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Season 1

  • SPECIAL 0x1 Stargate: The Movie

    • October 28, 1994

    An interstellar teleportation device, found in Egypt, leads to a planet with humans resembling ancient Egyptians who worship the god Ra.

  • S01E01 Children of the Gods (1)

    • July 27, 1997
    • Showtime

    When powerful aliens come through Earth's Stargate, Colonel Jack O'Neill returns to Abydos to retrieve Daniel Jackson, who has discovered that the alien transit system includes much more than the two planets.

  • S01E02 Children of the Gods (2)

    • July 27, 1997
    • Showtime

    Colonel O'Neill, leading the new SG-1, track Apophis back to the planet Chulak to rescue Sha're and Skaara, and befriend one of Apophis' Jaffa guards.

  • S01E03 The Enemy Within

    • August 1, 1997
    • Showtime

    Major Kawalsky is possessed by a Goa'uld, and the SGC must find a way to remove it without killing him.

  • S01E04 Emancipation

    • August 8, 1997
    • Showtime

    An alien civilization is forced to reconsider their views on women when Carter rebels against their social customs.

  • S01E05 The Broca Divide

    • August 15, 1997
    • Showtime

    Members of SG-1 become infected with an alien virus that turns them into primitive beings. Dr. Fraiser must find a cure to save the team and the alien population from whom it was contracted.

  • S01E06 The First Commandment

    • August 22, 1997
    • Showtime

    SG-1 must stop a renegade Stargate commander, who has gone mad and set himself up as a god on an alien planet.

  • S01E07 Cold Lazarus

    • August 29, 1997
    • Showtime

    During an off-world assignment, Jack is struck down by energy from a blue crystal... which creates a duplicate of him that returns to Earth in Jack's place.

  • S01E08 The Nox

    • September 12, 1997
    • Showtime

    Pressed by the government to acquire new technologies, SG-1 is led to a world inhabited by a seemingly primative race. When Apophis arrives, SG-1 ambush him with disasterous consequences.

  • S01E09 Brief Candle

    • September 19, 1997
    • Showtime

    SG-1 discovers a race of attractive people who age extremely rapidly. The situation becomes personal when O'Neill begins to suffer from the same accelerated aging, and must live out the rest of his life on the planet.

  • S01E10 Thor's Hammer

    • September 26, 1997
    • Showtime

    Teal'c and O'Neill are transported to an underground cage designed by the Asgard to protect an alien world from the Goa'uld.

  • S01E11 The Torment of Tantalus

    • October 3, 1997
    • Showtime

    SG-1 tracks down Catherine Langford's fiance, who took the first Stargate trip in 1945, and discovers an ancient meeting hall that may hold the secrets of the universe itself.

  • S01E12 Bloodlines

    • October 10, 1997
    • Showtime

    Teal'c returns to Chulak to stop his people from implanting his son with a larval Goa'uld.

  • S01E13 Fire and Water

    • October 17, 1997
    • Showtime

    Daniel is taken captive by an alien with a hidden agenda, while SG-1 is made to believe he is dead.

  • S01E14 Hathor

    • October 24, 1997
    • Showtime

    The banished Goa'uld Hathor is found in an ancient sarcophagus Earth, and takes over the S.G.C. with hopes of raising a new army against the System Lords.

  • S01E15 Singularity

    • October 31, 1997
    • Showtime

    A mysterious affliction wipes out the entire population of a planet, plus an SG team -- except for one young girl. Carter befriends her, but learns that she is being used by the Goa'uld.

  • S01E16 Cor-Ai

    • January 23, 1998
    • Showtime

    Teal'c must stand trial for a crime committed while he served as first prime of Apophis when a villager on an alien world identifies him as the Jaffa who killed his father.

  • S01E17 Enigma

    • January 30, 1998
    • Showtime

    The SG-1 team rescues a group of advanced humans from a planet near destruction, and must find a new home for the refugees before the Pentagon gets their hands on them.

  • S01E18 Solitudes

    • February 6, 1998
    • Showtime

    Colonel O'Neill and Captain Carter are separated from Jackson and Teal'c during a Stargate journey, and are trapped on a desolate ice world with no way of escape.

  • S01E19 Tin Man

    • February 13, 1998
    • Showtime

    The members of SG-1 arrive on P3X-989 and are knocked unconscious. They wake up and return to Earth only to find that they are not quite themselves.

  • S01E20 There But For the Grace of God

    • February 20, 1998
    • Showtime

    An alien artifact transports Daniel to an alternate reality, where he is not a part of the Stargate program and the Goa'uld -- led by Teal'c -- are invading Earth.

  • S01E21 Politics

    • February 27, 1998
    • Showtime

    Senator Kinsey arrives at the SGC to investigate the program and determine whether the great drain on the U.S. budget is worthwhile, prompting the team to recall missions from the past year.

  • S01E22 Within the Serpent's Grasp

    • March 6, 1998
    • Showtime

    SG-1 escapes through the Stargate before it is shut down, and learns that Daniel's alternate reality vision is true: Apophis is moving to attack Earth from above. The team must stop Apophis and his son, Klorel, who inhabits the body of their friend Skaara.

Season 2

  • S02E01 The Serpent's Lair

    • June 26, 1998
    • Showtime

    With SG-1 trapped on Klorel's ship, it seems that Earth is doomed as the Pyramid Ships prepare to destroy Earth.

  • S02E02 In the Line of Duty

    • July 3, 1998
    • Showtime

    Carter is possessed by a Goa'uld who claims to be an enemy of the System Lords.

  • S02E03 Prisoners

    • July 10, 1998
    • Showtime

    SG-1 is put on trial and exiled to a prison world, where a woman maintains a strange control over her fellow prisoners.

  • S02E04 The Gamekeeper

    • July 17, 1998
    • Showtime

    SG-1 is imprisoned in a virtual reality realm and forced to relive the worst moments of their lives over and over.

