All Seasons

Season 1

  • S01E01 Blood and Water

    • September 28, 2014
    • Prime (NZ)

    When two fishermen find the body of a local farmer in the river, Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd is sent to the small rural town of Brokenwood to investigate the death. Is this the suicide of a man guilty of his own wife’s murder or is he the victim of foul play? As Mike uncovers a family’s tragedies and secrets he also learns that Brokenwood is a place where shadows lurk just beneath the surface.

  • S01E02 Sour Grapes

    • October 5, 2014
    • Prime (NZ)

    With Brokenwood touted for its burgeoning merlot, the annual wine show is a major event. Having bought a 10-acre block with maturing grapes, no one is looking forward to it more than DI Mike Shepherd. But when a guest judge and wine critic is found dead, drowned inside a fermenting vat, the show takes second place to the murder investigation.

  • S01E03 Playing the Lie

    • October 12, 2014
    • Prime (NZ)

    A group of erstwhile members of the Brokenwood Golf Club, committee members no less, have gathered for their regular Wednesday morning round. They are playing their approaches to the first green when a zombie-like figure lurches from the early-morning gloom, coming towards them. It takes the golfers a moment or two (apparently) to realise this is actually Adele Stone, the Club owner - her face red and blistering; gasping desperately for breath. Then she falls from sight, into a greenside bunker. By the time the guys get to her, Ms Stone is very much dead. And so Mike and Kristin are called to investigate what appears to be homicide by poisoning.

  • S01E04 Hunting the Stag

    • October 19, 2014
    • Prime (NZ)

    Four close friends go hunting in the bush on a stag trip. But the groom-to-be never comes back – he was shot through the head. Initially this would seem to be just another tragic hunting accident amidst picturesque New Zealand bush. The only problem is none of the remaining three friends own up to pulling the trigger that fired the lethal bullet - yet all three had discharged their rifles – with no deer to prove it. The question is – who shot Hayden Renner? Was he mistaken for a real stag or was there something more sinister at play?

Season 2

  • S02E01 Leather & Lace

    • September 27, 2015
    • Prime (NZ)

    The Brokenwood Cheetahs are a local rugby team of legendary status. Their losing streak of 50 straight games has broken national records. So when their hapless coach, Arnie Langstone, is found dead - stripped naked and strapped to a goalpost - some think it might be blessing in disguise – perhaps now they might start winning again. But amidst this DSS Mike Shepherd is perplexed by several other issues. Firstly, why was a pair of women’s underwear stuffed down Arnie’s throat? And what do the neatly embroidered initials ‘G.G.’ signify? But then a second body is discovered and Mike and his team are stretched to the limit. Is this the work of a serial killer or merely a puzzling co-incidence?

  • S02E02 To Die Or Not To Die

    • October 4, 2015
    • Prime (NZ)

    When a young cast member of The Brokenwood Theatre Society collapses and dies at the end of a performance of Hamlet, the initial belief is that it was from natural causes. However, Mike detects there is ‘something rotten in the state of Brokenwood’ when he gets a whiff of a lethal poison. In doing so he uncovers a complex web of ego driven dissention amongst the troupe. Was Ben Faulkner expended to create opportunity for another young rising star? Or can his death be linked to the words of the Bard himself? And how did Jared end up playing the lead role? As Mike and his team investigate the hidden secrets of this curious group of thespians ‘To be or not to be’ takes on a whole new meaning.

  • S02E03 Catch of the Day

    • October 11, 2015
    • Prime (NZ)

    The bucolic coastal waters off Brokenwood support a thriving fishing industry. But when Jared discovers a severed human hand in a crayfish pot it appears to be harbouring something far more sinister. Who does the hand belong to and are they still alive?

  • S02E04 Blood Pink

    • October 18, 2015
    • Prime (NZ)

    Holly Collins is not only DSS Mike Shepherd's favourite country musician she's also playing in Brokenwood. Unfortunately it turns out to be her final gig. When she is found electrocuted it appears to be a rock'n'roll suicide. But then again it could have been a drunken accident - or, as Mike suspects, it is perhaps something less obvious. With a careless note scrawled in lipstick the only clue, Mike has to set aside his personal interest in the victim and strike the right note with Holly's dysfunctional band members: Slim Fingers, Waylon Strings and Jesse James. But the more he finds out, the more he needs to know and the less he likes what he learns.

