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Season 1

  • S01E01 Private Madness, Public Danger

    • December 30, 1977

    Charles Nesbitt, an expert on chemical weapons, threatens to contaminate the water sources of London with a lethal hallucogenic drug and in order to back up his claims, plans several small 'demonstrations' in warning to the local authorities - including CI5.

  • S01E02 The Female Factor

    • January 6, 1978

    An Iron Curtain agent is using a young girl to extort secrets from, and ultimately destroy the career of, a future British Prime Minister, unaware that the girl is the long-lost daughter of a well-known local prostitute.

  • S01E03 Old Dog With New Tricks

    • January 13, 1978

    A gangster called Turkel devises a plot to free his brother from jail by taking hostage an important figure in authority. He is unaware, however, that the 'important figure' he has taken in is actually Cowley masquerading as the Home Secretary, with Bodie as his bodyguard and Doyle ready to pull the trigger on Turkel's brother.

  • S01E04 Killer With a Long Arm

    • January 20, 1978

    CI5 become aware that an assassination plot on a group of visiting Greek Royals is being planned using a rifle that has a range of over two miles. But they must find out who is the gunman and what is his target - before it is too late.

  • S01E05 Heroes

    • January 27, 1978

    When a newspaper takes it upon themselves to irresponsibly publish a list of the names of witnesses to an assassination, it is left to CI5 to not only protect these people, but at the same time apprehend the killers before they strike again.

  • S01E06 Where the Jungle Ends

    • February 3, 1978

    A group of former comrades from Bodie's mercenary days reappear in England and in order to impress a top London gangster, carry out a violent raid on a local bank. It's left to CI5 to catch and stop the ringleader Krivas and his gang, reuniting Bodie with some of his old adversaries in the process.

  • S01E07 Close Quarters

    • February 10, 1978

    On leave from CI5 with a hand injury, Bodie takes a day trip with his girlfriend and finds himself face-to-face with the leader of a terrorist group. He captures him but then the rest of the gang arrive and trap Bodie and his girlfriend in a nearby vicarage, leaving him unable to alert his colleagues back at CI5 HQ. With barely any clues as to his whereabouts, Doyle and Cowley go on a chase through the countryside to try and locate Bodie.

  • S01E08 Everest Was Also Conquered

    • February 17, 1978

    A dying man's confession triggers the re-opening of a twenty-year-old case of police corruption, an investigation in which the main prosecution witness was murdered by the police officers who were supposedly trying to protect her. Somebody then decides to silence these officers, and sets about doing so.

  • S01E09 When the Heat Cools Off

    • February 24, 1978

    The daughter of a man inprisoned by Doyle six years ago when he was a Docklands policeman turns up, claiming to have new evidence which will exonerate her father. Doyle reluctantly agrees to reopen the case, but will his budding relationship with the girl cloud his judgement, and make even himself doubt whether he jailed the right man?

  • S01E10 Stakeout

    • March 3, 1978

    A CI5 agent is murdered, leading to the discovery of a man who is dying as a result of plutonium poisoning. This links CI5 to a further plot involving the imminent explosion of an A-bomb at the same bowling alley. It's left to Bodie and Doyle to try and de-activate the fuse before it takes them and the whole of London with it.

  • S01E11 Long Shot

    • March 10, 1978

    CI5 are assigned to protect a visiting American Ambassador from a renowned hitman called Ramos, who is hot on his trail. But after only one apparent assasination attempt at his life, Ramos appears to give up - only for him to turn up again at CI5 HQ itself.

  • S01E12 Look After Annie

    • March 17, 1978

    Annie Irving, an extreme left-wing preacher - and former flame of Cowley's - becomes the target of a hitman when one of her meetings comes to London. Cowley assigns Bodie and Doyle to protect her, unaware that the would-be hitman is right under his nose.

  • S01E13 Klansmen

    Members of a 'Keep Britain White' group go on the rampage in London, attacking the local black residents in an attempt at forcing them to leave the area...but two of the group members have an ulterior motive. Bodie is left seriously injured whilst Doyle joins the group undercover.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Hunter/Hunted

    • October 7, 1978

    Cowley assigns Doyle to test a brand new high-tech laser beam rifle. But the rifle is stolen from his flat and the thief decides to 'test' it on Doyle, sending him on a cat-and-mouse chase around London.

  • S02E02 The Rack

    • October 14, 1978

    A suspect being held under CI5's supervision is found dead in his cell - apparently after a fatal blow administered by Doyle. A public inquiry ensues and an influential lawyer calls for CI5 to be shut down. It's left to Cowley in fighting to save the organisation he founded.

  • S02E03 First Night

    • October 21, 1978

    CI5 are left to dig deep when an Israeli Minister is kidnapped, and the only clues to his whereabouts are a shadowy photograph and a coded tape message.

