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Rob Huebel




Other Movies

Movie Year Type
Crash Test 2015 Writer

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
The Goldbergs (2013) Tennis People December 1, 2021 Guest Star
A Million Little Things no one is to blame June 2, 2021 Guest Star
The George Lucas Talk Show Episode XXV: PRETEND IT'S A SEX WHIP February 14, 2021 Guest Star
black-ish What About Gary? February 2, 2021 Guest Star
The Goldbergs (2013) Eracism November 25, 2020 Guest Star
The Goldbergs (2013) Island Time April 1, 2020 Guest Star
The Goldbergs (2013) WrestleMania November 6, 2019 Guest Star
The Goldbergs (2013) Bachelor Party December 5, 2018 Guest Star
black-ish Good Grief November 20, 2018 Guest Star
The Goldbergs (2013) Bohemian Rap City November 7, 2018 Guest Star
Good Mythical Morning Rob Huebel, November 17, 2017 Guest Star
Late Night with Seth Meyers Allison Williams, Paul Scheer & Rob Huebel, Paul Beatty February 23, 2017 Guest Star
Hawaii Five-0 Poniu I Ke Aloha February 10, 2017 Guest Star
Drunk History New Mexico November 3, 2015 Guest Star
Archer (2009) The Archer Sanction January 22, 2015 Guest Star
How Did This Get Made? LOL (Live episode) November 21, 2014 Guest Star
@midnight Jessica St. Clair, Lennon Parham, Rob Heubel April 22, 2014 Guest Star
The Mindy Project Indian BBW April 1, 2014 Guest Star
Parks and Recreation Galentine's Day 2 March 20, 2014 Guest Star
@midnight Arden Myrin, Al Madrigal, Rob Heubel January 20, 2014 Guest Star
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The Magical Place January 7, 2014 Guest Star
Super Fun Night Three Men and a Boubier October 9, 2013 Guest Star
Childrens Hospital Blaken October 4, 2013 Writer
The Jeselnik Offensive Doug Benson & Rob Huebel July 30, 2013 Guest Star
NTSF:SD:SUV:: Swords, Knives, Very Sharp Objects and Cutlery November 27, 2012 Writer, Guest Star
Up All Night Another Saturday Night October 18, 2012 Guest Star
Attack of the Show Weekend Edtion: Best of the Week October 12, 2012 Guest Star
Attack of the Show Rob Huebel, Part the 3rd; Ethan Hawke October 10, 2012 Guest Star
NTSF:SD:SUV:: The Return of Dragon Shumway October 5, 2012 Guest Star
Childrens Hospital The Return of the Young Billionaire September 14, 2012 Writer
How I Met Your Mother The Magician's Code: Part Two May 14, 2012 Guest Star
NTSF:SD:SUV:: The Risky Business of Being Alone in Your Home August 11, 2011 Writer
Childrens Hospital Stryker Bites the Dust July 21, 2011 Writer
How Did This Get Made? Battlefield Earth March 15, 2011 Guest Star
The League The Kluneberg October 7, 2010 Guest Star
Childrens Hospital I Am Not Afraid of Any Ghost September 5, 2010 Writer
Childrens Hospital I See Her Face Everywhere August 22, 2010 Guest Star
Party Down Not On Your Wife Opening Night May 28, 2010 Guest Star
Funny or Die Presents Holdup; Derek Water's LOL; Totally Crazy March 20, 2010 Guest Star
Gary Unmarried Gary Tries to Do It All November 4, 2009 Guest Star
The League The Draft October 29, 2009 Guest Star
The Office (US) Company Picnic May 14, 2009 Guest Star
The Office (US) Lecture Circuit (2) February 12, 2009 Guest Star
Human Giant She Be a Witch April 15, 2008 Writer
30 Rock MILF Island April 10, 2008 Guest Star
Human Giant Still Here, Man. Still Here. April 8, 2008 Writer
Human Giant I Want More Corn Chowder April 1, 2008 Writer
Human Giant Respect. Honor. Discipline. March 25, 2008 Writer
Human Giant I'm Gonna Live Forever! March 18, 2008 Writer
Human Giant Duffel Bag of Death March 11, 2008 Writer
Human Giant Ta Da!! May 24, 2007 Writer
Human Giant Hello, Susan May 17, 2007 Writer
Human Giant Kneel Before Zerg May 10, 2007 Writer
Human Giant Ice Cream Party May 3, 2007 Writer
Human Giant Mosh Pit! April 26, 2007 Writer
Human Giant Lil' 9/11 April 19, 2007 Writer
Human Giant Let's Go! April 12, 2007 Writer
Human Giant Mind Explosion April 5, 2007 Writer
Best Week Ever May 26th, 2006 May 26, 2006 Guest Star
Arrested Development Righteous Brothers April 17, 2005 Guest Star