Season 3

  • S03E01 The Black Widower

    • October 30, 2016
    • Prime (NZ)

    The Frog and Cheetah’s publican, Ray Neilson, has branched into tourism with his ‘Lord of the Ringz Tours’ tailored to non-English speaking tourists. But when Ray’s wife Debbie is discovered dead under a giant foam spider in a supposed film location of Mirklewood things get ‘mirky’. Especially when Debbie’s cause of death is revealed to be from New Zealand’s only native venomous spider – the Katipo. But if it was, how did one spider administer ten times the lethal dose?

  • S03E02 Over Her Dead Body

    • November 6, 2016
    • Prime (NZ)

    Brokenwood is in mourning as beloved local poet Declan O’Grady is being farewelled at St Judas Church after being struck down by cancer. But things go from bad to worse when his coffin accidentally falls from the hearse revealing that the corpse inside is not Declan but a young woman identifiable only by a notable scarlet tattoo.

  • S03E03 The Killing Machine

    • November 13, 2016
    • Prime (NZ)

    The annual Riverstone Beach Hop is a colorful festival that brings classic car enthusiasts together from far and wide to celebrate everything petrol powered and chrome plated. But on the morning of the event Charlie Baxter, the Chairman of the Classic Car Restoration Society, is found dead next to his beloved El Dorado with a lungful of gasoline. Was this a petrol siphoning accident or something more deliberate? And does it have anything to do with the unidentified dead body found in Charlie’s garage the day before?

  • S03E04 A Merry Bloody Christmas

    • November 20, 2016
    • Prime (NZ)

    With December approaching Brokenwood is alive and well with Christmas spirit. That is until a gruesome sight confronts Mike and his team; Santa Claus with his throat slit. Or as Mike insists – ‘not Santa, but a man dressed in a Santa suit’. The man is in fact the much-loved local Mayor, Evan Whitestone, who dresses as Santa every year for the Christmas parade. But with local elections looming, attention turns to his four rivals for the mayoral chains. Each of them has an axe to grind with Evan or, in this case - a cut throat razor.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Fall From Grace

    • October 29, 2017
    • Prime (NZ)

    When Kristin, Breen, and Gina celebrate Mike’s birthday with a picnic in Brokenwood Domain, they are witness to a fatal skydiving accident. To make matters worse, Kristin knows the victim – entrepreneur Andre Barrington, an ex-boyfriend who moved onto another woman – Grace Turner, an adrenalin junkie and fellow skydiver. As the investigation unfolds, an unsettling truth is revealed. Andre’s parachute was never going to open as the cords were severed. Was it an elaborate suicide or was Grace having second thoughts about Andre? Then again – Andre’s older brother Felix was tired of living in his shadow, and his mother Lorraine’s maternal love verged on the side of sinister. Both of them were jumping with Andre too. And what about Andre’s business partner Dean Young, who was less than impressed by Andre’s work ethic? Mike and his team are forced to confront the old adage: ‘what goes up must come down’ – but not always in the way you want.

  • S04E02 Stone Cold Dead

    • November 5, 2017
    • Prime (NZ)

    Charity Highmore-Browne is the owner and curator of Brokenwood's Historic Village. A stickler for all things Victorian, Charity lives in a time warp. Her sudden death by an arrow brings Mike and his team into the realm of New Zealand's colonial past as they deal with a blacksmith, a missionary and the local postmaster. Not to be overlooked is Charity's sister who once represented the country at the Olympics, missing out on a bronze medal in archery. As the investigation brings up questions about Charity's lifestyle and the mysterious disappearance of her husband seven years earlier, the team are faced with the possibility that Brokenwood is dealing with its first serial killer. Things are complicated further when Mike is forced out of the office due to a health scare and Kristin takes charge of the case. But can Mike truly hand over the reins?

  • S04E03 The Scarecrow

    • November 12, 2017
    • Prime (NZ)

    Philip Henderson stands next to an impressive scarecrow amidst a field of damaged vegetation. His whole crop has failed. The scarecrow may have kept the birds away but this catastrophe is something bigger. Angered and distraught, he confronts his neighbour, the cantankerous Doug Randall, and accuses him of spray drift. Doug is having none of it and an ugly altercation ensues. The following day Philip is discovered dead in his field – the victim of an obscure poison. Suspicion falls on Doug and his new wife, the strident and doggedly loyal Trudy Neilson, whom it was well known had ongoing tensions with Philip over an unpaid bar tab at her pub, The Toad and Lion. But as Mike and the team dig further into the mystery, more suspects come into play. Philip’s other neighbour is the cagey Tamati Taylor, who is less than forthcoming, but as it transpires Philip had a twin brother. Why does he seem remarkably unmoved by the death of his sibling? Following a hunch, Kristin turns attention to the little organic café in town called the Sage Locust and her friend, the owner Dahlia Freyberg. Philip was one of her suppliers – but a supplier of what? And what exactly was in the salad Philip ate when he last visited the Sage Locust? And if the scarecrow was meant to frighten the birds why have all the bees disappeared too?