  • S02E05 Need

    • July 24, 1998
    • Showtime

    Jackson becomes addicted to the effects of a Goa'uld sarcophagus, and falls for the planet's manipulative princess.

  • S02E06 Thor's Chariot

    • July 31, 1998
    • Showtime

    SG-1 returns to Cimmeria, and finds that without protection from the Asgard the planet has been invaded by the Goa'uld.

  • S02E07 Message in a Bottle

    • August 7, 1998
    • Showtime

    SG-1 discovers an ancient artifact that takes O'Neill and the S.G.C. hostage.

  • S02E08 Family

    • August 14, 1998
    • Showtime

    The SG-1 team attempt to rescue Teal'c's son, who has been kidnapped and brainwashed by Apophis. Teal'c learns disturbing news about his wife.

  • S02E09 Secrets

    • August 21, 1998
    • Showtime

    Jackson discovers that his wife has returned to Abydos, and is nine months pregnant with the son of Apophis. O'Neill must keep the secret of the Stargate program from being uncovered.

  • S02E10 Bane

    • September 25, 1998
    • Showtime

    Teal'c is infected with deadly venom from a giant insect, and begins a terrible transformation. When he escapes the S.G.C., SG-1 must find him before Colonel Maybourne does.

  • S02E11 The Tok'ra (1)

    • October 2, 1998
    • Showtime

    SG-1 locates the Tok'ra, a Goa'uld resistence movement who oppose the System Lords, and attempt to form an alliance. Jacob Carter's cancer brings him near death.

  • S02E12 The Tok'ra (2)

    • October 9, 1998
    • Showtime

    While SG-1 tries to form an alliance with the Tok'ra, a spy betrays the rebels to the Goa'uld. Jacob Carter finds that the Tok'ra may be his only hope of survival

  • S02E13 Spirits

    • October 23, 1998
    • Showtime

    SG-1 finds a planet inhabited by Native American Indians, protected by spirits who are actually advanced alien shapeshifters.

  • S02E14 Touchstone

    • October 30, 1998
    • Showtime

    SG-1 is accused of stealing an important weather-controlling device, sending a primative planet into chaos. The team discovers that Earth's second Stargate is being misused.

  • S02E15 The Fifth Race

    • January 22, 1999
    • Showtime

    O'Neill becomes the unwilling receptacle for a library of alien knowledge.

  • S02E16 A Matter of Time

    • January 29, 1999
    • Showtime

    After gating to a world on the edge of a black hole, the S.G.C. cannot disengage the Stargate. All of Earth becomes endangered by the time-distorting gravity field.

  • S02E17 Holiday

    • February 5, 1999
    • Showtime

    SG-1 discovers an elderly man known for developing technology to fight the Goa'uld. Daniel is tricked into switching bodies with the man, Ma'chello, who believes he is "owed" for all the good he has done.

  • S02E18 Serpent's Song

    • February 12, 1999
    • Showtime

    Apophis, SG-1's greatest enemy, seeks sanctuary from Sokar and ends up near death in the S.G.C. infirmiry.

  • S02E19 One False Step

    • February 19, 1999
    • Showtime

    A group of primitive aliens begin to fall deathly ill after SG-1 arrives.

  • S02E20 Show and Tell

    • February 26, 1999
    • Showtime

    A young boy arrives through the Stargate, and warns of plot by invisible aliens to kill all of the human race in order to rob the Goa'uld of potential hosts.

  • S02E21 1969

    • March 5, 1999
    • Showtime

    A cosmic accident causes SG-1 to be sent back 30 years into Earth's past, where they must locate the Stargate and find a way home.

  • S02E22 Out of Mind

    • March 12, 1999
    • Showtime

    O'Neill, Carter and Jackson awaken from stasis in what appears to be the S.G.C. -- almost 80 years in the future.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Into the Fire

    • June 25, 1999
    • Showtime

    O'Neill, Carter and Jackson must escape Hathor's clutches, while Teal'c tries to raise a Jaffa army on Chulak. General Hammond must take desperate measures to rescue the team.

  • S03E02 Seth

    • July 2, 1999
    • Showtime

    SG-1 must find a renegade Goa'uld who has been hiding on Earth for thousands of years.

  • S03E03 Fair Game

    • July 9, 1999
    • Showtime

    The Asgard aid Earth in negotiating a nonagression treaty with the Goa'uld System Lords.

  • S03E04 Legacy

    • July 16, 1999
    • Showtime

    When Daniel goes insane, SG-1 must deal with the legacy of Machello's anti-Goa'uld technology.

  • S03E05 Learning Curve

    • July 23, 1999
    • Showtime

    SG-1 discovers a planet where children are used to acquire knowledge for the entire population, then discarded.

  • S03E06 Point of View

    • July 30, 1999
    • Showtime

    SG-1 must free an alternate reality Earth from a Goa'uld invasion after duplicates of Samantha Carter and Charles Kawalsky come through the quantum mirror.

  • S03E07 Deadman Switch

    • August 6, 1999
    • Showtime

    SG-1 is taken captive by an alien bounty hunter with uncertain loyalties.

  • S03E08 Demons

    • August 13, 1999
    • Showtime

    SG-1 finds a medieval Christian society terrorized by Sokar and the Unas, and is accused of being possessed by demons.

  • S03E09 Rules of Engagement

    • August 20, 1999
    • Showtime

    SG-1 discovers a military camp where young men are trained to impersonate SGC personnel to infiltrate Earth.

  • S03E10 Forever in a Day

    • October 8, 1999
    • Showtime

    Jackson deals with the apparent death of his wife, Sha're, at the hands of Teal'c.

  • S03E11 Past and Present

    • October 15, 1999
    • Showtime

    SG-1 encounters an entire planet suffering from amnesia. The planet's leader returns to Earth with SG-1 to find a cure, but SG-1 suspects she may not be who she appears to be.

  • S03E12 Jolinar's Memories (1)

    • October 22, 1999
    • Showtime

    When Major Carter's father Jacob is kidnapped by Sokar, the SG-1 team must infiltrate a prison moon designed to look like hell to rescue him.

