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Sharknado Franchise

3 6 szsori

Captain America Franchise

3 3 Imzadi

After taking a dose of a "Super-Soldier serum," Steve Rogers, a rejected military soldier, transforms into Captain America, and eventually teams up with other superheroes to form The Avengers.

DC Animated Universe

3 13 PolarGeek

Beginning with Batman The Animated Series. The DC Animated Universe currently spans 8 series and 6 films.

The Millenium Trilogy

3 3 PolarGeek

Three Colours Franchise

3 3 PolarGeek

Recounts three stories inspired by the three colours on the French flag, and each of the concepts the colours represent: liberty, equality, fraternity.

Pretty Little Liars Franchise

3 3 Equinox

“Pretty Little Liars” is an American teen drama mystery thriller television series developed by I. Marlene King and is loosely based on the novel series of the same name written by Sara Shepard. The series follows the lives of four high school girls whose clique falls apart after the disappearance of their leader. One year later, the estranged friends are reunited as they begin receiving messages from a mysterious figure named “A” who threatens to expose their deepest secrets. The series was a success story for ABC Family (now known as Freeform), lasting seven seasons and garnering a dedicated fanbase. It went on to spawn two short-lived spin-offs, “Ravenswood” and “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists,” which were both canceled after one season. A reboot of the series, entitled “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin,” is currently in development for HBO Max.

Piratas das Caraíbas Coleção

3 6 BlackSpirits

O anti-herói Jack Sparrow embarca em várias aventuras em alto mar nesta franquia da Disney baseada na atração da Disneylândia.

The Simpsons Franchise

2 6 Evan_


Gourmet Detective

2 5 Equinox

Wise Life

2 2 Imzadi

To All the Boys Franchise

2 3 Evan_

Lara Jean Song-Covey, a shy teenager, writes letters to every boy she's ever had a crush on — letters she's never planned to send. But what happens when the letters make their way into the hands of the very boys they were meant for?

The Good Wife

2 2 Imzadi

The Kissing Booth

2 3 Imzadi

Alien vs. Predator

2 2 Imzadi

Romancing the Stone

2 2 Imzadi

CSI Franchise

2 6 Equinox

A franchise of American television series which were created by Anthony E. Zuiker and aired on CBS between 2000 and 2016. The first three “CSI” series follow the work of forensic scientists as they unveil the circumstances behind mysterious deaths, while the fourth series, “CSI: Cyber,” emphasizes behavioral psychology and how it can be applied to cyber forensics.

Shrek Franchise

2 7 szsori

Jaws Franchise

2 3 szsori

You'll never go in the water again.

Peter Pan Franchise

2 2 szsori

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