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Season 1

  • S01E01 Puss Gets The Boot

    • February 10, 1940

    Tom chases Jerry all over their house, while Jerry foils Tom's plans to catch him. Tom breaks a lot of things in the house, while chasing Jerry, but that's when Mammy steps in. Mammy is Tom's owner. She tells him that if he breaks one more thing in the house, she's going to throw him outside. So, Jerry knocks over a lot of things in the house to make Mammy think Tom did it, and kick him outside. Tom tries his hardest to keep all these things from falling, so he won't be thrown outside.

  • S01E02 The Midnight Snack

    • July 19, 1941

    Jerry decides to have a midnight snack. And what better than to have some nice, fresh cheese! He takes some from the fridge, but before he can eat it, Tom chases him for it. After breaking a lot of things, when chasing Jerry, Mammy hears the noise and comes down in a huff. Scared, Tom throws Jerry into the fridge to hide him. A bit later, Mammy finds Jerry in the fridge. She gets really angry, and throws Tom of out of the house. While Mammy is doing that, Jerry grabs the cheese, and finally eats it.

  • S01E03 The Night Before Christmas

    • December 6, 1941

    It's Christmas Eve. Jerry sees a present wrapped in the shape of cheese.

  • S01E04 Fraidy Cat

    • January 17, 1942

    On the radio, Tom listens to "The Witching Hour" that tells scary stories that almost give Tom a heart attack. After seeing Tom's reaction to the radio show, Jerry schemes a way to scare Tom. He moves everything in the house to make it seem like a ghost is in the house. Jerry does everything he can to give Tom a good spook. Tom gets so scared by all the strange things going on that he faints. Later, he finds out that Jerry was the one behind all this, so he chases him around the house. Accidentally, Tom attacks Mammy instead of Jerry, and she, once again, throws him out of the house.

  • S01E05 Dog Trouble

    • April 18, 1942

    Tom is chasing Jerry again, and they run into a bull dog. The bull dog gets angry, and starts to chase Tom AND Jerry.

  • S01E06 Puss N' Toots

    • May 30, 1942

    Mammy brings home a cute little kitten who just happens to be a girl. Immediately when Tom sees the kitten, he is smitten. Tom tries to act cool around the kitten, and he gives her presents (such as fish). Jerry wants to ruin this.

  • S01E07 The Yankee Doodle Mouse

    • June 26, 1943

    Tom is attacking Jerry with everything that's in the house. He throws vases, paper airplanes, lamps, and anything he can get his hands on to get Jerry. Basically, it's like a war is going on. Jerry retaliates by using a cheese grater, and using fireworks to fight Tom back with. (I.E. Yankee Doodle Mouse) They do the same thing fighting back and forth for the rest of the episode. It ends with Jerry winning the battle, as he blows up Tom using the fireworks, turning him into an American Flag.

  • S01E08 Sufferin' Cats!

    • January 16, 1943

    Jerry is being chased into an alley, and is seen by an alley cat. The alley cat wants to eat him, but Tom steps in, and says that's his mouse. The two cats fight each other for Jerry, as he runs away trying to hide. The alley cat says to share the mouse, but Tom wants Jerry all for himself. So, they race to see who will catch Jerry first.

  • S01E09 The Bowling Alley-Cat

    • July 18, 1942

    Tom and Jerry are at the bowling alley. Tom, repeatedly, tries to run over Jerry with his ball. He misses Jerry every time he rolls. Jerry gets back at him by putting the bowling ball on his foot, tying it to his tail, making it hit him when it rolls, etc.

  • S01E10 Fine Feathered Friend

    • October 10, 1942

    Tom chases Jerry on a farm, and Jerry hides by a hen. The hen is startled by Tom, so she hits him hard. Jerry dresses himself as a chick, and acts like he's one of the hen's. The rest of the chicks think Jerry is just another one of them. While Tom runs away from the hen, Jerry settles in by the mother and her chicks.

  • S01E11 The Lonesome Mouse

    • May 22, 1943

    After being framed by Jerry for breaking something, Tom is thrown out of the house by Mammy. Jerry is overjoyed that he has finally won. He sleeps in Tom's bed, drinks his milk, and makes himself comfortable in Tom's place. After a while, Jerry gets really bored and lonely over the fact that no one is chasing him. There's nothing to do. So, Jerry goes outside to find Tom, and Mammy screams for Tom to get the mouse out of the house. Tom chases Jerry all over the house for pretend to satisfy Mammy. Once Tom claims his territory again, Jerry comes back and makes Tom angry. And the chase starts all over again. Jerry is glad to have the excitement back.

  • S01E12 Baby Puss

    • December 25, 1943

    A little girl is dollying up Tom to make him look like a baby cat. Jerry laughs at him, prompting Tom to chase him around the house into a dollhouse. Jerry dresses up like a doll to escape from Tom, without him noticing. Jerry shows the alley cats from outside the way Tom looks, and they laugh and make fun of him. The alley cats come in the house, and dress Tom in diapers and REALLY make him look like a baby. That's when the little girl appears, and makes the alley cats leave in a hurry. The little girl continues to turn Tom into a baby cat, while Jerry and the alley cats watch while laughing at him.

  • S01E13 The Zoot Cat

    • February 26, 1944

    Tom gives Jerry, as a present to a girl cat he really likes. The girl doesn't accept the gift, and Tom goes back to the house with a pout. He hears on the radio about a zoot suit. Tom cuts out and sews together a very tight and nice-looking suit. He goes back to the girl cat's house, and as soon as she sees Tom's new suave look, she swoons. Tom acts like Charles Boyer, and he makes the girl fall in love with him. Jerry sees he has to ruin this. He does something to anger Tom, which makes him chase Jerry around the house, and tripped into a fishbowl. The suit shrinks to Jerry's size, and Jerry wears it. He takes Tom's place, and acts like a mini Charles Boyer to the girl cat.

