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Ian Roberts




Other Movies

Movie Year Type
Get Hard 2015 Writer
Jazzmix in New York 2011 Producer
Kevin Hart: Serve and Protect 2014 Producer
Terrorists 2004 Producer
Wild Girls Gone 2007 Producer
Blake Shelton's Not So Family Christmas 2012 Writer
Escape From A Wonderful Life 1996 Writer
Andy Richter's Home for the Holidays 2016 Producer
Kalahari Harry 1994 Writer

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Teachers (2016) Dire Straights November 21, 2017 Writer
Teachers (2016) School Sweet School January 31, 2017 Writer
New Girl Jeff Day April 19, 2016 Guest Star
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Charges and Specs March 25, 2014 Guest Star
Childrens Hospital A Lot of Brouhaha over Zilch October 11, 2013 Guest Star
Community Economics of Marine Biology March 21, 2013 Guest Star
Childrens Hospital Stryker Bites the Dust July 21, 2011 Guest Star
Childrens Hospital No One Can Replace Her August 29, 2010 Guest Star
Party Down Nick Dicintio's Orgy Night May 7, 2010 Guest Star
Parks and Recreation Woman of the Year March 4, 2010 Guest Star
Carpoolers The Recital February 19, 2008 Guest Star
Arrested Development Sword of Destiny March 27, 2005 Guest Star
Arrested Development Hand to God March 6, 2005 Guest Star
Arrested Development The One Where Michael Leaves November 7, 2004 Guest Star
Reno 911! More FBI Help August 4, 2004 Guest Star
Arrested Development Let 'Em Eat Cake June 6, 2004 Guest Star
Home Movies Stowaway November 24, 2002 Guest Star