  • S04E04 As If Nothing Had Happened

    • November 19, 2017
    • Prime (NZ)

    Sunset Manor is a rest home in Brokenwood for the aged and bewildered. The new resident is Edward Alderston. Having recently lost his wife, his family has decided Sunset Manor is the best place for him, especially now that the Alzheimer’s is taking hold. Mrs Marlowe is a regular visitor, offering sing-alongs at the piano for the residents. But Edward is hoping for more of an ally than that. He’s planning an escape. In fact he’s been practicing. The only problem is he can’t remember the plan. But when a man is found with a Samurai sword through his back floating in his swimming pool in the neighbouring street, Edward’s exact whereabouts becomes of real importance. The man was Mitch Waterson, an ex-finance company high-flyer, responsible for the loss of many millions to many people – in particular, he is the one responsible for many elderly losing their life savings. Mitch was responsible but never held accountable. It would seem now that the accountability has been sought. Revenge has been exacted. So when Mike, Kristin and Breen begin searching for motive they need look no further than Sunset Manor. Many of the residents were victims to Mitch Waterson’s Ponzi schemes and are thrilled to know he’s met a grisly end. However, the problem is not only who might have had the gumption and opportunity to do it but– can they remember doing it?

Season 5

  • S05E01 Scared To Death

    • October 28, 2018
    • Prime (NZ)

    It’s the annual Brokenwood A&P show. Time for that special kind of Kiwi carnival. Amidst the shearing displays, the ‘Calf Day’ competition and wood chopping, is the usual assortment of fun rides and fairground attractions. The sun is shining on happy family entertainment and ever popular this year is the shonky old Ghost Train. But when the surly A&P boss Harold Wilbury takes the minute-long ride as a safety check he gets the fright of his life. Shunted in his carriage through the final curtain, Harold greets daylight wide- eyed and dead. He is quite literally gone in 60 seconds. When a man dies of fright surely there is no question of murder - it’s just a case of bad luck. Then again how scary was the Ghost Train ride really? Curiously, Madame Magdalena in the Fortune Teller’s tent predicted the tragedy. Was that co- incidence or a way of adding credence to her credibility? The Ghost Train operator, Johnny Oades swears it’s nothing to do with him, but there is a question over falsified Health and Safety checks. And why is Daisy Rose the fairy princess so unhappy?

  • S05E02 Bride Not To Be

    • November 4, 2018
    • Prime (NZ)

    The Cream Boat is a charming vessel that chugs its way up the scenic Brokenwood waterways. It carries sightseers and Christmas parties and often Hen Parties. Professional tennis player, Ophelia (Fee) Marley, is one such lucky Hen. Her Bridesmaids have organized a big day migrating from the township via the Cream Boat to the Tidal View Lodge where they overnight. The following morning the Cream Boat returns to pick up the girls, but as the captain is about to dock a macabre and ethereal sight greets him. Fee is floating semi-submerged downstream in her wedding dress and veil. At first it may seem a tragic drowning; a result perhaps of too much revelry. But Gina reveals she was in fact dead before she entered the river. Where was Fee’s fiancé the night of the murder? And why is Best Man Darryn so reluctant to co-operate? Is he covering for his mate or is it something else entirely? Darryn’s reticence is partially explained by the fact that he is deaf. Kristin’s knowledge of ‘sign’ comes in handy as the team works to solve this mystery.

  • S05E03 Tontine

    • November 11, 2018
    • Prime (NZ)

    Cycling is very de rigour around the globe and no less in Brokenwood. When one such MAMIL (Middle Aged Man In Lycra) Lester Nyman reaches the top of a local mountain after a gruelling ride and suffers a massive coronary it doesn’t seem suspicious. But then Gina reveals his toxicology showed astronomical levels of caffeine in his system and Mike starts to look more closely. It transpires Lester was one of ten people inheriting shares in a substantial local farm. The will, left by Lester’s father Karl, is legally known as a Tontine. Curiously four members of this Tontine have recently died from natural causes or unfortunate accidents and as such their shares are absorbed by the remaining members. Lester’s brother Trevor is helpful in their enquiries but not so much his lawyer Madison Mathers. She sees her professional responsibility to execute the will to the best of her ability making sure everyone gets their fair share. And why is Reverend Greene part of the tontine? It was no secret Karl didn’t believe in the church. Was it simply that he wanted to goad the good Reverend into putting capitalist values above his service to the Lord? The further Mike and his team delve it appears this was all a grand and malevolent plan by Karl Nyman to let his friends and family tear themselves apart in a feeding frenzy of greed and avarice.