  • S01E14 The Million Dollar Cat

    • May 6, 1944

    The usual chase is going on between Tom and Jerry, until a letter arrives. Tom reads it and finds out that he inherited one million dollars by one of his uncles! He cheers in happiness, until Jerry reads it, and points out one detail that Tom missed. Tom can't harm any living thing - not even a mouse! Jerry rejoices the inheritance because since Tom is not allowed to hurt any living thing, it means he can get away with doing anything he wants without Tom fighting back. Jerry proceeds to torture Tom by taking advantage of his new life, sleeping in his bed and eating all of his food. Finally, after Tom loses his breakfast and gets a pad of butter in the eye, he loses it and begins to beat up Jerry. He then says, "Gee, I'm throwing away a million dollars... BUT I'M HAPPY!!"

  • S01E15 The Bodyguard

    • July 22, 1944

    In a heroic effort, Jerry rescues Spike from the dogcatcher. Spike thanks him by telling him to whistle whenever he needs help if Tom chases him.

  • S01E16 Puttin' On The Dog

    • October 28, 1944

    Tom chases Jerry right into a dog pound. Jerry makes himself comfortable once there, knowing that Tom will never follow him in. Tom thinks of something, though. He puts on a dog mask, and acts like a dog, going into the pound. After chasing Jerry for a while, he tells all the dogs that Tom's really a cat under the mask. All of the dogs chase Tom out of the pound.

  • S01E17 Mouse Trouble

    • November 23, 1944

    Tom starts to read a book called "How to catch a Mouse". Although, the traps are set for Jerry... the clever mouse thwarts Tom's plan to catch him, and Tom goes through all the traps in a brutal way.

  • S01E18 The Mouse Comes To Dinner

    • May 5, 1945

    Tom hits Jerry with a hammer, and is used as a servant for his new girlfriend. Tom dresses Jerry up as a waiter, and makes him do whatever he says. Jerry starts to fight with Tom, and Tom does the same. His girlfriend is turned off by all this. So she leaves, as the cat and mouse go back to the usual fighting.

  • S01E19 Mouse In Manhattan

    • July 7, 1945

    Jerry decides to move out of the country, and into the big city. He writes a note for Tom, telling him about his departure. He arrives in the city to have bad luck everywhere. He is chased by traffic, chased by cats, hit with different things, and is shot at by the police. Jerry knows that the city is just not for him. He goes back to the country, and tears the note he wrote for Tom to shreds. It's good to be home.

  • S01E20 Tee For Two

    • July 21, 1945

    Tom and Jerry are at a golf course. Tom uses Jerry as a tee. After playing atrociously, and getting hit with a ton of golf balls, he is attacked by everything on and off the course. Jerry, of course, does whatever he can to get back at Tom for using him as a tee.

  • S01E21 Flirty Birdy

    • September 22, 1945

    Tom has Jerry caught. He is just ready to eat him, when an eagle comes in, and takes Jerry away.

  • S01E22 Quiet Please!

    • December 22, 1945

    After Tom chases Jerry around the house, and makes a ton of noise, a grumpy Spike tells Tom that if he hears one more thing, he will do his worst.

  • S01E23 Springtime For Thomas

    • March 30, 1946

    Tom is in love with his new girlfriend, a white cat. He makes her feel special, as he gives her little kisses, etc. Mischievous little Jerry thinks of something to break up the new couple. He writes a fake letter to an alley cat, telling him that the white cat has fallen in love with him. Once the alley cat sees Tom with her, trouble stirs.

  • S01E24 The Milky Waif

    • May 18, 1946

    A lost baby mouse is found by Jerry. His name is Nibbles. He's always hungry, and eating anything he can get his teeth into. Jerry takes care of the baby, while he does his best to keep him far away from Tom. But Nibbles' hunger gets the better of him, when he proceeds to drink Tom's milk. Tom chases Nibbles around the house, as Jerry tries to save him, repeatedly.

  • S01E25 Trap Happy

    • June 29, 1946

    When Tom loses his patience with chasing Jerry constantly, he hires a mouse exterminator (Butch) to get rid of Jerry once and for all. Once Butch arrives, everything goes according to plan... but not for long. Jerry quickly gains the upper hand, backfiring all capture attempts upon both Tom and Butch.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Solid Serenade

    • August 31, 1946

    It's a moonlit night, and Tom wants to impress a cute female kitten (Toodles). So he brings a guitar, ties up Spike, the one guarding Toodles' property, and plays a serenade for Toodles. Unfortunately for Jerry, who happens to dwell close by, the serenading disturbs his sleep. More annoyed than ever, he decides to do all he can to ruin Tom's night.

  • S02E02 Cat Fishin'

    • February 22, 1947

    It's beautiful day at a lake... one that's surrounded by a fence that's plastered all over with "keep out" and "no fishing" signs. Not to mention the bulldog (Spike) who guards it. But that doesn't stop Tom, as he takes a chance by sneaking in to go fishing anyway, using Jerry as live bait...

  • S02E03 Part Time Pal

    • March 15, 1947

    Tom is told by his owner, Mammy Two-Shoes, to guard the refrigerator for the night and keep Jerry away from it, or else he'll be thrown out of the house. Upon hearing this, Jerry outwits Tom, but goes too far... to a point where Tom falls into a barrel of cider and gets drunk. The drunk Tom is nice to Jerry, but makes a mess in the kitchen, among other things that are against Mammy's orders. So Jerry does his best to snap Tom out of it before the cat gets into some serious trouble with Mammy.

  • S02E04 The Cat Concerto

    • April 26, 1947

    In this episode, Tom plays as a concert pianist who plays beautifully, but keeps getting interrupted when Jerry is inside of the piano, making Tom hit the wrong keys. Throughout the episode, Tom tries to squash Jerry by hitting the keys he's on.

  • S02E05 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse

    • June 14, 1947

    Jerry drinks a potion that makes him grow super-strong. He decides to go after Tom because this time, he's stronger. Once the potion wears off, Tom drinks some of it himself and grows bigger and super-strong. But he then immediately shrinks to half the size of Jerry, then to the size of an ant, and runs away from Jerry, who proceeds to chase him with a fly-swatter.

