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All Seasons

Season 1

  • S01E01 The Fresh Prince Project

    • September 10, 1990

    Aunt Vivian tries to mediate between her husband Philip and the newly arrived Will.

  • S01E02 Bang the Drum, Ashley

    • September 17, 1990

    Will persuades Ashley to pawn her violin for a drum set.

  • S01E03 Clubba Hubba

    • September 24, 1990

    Will wants to go out with a beautiful girl he meets at the country club, but first he must figure out how to impress her extremely snobbish and very protective father so he seeks tips from cousin Carlton on becoming preppie.

  • S01E04 Not With My Pig, You Don't

    • October 1, 1990

    Will tries to smooth things between Philip and his very rural parents when they visit to see him receive an award.

  • S01E05 Homeboy, Sweet Homeboy

    • October 8, 1990

    Will gets a visit from an old pal named Ice Tray, who, to Vivian and Philip's dismay, warms up to Hilary.

  • S01E06 Mistaken Identity

    • October 15, 1990

    Jailed, Will and Carlton stage a media stunt.

  • S01E07 Def Poet's Society

    • October 22, 1990

    Will joins his prep school's poetry club.

  • S01E08 Someday Your Prince Will Be in Effect (1)

    • October 29, 1990

    Carlton and Will, babe magnets. Who will be first to get a date for Hilary's Halloween party?

  • S01E08 Someday Your Prince Will Be in Effect (2)

    • October 29, 1990

    Carlton and Will, babe magnets. Who will be first to get a date for Hilary's Halloween party?

  • S01E09 Kiss My Butler

    • November 5, 1990

    Happy birthday Geoffrey! For a gift, Will tries matchmaking, then falls for Geoffrey's date himself.

  • S01E10 Courting Disaster

    • November 12, 1990

    Superstar, super ego. Will is Bel-Air Prep's new hoops hero - and ball hog.

  • S01E11 Talking Turkey

    • November 19, 1990

    A November to remember. When Will's mother visits for Thanksgiving, the turkey feathers fly.

  • S01E12 Knowledge is Power

    • November 26, 1990

    College is, like, soooo hard! Will discovers that Hilary has dropped out of UCLA.

  • S01E13 Day Damn One

    • December 3, 1990

    Will tells Ashley's friends a blood-curdling tale of terror: he recounts his first day at Bel-Air Prep.

  • S01E14 Deck the Halls

    • December 10, 1990

    Will inimitably dresses the mansion for the holidays, to the dismay of the neighbors, including heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield.

  • S01E15 The Lucky Charm

    • January 7, 1991

    Philip may lose a superstitious client whom he advises not to make decisions based on Will's spontaneous remarks.

  • S01E16 The Ethnic Tip

    • January 14, 1991

    Will proposes a black history class be instituted at Bel-Air Academy, and gets a surprise when Aunt Viv arrives to teach it.

  • S01E17 The Young and the Restless

    • January 21, 1991

    Will sneaks Philip's elderly mother out of the house for a night on the town.

  • S01E18 It Had to Be You

    • February 4, 1991

    Will has girl problems after a date with Jazz's domineering sister, who's ready to pick out a china pattern before the night is over.

  • S01E19 Nice Lady

    • February 11, 1991

    Fresh Prince Will is on his best behavior for visiting royalty -- the seemingly demure Lady Penelope, who Will hopes to persuade to let herself have a good time at a party.

  • S01E20 Love at First Fight

    • February 18, 1991

    Jasmine Guy plays a scholarship student whose introduction to Will opens up a different world of fun and games -- and romance -- to divert her from her studies.

  • S01E21 Banks Shot

    • February 25, 1991

    Will crawls to Philip for help after sneaking out on the town and getting hustled by sleazy pool sharks.

  • S01E22 72 Hours

    • March 11, 1991

    Will challenges Carlton to spend time in a tough neighborhood, trying to survive by masquerading as a financial consultant.

  • S01E23 Just Infatuation

    • April 29, 1991

    R&B singer Tevin Campbell plays teen idol Little T, who surprises Ashley on her birthday with a special song and an invitation for a date.

  • S01E24 Working it Out

    • May 6, 1991

    Rap's Queen Latifah plays Hilary's new actress boss, who wants Will as her boy toy -- or Hilary's glamorous job is over.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Did the Earth Move for You?

    • September 9, 1991

    Will's all-consuming romance with a new girlfriend shakes up the Banks' household, as does Mother Nature, trapping them together during an earthquake.