  • S05E04 The Dark Angel

    • November 18, 2018
    • Prime (NZ)

    On the edge of Brokenwood sits an abandoned mental health facility, an asylum named Brokenwood Downes. Now derelict, the spooky buildings provide a great hideout for local teenagers. But one young couple freak-out when they stumble upon the body of an elderly man in the old hospital wing strapped to a gurney with electrodes connected to his temples. It would seem he was the victim of electrocution by Electroconvulsive Therapy. The victim is Jakob Deschler who used to be the Superintendent of the asylum when it closed in 2011. Recently released from jail for charges of torture it appears that his murder was a revenge for his past cruelty. Mike and the team focus on a group of ex-patients of Brokenwood Downes. The few that have remained in the area are an eclectic bunch of misfits still struggling to reintegrate into the mainstream of society. However, several of them are under the care of local psychotherapist, Amy Curnow whose expertise enables Mike to get a greater insight into the minds of these unique characters. She is also has a knack to get Mike to open up about some more personal things about himself. Could it be that our hero is taking a shine to Amy? Mike’s interrogation skills will be pitted against the smarts of a crack psychologist. Will it be a case of Mike finally meeting his match – in more ways than one

Season 6

  • S06E01 The Power of Steam

    • November 10, 2019
    • Prime (NZ)

    After a murder at the Brokenwood Steampunk event, Mike and his team are thrown into a world of dress-up and escapism where the suspects all have alter-egos.

  • S06E02 A Real Page Turner

    • November 17, 2019
    • Prime (NZ)

    World-renowned crime-writing author Jack Rudd visits Brokenwood to give a reading at the local book club from his latest novel ‘Knife in the Back'. He visits — but never leaves, falling victim to a method of murder portrayed in his own book.

  • S06E03 Dead Men Don't Shoot Ducks

    • November 24, 2019
    • Prime (NZ)

    The members of the Brokenwood Duck Stalking Association are set to shoot on the first day of the new season. Fingers are ready on the trigger as the eight hunters wait patiently for ducks to fly. But then the misty morning presents an unusual sight as a lone wildlife protester sails into the duck shooting cove. Ducks fly, shots are fired but only the protester, Leslie Garrett, falls down dead. With nobody prepared to take the blame Mike and the team are led to believe Leslie was shot by a mysterious ninth hunter seen briefly through the mist. Unable to determine who it was, Mike is forced to think more laterally than usual. Was Leslie's death just a case of careless use of a firearm or were the ducks never the target in the first place?

  • S06E04 Dead and Buried

    • December 1, 2019
    • Prime (NZ)

    A suspicious suicide in Brokenwood Women's Prison leads Mike and the team to uncover a complex murder. And for Mike this one is personal — he knew the victim Corina Doyle from his days prior to Brokenwood. As Mike and the team investigate they're brought into contact with several familiar female convicts from the past: Trudy Neilson, Brenda White and Rayleen Hogg. They're all doing their time and all up to no good. And with Corina's passing new information surfaces about an old crime. A secret from her past that will answer a nagging question that Mike has carried for 8 years. However, for that secret to come out, Corina had to entrust it with someone and that someone wants Mike to do a deal.

Season 7

  • S07E01 The Garotte and the Vinklebraun

    • June 13, 2021
    • TVNZ 1

    Mike and his team are thrust into a world of antiquities when a TV crew from the hit series All Things Old and Beautiful comes to town, and one of the hosts is murdered.

  • S07E02 The Witches of Brokenwood

    • June 20, 2021
    • TVNZ 1

    The Brokenwood Health Retreat proves rather unhealthy for one unfortunate visitor, leaving the team of detectives with a very tricky case to solve.

  • S07E03 Dog Day Morning

    • June 27, 2021
    • TVNZ 1

    When four masked men attempt to rob the Brokenwood Savings Bank, it's up to Mike and the team to determine which one of them pulled the trigger and killed the bank manager.

  • S07E04 Something Nasty at the Market

    • July 4, 2021
    • TVNZ 1

    Mike, Kristin and the team investigate the murder of a Farmer's Market Owner who staggers into the crowd with a garden implement fatally embedded in her back.

  • S07E05 Exposed to the Light

    • July 11, 2021
    • TVNZ 1

    A fundraising evening at the historic Brokenwood Empire Cinema turns deadly when a fire breaks out, and when the smoke clears, a local businessman is found strangled.