  • S02E06 Salt Water Tabby

    • July 12, 1947

    While Tom woos a female cat at the beach, Jerry tries to disrupt his fun by playing pranks on him.

  • S02E07 A Mouse In The House

    • August 30, 1947

    Mammy Two-Shoes is sick and tired of Jerry, period. So she enlists both Tom and Butch to catch him, saying that whichever cat is successful in the capture gets to stay in the house, and whoever fails gets kicked out along with Jerry.

  • S02E08 The Invisible Mouse

    • September 27, 1947

    Tom is chasing Jerry as usual, when Jerry dives into a bottle of ink to hide. Not noticing, Tom dashes off in which he thinks is the direction the mouse went. When Jerry emerges from the bottle, he finds the bottom half of his body invisible! He then realized that the ink he was in is invisible ink, so he covers his whole body in it and goes after Tom, planning on giving him a good scare.

  • S02E09 Kitty Foiled

    • June 1, 1948

    Tom has finally caught Jerry and is about to eat him. But the house canary can't bare that and comes to Jerry's rescue. With that, Tom goes after the both of them, but the teamwork between Jerry and the canary outdoes Tom completely.

  • S02E10 The Truce Hurts

    • July 17, 1948

    Tired of fighting, Tom, Jerry, and Spike sign a truce. Now, they protect each other, sleep next to one another, and so on. Until a big steak gets dropped by their house, that's when they start to fight over who gets the bigger share.

  • S02E11 Old Rockin' Chair Tom

    • September 18, 1948

    Mammy Two-Shoes is being "attacked" by Jerry again, so she once more orders Tom to get rid of him. When he epically fails once again, Mammy decides that Tom is too old to work in the mouse-catching business anymore, and brings in a younger, faster, and more hyper cat named Lightning that disposes of Jerry in an instant. Proud of the new cat, Mammy tells him to take good care of Tom, and goes to bed. But when Lightning frames Tom for raiding the refrigerator, Tom gets kicked out of the house, as well. So both Tom and Jerry come up with a plan to get rid of Lightning once and for all.

  • S02E12 Professor Tom

    • October 30, 1948

    Tom is doing his best to teach a younger cat how to catch a mouse, but the youngster isn't able to focus very well. When Tom finally tells the young cat to do a test run by catching Jerry, the little one determinedly sets off. But Jerry sees that the young cat likes mice despite his teachings, and takes advantage of this and uses it against Tom.

  • S02E13 Mouse Cleaning

    • December 11, 1948

    As soon as Mammy finishes cleaning the house, in come Tom and Jerry to mess it all up. She cleans up the house again, but tells Tom that if he creates another mess, when she comes back from the store, he's going to have to leave. Jerry sees his chance to get Tom out of the house..

  • S02E14 Polka-Dot Puss

    • February 26, 1949

    Mammy Two-Shoes is about to put Tom out for the night, but since there's a lightning storm going on, Tom fakes being sick in order to stay in. Mammy falls for it, and allows Tom to sleep indoors. Tom is delighted that his trick worked, but Jerry is annoyed at this, so he paints red dots all over Tom's face to make him actually look sick. Tom falls for this, so he succumbs to letting Jerry take care of him... in quite a brutal way.

  • S02E15 The Little Orphan

    • April 30, 1949

    An orphan mouse comes and joins Tom and Jerry for Thanksgiving Dinner. Nibbles is always hungry, so he eats everything in sight. An angry Tom chases him around the house, while Jerry tries to help Nibbles hide.

  • S02E16 Hatch Up Your Troubles

    • May 14, 1949

    A woodpecker egg falls from its nest, and rolls to Jerry's door. It hatches, and Jerry puts it back in its nest. The woodpecker follows Jerry back to his hole, and that's when it goes over by Tom..

  • S02E17 Heavenly Puss

    • July 9, 1949

    Tom gets killed by a piano, and starts to float up to Heaven. But he doesn't get to go in, because he's been trying to get Jerry all these years. The only way for him to get into Heaven is to have Jerry sign a piece of paper, stating as an apology. If Jerry doesn't sign it.. then Tom's going down under.

  • S02E18 The Cat And The Mermouse

    • September 3, 1949

    Tom drowns in a lake, and goes to the bottom. There, he finds a mermouse, and then tries to capture it and eat it. The mermouse doesn't give in so easily, though.

  • S02E19 Love That Pup

    • October 1, 1949

    Mistakenly grabbing Spike's son, instead of Jerry, Spike lets Tom have it. Jerry makes himself comfortable over by Spike, while Tom tries to devise a plan to get Jerry without having either of the dogs notice.

  • S02E20 Jerry's Diary

    • October 22, 1949

    After getting tired of chasing Jerry, Tom sits down and finds Jerry's Diary. He opens it and starts to read it, showing clips of past episodes.

  • S02E21 Tennis Chumps

    • December 10, 1949

    Tom competes against Butch in a tennis tournament. Bad luck keeps happening throughout the game, though. Jerry sees and figures he can use this to his advantage. He uses tricks though, as he competes against both Tom and Butch.

  • S02E22 Little Quacker

    • January 7, 1950

    Tom finds a duck egg, and decides to have it for breakfast. The egg hatches as Tom prepares to cook it. As soon as Jerry sees this, he swipes the duck away from Tom just in time. Tom starts to chase Jerry for the duck, while they foil Tom's plans to have duck soup.

  • S02E23 Saturday Evening Puss

    • January 14, 1950

    Mammy wants to go out to dinner. So, Tom invites his friends over a party, and they use Jerry as a needle on a record player. After Jerry escapes from this, he gets back at Tom and his friends, by giving them some of their own medicine.

  • S02E24 Texas Tom

    • March 11, 1950

    In this episode, Tom is a cowboy, and he uses Jerry like a lackey. He does all sorts of things to impress a female cat. Jerry gets mad, and releases a big bull on Tom that Tom runs away from in a hurry, and makes the female cat un-impressed.

  • S02E25 Jerry And The Lion

    • April 8, 1950

    On the radio, Tom and Jerry hear that a lion is loose in their area. Frightened, Tom gets on his hunting outfit and gets out a rifle. A bit later, Jerry finds the lion in their house, and learns that the lion's harmless, but he asks the lion to play a trick on Tom to make him look like he's ferocious.

