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Raymond Lee

English עברית



Other Movies

Movie Year Type
The Odd Couple 1979 Writer
Raspberry 2019 Crew
Bin yuen sui yuet 1989 Director
Lan se pi li huo 1991 Director
Wo yao huo xia qu 1995 Director
Zhen han xing chou wen 1995 Director
Jing meng hun 1995 Producer
Shanghai 1920 1991 Producer
Chi Wan San sap sam tai bo 1995 Writer
D' Anothers 2005 Writer
Operation Wedding 2013 Writer
Susi Susanti: Love All 2019 Writer
Endo 2007 Writer
Fatal Obsession 1994 Director
New Dragon Gate Inn 1992 Director
Rebel from China 1990 Director
Set Me Free! 1988 Director
Swordsman III: The East Is Red 1993 Director
The Last Conflict 1988 Director
The Other Side of the Sea 1994 Director
To Be No. 1 1996 Director
Wind and Cloud: The Storm Riders 2004 Director
Wicked City 1992 Producer
A Change of Heart 2000 Writer
Bajaj Bajuri: The Movie 2014 Writer
Buffalo Boys 2018 Writer
In My Life 2009 Writer
Milan 2004 Writer
Remington and the Curse of the Zombadings 2011 Writer
The Child 2000 Writer
Wala Ka Nang Puwang Sa Mundo 1997 Writer

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Prodigal Son Family Friend November 11, 2019 Guest Star
Prodigal Son Q&A November 4, 2019 Guest Star
Prodigal Son All Souls and Sadists October 28, 2019 Guest Star
Magnum P.I. Six Paintings, One Frame October 15, 2018 Guest Star
Jessie (2011) Driving Miss Crazy April 24, 2015 Guest Star
Trophy Wife Pilot September 24, 2013 Guest Star
How I Met Your Mother The Stamp Tramp November 19, 2012 Guest Star