  • S03E13 The Devil You Know (2)

    • October 29, 1999
    • Showtime

    SG-1 must escape a hellish prison moon, and one of their worst enemies.

  • S03E14 Foothold

    • November 5, 1999
    • Showtime

    SG-1 returns from a mission and discovers that metamorphic aliens have taken over the complex.

  • S03E15 Pretense

    • January 21, 2000
    • Showtime

    The Tollan put Skaara and Klorel on trial to determine who will control the host body.

  • S03E16 Urgo

    • January 28, 2000
    • Showtime

    SG-1 receives alien brain implants that manifest themselves as a bizarre man, who tells them that they would not survive the procedure to remove him.

  • S03E17 A Hundred Days

    • February 4, 2000
    • Showtime

    After a meteor strike buries the Stargate, O'Neill finds himself stranded on a planet with no hope of rescue.

  • S03E18 Shades of Grey

    • February 11, 2000
    • Showtime

    O'Neill steals technology from the Tollan, and is forced to leave the Stargate program. Maybourne offers an intriguing proposal.

  • S03E19 New Ground

    • February 18, 2000
    • Showtime

    The members of SG-1 are imprisoned on a planet and become pawns in a war of ideology.

  • S03E20 Maternal Instinct

    • February 25, 2000
    • Showtime

    SG-1 discovers the mystical planet Kheb, and must find the Harcesis child of Apophis and Sha're before Apophis's army does.

  • S03E21 Crystal Skull

    • March 3, 2000
    • Showtime

    An alien artifact causes Daniel to disappear, and the team looks for help from his institutionalized grandfather.

  • S03E22 Nemesis (1)

    • March 10, 2000
    • Showtime

    SG-1 faces creatures of mass destruction that even the Asgard can't control, and must destroy Thor's infested vessel before the Replicator bugs reach Earth.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Small Victories (2)

    • June 30, 2000
    • Showtime

    O'Neill and Teal'c risk their lives to keep the Replicator bugs from gaining a foothold on Earth, while Carter helps the Asgard fend off a Replicator invasion.

  • S04E02 The Other Side

    • July 7, 2000
    • Showtime

    A warring alien race offers to exchange their advanced technology for Earth's help in defeating their enemy.

  • S04E03 Upgrades

    • July 14, 2000
    • Showtime

    A Tok'ra archaeologist arrives at the SGC with newly discovered technology, giving the SG-1 team superhuman powers.

  • S04E04 Crossroads

    • July 21, 2000
    • Showtime

    Teal'c is reunited with his lost love -- a woman who claims to have found a way to communicate with her symbiote and defeat the Goa'uld.

  • S04E05 Divide and Conquer

    • July 28, 2000
    • Showtime

    When a member of the SGC tries to kill a Tok'ra, it is revealed that O'Neill and Carter may be victims of an untraceable form of Goa'uld mind control.

  • S04E06 Window of Opportunity

    • August 4, 2000
    • Showtime

    O'Neill and Teal'c are caught in a time loop in the SGC, and must relive the same 10 hours over and over again.

  • S04E07 Watergate

    • August 11, 2000
    • Showtime

    The Russians recover a Stargate from the bottom of the ocean, and turn to the SGC for help when their experiments go awry.

  • S04E08 The First Ones

    • August 18, 2000
    • Showtime

    Dr. Jackson is taken captive by an Unas while on an archaeological dig. The SGC mounts a rescue operation, but discovers a danger of their own.

  • S04E09 Scorched Earth

    • August 25, 2000
    • Showtime

    SG-1 is caught in a conflict between two civilizations trying to colonize the same planet.

  • S04E10 Beneath the Surface

    • September 1, 2000
    • Showtime

    The members of SG-1 are used as forced labor in an underground alien facility after their memories are erased by the ruling elite.

  • S04E11 Point of No Return

    • September 8, 2000
    • Showtime

    SG-1 investigates a conspiracy theorist who has detailed knowledge of the Stargate program.

  • S04E12 Tangent

    • September 15, 2000
    • Showtime

    A test gone wrong leaves Jack and Teal'c marooned in space aboard a damaged prototype attack ship

  • S04E13 The Curse

    • September 22, 2000
    • Showtime

    When his former mentor dies, Dr. Jackson returns to his roots -- and discovers an ancient Egyptian artifact containing a Goa'uld parasite.

  • S04E14 The Serpent's Venom

    • September 29, 2000
    • Showtime

    SG-1 must stop Apophis and Heru-ur from forming an alliance of their powerful forces, while Teal'c is captured and tortured by the Goa'uld.

  • S04E15 Chain Reaction

    • January 5, 2001
    • Showtime

    SG-1 must adjust to a new commanding officer when General Hammond steps down -- but O'Neill discovers foul play behind the general's resignation.

  • S04E16 2010

    • January 12, 2001
    • Showtime

    Ten years into the future, the former members of SG-1 must send a message into the past to prevent the extinction of the human race.

  • S04E17 Absolute Power

    • January 19, 2001
    • Showtime

    Jackson's teammates notice a disturbing change in him when he is reunited with the Harcesis child and given the Goa'uld genetic memory.

  • S04E18 The Light

    • January 26, 2001
    • Showtime

    SG-1 finds a deserted Goa'uld palace, where a beautiful device causes suicidal tendencies.

  • S04E19 Prodigy

    • February 2, 2001
    • Showtime

    Carter must help keep a promising young cadet from throwing away a future at the SGC. O'Neill and Teal'c encounter a dangerous life form at an offworld research base.

  • S04E20 Entity

    • February 9, 2001
    • Showtime

    The SGC is invaded by an alien life force that takes up residence in the base computer system -- and in Major Carter.

  • S04E21 Double Jeopardy

    • February 16, 2001
    • Showtime

    SG-1 must rescue an alien world from the Goa'uld -- with help from an unexpected source. Teal'c seeks revenge on the System Lord Cronus for the murder of his father.