  • S02E26 Safety Second

    • July 1, 1950

    It's the 4th of July, and Nibbles is looking forward to an exciting day with lots of fireworks. But Jerry is against this, considering safety first. Nibbles still sneaks out the fireworks anyway, which eventually leads to an explosive battle against Tom.

Season 3

  • S03E01 The Hollywood Bowl

    • September 16, 1950

    At the Hollywood Bowl, Tom is the conductor. Jerry wants to help out, and he gets in Tom's sleeves to help conduct. Tom denies his assistance again and again. Jerry gets mad and starts hitting Tom with instruments, and Tom does the same.

  • S03E02 The Framed Cat

    • October 21, 1950

    Jerry gets blamed for stealing a piece of chicken, and Mammy makes Tom chase him. Mad, Jerry goes and frames Tom by saying that he stole Spike's bone, which leaves to even more frame-ups..

  • S03E03 Cue Ball Cat

    • November 25, 1950

    The setting is of a poolroom. Tom uses Jerry as a ball, as he hits with his cue stick, trying to get into each of the pockets, and so on. Jerry does the same to get back at him.

  • S03E04 Casanova Cat

    • January 6, 1951

    Tom is using Jerry for many embarrassing things to, once again, impress a female cat. Jerry gets frustrated and calls Butch to get the female cat. Tom and Butch duke it out to see who will get to have her.

  • S03E05 Jerry And The Goldfish

    • March 3, 1951

    Jerry and the house's goldfish, Goldy, become best friends. Tom hears a recipe on the radio for fish, and he instantly grabs Goldy to cook him. Jerry saves him, and Tom chases both of them around the house..

  • S03E06 Jerry's Cousin

    • April 7, 1951

    There are beaten up alley cats in the street. This is the work of Muscles Mouse, Jerry's cousin. He calls up Jerry, and tells him that he wants to help take care of Tom for him.

  • S03E07 Sleepy-Time Tom

    • May 26, 1951

    Tom and his friends come back from partying all night early in the morning at the crack of dawn. Mammy caught Tom sleeping on the window, and she's mad at Tom, because she had to keep Jerry away from the food. Tom is very tired and can do nothing but sleep, but Mammy says if she catches Tom sleeping on the job, he will be thrown out. Jerry overhears this, and tries to make Tom fall asleep every time.

  • S03E08 His Mouse Friday

    • July 7, 1951

    Lost at sea on a life raft, Tom washes ashore on a deserted island. He meets up with Jerry, posing as a cannibal.

  • S03E09 Slicked-Up Pup

    • September 8, 1951

    Spike is giving his son, Tyke, a bath. Once finished, he leaves him on the porch to go get some meat. But he doesn't go too far before Tom and Jerry's chasing antics cause Tyke to fall into the mud and get dirty again. After ordering Tom to clean him up, Spike warns him that if he's dirty again by the time he gets back, he'll pound him to pieces. Upon hearing this, Jerry attempts to get Tyke dirty himself in order to get Tom into trouble.

  • S03E10 Nit-Witty Kitty

    • October 6, 1951

    Tom is chasing Jerry as usual, with Mammy Two-Shoes cheering him on. But when she attempts to crush Jerry herself by whacking him with a broom, she accidentally whacks Tom on the head instead. This causes Tom to suffer a case of amnesia, and he begins to act like a mouse. So both Jerry and Mammy individually try to cure him.

  • S03E11 Cat Napping

    • December 8, 1951

    It's a sunny day, and Tom walks out into the backyard with some lemonade and a pillow, ready to relax to his heart's content on a hammock. But when he finds out that Jerry is already sleeping there, he tosses him off. A fight then ensures for who gets the hammock.

  • S03E12 The Flying Cat

    • January 12, 1952

    Tom is chasing both Jerry and the house canary, but the two go out of reach by taking refuge in the canary's birdhouse. Tom tries everything to get up to them, but everything fails, ultimately resulting in him crashing through the whole house. When he comes out the other side, he has pink lace attached to him. Tom realizes that he can actually use the lace as wings to fly; a new weapon in his quest to get to Jerry and the canary...

  • S03E13 The Duck Doctor

    • February 16, 1952

    It's the time of year for ducks to be migrating, and little Quacker is among them. Unfortunately, Tom is out hunting ducks, and manages to shoot Quacker's wing, causing him to fall. Delighted, Tom goes after him, but Jerry saves him, doing his best to heal Quacker's wound and keep him safe from Tom at the same time.

  • S03E14 The Two Mouseketeers

    • March 15, 1952

    Given the responsibilities, by the tyrannical King, of guarding the grand banquet table, Tom is confronted by the sudden appearance of Jerry and Tuffy (Nibbles), the Mouseketeers.

  • S03E15 Smitten Kitten

    • April 12, 1952

    Jerry gets annoyed when he sees Tom fall for a female cat once again. With the help of his evil self, he remembers all of Tom's past relationships and all of the trouble that they caused him.

  • S03E16 Triplet Trouble

    • April 19, 1952

    Mammy receives 3 kittens to take care of. Tom gets to take care of them, but what Mammy doesn't know is that the three cats are evil. Tom knows they're evil, but Mammy thinks they are "little angels". She goes out to buy cream for them. This gives them the chance to torture Tom. Later, they see Jerry and decides to torture him too. Tom & Jerry then decide to work together and get back on the cats.

  • S03E17 Little Runaway

    • June 14, 1952

    When a baby seal escapes from the circus, it's befriended by Jerry. Tom hears that there's a big reward for the return of the seal, so he tries to catch it, with Jerry doing his best to protect it.

  • S03E18 Fit To Be Tied

    • July 26, 1952

    Spike steps on a tack while walking and is really hurt (he didn't know it was just a little tack). Jerry hears him, and helps take out the tack. To thank him, Spike gives Jerry a bell to ring whenever he's in trouble.