  • S07E06 Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson

    • July 18, 2021
    • TVNZ 1

    When Mike mysteriously leaves Brokenwood on other police business, Kristin is left to lead the investigation into a 1970s party where several party-goers wind up dead.

Season 8

  • S08E01 From the Cradle to the Grave

    • August 7, 2022
    • TVNZ 1

    Mike Shepherd and the team get a lesson in local history when the Brokenwood museum uncovers a dead body in the most unlikely of places.

  • S08E02 Death n Bass

    • August 14, 2022
    • TVNZ 1

    The Brokenwood crime fighters are called in to investigate a murder at a music festival, where it would appear the victim was quite literally killed by sound.

  • S08E03 Spark to a Flame

    • August 21, 2022
    • TVNZ 1

    In the remote community of beaches at Pateke Point, a local resident ends up bludgeoned to death by an unknown blunt object and locked inside a house not her own.

  • S08E04 Three Coins in a Fountain

    • August 28, 2022
    • TVNZ 1

    When the world champion of the curious sport of Spoofing is found dead in a fountain, the Brokenwood detectives must determine who was willing to commit murder in order to win at all costs.

  • S08E05 Good as Gold

    • September 4, 2022
    • TVNZ 1

    A 160-year-old family feud over gold becomes the main motive for murder when a modern-day cowgirl is gunned down in cold blood.

  • S08E06 Four Fires and a Funeral

    • September 11, 2022
    • TVNZ 1

    The charred remains of a body are discovered in the burned-out remnants of a rural shed, but no one lived there, and no one was meant to be there at all; this is the third in a run of accidental deaths, all attended by the Brokenwood Fire Brigade.

Season 9

  • S09E01 Brokenwood: The Musical

    • July 23, 2023
    • TVNZ 1

    The history of Brokenwood gets new life as a musical. But the setting literally brings with it a shock for the composer.

  • S09E02 Old Blood Money

    • July 30, 2023
    • TVNZ 1

    Mike and the team discover more than one dead body, and a significant amount of family rivalry, in the manor house where a pair of aging siblings live.

  • S09E03 Nun of the Above

    • August 6, 2023
    • TVNZ 1

    The strangulation death of a nun on her way to chapel poses a challenge for the investigators when they learn members of her order have taken a vow of silence.

  • S09E04 Going to the Dogs

    • August 13, 2023
    • TVNZ 1

    Mike, Kristin, and Chalmers must determine who wanted a veterinary nurse dead, with the answer seemingly tied to simmering tensions between the twin sisters with whom the victim worked.

  • S09E05 Shot of Love

    • August 20, 2023
    • TVNZ 1

    While Mike's off getting his divorce papers signed, Kristin and Chalmers are left to uncover the cause of death of a man found in a motel room, with few signs of trauma to the body or disturbance to the room.

  • S09E06 Motorcycle Mamas

    • August 27, 2023
    • TVNZ 1

    The Mama's Angels, an all-women motorcycle club, are in Brokenwood for the wedding of one of their members, until a murder casts suspicion amongst their ranks and throws the town into chaos.

Season 10

  • S10E01 Brokenwood-o-saurus

    • April 29, 2024
    • Acorn TV

    After dinosaur fossils are discovered in the foothills of Brokenwood, the town buzzes about the potential boost for tourism. But when a paleontologist turns up dead, the future doesn't look so rosy.

  • S10E02 Day of the Dead

    • May 6, 2024
    • Acorn TV

    When the Brokenwood Small Business Association stage a Mexican "Day of the Dead" night market, they don't bargain on an actual dead body becoming part of the festivities.

  • S10E03 Publish or Be Damned

    • May 13, 2024
    • Acorn TV

    A writers' retreat on a picturesque estate generates ample inspiration when the mentor, Dame Audrey McKinnon, is found deceased, floating under a nearby waterfall.

  • S10E04 Love You to Death

    • May 20, 2024
    • Acorn TV

    Brokenwood's favorite dentist, Sonny Lyman, is the subject of Jools Fahey's amorous attentions; Jools becomes a prime suspect when Sonny's wife is found gassed in an oven.

  • S10E05 House of Screams

    • May 27, 2024
    • Acorn TV

    The local scare attraction of the House of Screams becomes the venue for an actual murder when a teenager is found with a sickle through his neck.

  • S10E06 Three Gold Leaves of Jesus

    • June 3, 2024
    • Acorn TV

    While a visiting troupe puts on a nativity play at St Judas, a precious holy relic goes missing, and the body of the actor playing Jesus is found dead.

Additional Specials