  • S04E22 Exodus (1)

    • February 23, 2001
    • Showtime

    SG-1 helps to evacuate the Tok'ra to a new base -- but matters are complicated when a spy reveals their location to Apophis. The team attempts a daring plan to take out the Goa'uld's powerful fleet.

Season 5

  • S05E01 Enemies (2)

    • June 29, 2001
    • Showtime

    SG-1 finds themselves stranded in a crippled ship in a distant galaxy -- with Apophis threatening to destroy them. Teal'c is brainwashed and made loyal to Apophis once again.

  • S05E02 Threshold (3)

    • July 6, 2001
    • Showtime

    His mind altered by Apophis, Teal'c must undergo a ritual that takes him to the edge of death itself, in order for him to rediscover who he is.

  • S05E03 Ascension

    • July 13, 2001
    • Showtime

    An alien being is smitten with Carter and follows her back to Earth. It assumes a human form and pursues a relationship with her.

  • S05E04 The Fifth Man

    • July 20, 2001
    • Showtime

    O'Neill and Lieutenant Tyler are ambushed by Goa'uld forces and trapped behind enemy lines -- while the rest of their team discover they don't know who Tyler is.

  • S05E05 Red Sky

    • July 27, 2001
    • Showtime

    SG-1 discovers that their recent trip through the Stargate may have inadvertently doomed an entire civilization.

  • S05E06 Rite of Passage

    • August 3, 2001
    • Showtime

    Cassandra mysteriously falls ill, sending SG-1 back to her home planet -- where they uncover a dark Goa'uld secret.

  • S05E07 Beast of Burden

    • August 10, 2001
    • Showtime

    SG-1 discovers a civilization that uses Unas as slave labor, and attempt to liberate Daniel's friend, Chaka.

  • S05E08 The Tomb

    • August 17, 2001
    • Showtime

    SG-1 teams with a Russian unit when one of their Stargate teams goes missing in a mysterious alien ziggurat.

  • S05E09 Between Two Fires

    • August 24, 2001
    • Showtime

    The Tollan offer Earth advanced weapons technology, prompting a secret investigation on Tollana -- one that leads to a startling discovery.

  • S05E10 2001

    • August 31, 2001
    • Showtime

    SG-1 encounters a potential new, technologically advanced ally in the war against the Goa'uld -- though they do not know the Aschen's dark secret.

  • S05E11 Desperate Measures

    • September 7, 2001
    • Showtime

    When Carter goes missing, O'Neill teams up with Col. Maybourne again to free her.

  • S05E12 Wormhole X-Treme!

    • September 8, 2001
    • Showtime

    An alien ship approaches Earth, sending SG-1 to an old friend for some answers -- where they discover that Martin Lloyd has created a TV show about the Stargate program.

  • S05E13 Proving Ground

    • March 8, 2002
    • Showtime

    SG-1 trains a team of raw cadets, and Colonel O'Neill is forced to take them into a real-life battle situation when he learns of a possible alien incursion at the SGC.

  • S05E14 48 Hours

    • March 15, 2002
    • Showtime

    Disaster strikes the Stargate, trapping Teal'c in transit. SG-1 must turn to Russia -- and to their enemies -- for help.

  • S05E15 Summit (1)

    • March 22, 2002
    • Showtime

    The Tok'ra war with the Goa'uld escalates, and the rebel faction sends Daniel Jackson to a secret meeting between the System Lords.

  • S05E16 Last Stand (2)

    • March 29, 2002
    • Showtime

    Dr. Jackson's undercover mission to a Goa'uld summit is complicated by the arrival of a surprise guest. The rest of the team face a full-scale invasion of the Tok'ra homeworld.

  • S05E17 Fail Safe

    • April 5, 2002
    • Showtime

    Earth finds itself threatened by something even larger than the Goa'uld when the team learns that an asteroid is on a collision course with the planet.

  • S05E18 The Warrior

    • April 12, 2002
    • Showtime

    A charismatic Jaffa leader seeks to forge an alliance between Earth and his rebel followers, winning the allegiance of Teal'c and Bra'tac.

  • S05E19 Menace

    • April 26, 2002
    • Showtime

    SG-1 encounters a young woman with the ability to control Replicators, and who may hold the key to the salvation of the Asgard.

  • S05E20 The Sentinel

    • May 3, 2002
    • Showtime

    SG-1 must turn to a pair of convicted criminals to save a world from annihilation by the Goa'uld.

  • S05E21 Meridian

    • May 10, 2002
    • Showtime

    Daniel Jackson is exposed to a lethal dose of radiation while visiting an alien civilization that is building a weapon of mass destruction.

  • S05E22 Revelations

    • May 17, 2002
    • Showtime

    SG-1 must come to the rescue of their once-powerful allies when the Goa'uld attack a secret Asgard laboratory.

Season 6

  • S06E01 Redemption (1)

    • June 7, 2002
    • Syfy

    Tragedy reunites Teal'c with his son, who blames him for the death of his mother. O'Neill and Carter launch a risky plan with untested technology when Earth comes under attack by the Goa'uld.

  • S06E02 Redemption (2)

    • June 14, 2002
    • Syfy

    Carter must find a way to save Earth from total destruction at the hands of the Goa'uld, who have turned the Stargate into a doomsday bomb. Rya'c joins his father on a mission to destroy the Goa'uld weapon.

  • S06E03 Descent

    • June 21, 2002
    • Syfy

    SG-1 boards an abandoned Goa'uld mothership that has mysteriously arrived in Earth's orbit, and must escape the doomed vessel when it crashes into the ocean.

  • S06E04 Frozen

    • June 28, 2002
    • Syfy

    SG-1 investigates the discovery of a woman frozen in the ice in Antarctica, who may be a link to the gate builders. A mysterious disease threatens to kill everyone at the research base.

  • S06E05 Nightwalkers

    • July 12, 2002
    • Syfy

    Carter, Teal'c and Jonas investigate the death of a scientist with connections to the Goa'uld, and find a small town whose citizens harbor a dark secret.

