Alaskan Bush People

All Seasons

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1 x 1Raised Wild (Pilot)2014-05-06  
1 x 2Human Wolf Pack2014-05-13  
1 x 3Blindsided2014-05-20  
1 x 4Fight or Flight2014-05-27  
1 x 5The Wild Life2014-06-15  
SpecialA Very Bush Christmas2014-12-19
SpecialBack to the Bush: A Family of Nine2014-07-15 
2 x 0A very Bush Christmas2014-12-19  
2 x 1Breaking Free2015-01-02  
2 x 2Return to the Wild2015-01-09  
2 x 3Welcome to Browntown2015-01-16  
2 x 4Birdy Get Your Gun2015-01-23  
2 x 5Pile It On2015-01-30  
2 x 6On The Prowl2015-02-06  
2 x 7Home Alone2015-02-13  
2 x 8Now or Never2015-02-20  
SpecialWild Times2015-05-22 
2 x 9A Wolfpack Divided2015-05-29  
2 x 10Rise of Browntown2015-06-05  
2 x 11Divide and Conquer2015-06-12  
2 x 12Bloodlines2015-06-19  
SpecialFather's Day Special2015-06-21 
2 x 13A Big Gamble2015-06-26  
2 x 14Rocky Seas2015-07-03  
2 x 15Sink or Swim2015-07-17  
2 x 16Never Give Up2015-07-24  
SpecialLost Footage2015-07-31 
SpecialThe Wild Year2015-08-07 
3 x 1Endless Summer2015-11-04  
3 x 2Block and Tackle2015-11-11  
3 x 3Shots Fired2015-11-18  
3 x 4Rock, Paper, Skipper2015-11-25  
3 x 5Ballad of Billy Brown2015-12-02  
3 x 6Dock-u-drama2015-12-09  
3 x 7Dead in the Water2015-12-16  
SpecialReturn to the Bush2016-01-03 
SpecialParadise Lost2016-01-06 
3 x 8Alarmed & Dangerous2015-12-30  
3 x 9Bush Heart2016-01-06  
3 x 10Paradise Lost2016-01-06  
SpecialBrowntown or Bust2016-04-29 
4 x 1The Wolf Pack Return2016-05-06  
4 x 2Driving Miss Rainy2016-05-13  
4 x 3Winter Watch2016-05-20  
SpecialThe Book of Bear2016-05-25 
4 x 4Growing the Wolfpack2016-05-27  
4 x 5Surviving The Lower 482016-06-03  
4 x 6High Tide Housing2016-06-10  
4 x 7Shots in the Dark2016-06-17  
4 x 8Judgement Day2016-06-24  
4 x 9Released to the Wild2016-07-08  
4 x 10Back in Browntown2016-07-15  
4 x 11Browns Down South2016-07-22  
4 x 12Made in the Wild2016-07-29  
SpecialA Browntown Christmas2016-12-07 
SpecialBrowntown Bound2016-12-28 
5 x 1All That Matters2017-01-04  
5 x 2Bear with Us2017-01-11  
5 x 3Browntown Boom2017-01-18  
5 x 4Dead in the Water2017-01-25  
5 x 5One Brown Down2017-02-01  
5 x 6All Falls Down2017-02-08  
5 x 7Field of Dreams2017-02-15  
5 x 8Wind and a Prayer2017-02-22  
5 x 9Harsh Wilderness2017-03-01  
5 x 10Forever Browntown2017-03-08  
5 x 11Heart of the Browns2017-03-15  
SpecialHarsh Wilderness2017-03-01 
SpecialForever Browntown2017-03-08 
SpecialHeart of the Browns2017-03-15