  • S03E19 Push-Button Kitty

    • September 6, 1952

    Mammy is tired of Tom being lazy and just lying around doing nothing. She receives a package that she's been wanting. It's a robot-cat. Tom first thinks it's just a robot, but when he sees how the cat got rid of Jerry, he feels sad and leaves. Every time Jerry tries to get back in the house, the robot throws him out. Jerry has a plan to keep the robot busy. He puts three wind-up mice in the house. The robot causes all kinds of destruction while trying to catch the mice. Mammy sees what a mess he made, and she begs Tom to come back.

  • S03E20 Cruise Cat

    • October 18, 1952

    A luxury cruise ship is bound for Honolulu, Hawaii, and Tom is the ship's mascot. The captain tells Tom that if he sees one mouse on the ship, he'll be kicked off and replaced with a new mascot. Of course, Jerry, who's on vacation, then discovers the ship and decides to climb aboard.

  • S03E21 The Dog House

    • November 29, 1952

    Spike is building a dog house of his very own. Though unfortunately for him, Tom and Jerry's chasing antics keep destroying his efforts over and over again...

  • S03E22 The Missing Mouse

    • January 10, 1953

    The radio reports that a white mouse, having swallowed enough explosives to blow up the city, has escaped from a lab.

  • S03E23 Jerry And Jumbo

    • February 21, 1953

    It's nighttime, and a circus train is passing through town. But a baby elephant is sleeping too close to the edge of the car he's in, and tumbles out, rolls down the hill, into a house, and right into Tom's basket. Not noticing out of tiredness, Tom curls up on top of the elephant, who's under the blanket. It manages to make a quick getaway, then sucks up Tom's milk with it's truck. Thinking it was Jerry, Tom marches into the kitchen. Jerry was actually drinking milk, but is wasn't Tom's. Still thinking he did it, Tom prepares to smash his bowl on him, when the elephant comes to his rescue. The two then hide from Tom in the closet, and decide to play a trick on him; Jerry paints the elephant to make him look like a super-sized version of himself...

  • S03E24 Johann Mouse

    • March 21, 1953

    The narrator tells the story of a waltzing mouse named Johann (Jerry) who lives in Vienna in Johann Strauss' home. Tom tries to catch Jerry each time he's dancing to Johann Strauss' piano music, but when a day arrives in which Johann Strauss is absent, Tom decides to learn how to play the piano in order to raise his chances of catching Jerry...

  • S03E25 That's My Pup!

    • April 25, 1953

    Spike is teaching his son Tyke the facts of life about being a dog. One lesson is chasing cats and Tom happens to be the object lesson of the day.

  • S03E26 Just Ducky

    • September 5, 1953

    Six eggs of a mother duck have just hatched. Delighted, the mother duck goes swimming, with five of her ducklings close behind. But unfortunately, the last duckling can't swim, and becomes sad.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Two Little Indians

    • October 17, 1953

    Scoutmaster Jerry has his hands full with two little orphans from the Bide a Wee Mouse Home. Outfitted in Indian feathers and diapers , the two involve Jerry and the sleeping Spike in a hair-raising battle with Tom.

  • S04E02 Life With Tom

    • November 21, 1953

    The third flashback toon. This one has Tom reading Jerry's best selling book, "Life with Tom."

  • S04E03 Puppy Tale

    • January 23, 1954

    Jerry resues a sackful of puppies from a storm swollen river and on of the pups follows Jerry home. Tom, being the cat that he is, doesn't want a dog around.

  • S04E04 Posse Cat

    • January 30, 1954

    The ranch cook tells Tom that he won't be getting any more food unless he gets rid of Jerry.

  • S04E05 Hic-cup Pup

    • April 17, 1954

    Tom accidentally gives Tyke the hiccups when he, also accidentally, awakens him from his nap. Spike is not pleased about this, and won't stop standing over Tom until he gets rid of Tyke's hiccups.

  • S04E06 Little School Mouse

    • May 29, 1954

    After being chased by Tom once again, Professor Jerry escapes into his classroom (mouse hole). Once there, he proceeds to teach his only student, Nibbles, how to outwit a cat. And the subject for the lesson is none other than Tom.

  • S04E07 Baby Butch

    • March 14, 1954

    Butch is going shopping... in an ally. He finds what he can in a garbage cans, and takes them with him. But a bottle of fresh milk on a doorstep catches his attention, and goes over to get it. But Tom opens the door and takes the milk before Butch can. Butch then sees a cooked chicken on the windowsill, and proceeds to takes that, only to have the window slammed shut on his fingers before he can. Determined, Butch dresses up as a hungry baby in order to get into the house and snatch the chicken, as well as all of the other delicious foods that could be there...

  • S04E08 Mice Follies

    • September 4, 1954

    It's icy fun in the kitchen, as Jerry and Nibbles turn the floor into an ice-skating rink by freezing overflowing faucets.

  • S04E09 Neapolitan Mouse

    • October 2, 1954

    While touring Naples, Italy, Tom and Jerry are befriended by an Italian mouse named Topo, a champion of justice who helps his new friends fight off some tough Italian dogs.

  • S04E10 Downhearted Duckling

    • November 13, 1954

    The little duckling is sad, because he just read "the ugly duckling". He cries because the duck looks just like him. Jerry hears him crying and tries to make him feel better. But no matter what, the duck thinks he looks ugly.

  • S04E11 Pet Peeve

    • November 20, 1954

    Husband and wife tell Tom and Spike that, due to the high cost of feeding them, one must go, and the one who catches Jerry will stay.

  • S04E12 Touché, Pussy Cat!

    • December 18, 1954

    Tuffy's father sends him to Jerry for Mouseketeer training. He fails miserable and destroys Jerry's place in the process. However, he gains the Mouseketeer title when he thwarts Tom.

  • S04E13 Southbound Duckling

    • March 12, 1955

    Stubborn Quacker, convinced this time that all ducks go south for the winter, refuses to stay home like his domestic buddies even though he can't fly. To complicate things Tom is hungry for a duck meal.