  • S02E02 The Mother of All Battles

    • September 16, 1991

    Will and Carlton arrive as reinforcements when a bully challenges Ashley to a rumble, but there's real trouble when Philip and Vivian intervene.

  • S02E03 Will Gets a Job

    • September 23, 1991

    Will tries to juggle school and a new job in order to earn money for the homecoming party; Ashley's classmate Tina becomes interested in Carlton. Will starts becoming paranoid when he constantly is getting confused with Carlton.

  • S02E04 PSAT Pstory

    • September 30, 1991

    Will is a picture of confidence, while Carlton is a frazzled bundle of nerves preparing for college aptitude tests.

  • S02E05 Granny Gets Busy

    • October 7, 1991

    Mortified over spying his mother kiss the handyman, Philip can't bear to think of her having a new man in her life.

  • S02E06 Guess Who's Coming to Marry?

    • October 14, 1991

    Tensions spill over just before the wedding of Will's Aunt Janice when Will's mom meets Janice's intended -- and forbids Will to attend the interracial wedding.

  • S02E07 The Big Four-Oh

    • October 21, 1991

    Vivian's 40th birthday marks a crisis and a career change in which she plans to perfect her dance skills.

  • S02E08 She Ain't Heavy

    • November 4, 1991

    Will hits it off with the full-figured Dee Dee, but her size keeps him from asking her to the dance.

  • S02E09 Cased Up

    • November 11, 1991

    A pompous lawyer who's dating Hilary is no fan of Will's after he's sideswiped by Will's roadster.

  • S02E10 Hi-Ho Silver

    • November 18, 1991

    Will and Carlton think a party guest stole the silverware.

  • S02E11 The Butler Did It

    • November 25, 1991

    Bell Biv DeVoe shoots a video at the Bankses, courtesy of Carlton, who rents the house while his parents are away.

  • S02E12 Something for Nothing

    • December 9, 1991

    After winning at the country club's Monte Carlo night fund-raiser, Will learns that he's expected to donate the money to charity.

  • S02E13 Christmas Show

    • December 16, 1991

    On a family ski trip, the Banks find that they must come up with Christmas gifts from the heart after their belongings are stolen.

  • S02E14 Hilary Gets a Life

    • January 6, 1992

    Hilary must work for a caterer after her credit cards are cancelled.

  • S02E15 My Brother's Keeper

    • January 13, 1992

    On the basketball court, winning is everything to Will, as it is to an opponent from Malibu Prep, who can't afford to lose.

  • S02E16 Geoffrey Cleans Up

    • January 20, 1992

    Geoffrey falls hard for a neighbor he believes is a housekeeper -- but who turns out to be very wealthy.

  • S02E17 Community Action

    • February 3, 1992

    When Hillary is ordered to do community service at a free clinic, the doctor in charge becomes the antidote for her marriage-mindedness.

  • S02E18 Ill Will

    • February 10, 1992

    The family fears a steamy exposé when Geoffrey begins his memoirs, while Will fears the scalpel when he enters the hospital, kicking and screaming, for a tonsillectomy.

  • S02E19 Eyes on the Prize

    • February 17, 1992

    Needing a game show partner, Will must choose between bickering friends.

  • S02E20 Those Were the Days

    • February 24, 1992

    Philip and Vivian welcome a '60s radical, who arouses the FBI's interest and influences Will and Carlton to take action over the firing of a nonconformist teacher.

  • S02E21 Vying for Attention

    • March 2, 1992

    Will dislikes his mother's new boyfriend.

  • S02E22 The Aunt Who Came to Dinner

    • March 23, 1992

    Aunt Helen arrives unexpectedly, and upsets Will and Carlton's plans for a rendezvous with two French women.

  • S02E23 Be My Baby Tonight

    • April 27, 1992

    Ashley cringes when the family oohs and aahs over her relationship with Kevin , but Will chokes when she asks him about sex -- and her curiosity about reproduction sends Will to a pregnancy counseling center.

  • S02E24 Strip-Tease for Two

    • May 4, 1992

    Will and Carlton lose their shirts investing on a tip -- then take jobs as strippers to recoup their losses and get Vivian's bracelet out of hock.

Season 3

  • S03E01 How I Spent My Summer Vacation

    • September 14, 1992

    Will returns home from spending the summer in Philadelphia with a new look that doesn't sit well with Uncle Phil.

