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Rebecca McFarland



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
NCIS: Los Angeles Iron Curtain Rising December 10, 2013 Guest Star
Bones The Lady on the List October 14, 2013 Guest Star
Perception Neuropositive August 6, 2013 Guest Star
Cult You're Next February 19, 2013 Guest Star
Two and a Half Men That's Not What They Call It in Amsterdam October 25, 2012 Guest Star
The Mentalist Ruddy Cheeks March 9, 2012 Guest Star
Two and a Half Men The War Against Gingivitis February 27, 2012 Guest Star
Two and a Half Men Thank You for the Intercourse November 7, 2011 Guest Star
Human Target (2010) The Other Side of the Mall December 22, 2010 Guest Star
Ghost Whisperer The Children's Parade May 21, 2010 Guest Star
Two and a Half Men Gumby with a Pokey May 17, 2010 Guest Star
The Dresden Files Pilot - Storm Front (extended) January 5, 2008 Guest Star
The Dresden Files Storm Front March 18, 2007 Guest Star
Two and a Half Men My Damn Stalker February 12, 2007 Guest Star
Friday Night Lights It's Different for Girls December 12, 2006 Guest Star
Once and Again Taking Sides June 6, 2005 Guest Star
NCIS Doppelgänger January 18, 2005 Guest Star
Century City Sweet Child of Mine December 23, 2004 Guest Star
Two and a Half Men An Old Flame With a New Wick March 1, 2004 Guest Star
Two and a Half Men Alan Harper, Frontier Chiropractor December 15, 2003 Guest Star
Charmed Chris-Crossed November 23, 2003 Guest Star
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Play with Fire May 8, 2003 Guest Star
NYPD Blue Low Blow April 30, 2002 Guest Star
Philly Blown Away November 13, 2001 Guest Star
NYPD Blue Johnny Got His Gold (2) November 6, 2001 Guest Star
Norm While You Weren't Sleeping April 14, 1999 Guest Star
The Army Show Pilot September 13, 1998 Guest Star
Maximum Bob Wandalust August 11, 1998 Guest Star
Union Square What Are Friends For? January 8, 1998 Guest Star
Grace Under Fire Grace Under-Funded January 6, 1998 Guest Star
Star Trek: Voyager Random Thoughts November 19, 1997 Guest Star
Jenny A Girl's Gotta Live in the Real World November 16, 1997 Guest Star
Total Security Citizen Canine October 25, 1997 Guest Star
Pacific Blue Soft Targets January 12, 1997 Guest Star
Seinfeld The Little Kicks October 10, 1996 Guest Star
Diagnosis Murder Murder Can Be Contagious September 26, 1996 Guest Star