  • S04E14 Pup On A Picnic

    • April 30, 1955

    Spike and his son, Tyke, are on a picnic, but happen do have one in the same place in which Tom and Jerry's chasing antics are going on, and the two groups collide. It's then an array of food fight fun as Tom, Jerry, Spike, and Tyke, as well as an army of ants, vie for control of the picnic basket.

  • S04E15 Mouse For Sale

    • May 21, 1955

    With white mice being the new rage, Tom paints Jerry white and sells him for a bucketful of money, which he hides under the carpet back home.

  • S04E16 Designs On Jerry

    • September 2, 1955

    Knowing that he can make a lot of money this way, Tom designs the ultimate mouse trap. But after he goes to sleep, the mouse in his blueprints comes to life and warns Jerry about the upcoming threat that this mouse trap puts upon him...

  • S04E17 Tom And Chérie

    • September 9, 1955

    Hopelessly in love with a female mouse named Lilli, Jerry uses Nibbles as an errand boy to send letters back and forth between them. Unfortunately for Nibbles, he has to deal with Tom during these back-and-forth trips.

  • S04E18 Smarty Cat

    • October 14, 1955

    Tom and his alley cat palls are going through home movies, and Jerry wants to watch them, too. But Tom and his buddies don't want him around and toss him out the window. Annoyed, Jerry decides to get back at them by waking up Spike and angering him by showing him how he's depicted as a big goof in those movies.

  • S04E19 Pecos Pest

    • November 11, 1955

    Jerry gets a telegram from his Uncle Pecos that says that he's going to spend the night with him before his big debut on TV. Arriving quickly, he gives Jerry a demonstration of his guitar skills. But when one of his guitar's strings snap, he fearlessly walks up to Tom and pulls one of his whiskers to replace it. Annoyed at first, Tom soon becomes afraid of Uncle Pecos, whose guitar strings are always snapping, and it's always Tom's whiskers that he targets to replace them.

  • S04E20 That's My Mommy

    • November 19, 1955

    A duck egg rolls out of its nest and on Tom. When the egg cracks, it sees Tom, and it thinks Tom is his mother.

  • S04E21 The Flying Sorceress

    • January 27, 1956

    When Tom is scolded by his owner for always breaking things while chasing Jerry, he decides to get a job. He soon finds one that sounds good to him, but it turns out to be the job of a witch's cat. After a scary ride on the witch's broom, Tom gets the job and the witch goes to bed. Tom then decides to take the broom himself, and ride it back home to give Jerry a good scare.

  • S04E22 The Egg And Jerry

    • March 23, 1956

    A CinemaScope remake of the 1949 episode, Hatch Up Your Troubles.

  • S04E23 Busy Buddies

    • May 4, 1956

    A prequel to the upcoming Tot Watchers. This concerns Jeannie, the babysitter whose primary interest is talking on the phone.

  • S04E24 Muscle Beach Tom

    • September 7, 1956

    Tom and Butch both try to impress a female cat with their muscle building abilities, with not only each other, but Jerry, for competition.

  • S04E25 Down Beat Bear

    • October 21, 1956

    Tom and Jerry hear on the radio about a bear that escaped from the circus who always dances whenever music is playing. When the bear finds it's way to their house, and music starts playing, it takes Tom as it's reluctant dancing partner. Amused by this, Jerry does his best to keep the music going so he can continue to watch Tom get helplessly thrown around by the dancing bear.

  • S04E26 Blue Cat Blues

    • November 6, 1956

    Tom is sitting on the railroad tracks, feeling miserable about losing his girlfriend to his rival Butch again. Feeling sad for him, Jerry narrates the whole story as he watches on.

  • S04E27 Barbecue Brawl

    • December 14, 1956

    Spike's perfect pool-side barbecue with Tyke turns into a disaster when Tom and Jerry come crashing through with their usual chasing antics.

Season 5

  • S05E01 Tops With Pops

    • February 22, 1957

    This is a CinemaScope remake of the 1949 episode, Love That Pup.

  • S05E02 Timid Tabby

    • April 19, 1957

    George, Tom's fraidy-cat-look-alike cousin, comes for a visit. Jerry has no knowledge of this, however, so when he sees George freak out upon seeing him, he decides to scare him some more, but not always working as he sometimes gets Tom.

  • S05E03 Feedin' The Kiddie

    • June 7, 1957

    This is a CinemaScope remake of the 1949 episode, The Little Orphan.

  • S05E04 Mucho Mouse

    • September 6, 1957

    Taking place in Spain, Meathead the Cat is ordered by his owner to catch El Magnifico (Jerry) at once, but Meathead says that's impossible because of El Magnifico's world-renowned escaping skills. So the owner decides to call up Tom, the "Olympic, U.S. and World Champion Mouse Catcher", confident that he will be able to do the job.

  • S05E05 Tom's Photo Finish

    • November 1, 1957

    Tom frames Spike for stealing food from the fridge only to be caught on film by Jerry. Jerry makes several copies of the photo to try to get Tom in trouble.

  • S05E06 Happy Go Ducky

    • January 3, 1958

    When the Easter Bunny leaves an egg for Tom and Jerry, it hatches into Quacker. The little duck insists on swimming in everything in the house.

  • S05E07 Royal Cat Nap

    • March 7, 1958

    The king is about to take a nap, and tells Tom that if he hears one sound and wakes up, it's off with his head!

  • S05E08 The Vanishing Duck

    • May 2, 1958

    Quacker, in his last Tom and Jerry film, plays a singing duck who becomes Jerry's partner in crime when the tow of them discover the delights of vanishing cream.

  • S05E09 Robin Hoodwinked

    • June 6, 1958

    Daring mice Jerry and Tuffy try to break Robin Hood out of prison, but in order to do that, they have to get past the guard, Tom.

  • S05E10 Tot Watchers

    • August 1, 1958

    Babysitter Jeannie, still attached to the phone, unintentionally forces Tom and Jerry to take care of the baby, who still keeps getting into mischief.

  • S05E11 Switchin' Kitten

    • September 7, 1961

    This was the episode where Tom & Jerry go into an old castle on a dark and stormy night. The owner, most likely a relative to Dr. Frankenstein, switched animal brains to different animals. Jerry was a victim, who acted like a lion, and scaring Tom away, who had seen enough of the strange animals.