  • S03E02 Will Gets Committed

    • September 21, 1992

    Philip and Vivian organize a cleanup effort in the riot-torn remains of their old LA neighborhood.

  • S03E03 That's No Lady, That's My Cousin

    • September 28, 1992

    Enrolled at the newly coed Bel-Air Prep, Ashley begins dressing to entice guys, using Will's preferences in women as her examples.

  • S03E04 Hilary Gets a Job

    • October 5, 1992

    Hilary gets a job reporting weather on television.

  • S03E05 Mama's Baby, Carlton's Maybe

    • October 24, 1992

    Carlton prepares for a dinner date with his former girlfriend, Cindy (Lark Voorhees), forgiving her for rejecting him several months earlier, but when she arrives with a newborn baby named Carlton Jr., the entire Banks family is stunned

  • S03E06 P.S. I Love You

    • October 12, 1992

    Philip intends to railroad the ineffectual Judge Robertson off the bench; and Will becomes the "love slave" of a flamboyantly generous plain student. Will accepts many expensive gifts off her including tickets to the Los Angeles Lakers game, a Harley Davidson and a jacket emblazoned with a motif of his hero Malcolm X. In the end she reveals actually she does not even like him and she was doing this for his attention for her own gains regarding image, because he was captain of basketball and lots of other girls do like him.

  • S03E07 Here Comes the Judge

    • October 26, 1992

    Will gets arrested for numerous parking tickets as Phil runs for judge against incumbent Judge Robertson.

  • S03E08 Boyz in the Woods

    • November 5, 1992

    Philip takes Will and Carlton on a camping trip that turns out to be a disaster when snow traps the unhappy campers.

  • S03E09 A Night at the Oprah

    • November 9, 1992

    The Bankses appear on Oprah's show and fail to invite Will on-stage, which may cause Philip to lose the election.

  • S03E10 Asses to Ashes

    • November 16, 1992

    Election results are in and Philip fights to remain cool amid lies by Judge Robertson, which prompt Will to confront the outspoken incumbent. Will Will go to far? Will he say what everyone is feeling? Will Judge Robertson be able to take it?

  • S03E11 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

    • November 23, 1992

    At Vivian's Lamaze class, Will cozies up to a pregnant sportswriter, who takes him to a game -- and delivers more than just fun.

  • S03E12 The Cold War

    • December 7, 1992

    Carlton Banks is very depressed after being rejected by Paula, unaware that she has left him for Will. Meanwhile, Philip and Vivian receive an envelope from their doctor containing an ultrasound picture revealing the sex of Vivian's fetus. Not wanting to spoil their surprise in the delivery room, they entrust the sealed envelope to their butler, Geoffrey ...then curiosity gets the better of them.

  • S03E13 Mommy Nearest

    • December 14, 1992

    Will's mother tells Will that she's broken her engagement to Robert and eagerly awaits her son's graduation so they can return to Philadelphia together. A shocked Will is afraid to tell her that he wants to attend college in California and remain with his Bel-Air family and friends, and suffers a nightmarish fantasy of what it would be like still living with his mother when he's 60 years old.

  • S03E14 Winner Takes Off

    • January 4, 1993

    Will and Carlton convince Geoffrey that he has won a multimillion dollar lottery.

  • S03E15 Robbing the Banks

    • January 18, 1993

    Philip is quick to judge an ex-con Will urged him to hire as a handyman and temporary assistant after the house is robbed.

  • S03E16 Bundle of Joy

    • January 25, 1993

    As Vivian's delivery date approaches, the family fantasizes about what the baby will mean to each of them: Ashley feels all but invisible, Geoffrey feels overwhelmed by the family's demands, and Vivian feels like she's having triplets.

  • S03E17 The Best Laid Plans

    • February 1, 1993

    Will tries to dupe a girl into intimacy.

  • S03E18 The Alma Matter

    • February 8, 1993

    Princeton accepts Will but rejects Carlton -- whose guardian angel helps him see the light.

  • S03E19 Just Say Yo

    • February 15, 1993

    Will learns a sobering lesson after Carlton pops the wrong pills from Will's locker, mistaking amphetamines for vitamins, and winds up in hospital.

  • S03E20 The Baby Comes Out

    • February 22, 1993

    Vivian's baby is a week late, but family members and her visiting sisters are nowhere to be found when it's time to rush to the hospital.

  • S03E21 You Bet Your Life

    • March 1, 1993

    Heavyweight boxing champ Riddick Brown wreaks havoc with Carlton's mind and Will's face at a funky cafe-casino in Nevada, where the cousins have stopped on their way to check out a college for Will.