  • S06E06 Abyss

    • July 19, 2002
    • Syfy

    O'Neill is captured and tortured by the Goa'uld, and must rely on an old friend to survive.

  • S06E07 Shadow Play

    • July 26, 2002
    • Syfy

    Jonas' people ask Earth for military aide in an impending war with their rival nations, but his former mentor offers another solution: a resistance movement ready for a coup.

  • S06E08 The Other Guys

    • August 2, 2002
    • Syfy

    When SG-1 is captured by the Goa'uld, a pair of scientists mount a rescue operation ... whether they're wanted or not.

  • S06E09 Allegiance

    • August 9, 2002
    • Syfy

    Tensions rise between the Tok'ra and rebel Jaffa at the S.G.C.'s offworld base when they are attacked by an invisible enemy.

  • S06E10 Cure

    • August 16, 2002
    • Syfy

    An alien world offers Earth a medicine with the power to cure any illness -- but the hidden price may be too high to pay.

  • S06E11 Prometheus (1)

    • August 23, 2002
    • Syfy

    A news reporter threatens to expose a top-secret military project, but when Carter and Jonas give her a tour of the X-303, they discover that she is a pawn in a much larger plot.

  • S06E12 Unnatural Selection (2)

    • January 10, 2003
    • Syfy

    The team is called into battle unexpectedly when the Asgard homeworld is overrun by Replicators -- which have evolved into a startling new form.

  • S06E13 Sight Unseen

    • January 17, 2003
    • Syfy

    The team returns to Earth with a piece of technology that allows them to see alien creatures everywhere, and must attempt to contain the problem when it spreads beyond the base.

  • S06E14 Smoke & Mirrors

    • January 24, 2003
    • Syfy

    Colonel O'Neill is charged with the murder of Senator Kinsey, and the rest of the team must uncover a conspiracy in order to clear his name.

  • S06E15 Paradise Lost

    • January 31, 2003
    • Syfy

    Colonel O'Neill is trapped on an alien planet with Maybourne, and must fight to stay alive as his companion becomes increasingly paranoid.

  • S06E16 Metamorphosis

    • February 7, 2003
    • Syfy

    SG-1 attempts to save a planet's inhabitants from Nirrti's genetic experimentation, but find themselves to be her next victims.

  • S06E17 Disclosure

    • February 14, 2003
    • Syfy

    General Hammond and the Pentagon reveal the existence of the Stargate to other world governments, and must defend the fact that the program is operated by the United States military.

  • S06E18 Forsaken

    • February 21, 2003
    • Syfy

    When the team finds a crashed ship on another planet, their efforts to help the crew effect repairs are hindered by a group of aliens.

  • S06E19 The Changeling

    • February 28, 2003
    • Syfy

    A near-death trial causes Teal'c to imagine his life as very different from the one he knows, where he is a normal person living on Earth -- until he can no longer distinguish reality.

  • S06E20 Memento

    • March 7, 2003
    • Syfy

    Prometheus is forced to land on an alien world, where the local Stargate is the team's only chance of returning home -- though the local population believe the gate to be a myth.

  • S06E21 Prophecy

    • March 14, 2003
    • Syfy

    The team finds an impoverished world enslaved by a Goa'uld underlord, but their plans to free it may be compromised when Jonas experiences unexplained visions of the future.

  • S06E22 Full Circle

    • March 21, 2003
    • Syfy

    SG-1 is called to defend the people of Abydos from the Goa'uld once again when they learn that Anubis, in search of a powerful device, is about to attack.

Season 7

  • S07E01 Fallen (1)

    • June 13, 2003
    • Syfy

    While searching for the Lost City of the Ancients on a distant planet, SG-1 is stunned to find Daniel Jackson alive and in human form but stripped of his memory. O'Neill convinces Daniel to return with them to the SGC, where he is reinstated for a daring mission to destroy Anubis' powerful new super-weapon!

  • S07E02 Homecoming (2)

    • June 13, 2003
    • Syfy

    The team returns to Jonas' homeworld when they learn that the Goa'uld are after its naquadria. When Jonas is captured by Anubis, Daniel is his only hope.

  • S07E03 Fragile Balance

    • June 20, 2003
    • Syfy

    A teenage boy shows up at the S.G.C. claiming to be Jack O'Neill, sending the team on a mission to uncover his true identity.

  • S07E04 Orpheus

    • June 27, 2003
    • Syfy

    After an injury, Teal'c must put aside his self-doubt when SG-1 launches a mission to rescue his son and his mentor from a Jaffa death camp.

  • S07E05 Revisions

    • July 11, 2003
    • Syfy

    The team gates to a climate-controlled environment amidst a toxic wasteland, whose people are all linked to a central computer.

  • S07E06 Lifeboat

    • July 18, 2003
    • Syfy

    When SG-1 finds a crashed alien space ship, Daniel's mind is taken over by its disembodied passengers.

  • S07E07 Enemy Mine

    • July 25, 2003
    • Syfy

    When Earth's attempts to exploit a newly-discovered naquadah mine are thwarted by a tribe of indigenous Unas, SG-1 must turn to an old friend for help.

  • S07E08 Space Race

    • August 1, 2003
    • Syfy

    Major Carter joins an alien pilot for a space race, where the winner is awarded a lucrative contract with the planet's most powerful corporation. But the rest of the team discovers that there is more at stake than the finish line.

  • S07E09 Avenger 2.0

    • August 8, 2003
    • Syfy

    An S.G.C. scientist creates a computer virus to be used to disable enemy Stargates -- but succeeds in shutting down the entire gate network.

  • S07E10 Birthright

    • August 15, 2003
    • Syfy

    The team finds a fugitive colony of Jaffa women, who must prey on other Jaffa to acquire symbiotes.

  • S07E11 Evolution (1)

    • August 22, 2003
    • Syfy

    The team investigates an unstoppable new enemy soldier engineered by Anubis. Dr. Jackson leads a team in search of an alien device in Central America, but gets more than he bargained for.