  • S05E12 Down and Outing

    • October 26, 1961

    In this episode Tom and Jerry go fishing.

  • S05E13 It's Greek to Me-Ow!

    • December 7, 1961

    This episode depicts Tom chasing Jerry during the times of Ancient Greece.

  • S05E14 High Steaks

    • January 1, 1962

    Tom and Jerry interfere with a cranky man and his barbecue.

  • S05E15 Mouse into Space

    • February 1, 1962

    Jerry finds Tom on a space capsule.

  • S05E16 Landing Stripling

    • April 1, 1962

    In This Episode Tom uses lighting to make a runway to try to catch a bird.

  • S05E17 Calypso Cat

    • June 1, 1962

    This episode involves a Persian cat that Tom falls in love with. They both end up on an island, but Tom ends up losing her to another cat.

  • S05E18 Dicky Moe

    • July 1, 1962

    A Tom and Jerry version of the book, "Moby Dick".

  • S05E19 The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit

    • August 1, 1962

    This episode involves a kit containing Tom, Jerry, and a bunch of weapons.

  • S05E20 Tall in the Trap

    • September 1, 1962

    A western episode in which the Sheriff hires Tom to catch Jerry, but Tom accidentally blows the place up instead.

  • S05E21 Sorry Safari

    • October 1, 1962

    Tom and Jerry are out on a Safari, but their vacation gets ruined.

  • S05E22 Buddies Thicker Than Water

    • November 1, 1962

    Jerry takes Tom inside his home. But when the mistress wants to evict the cat, Tom scares her with Jerry and tosses Jerry out into the snow. Tom is now pampered by the mistress and Jerry dresses up like a ghost to scare Tom.

  • S05E23 Carmen Get It!

    • December 1, 1962

    Another musical episode. Jerry goes into an opera, and Tom sneaks in behind a giant instrument case. Tom hides a tape recorder inside a violin, with a tape playing the role of the instrument. He's also a conductor, but ants keep changing the notes on a blank page.

Season 6

  • S06E01 Pent-House Mouse

    • July 27, 1963

    This episode takes place in a construction site where a very hungry Jerry leads Tom, who has plenty of food, into a dog show so Jerry can later eat Tom's food.

  • S06E02 The Cat Above and the Mouse Below

    • January 1, 1964

    Another musical episode. Famous opera singer Tom arrives at a concert, where Jerry happens to be sleeping. Jerry tries to distract Tom from his performance, and eventually, the two end up literally switching places.

  • S06E03 Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?

    • January 22, 1964

    In order to eat all of Tom's food without being noticed, Jerry comes up with a potion mixture to make him invisible. Tom eventually finds out, however, and ends up pulling a giant Jerry out of the wall.

  • S06E04 Much Ado About Mousing

    • January 29, 1964

    Jerry is rescued from Tom by a dog who gives him a whistle and tells him to blow it, and he will come to his rescue. In order for the dog not to hear the whistle, Tom puts earmuffs on him while he's sleeping. Later, however, Jerry shows up in front of Tom, holding what is seemingly the same pair of earmuffs.

  • S06E05 Snowbody Loves Me

    • February 11, 1964

    In this winter episode, Jerry is rolling down a hill in a giant snowball and lands in a place where Tom is. He finds a house filled with cheese and makes himself at home in a wheel of Swiss Cheese. Tom plugs up the cheese with corks, but the cheese ends up exploding, pulverizing Tom with millions of corks. Jerry eventually winds up in a slice of cheese and does a ballet performance.

  • S06E06 The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse

    • September 2, 1964

    Tom is jealous when a tiny kitten comes into the house. He tries to get rid of it, but Jerry stops him, having Tom do everything that Jerry and the kitten needs.

  • S06E07 Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life

    • January 3, 1965

    This episode involves both transportation and abstract, and begins with Tom sounding like a sports car. Tom and Jerry start racing, and Jerry ends up passing Tom several times in one second. Jerry thinks of swords and takes the swords from his thoughts, starting to throw them at Tom, barely missing. Jerry falls and a question mark appears. He holds onto the question mark and grabs the nearest ledge. Tom falls and an exclamation mark appears and while he tries to bend it into a question mark, he falls to the ground. Tom gets stuck in a drain pipe and Jerry frees him by using a horn. Out comes a very long Tom sounding like a train.

  • S06E08 Tom-ic Energy

    • January 11, 1965

    A very long chase scene and lively classical music play throughout this cartoon until Tom smashes into a giant dog and Jerry rescues him.

  • S06E09 Bad Day at Cat Rock

    • January 24, 1965

    When Jerry notices that Tom is having a bad day, he takes advantage of it by pulling numerous pranks on him.

  • S06E10 The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off

    • February 22, 1965

    Tom is by a pool, trying to lure Jerry with food. Jerry wants the food, but takes it by using a fishing rod, avoiding Tom altogether. Tom tries to get Jerry by dressing up as a mouse that attracts a bunch of other mice, but also ends up getting chased by a bunch of cats in the process.

  • S06E11 Haunted Mouse

    • March 29, 1965

    When Jerry's uncle comes to visit, he frees the animals that Tom has eaten, steals Tom's nose, and pulls some rabbits out of his hat that clobber Tom with a hammer.

  • S06E12 I'm Just Wild About Jerry

    • April 5, 1965

    After Tom gets run over by a train, he follows Jerry into a department store. They battle by using toy fire engines, bowling balls, ping-pong, clay pots, mail chutes, elevator shafts, and Jerry by stretching Tom's tail hundreds of feet in length. Tom ends up on the track again and blindfolds himself for the second time, only this time, a kind and angelic Jerry switches the tracks so Tom doesn't get hit.

  • S06E13 Of Feline Bondage

    • April 26, 1965

    A fairy princess gives Jerry a magical potion to make him invisible. Jerry gets some scissors and chases Tom with them and starts cutting his fur off. When Jerry is visible again, Tom gets the scissors and begins cutting Jerry's fur off. They look in a mirror and laugh until the end of the episode.

