this is what he wants to be. After Baba Yellow puts him to bed, Little Star naughtily jumps out of bed and sneaks off. He overhears each Cloudbaby wishing for help on each of their jobs and so, resolved to be a Wishing Star by secretly making wishes come true, he and Bobo White attempt to help them. Unfortunately they make a mess of everything. The Cloudbabies wish he would do what he was told and sleep till nighting time. Little Star hears this and gets very upset, convinced that he will never be a wishing star. Moon tells the Cloudbabies about her story and reassures them that Little Star was only trying to make their wishes come true. The Cloudbabies wake up Little Star to tell him that he did make one of their wishes come true - that he would sleep until nighting time - which he had! Little Star is very pleased with himself, and as a treat, is flung into the sky to twinkle all through the night.

  • S01E51 Rain Rain Rain

    • July 19, 2015
    • CBeebies

    The rain has kept the Cloudbabies inside and Bobo White is bored. Baba Yellow suggests they play a game of 'Favourite Things'. Excitedly Baba Green starts, and declares that his garden is his favourite thing. Baba Yellow asks why and he proceeds to explain his love for digging and planting. Soon the Cloudbabies are reminiscing about all their favourite times in the garden. A raindrop of water drips from the kitchen ceiling onto Bobo White. He tries to tell the Cloudbabies, but they don't realise that he is talking about rain in the house! Baba Pink continues the game and tells them all her favourite thing is her caring kit - but then she decides that her duster and polishing cloth could also be her favourites. Baba Blue is quick to say that perhaps it should be her reward chart. Baba Blue is next, his favourite things are his tools - he couldn't do all his jobs without them. Which tool though? They ask Bobo what his favourite thing is and without hesitation he declares rainpears! Baba Yellow can't decide between her satchel, her paintbox or her fluteytoot. More raindrops appear from the ceiling till the Cloudbabies finally notice the leaks springing up everywhere. The Cloudbabies mop the water up but the rain keeps pouring through. Luckily Sun and Rainbow appear outside and when they appear, the rain soon stops. The Cloudbabies mop away the last of the rain and decide that perhaps Sun and Rainbow are their favourite things.

  • S01E52 Goodbye Fuffa

    • July 20, 2015
    • CBeebies

    The Cloudbabies are hard at work. Bobo and Fuffa race through the sky together, going 'choo choo' and pretending to be the Skytrain. As they zoom past, they cause Baba Blue to drop his toolbox and Baba Yellow to smudge Rainbow's stripes. She tells Fuffa and Bobo off and the two of them go off in a sulk. Fuffa sits in the sky and watches as big clouds drift over the horizon. She asks Rainbow where they are going, and he explains that they are moving on and that one day she may do too. As Rainbow leaves, Fuffa thinks moving on would a brilliant idea as she could then play 'choo choo' whenever she pleased. She descends to the Cloudyhouse and tells the Cloudbabies that she will be leaving. They all stand in shock. Lined up to say goodbye, Fuffa agrees to have Baba Pink escort her some of the way. Bobo White soon follows and they stop by Little Star to say goodbye. He's too sleepy to understand what is going on. As they reach the bigger clouds, she realises that up close, they really are very big. Sun, Moon and Rainbow come to say goodbye and Bobo and Fuffa have one last game of 'choo choo' together. Soon it is time and Fuffa nervously goes to join the larger clouds as they move towards the horizon. In moments, Fuffa realises that her real home is with the Cloudbabies and Bobo White and she turns back, declaring that she will be staying. Baba Pink sighs with relief as Fuffa and Bobo zoom off to find Little Star.