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Season 1

  • S01E01 Pilot

    • July 15, 2008
    • A&E

    William tries to help Zach, a once-promising high school athlete who has fallen victim to meth addiction.

  • S01E02 Rag Dolls

    • July 22, 2008
    • A&E

    A mother thinks her teen daughter is involved with drugs though her drug test comes back negative. The mother enlists the help of William to prove this theory one way or another.

  • S01E03 Meet the Joneses

    • July 29, 2008
    • A&E

    You never know where drug rings may show up. In this ongoing episode a wife, from the suburbs, involves herself with a drug ring. Her husband enlists the help of William to crack the ring.

  • S01E04 Chaos Theory

    • August 5, 2008
    • A&E

    A mathematics professor uses cocaine to help him publish his research in time. His girlfriend and colleague requests William's help. William tries to stop the professor before he loses everything--his career, personal life, and even his immigrant parents' diner. Meanwhile, William's son discovers a used needle in their house after a dinner party. William realizes that the needle belongs to his former sponsor and must decide whether to cut his sponsor out of his life.

  • S01E05 Here Comes the Boom

    • August 19, 2008
    • A&E

    A teenage boy needs William's help with his father, who once went to prison because of William's past efforts. The man is back on the streets and using meth again.

  • S01E06 To Catch a Fed

    • August 26, 2008
    • A&E

    William is determined into searching for the former partner of an FBI agent; the missing man is found in a tent city of meth manufacturers, William then realizes that he's has been told lies about the real reason why the FBI agent is looking for her old partner.

  • S01E07 House of Pain

    • September 2, 2008
    • A&E

    William's friend needs help with a student who is abusing heroin and prescription drugs. The boy's father causes problems for the crew. William thinks the boy might be attempting suicide.

  • S01E08 Let It Ride

    • September 9, 2008
    • A&E

    The gambler notices his favourite jockey is using a lot of drugs to meet weight and asks William to step in.

  • S01E09 The 11th Hour

    • September 16, 2008
    • A&E

    The original interventionist brings William in after his intervention with a woman goes wrong and she ends up on the streets. The original interventionist considers William a "Thug" making William question his own motivation for finding the woman.

  • S01E10 Rebecca

    • September 23, 2008
    • A&E

    A teenager pianist turns to meth in order to cope with the pressure, the father of the teenage girl asks William's crew for help, but they are stonewalled by the girl's mother.

  • S01E11 Back to One

    • September 30, 2008
    • A&E

    The brother of an striving actress discovers his sister cocaine addiction and tries to get William's crew to help. Akani races to find Sweton after he mysteriously goes missing.

  • S01E12 Five Little Words

    • October 7, 2008
    • A&E

    William rescues a team member, while the others go undercover at a sorority house to get information about a drug dealer.

  • S01E13 Lie With Me

    • October 14, 2008
    • A&E

    William devises an extreme intervention when a couple's alcoholism endangers their daughter.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Hello America

    • June 23, 2009
    • A&E

    A friend who's also a program member asks for Banks' help to get her husband to rehab, but the case is complicated by the fact he's not only a newscaster, but a national spokesman for sobriety, and in the midst of a rescue that must be completely confidential Banks finds he's dealing with personal issues that affect both him and his client.

  • S02E02 Last American Casualty

    • June 30, 2009
    • A&E

    A weekend with Ben turns into a busman's holiday when William must deal with two alcoholics.

  • S02E03 The Projectionist

    • July 7, 2009
    • A&E

    Still reeling from his separation, William decides to detox a pregnant woman at his safe house, rather than utilizing a hospital, a decision he may come to regret.

  • S02E04 Does Everybody Have a Drink?

    • July 14, 2009
    • A&E

    William tries to help a celebrity beat her addiction to drugs.

  • S02E05 Split Ends

    • July 21, 2009
    • A&E

    Sisters find that they may be linked by more than twinship when they try to achieve sobriety separately. At home, a friend of William's cuts a path of mayhem and destruction as he tempts a recovering addict with her drug of choice and crosses way over a boundary with Melissa.

  • S02E06 The Things We Didn't Plan

    • July 28, 2009
    • A&E

    It's a busy week for the team, involving a risky grab of an armed client, and alcoholic father traveling with his daughter, cleaning up a policeman's son and a homeless woman.

  • S02E07 An Ordinary Man

    • August 4, 2009
    • A&E

    A hospital administrator seeks William's help after receiving an anonymous letter accusing a doctor and some nurses of using drugs.

  • S02E08 The Turtle and the Butterfly

    • August 11, 2009
    • A&E

    William is asked by a woman to get her drug addicted son out of an Inland Empire jail, and he does, but the trip back is not as easy when the young man refuses to change his life, and a chance encounter with a 13-year old drug runner for a powerful dealer.

  • S02E09 The Path of Least Resistance

    • August 18, 2009
    • A&E

    William finds a very personal trigger when a new age guru, cashing in on the self-help craze, turns to William for help with her addict son.

  • S02E10 Cinderella

    • August 25, 2009
    • A&E

    William weighs protecting Lula and their relationship or putting her face-to-face with the downfall of one of her idols when he decides whether to take the case of a ballerina.

  • S02E11 Standing Eight

    • September 1, 2009
    • A&E

    Although the job is to clean up a boxer before his next match, William finds that the biggest risk to the man's sobriety is close to home.

  • SPECIAL 0x11 Extreme Interventionist: The Man Behind The Cleaner

    • November 8, 2009
    • A&E

    Who is the cleaner? He is a real man who this series is based upon. Discover who he is in this special episode!

  • S02E12 Crossing the Threshold

    • September 8, 2009
    • A&E

    William and the team take a complex case involving a drug dealer's daughter, endangering both the team and William's family.

  • S02E13 Trick Candles

    • September 15, 2009
    • A&E

    An old friend turns to Banks for help as William closes in on his seven-year birthday. Meanwhile, PK's planned celebration of the event may not go as she'd like.