  • S07E12 Evolution (2)

    • January 9, 2004
    • Syfy

    O'Neill seeks help from a former comrade to rescue Daniel and Dr. Lee, who have been kidnapped in Central America. Carter, Teal'c and Jacob infiltrate Anubis' super-soldier facility.

  • S07E13 Grace

    • January 16, 2004
    • Syfy

    Carter is injured when the Prometheus is attacked by an unknown ship, and awakens to find herself stranded alone in deep space.

  • S07E14 Fallout

    • January 23, 2004
    • Syfy

    When the Kelownans discover that a massive underground vein of naquadah is being converted into naquadria, Jonas Quinn seeks help from Earth in avoiding the total destruction of his planet.

  • S07E15 Chimera

    • January 30, 2004
    • Syfy

    Daniel is plagued by dreams of his former girlfriend, who has been taken as a Goa'uld host. Samantha Carter begins a romantic relationship with a detective, from whom she must hide her life at Stargate Command.

  • S07E16 Death Knell

    • February 6, 2004
    • Syfy

    Earth's secret offworld base is attacked by Anubis' forces, and Major Carter finds herself being hunted by the enemy. General Hammond and Jacob Carter make an unnerving discovery about the Earth-Tok'ra alliance.

  • S07E17 Heroes (1)

    • February 13, 2004
    • Syfy

    A film crew arrives to document the work of the S.G.C. for eventual disclosure to the public, but finds that the base's personnel are less than eager to participate.

  • S07E18 Heroes (2)

    • February 20, 2004
    • Syfy

    SG-1 is called into action while a film crew is documenting the Stargate program, but the S.G.C. comes under investigation after the mission goes terribly wrong.

  • S07E19 Resurrection

    • February 27, 2004
    • Syfy

    SG-1 investigates a secret N.I.D. laboratory, where a ruthless scientist has used cloning technology to create a Goa'uld-human hybrid.

  • S07E20 Inauguration

    • March 5, 2004
    • Syfy

    The newly-elected president is debriefed about the Stargate program, and Vice President Kinsey makes a new play for control of the program.

  • S07E21 Lost City (1)

    • March 12, 2004
    • Syfy

    O'Neill goes to great lengths to keep the Ancients' knowledge from falling into Goa'uld hands when the team discovers a second repository. The President replaces General Hammond with a civilian diplomat.

  • S07E22 Lost City (2)

    • March 19, 2004
    • Syfy

    Anubis begins a systematic assault on Earth, and the planet's only hope of salvation depends on whether SG-1 can find the Ancients' mythical Lost City.

Season 8

  • S08E01 New Order (1)

    • July 9, 2004
    • Syfy

    Carter and Teal'c go in search of the Asgard to try and save Colonel O'Neill, but discover that the Asgard's enemy has returned with a vengeance. The System Lords seek an alliance with Earth against a common enemy.

  • S08E02 New Order (2)

    • July 9, 2004
    • Syfy

    While the Goa'uld threaten to attack Earth, SG-1 and the Asgard make a last, desperate stand against the Replicators, which have captured Major Carter and invaded the last outpost of the Asgard civilization.

  • S08E03 Lockdown

    • July 23, 2004
    • Syfy

    The S.G.C. is put under quarantine after a mysterious infection leaves a Russian officer in the infirmary -- but the disease may not be a disease at all.

  • S08E04 Zero Hour

    • July 30, 2004
    • Syfy

    General O'Neill tries to settle into his new job, but faces never-ending crises - including the capture of SG-1 by the Goa'uld.

  • S08E05 Icon

    • August 6, 2004
    • Syfy

    Daniel is stranded on another planet after the team's arrival on an alien world sparks a violent civil war.

  • S08E06 Avatar

    • August 13, 2004
    • Syfy

    Teal'c is trapped in a virtual reality simulation, in which he must defend the base from a Goa'uld super-soldier incursion.

  • S08E07 Affinity

    • August 20, 2004
    • Syfy

    Teal'c becomes the chief suspect in a murder investigation after he moves into an apartment off-base. Carter considers her future with Pete.

  • S08E08 Covenant

    • August 27, 2004
    • Syfy

    A businessman threatens to expose the secrets of alien life to the world, forcing Stargate Command to bring him into the loop.

  • S08E09 Sacrifices

    • September 10, 2004
    • Syfy

    The impending wedding of his son is the least of Teal'c's worries when the Hak'tyl plan an uprising against the Goa'uld Moloc, driving a wedge between Teal'c and Ishta.

  • S08E10 Endgame

    • September 17, 2004
    • Syfy

    The Stargate is stolen, leading SG-1 to discover that the Trust has taken control of an advanced ship in orbit. Teal'c investigates a series of wide-spread Jaffa deaths.

  • S08E11 Gemini

    • January 21, 2005
    • Syfy

    A duplicate of Colonel Carter seeks help from Stargate Command in defeating the Replicator Fifth, who she claims has found a way to counter the Asgard's new weapon.

  • S08E12 Prometheus Unbound

    • January 28, 2005
    • Syfy

    After the Prometheus responds to a distress call from a Goa'uld ship, Daniel Jackson finds himself a captive when Earth's ship is stolen.

  • S08E13 It's Good To Be King

    • February 4, 2005
    • Syfy

    SG-1 comes to the aid of a world about to be invaded by the Goa'uld, only to discover that the local king is Earth's Harry Maybourne.

  • S08E14 Full Alert

    • February 11, 2005
    • Syfy

    Relations between the U.S. and Russia are strained when Russian military leaders claim that the U.S. government has been compromised by the Goa'uld.

  • S08E15 Citizen Joe

    • February 18, 2005
    • Syfy

    Jack is confronted in his home by an irate barber...who claims to know everything about the Stargate project and SG-1.