  • S02E04 Man Without a Past

    • October 28, 1978

    Bodie is out at a restaurant with his girlfriend when a bomb goes off at their table, leaving her critically injured and several other diners dead. It's left to Bodie to find out who targeted him and why - until he realises he wasn't the target after all.

  • S02E05 In the Public Interest

    • November 4, 1978

    A virtual police state has been imposed by a local Chief Constable, resulting in a supposedly almost crime-free city. But that is because all the crime is taking place behind the scenes by the police officers themselves - who will think of nothing of imposing on suspects' rights in their pursuit of 'zero tolerance'. Bodie and Doyle become hunted men when they visit the city and begin to question the rather unorthodox methods of action taken by the local constabulary.

  • S02E06 Rogue

    • November 11, 1978

    A trial witness is murdered by a member of CI5, who then goes on and attempts to kill Cowley - his own boss. Bodie and Doyle find themselves battling against a man who is as well-trained as they are.

  • S02E07 Not a Very Civil Civil Servant

    • November 18, 1978

    CI5 manage to undercover a series of financial blunders between a group of builders and council officials after a site of newly-built houses on a council estate are found to be crumbling.

  • S02E08 A Stirring of Dust

    • November 25, 1978

    A British traitor returns to his homeland and must be found before his former colleagues, seeking vengeance for his past betrayals, go in search of his whereabouts.

  • S02E09 Blind Run

    • December 2, 1978

    Bodie and Doyle are assigned to protect a foreign official who is on a secret visit to Britain. But already possible enemy assassins appear to know his - and CI5's - every next move.

  • S02E10 Fall Girl

    • December 9, 1978

    Bodie is re-acquainted with a former girlfriend when she shows up in London, and during a secret meeting with her finds himself framed for an assassination and then ultimately on the run from his own colleagues at CI5.

Season 3

  • S03E01 The Purging of CI5

    • October 27, 1979

    CI5 and their agents find themselves under attack from a vendetta of bombings and assassination attempts. Bodie and Doyle are on a chase to find out who the perpetrators are before they end up as the next victims.

  • S03E02 Backtrack

    • November 3, 1979

    It's just another routine house break-in for a cat burglar, until he accidentally uncovers a complex drugs smuggling operation. When CI5 step in, they realise it's not just the burglar's life that is now in danger.

  • S03E03 Stopover

    • November 10, 1979

    Cowley is offered the name of a highly-placed double agent from an old colleague - who in return wants to be guaranteed protection with CI5. This leads to the start of a dangerous stand-off between the two, using Bodie and Doyle as the pawns.

  • S03E04 Dead Reckoning

    • November 17, 1979

    A spy is extradited to Britain with an attempt to keep his arrival top-secret. However, the Bulgarians from Batak's homeland who sent him appear to be trying to make his movements as public as possible. When he is eventually murdered, CI5 suspect his music student daughter of poisoning him.

  • S03E05 The Madness of Mickey Hamilton

    • November 24, 1979

    Years after a man's wife died and his child left brain-damaged following a series of blunders at the hospital they were treated at, he returns to finally seek revenge by systematically assassinating each of the same hospital's medical staff one-by-one.

  • S03E06 A Hiding to Nothing

    • December 1, 1979

    A dummy run that has been staged for the visit of a Middle Eastern official is found to have been recorded by a foreign student, subsequently leading CI5 to suspect a security leak.

  • S03E07 Runner

    • December 8, 1979

    An attempt to start up a street war is launched by a gangland breakaway opposition group, but their leader appears to have an ulterior motive in his actions.

  • S03E08 Servant of Two Masters

    • December 15, 1979

    Bodie and Doyle are shocked to discover that Cowley appears to be selling nerve gas to a group of East Germans in order to line his own pockets, and are assigned by his rival Plumb to track their boss's every move.

Season 4

  • S04E01 The Acorn Syndrome

    • September 7, 1980

    The daughter of a British Government engineer who is working on a defence protect is kidnapped, and the only way she will be safely returned is if he agrees to betray secrets to enemy agents.

  • S04E02 Wild Justice

    • September 14, 1980

    Bodie's mental state is called ino question when he becomes obsessed with a local Hell's Angel motorcycle gang, gradually sending him further and further behind in training. Is he cracking up?

  • S04E03 Fugitive

    • September 21, 1980

    A CIA agent is murdered in London, prompting CI5 into launching a fake arms deal with the terrorists who were responsible for the killing. But the gang uncover the plot in time, taking Bodie hostage and using him as their meal ticket to escape the country.

  • S04E04 Involvement

    • September 28, 1980

    In the midst of a shoot-out during a drugs smuggling investigation, Doyle meets and falls for Ann Holly, only to discover that CI5 suspect her of being closely linked to the scam herself.

  • S04E05 Need To Know

    • October 5, 1980

    Cowley finds himself under suspicion when a former colleague of his is arrested for being a double agent. So just how deeply involved is the CI5 Chief?