  • S03E22 Ain't No Business Like Show Business

    • April 12, 1993

    Will lands a spot in a comedy showcase after accompanying a comic friend to an audition.

  • S03E23 The Way We Were

    • May 3, 1993

    Series clips illustrate family recollections as the kids put together a scrapbook for Vivian and Philip, who want to renew their vows on their anniversary.

  • S03E24 Six Degrees of Graduation

    • May 10, 1993

    Vy anticipates Will's graduation with enthusiasm, but there may be discord when she learns Will is failing music. To pass his music class, Will must sing at the graduation ceremony -- with a class of eight-year-olds.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Where There's a Will, There's a Way (1)

    • September 20, 1993

    Philip and Vivian have the new baby, but Will and Carlton have the new crib: their own college apartment.

  • S04E02 Where There's a Will, There's a Way (2)

    • September 20, 1993

    Homeless homies. After Jazz gets the guys evicted, Will and Carlton search for new lodgings.

  • S04E03 All Guts, No Glory

    • September 27, 1993

    College: parties, freedom...learning? Will is stunned to find his toughest class is also his most rewarding.

  • S04E04 Father of the Year

    • October 4, 1993

    Daddy yo! Cooing cooeds flock around "single dad" Will when they think his baby cousin is his son.

  • S04E05 It's Better to Have Loved and Lost It...

    • October 11, 1993

    The 18 year old virgin...not! Carlton gets really lucky. His first conquest is Miss Right.

  • S04E06 Will Goes a-Courtin'

    • October 18, 1993

    Fight the power. Will and Carlton head to court to battle their evil landlord - Judge Philip Banks.

  • S04E07 Hex and the Single Guy

    • October 25, 1993

    Will disses a seance - until the spiritualist zaps him with a hex that (uh-oh) seems to work.

  • S04E08 Blood is Thicker Than Mud

    • November 1, 1993

    A bro with dough? Carlton's upper-class upbringing may make him unwelcome at a black fraternity.

  • S04E09 Fresh Prince After Dark

    • November 8, 1993

    Playboyz. Will and Carlton go hip-hoppin' down the bunny trail at Hugh Hefner's mansion.

  • S04E10 Home is Where the Heart Attack Is

    • November 15, 1993

    Dieting Philip is desperate for a burger, so Will brings him the greasy goods. One bite...and Philip keels over.

  • S04E11 Take My Cousin -- Please

    • November 22, 1993

    Hoping to raise his grade, Will lends his divorced and depressed professor his "chicktionary" of hot dates.

  • S04E12 You've Got to Be a Football Hero

    • November 29, 1993

    Will doesn't have a ghost of a chance when he's dumped in a spook-filled cemetery.

  • S04E13 'Twas the Night Before Christening

    • December 20, 1993

    A lullaby with a groove. Will promises that Boyz II Men will perform at Nicky's christening.

  • S04E14 Sleepless in Bel-Air

    • January 3, 1994

    Is the night before the exam too late to open the chemistry book? Will is about to find out.

  • S04E15 Who's the Boss

    • January 10, 1994

    Carlton in charge. Will gets his feathers ruffled when his cousin becomes his boss at the Peacock Stop.

  • S04E16 I Know Why the Caged Bird Screams

    • January 24, 1994

    Bird is the word when Carlton, ULA's peacock mascot, is kidnapped by a rival school before the big game.

  • S04E17 When You Hit Upon a Star

    • January 31, 1994

    Bring on the bling. Will develops a taste for yachts and private jets when he dates a superstar singer.

  • S04E18 Stop Will! In the Name of Love

    • February 14, 1994

    It's double trouble for Ashley's love life when she and Will double date on Valentin'e Day.

  • S04E19 You'd Better Shop Around

    • February 21, 1994

    Selling out. Will drops out of college to chase big bucks as a car salesman.

  • S04E20 The Ol' Ball and Chain

    • February 28, 1994

    Jazz's bride has a couple of teensy character flaws: She's a convict. And she puts the moves on Will.

  • S04E21 The Harder They Fall

    • March 14, 1994

    Fresh Prince, paratrooper. Will parachutes out of a disabled plane with his girlfriend's overbearing father.

  • S04E22 'M' is for the Many Things She Gave Me

    • April 25, 1994

    A visit from Philip's college girlfriend makes Vivian wonder if the old flame still flickers.