  • S06E14 The Year of the Mouse

    • May 17, 1965

    Being it's the Year of the Mouse, Jerry and another mouse decide to celebrate by pulling pranks on Tom.

  • S06E15 The Cat's Me-Ouch

    • December 22, 1965

    After Jerry barely gets away from Tom, he calls on his new dog to beat Tom up. Tom ends up in a hospital all bandaged up, with Jerry and his dog clinging on to him with their teeth.

  • S06E16 Duel Personality

    • January 8, 1966

    Taking place in a large house, Tom and Jerry challenge each other to a duel.

  • S06E17 Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary

    • January 14, 1966

    Jerry keeps trying to hurt Tom in his sleep. Jerry notices this, and tries to stay awake, but it doesn't work. No matter where Tom goes, Jerry keeps following him in his sleep, trying to hurt him.

  • S06E18 Jerry-Go-Round

    • January 20, 1966

    When Jerry helps out an injured elephant at the circus, the elephant repays Jerry by helping him to stop Tom from bothering them.

  • S06E19 Love Me, Love My Mouse

    • February 14, 1966

    When Tom falls in love with another female cat and offers her Jerry as a gift, Jerry screams and then tells her about the incident. Turns out that Tom planned it out, and she feels sympathetic for Jerry, and decides to take care of him. Jerry keeps trying to get into Tom's mouth on purpose, which gets Tom into trouble with the female cat. She eventually kisses Jerry, but upon tasting him, she smacks her lips with a devilish look on her face, teams up with Tom, and chases Jerry, with the intention of eating him, until the end of the episode.

  • S06E20 Puss 'N' Boats

    • March 21, 1966

    Tom and Jerry are chasing each other on a boat, propelling Tom into orbit, as well as into the water with a shark.

  • S06E21 Filet Meow

    • April 18, 1966

    Another episode with a shark. This time, Jerry is rescuing a fish from Tom. Tom tries to bring the fish back, only to run into a shark, instead.

  • S06E22 Matinee Mouse

    • May 9, 1966

    This episode used clips from older episode, and used better sound and music. Tom and Jerry go to the movies and are reminded painfully about the past, causing them to start beating each other again. The Tom, Jerry, and Spike in the movie stop fighting to watch the Tom and Jerry in the audience fighting.

  • S06E23 The A-TOM-iNABLE Snowman

    • June 20, 1966

    Tom tries to catch Jerry, who is hiding in a cuckoo clock, but ends up eating a tiny bomb, instead. He chases after Jerry wearing skis, and Jerry is safe inside with a Saint Bernard. Tom places his skis in snow to distract the dog so he can get Jerry. He gets knocked unconscious many times and gets rescued and intoxicated over and over again by the Saint Bernard. He pours Tom some water to soak his feet in, but it ends up burning Tom. He almost forgets Jerry, as he jumps so high because of the water that he lands in a tropical island, where the dog is waiting to rescue Tom when he bumps his head.

  • S06E24 Catty-Cornered

    • September 10, 1966

    This episode takes place in a duplex. Tom lives in one house, another Cat lives in the other, and Jerry lives between them. Both cats try to catch Jerry, but when one cat tries, the other cat gets hurt, and both think Jerry is the strongest mouse ever. They decide to get away from the damaged house, and Jerry comes with them, since he had so much fun.

  • S06E25 Cat and Dupli-Cat

    • January 16, 1967

    Jerry is again the victim of Two cats, and at first neither realize that there is another cat, they think they are each others reflection. They both cause trouble for Jerry, who is tired of it and ties the two cats up.

  • S06E26 O-Solar-Meow

    • January 29, 1967

    Another One that takes place in the future. Tom is at a cheese mining facility, and blows holes into the station. He is forced to repair the damage dune during a chase with Jerry, who is eating cheese in a nearby moon.

  • S06E27 Guided Mouse-ille

    • February 3, 1967

    It's the year 2565, and Tom and Jerry are scientists who blow themselves back in time.

  • S06E28 Rock 'N' Rodent

    • March 22, 1967

    Tom is trying to sleep but can't because Jerry's Band is playing too loudly. He tries to block out their music but that disrupts the sleep of a nearby bulldog. But when Jerry is finished and comes home, Tom's alarm clock goes off and he jumps out the window, and Jerry has no idea what's gotten into Tom.

  • S06E29 Cannery Rodent

    • April 16, 1967

    Set in Cannery Row, Tom and Jerry are trapped inside a can. When they get out, They find that same shark, and he almost eats Tom. Jerry, being kind and angelic again, saves Tom, but Tom is not grateful, so Jerry chases him with a shark fin,

  • S06E30 The Mouse from H.U.N.G.E.R.

    • May 7, 1967

    The Mouse From H.U.N.G.E.R. sets out to find the food guarded by The Cat From T.H.R.U.S.H.. He tries to stop the mouse, but the traps backfire and the mouse hauls away a refrigerator full of food.

  • S06E31 Surf-Bored Cat

    • June 4, 1967

    Tom's dreams of surfing are changed slightly when an Octopus, The Shark, and Jerry get involved. He becomes the surfboard himself when he swallows it.

  • S06E32 Shutter-Bugged Cat

    • June 18, 1967

    Tom is reviewing failed attempts to catch Jerry. he gets an idea to revise one of his old experiments. Unfortuneately, for Tom, Jerry was watching the old films and saw Tom drawing his new plan.

  • S06E33 Advance and Be Mechanized

    • August 29, 1967

    Another Space Adventure, this time Tom is a security guard. He spots Jerry's robot sneaking cheese from the Mining Facility. He sends his robot after him and gets the cheese back. The two robots end up injured, and put a controlling device on Tom & Jerry while the two robots operate the controls.

  • S06E34 Purr-Chance to Dream

    • September 7, 1967

    Tom is having nightmares about getting pounded by a bulldog. Jerry's dog bashes up tom many times, and Tom decides he'd rather sleep and dream about getting pounded by a dog than having it actually happen.