  • S08E16 Reckoning (1)

    • February 25, 2005
    • Syfy

    The Replicators begin a systematic attack of the Goa'uld, forcing Baal to come to Earth for help. The Jaffa Resistance risk their entire movement in an attempt to retake a holy city in Baal's domain.

  • S08E17 Reckoning (2)

    • March 4, 2005
    • Syfy

    The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance as Sam and Jacob search for the only weapon capable of stopping the Replicator onslaught. O'Neill leads a defense of the S.G.C., while Daniel squares off against Replicator Carter.

  • S08E18 Threads

    • March 11, 2005
    • Syfy

    While Daniel finds himself in a mysterious diner suspended between death and ascension, Jacob's fate takes an unexpected turn, Jack and Sam consider their romantic lives, and Anubis unleashes his plan for galactic destruction.

  • S08E19 Moebius (1)

    • March 18, 2005
    • Syfy

    SG-1 travels back in time in a daring plan to steal a piece of Ancient technology from Ra, the powerful Goa'uld who ruled in ancient Egypt.

  • S08E20 Moebius (2)

    • March 25, 2005
    • Syfy

    With the timeline changed by SG-1's actions in the distant past, an alternate version of SG-1 must use the newly-discovered time ship to set things right.

Season 9

  • S09E01 Avalon (1)

    • July 15, 2005
    • Syfy

    An Air Force pilot attempts to reassemble SG-1 after they have gone their separate ways. An old "friend" arrives on Earth asking for Daniel's help in finding an ancient treasure -- and she won't take no for an answer.

  • S09E02 Avalon (2)

    • July 22, 2005
    • Syfy

    An Ancient communications device renders Daniel and Vala unconscious, sending their minds to another galaxy -- where they inhabit the bodies of two people persecuted by the followers of an evil religion.

  • S09E03 Origin (3)

    • July 29, 2005
    • Syfy

    Daniel comes face to face with the Ori, a fiery race of beings who demand the worship of mortals. Elsewhere, Stargate Command encounters the first Ori missionary in our galaxy.

  • S09E04 The Ties That Bind

    • August 5, 2005
    • Syfy

    Jackson and Mitchell must join Vala on an interplanetary scavenger hunt when they learn that they are still bound together by an alien energy field.

  • S09E05 The Powers That Be

    • August 12, 2005
    • Syfy

    SG-1 visits a world whose people once worshipped Vala as a god -- and demand that she stand trial when she confesses to manipulating them.

  • S09E06 Beachhead

    • August 19, 2005
    • Syfy

    Samantha Carter returns to Stargate Command when the Ori seize control of a planet, using an expanding force field to gain a foothold in our galaxy.

  • S09E07 Ex Deus Machina

    • August 26, 2005
    • Syfy

    SG-1 investigates when evidence suggests that there are still Goa'uld hiding on Earth -- including a former System Lord. Tensions between Earth and the Free Jaffa continue to mount.

  • S09E08 Babylon

    • September 9, 2005
    • Syfy

    Colonel Mitchell is injured in a skirmish with a warrior from a mythic tribe of rebel Jaffa, and is trained in their fighting techniques only so that he may engage in a ritual battle to the death.

  • S09E09 Prototype

    • September 16, 2005
    • Syfy

    SG-1 finds a genetically advanced Goa'uld-human hybrid created by Anubis, and returns him to Earth for study. But even keeping him alive may not be worth the risk.

  • S09E10 The Fourth Horseman (1)

    • September 16, 2005
    • Syfy

    Earth is infected with a deadly Ori plague, prompting an ally from SG-1's past to come to their aide. Gerak proposes that the Free Jaffa follow the Ori religion.

  • S09E11 The Fourth Horseman (2)

    • January 6, 2006
    • Syfy

    As the Ori plague spreads rapidly, SG-1 hopes that the Prior who caused the disease may hold the key to its cure. Gerak tries to rally the Jaffa to the Ori's cause, prompting Teal'c and Bra'tac to initiate a resistance.

  • S09E12 Collateral Damage

    • January 13, 2006
    • Syfy

    When SG-1 travels to an Asgard Protected Planet, Colonel Mitchell is accused of a murder he did not commit.

  • S09E13 Ripple Effect

    • January 20, 2006
    • Syfy

    Multiple SG-1s show up at Stargate Command, leading the "real" team to conclude that they have each been inadvertantly displaced from different parallel realities.

  • S09E14 Stronghold

    • January 27, 2006
    • Syfy

    Baal kidnaps Teal'c as part of a plot to brainwash those Jaffa advocating a move toward democracy. Cameron Mitchell learns that an old friend is about to die.

  • S09E15 Ethon

    • February 3, 2006
    • Syfy

    Daniel is imprisoned on a world under the influence of the Ori, and the Prometheus is caught in a firefight when SG-1 tries to rescue him.

  • S09E16 Off the Grid

    • February 10, 2006
    • Syfy

    SG-1 is captured after a deal with the Lucian Alliance goes bad ... and the planet's Stargate goes missing. Meanwhile, a former System Lord attempts to rebuild his empire.

  • S09E17 The Scourge

    • February 17, 2006
    • Syfy

    A tour of an off-world research base for a group of foreign diplomats turns dangerous when an insidious insect species gets loose.

  • S09E18 Arthur's Mantle

    • February 24, 2006
    • Syfy

    Mitchell and Carter are shifted to another dimension, making them invisible to everyone at the S.G.C. Meanwhile, Teal'c and SG-9 discover that the Sodan have been brutally attacked.

  • S09E19 Crusade

    • March 3, 2006
    • Syfy

    Vala Mal Doran makes contact with Stargate Command from the Ori home galaxy, and tells the story of her life undercover in a village of followers building the Ori's invasion fleet.

  • S09E20 Camelot

    • March 10, 2006
    • Syfy

    SG-1 discovers the village of Camelot on an alien world, and must face Merlin's security system when they go in search of an Ancient weapon. Elsewhere, Earth and its allies assemble a fleet when a working Ori Supergate is discovered.