  • S04E23 Mother's Day

    • May 2, 1994

    Say, homie, could you do me a favor? Just-married Jazz makes a surprising request of Will.

  • S04E24 Papa's Got a Brand-New Excuse

    • May 9, 1994

    Life without Father. Will's deadbeat dad shows up full of bright, shiny father-and-son plans.

  • S04E25 For Sale By Owner

    • May 16, 1994

    The Banks take a trip down memory lane when they're offered a tidy profit to sell the family house.

  • S04E26 The Philadelphia Story

    • May 23, 1994

    Cluck, cluck, cluck. On a trip to Philly, the Banks discover that Will has a hometown rep as a chicken.

Season 5

  • S05E01 The Client (2)

    • September 19, 1994

    Will's career as a music man hits a few sour notes.

  • S05E02 What's Will Got to Do With It? (1)

    • September 19, 1994

    Dough-re-me. Will thinks Ashley can make big bucks in the singing biz if she picks the right manager: him.

  • S05E03 Reality Bites

    • September 26, 1994

    "Look here, you big orange Moby Dick." Will tangles with a grouchy whale who ditches a kiddie concert.

  • S05E04 Grumpy Young Men

    • October 3, 1994

    Kissin' cousin. War breaks out when the girl Will likes plants a big one on Carlton.

  • S05E05 Fresh Prince: The Movie

    • October 10, 1994

    A mob killing, a bear and a pregnant backwoods belle. Will spins a tall tale to distract Jazz during a poker game.

  • S05E06 Will's Misery

    • October 17, 1994

    The Banks hate the ugly golf shirts Hilary gives them - until they see Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wearing the same design.

  • S05E07 Father Knows Best

    • October 24, 1994

    To help Ashley out of a jam at school, Will poses as her father. Oh yeah, this is gonna work.

  • S05E08 Soul Train

    • November 7, 1994

    At a Soul Train reunion, middle-aged Philip feels like his train has left the station.

  • S05E09 Love Hurts

    • November 14, 1994

    Who da man? Not Will, who questions his manhood when Lisa drops a thug who knocked him down.

  • S05E10 Will's Up a Dirt Road

    • November 21, 1994

    Headline news. Will's attempt to be a photojournalist leads to a $10-million lawsuit from Jay Leno.

  • S05E11 Will Steps Out

    • November 28, 1994

    To understand Philip's battle with the scale, Will dons a fat suit and gets a big fat lesson in empathy.

  • S05E12 Same Game, Next Season

    • December 12, 1994

    Will works so hard to impress Lisa's dad that he spends all his free time with his new best buddy.

  • S05E13 Three's a Crowd

    • January 9, 1995

    Snow way to treat a lady. Carlton gives Lisa the cold shoulder when she shows up at a guys-only ski trip.

  • S05E14 It's a Wonderful Lie

    • January 23, 1995

    The party's over. Will and Lisa tell each other lies so they can sneak off to the (uh-oh) same party.

  • S05E15 Bullets Over Bel-Air

    • February 6, 1995

    A confrontation with an armed robber at an ATM forever changes Will and Carlton's relationship.

  • S05E16 A Decent Proposal

    • February 13, 1995

    Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Will pops the question from his hospital room. And Lisa's answer is...

  • S05E17 Will is From Mars...

    • February 20, 1995

    He says kids, she says wait. He says Philly, she says Cleveland. Will and Lisa try marriage counseling.

  • S05E18 The Wedding Show (Psyche!)

    • February 27, 1995

    Shafted! The engaged couple opts for flashy Vegas vows, complete with costumes. The tasteful theme: Shaft.

  • S05E19 Slum Like It ... Not!

    • March 13, 1995

    When Will talks Philip into buying a dilapidated apartment building, guess who has to fix up the fixer-upper.

  • S05E20 As the Will Turns

    • April 10, 1995

    Soap bubble: Will is thrilled to land a role in a TV soap - until he finds out his character is in love with another guy.

  • S05E21 Save the Last Trance For Me

    • April 17, 1995

    "At the sound of the bell you will be four years old." A hypnotist turns Will into a mischievous little boy.

  • S05E22 To Thine Own Self Be Blue ... and Gold

    • April 24, 1995

    Internet dating hooks up two people with a lot in common: Hershey's Kiss (Carlton) and Brown Sugar (Hilary).

  • S05E23 Cold Feet, Hot Body

    • May 1, 1995

    Dinner date. The Banks host a gorgeous girl from Philly who tries to lure Will away from Lisa.

