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John Fiedler



Other Movies

Movie Year Type
Serial Mom 1994 Producer
Simply Irresistible 1999 Producer
Cecil B. Demented 2000 Producer
Pecker 1998 Producer
The Beast of War 1988 Producer
Beyond The Law 1992 Producer
I Love You, I Love You Not 1996 Producer

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
George & Leo The Cameo Show November 3, 1997 Guest Star
The Golden Girls Love Me Tender February 6, 1989 Guest Star
Hart to Hart Harts at High Noon November 9, 1982 Guest Star
Cheers The Tortelli Tort October 14, 1982 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. For the Benefit of My Patients November 22, 1979 Guest Star
B.J. and the Bear Crackers April 28, 1979 Guest Star
The Ropers Your Money or Your Life March 27, 1979 Guest Star
Vega$ Demand and Supply February 14, 1979 Guest Star
The Rockford Files The Competitive Edge February 10, 1978 Guest Star
Quincy, M.E. Matters of Life and Death January 20, 1978 Guest Star
Switch Dancer December 5, 1977 Guest Star
Three's Company Jack Looks for a Job September 20, 1977 Guest Star
Alice Mel's Happy Burger March 26, 1977 Guest Star
Alice Vera's Mortician December 25, 1976 Guest Star
The Odd Couple The Dog Story October 10, 1974 Guest Star
The Streets of San Francisco Mask of Death October 3, 1974 Guest Star
Dirty Sally The Hanging Of Cyrus Pike April 5, 1974 Guest Star
McMillan and Wife Freefall to Terror November 11, 1973 Guest Star
McMillan and Wife The Devil You Say October 21, 1973 Guest Star
Bridget Loves Bernie Bernie's Last Stand November 4, 1972 Guest Star
The Bob Newhart Show Come Live with Me October 28, 1972 Guest Star
Banacek Project Phoenix September 27, 1972 Guest Star
Columbo Blueprint for Murder February 9, 1972 Guest Star
The Odd Couple Security Arms January 7, 1972 Guest Star
Cannon Flight Plan December 28, 1971 Guest Star
Bewitched Three Men and a Witch on a Horse December 15, 1971 Guest Star
Cannon Pilot March 26, 1971 Guest Star
Bewitched Turn on the Old Charm April 9, 1970 Guest Star
Get Smart Age Before Duty December 5, 1969 Guest Star
Bewitched Darrin the Warlock November 27, 1969 Guest Star
Bewitched Daddy Comes for a Visit November 20, 1969 Guest Star
Bewitched Marriage Witch's Style February 20, 1969 Guest Star
I Spy Suitable for Framing March 25, 1968 Guest Star
The Felony Squad Man On Fire February 20, 1968 Guest Star
Get Smart Classification: Dead December 23, 1967 Guest Star
Star Trek Wolf in the Fold December 22, 1967 Guest Star
Bewitched Nobody but a Frog Knows How to Live April 27, 1967 Guest Star
That Girl Christmas and the Hard-Luck Kid December 22, 1966 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Hammerhead December 26, 1964 Guest Star
Perry Mason The Case of the Tragic Trophy November 19, 1964 Guest Star
The Munsters My Fair Munster October 1, 1964 Guest Star
The Fugitive The End Game April 21, 1964 Guest Star
Destry Deputy For A Day April 3, 1964 Guest Star
Dr. Kildare (1961-1966) Never Too Old For The Circus January 30, 1964 Guest Star
My Favorite Martian Man or Amoeba October 27, 1963 Guest Star
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour I Saw the Whole Thing October 11, 1962 Guest Star
The Twilight Zone Cavender is Coming May 25, 1962 Guest Star
The Tall Man A Time To Run April 7, 1962 Guest Star
Thriller A Wig for Miss Devore January 29, 1962 Guest Star
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Bank Account December 31, 1961 Guest Star
Dr. Kildare (1961-1966) Shining Image October 12, 1961 Guest Star
Checkmate A Slight Touch of Venom June 17, 1961 Guest Star
Pete and Gladys The Fur Coat Story April 3, 1961 Guest Star
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis I Didn't Raise My Boy to be a Solider, Salior, or Marine March 28, 1961 Guest Star
Have Gun, Will Travel The Gold Bar March 18, 1961 Guest Star
Peter Gunn The Deep End March 6, 1961 Guest Star
Adventures in Paradise Man Eater February 6, 1961 Guest Star
The Twilight Zone The Night of the Meek December 23, 1960 Guest Star