  • S04E06 Take Away

    • October 12, 1980

    A team of Hong Kong police join CI5 in London to help crack a local heroin supply and protection racket. It's down to Bodie and Doyle to expose a scheme to smuggle drugs to the US by teams of Triads and European agents.

  • S04E07 Black Out

    • October 19, 1980

    CI5 discover that a possible terrorist attack is being planned, and the only clue they have in solving it is a German girl who is found collapsed in a church and suffering from amnesia.

  • S04E08 Blood Sports

    • October 26, 1980

    CI5 move in to protect the daughter of a South American President after his son - and her brother - is assassinated on the field of a polo match.

  • S04E09 Slush Fund

    • November 2, 1980

    A hitman is employed by a group of East German officials to assassinate a reporter who is planning to publish a report in which their new fighter plane is branded as a potential death-trap.

  • S04E10 The Gun

    • November 9, 1980

    A drug addict is murdered by a pusher who then hastily discards the gun, only for it to be found by a young boy-who then accidently shoots his friend in the process. The pusher then goes in search of the boy in an attempt to retrieve the gun and at the same time has to try to avoid his own people who are in pursuit of him.

  • S04E11 Hijack

    • November 30, 1980

    Silver bullion is being shipped into Britain via the Iron Curtain, only for it to be hijacked by one of the group's own officials.

  • S04E12 Mixed Doubles

    • December 7, 1980

    Bodie and Doyle are undergoing intense training in preparation for an assignment where they are protecting a foreign official...at the same time, two potential killers are receiving similiar training to prepare them for the assassination of the same official.

  • S04E13 Weekend in the Country

    • December 14, 1980

    Bodie, Doyle and their latest girlfriends are on a quiet weekend in the country when they unwittingly get caught up at a farmhouse siege in which they must try and escape from a group of gun-toting fugitives.

  • S04E14 Kickback

    • December 20, 1980

    Bodie and Keller, an old acquaintance from his days in the SAS, go undercover in order to trap a would-be assassin by posing as hitmen offering to do the job themselves - in order to fake the killing. But Keller turns out to have an ulterior motive.

  • S04E15 Its Only a Beautiful Picture...

    • December 27, 1980

    Various industrial secrets and highly-valuable arts treasures are being stolen and sold on by a gang who are using the blind routine of Customs to their full advantage. CI5 devise a trap to stop the thieves in their tracks.

Season 5

  • S05E01 Foxhole on the Roof

    • November 7, 1982

    A post-operative ward in a hospital is held to ransom by a newly-released convict who plans to make a fortune, setting up his own foxhole at the top of a nearby building. CI5 hatch a plot to bring him down before he takes a fatal shot at the hospital.

  • S05E02 Operation Susie

    • November 14, 1982

    A department in a British Government appears to be attempting to kill a bunch of drug-dealing students...but why?

  • S05E03 You'll Be All Right

    • November 21, 1982

    A leader of a criminal gang offers to surrender himself if in exchange he is guaranteed protection for his family.

  • S05E04 Lawson's Last Stand

    • November 28, 1982

    Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lawson has gone missing without trace...and is armed with vital military secrets from NATO. Can CI5 seek him out before he tells all?

  • S05E05 Discovered in a Graveyard

    • December 5, 1982

    Whilst investigating a bombing plot Doyle is shot and left for dead in his flat, and as the hospital fights to save his life, he seems unable to decide whether he wants to live or die...meanwhile, Bodie goes on a chase to find Doyle's assailant.

  • S05E06 Spy Probe

    • December 12, 1982

    An organisation which hires killers to assassinate virtual nobodies on sight is infiltrated by Bodie and Doyle, who must find out who the perpetrators are and why, by going undercover and posing as potential hitmen themselves.

  • S05E07 Cry Wolf

    • January 9, 1983

    A young woman contacts the police, saying she is being stalked and is in fear for her life, but they think she is making the whole story up.

  • S05E08 The Untouchables

    • January 16, 1983

    Bodie is offered the opportunity to clear up all his gambling debts by a foreign diplomat - who in exchange wants to have some vital secrets from CI5.

  • S05E09 The Ojuka Situation

    • January 23, 1983

    A sacked former African Head attempts to get reinstated in office using the help of the British Government, but the plan is sidetracked by one particular civil servant who now wants him dead.

  • S05E10 A Man Called Quinn

    • January 30, 1983

    A former colleague of Cowley's who is now a patient in a mental hospital reappears in London, going on the run when he believes that the KGB have drugged him.

  • S05E11 No Stone

    • February 6, 1983

    A young woman from a rich and successful family turns terrorist, shunning her wealthy background and the British Justice system which she now views as being corrupt. Important legal establishments located around London are targeted by the terrorist groups, who are planting several bombs at key points around the city.