  • S05E24 Love in an Elevator

    • May 8, 1995

    Stuck and out of luck, Will spends his bachelor party trapped in an elevator with a feuding Carlton and Jazz.

  • S05E25 For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll

    • May 15, 1995

    Husband-to-be Will has the bride, the ring, the date...and second thoughts about the whole idea.

Season 6

  • S06E01 Burnin' Down the House

    • September 18, 1995

    If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. On the day of a big party, Will learns to flambe. Uh-oh.

  • S06E02 Get a Job

    • September 25, 1995

    Chris Rock guest stars as a hot comedian and his u-g-l-y sister, Will's date for a night on the town.

  • S06E03 Stress Related

    • October 2, 1995

    No bologna, no pimento loaf. Vivian tosses out Philip's faves and substitutes tofu and rice cakes. Oh, yum!

  • S06E04 Bourgie Sings the Blues

    • October 9, 1995

    When Carlton misses his Princeton interview, Will dons sweater vest and bow tie to impersonate his cousin.

  • S06E05 The Script Formerly Known As...

    • October 16, 1995

    Things don't go well when Will books a juror from Philip's "Show-Biz Madam" trial on Hilary's program.

  • S06E06 Not, I Barbecue

    • October 23, 1995

    Will and Carlton's double date ends unromantically when a big bruiser shows up looking for his squeeze.

  • S06E07 Not With My Cousin You Don't

    • November 6, 1995

    Freakin' out! On the home intercom, Will and Carlton overhear Ashley talking about (gasp) sex.

  • S06E08 Viva Lost Wages

    • November 13, 1995

    Birthday boy Carlton just can't stop winning at the Vegas tables...until he starts losing. Big.

  • S06E09 There's the Rub (1)

    • November 20, 1995

    Carlton and Hilary learn a lesson in humanity when they volunteer at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving.

  • S06E10 There's the Rub (2)

    • November 20, 1995

    Will and Philip are arrested at a massage parlor. The Pilgrim Fathers would not be pleased.

  • S06E11 I, Ooh, Baby, Baby

    • December 11, 1995

    Hilary's show has its national premiere. What more could she possibly want? How about a baby?

  • S06E12 Boxing Helena

    • January 8, 1996

    Will's pride is on the ropes when a gorgeous boxing instructor KOs him at the gym.

  • S06E13 I, Clownius

    • January 15, 1996

    He must be a crying-on-the-inside kind. A bomb-toting clown holds Philip ,Carlton and Will hostage.

  • S06E14 Breaking Up is Hard To Do (1)

    • February 12, 1996

    Ka-boooom! That explosion you hear is Philip and Vivian's marriage after Philip decides to go into politics.

  • S06E15 Breaking Up is Hard To Do (2)

    • February 19, 1996

    Philip is miserable without Vivian so Will and Carlton play love gurus to reunite the feuding couple.

  • S06E16 I, Bowl Buster

    • February 26, 1996

    Huzzah! Carlton is accepted at Princeton. So why does he suddenly decide to become a pro bowler?

  • S06E17 The Butler's Son Did It

    • March 18, 1996

    Geoffrey is overjoyed to meet the son he never knew he had. But Will isn't so sure about the guy.

  • S06E18 Hare Today...

    • April 8, 1996

    He's respected. He's admired. He has the hots for Vivian. The family minister gives one of his flock special attention.

  • S06E19 I, Whoops, There It Is

    • April 15, 1996

    The blooper episode! Will takes fans behind the scenes to meet the cast and share their funniest flubs.

  • S06E20 I, Stank Horse

    • April 22, 1996

    Carlton and Hilary ride to the rescue when an aging racehorse is marked for that big paddock in the sky.

  • S06E21 I, Stank Hole in One

    • May 6, 1996

    Second bests: Hilary subs for Kathie Lee Gifford on TV and Will takes Carlton's spot in a golf tourney.

  • S06E22 Eye, Tooth

    • May 13, 1996

    Zoned out on happy gas after a trip to the dentist, William Shatner is sure to make an impression on Hilary's show.

  • S06E23 I, Done (1)

    • May 20, 1996

    The mansion's for sale and everybody's in the fast lane...except Will, who's stuck on life's soft shoulder.

  • S06E24 I, Done (2)

    • May 20, 1996

    The Banks move out. The Jeffersons are about to move in. And Will turns out the lights.