Season 10

  • SPECIAL 0x4 Stargate SG-1: True Science

    • July 14, 2006
    • Syfy

    Amanda Tapping takes us on a fascinating look at how many aspects surrounding SG-1 have a basis in real science.

  • S10E01 Flesh and Blood

    • July 14, 2006
    • Syfy

    As the Ori invade the Jaffa planet Chulak, Vala and Daniel must deal with their leader: Vala's young daughter, rapidly aged by the Ori to serve their purposes.

  • S10E02 Morpheus

    • July 21, 2006
    • Syfy

    SG-1 investigates a problem off-world and soon finds that they have become victims themselves: they cannot stay awake. Meanwhile, Vala Mal Doran undergoes an evaluation on Earth, hoping to join SG-1.

  • S10E03 The Pegasus Project

    • July 28, 2006
    • Syfy

    Daniel and Vala travel to Atlantis in search of Merlin's anti-Ori weapon, while Sam, and Mitchell join forces with Dr. McKay to lock out the Ori supergate.

  • S10E04 Insiders

    • August 4, 2006
    • Syfy

    When Baal comes to Earth seeking help, Stargate Command must capture his clones and determine which one is the genuine article.

  • S10E05 Uninvited

    • August 11, 2006
    • Syfy

    Teal'c discovers a world where people are being savagely attacked by an elusive creature, leading SG-1 to a stunning discovery about its potential origin.

  • SPECIAL 0x6 Sci Fi Inside: Stargate SG-1 200

    • August 18, 2006
    • Syfy

    The 200th episode of the venerated sci-fi series is discussed during this special.

  • S10E06 200

    • August 18, 2006
    • Syfy

    Martin Lloyd seeks out SG-1 for assistance when his failed TV show based on the real Stargate program becomes a feature film.

  • S10E07 Counterstrike

    • August 25, 2006
    • Syfy

    The Jaffa take the fight to the Ori, using a genocidal weapon on their new worshipers and landing SG-1 in the middle of a war they can't control.

  • S10E08 Memento Mori

    • September 8, 2006
    • Syfy

    Striken with amnesia and on the run, Vala takes a job as a waitress as she tries to piece together who she is and what happened to her.

  • S10E09 Company of Thieves

    • September 15, 2006
    • Syfy

    Cameron Mitchell must go undercover inside the deadly Lucian Alliance to prevent his teammates from becoming casualties of an Alliance civil war.

  • S10E10 Quest (1)

    • September 22, 2006
    • Syfy

    SG-1 races against Baal in the hunt to find the Sangraal, Merlin's anti-Ori weapon, and comes up against a series of ancient trials.

  • SPECIAL 0x9 Behind The Mythology of Stargate SG-1

    • April 13, 2007
    • Syfy

    This special deals with how the SG-1 series intertwined many of Earth's mythologies into its plots and story lines, and about the many alien character connections with Earth’s great mythological figures.

  • S10E11 Quest (2)

    • April 13, 2007
    • Syfy

    When the team finds Merlin himself, they must help him complete the Sangraal weapon before Adria and her Ori forces can track them down.

  • S10E12 Line in the Sand

    • April 20, 2007
    • Syfy

    SG-1 tries to defend a planet from the Ori by hiding its people in another dimension. Vala attempts to convince her husband Tomin of the Ori's true motives.

  • S10E13 The Road Not Taken

    • April 27, 2007
    • Syfy

    An experiment gone wrong pulls Samantha Carter into a parallel reality, where she must save Earth from an Ori assault before she will be allowed to return home.

  • S10E14 The Shroud

    • May 4, 2007
    • Syfy

    When SG-1 discovers that Daniel Jackson has been turned into a Prior of the Ori, they must determine whether or not his plan to destroy the Ori is genuine.

  • S10E15 Bounty

    • May 11, 2007
    • Syfy

    When the Lucian Alliance puts a bounty on SG-1's heads, Cameron Mitchell finds himself a target while attending his high school reunion.

  • S10E16 Bad Guys

    • May 18, 2007
    • Syfy

    SG-1 realizes they have stepped through the gate into another planet's museum -- but are mistaken for a band of zealous rebels who have taken hostages.

  • S10E17 Talion

    • June 1, 2007
    • Syfy

    When a terrorist attack decimates a Jaffa summit Teal'c strikes out on a quest for revenge, believing that the perpetrator is one of his own pupils.

  • S10E18 Family Ties

    • June 8, 2007
    • Syfy

    Earth provides sanctuary for Vala's estranged, con artist father after he provides intel about a Jaffa plot to attack the planet.

  • S10E19 Dominion

    • June 15, 2007
    • Syfy

    SG-1 hatches an elaborate plan to try and capture Adria, using Vala as bait.

  • S10E20 Unending

    • June 22, 2007
    • Syfy

    Trapped on board the Odyssey, the members of SG-1 must live out the rest of their lives together when Carter activates a time dilation field to save the ship from destruction.

  • SPECIAL 0x7 The Ark of Truth

    • March 11, 2008

    As SG-1 searches for an Ancient artifact which they hope can defeat the armies of the Ori, they learn more Ori ships are about to be sent through the Supergate to launch a final assault on Earth. Daniel discovers that the artifact, the Ark of Truth, may be in the Ori home galaxy, and SG-1 embarks aboard the Odyssey to find it, and pre-empt the attack. The IOA has a plan of their own and SG-1 ends up in a distant galaxy fighting two powerful enemies.

  • SPECIAL 0x8 Continuum

    • July 29, 2008

    While SG-1 attends the execution of Ba'al, the last of the Goa'uld System Lords, Teal'c and Vala inexplicably disappear into thin air. Carter, Daniel and Mitchell race back to a world where history has been changed: the Stargate program has been erased from the timeline. As they try to convince the authorities what's happened, a fleet of Goa'uld motherships arrives in orbit, led by Ba'al, his queen, Qetesh (Vala), and his first prime, Teal'c. SG-1 must find the Stargate and set things right before the world is enslaved by the Goa'uld.