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The Politician

Jack returns to Pakistan to sign the aid agreement. Encouraged by the lawyer Roquia, he presses further, demanding specific arrests before he will sign. His political pressure on the authorities to take more action against known traffickers results in the destruction of a shanty town area of Karachi. Unknowingly, this brings about Fazal's downfall, who is set up as the fall guy by Tariq. Fazal is arrested and thrown in jail. Jack goes back to the North West frontier and finds himself in the middle of a personal crisis, having lost direction for the first time in his life. He smokes opium with a Pathan guide, and refuses to sign the aid agreement on his return to Karachi, causing uproar. Helen travels from Hamburg to Pakistan to agree a deal with Tariq Bhut, but she must prove herself worthy of his trust.

Name Type Role
Simon Moore Writer
Alistair Reid Director