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Season 1

  • SPECIAL 0x1 The Killings at Badger's Drift (Pilot)

    • March 27, 1997
    • ITV

    A gentle stroll in the woods for Miss Emily Simpson ends in tragedy. To the village doctor Miss Simpson's death looks natural, but her old friend, Lucy Berringer, is unconvinced. Lucy eventually draws the unwilling Chief Inspector Barnaby into the cae. Barnaby's investigation reveals old rivalries, old loves and new scandals. Then a second horrifying killing shocks Barnaby into running the murderer to the ground.

  • S01E01 Written in Blood

    • March 22, 1998
    • ITV

    Gerald Hadleigh, secretary of a writers' circle, is found battered to death the morning after the group's meeting with best-selling novelist (and former psycho-therapist) Max Jennings. Gerald did not want to invite Max to Midsomer Worthy, and he seemed apprehensive about the visit.Barnaby's investigations show that Gerald was a man of mystery - he had no National Insurance number, no family, and no marriage certficate to go with his wedding photographs. And it seems he had a mysterious woman visitor on the night of his death... then Max Jennings goes missing and is found dead.

  • S01E02 Death of a Hollow Man

    • March 29, 1998
    • ITV

    The body of Agnes Gray, a woman who loved only animals, is found in the river - but she did not drown. And then her cousin Esslyn Carmichael is tricked into killing himself on stage during an amateur production of the murder mystery Amadeus. Barnaby has to get to grips with clues which include adultery, dramatic ambition, stolen religious art, and large donations to animal charities, before unmasking a killer who proves to be mad.Meanwhile, love begins to blossom between Cully Barnaby and Nico Bentley, one of the cast of Amadeus...

  • S01E03 Faithful unto Death

    • April 22, 1998
    • ITV

    A craft centre in the old mill at Morton Fendle is losing money. Several locals have invested in the business and believe they have been swindled by Alan Hollingsworth, the man behind it. When Hollingsworth's glamorous wife Simone goes missing, Barnaby believes she has been kidnapped and puts Hollingsworth under observation. However, Hollingsworth evades the police, carrying a bundle of cash, and a woman neighbour who follows him to his rendez-vous is killed in a bizarre road accident. Then Hollingsworth is found dead, and Simone turns up alive. Barnaby guesses she and a friend faked the kidnapping, but he can't prove it.

  • S01E04 Death in Disguise

    • May 6, 1998
    • ITV

    At a local New Age commune (fancifully called the Lodge of the Golden Windhorse) William Carter is found dead with a broken neck, lying at the bottom of a staircase. Barnaby and Troy have to decide whether the death was an accident or murder.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Death's Shadow

    • January 20, 1999
    • ITV

    Barnaby and Troy are in Badger's Drift again, this time to investigate the murder of an unpopular property developer called Richard Bayly who had been suffering from a brain tumour. Bayly had recently come up with plans to build a new housing estate in the sleepy village, despite determined local opposition, and he was killed with an Indian sword belonging to Stephen Wentworth, the local Vicar. Another interesting factor is the recent arrival in the village of Simon Fletcher, a theatre director with unhappy childhood memories and perhaps an old grievance.

  • S02E02 Strangler's Wood

    • February 3, 1999
    • ITV

    Nine years after a series of unsolved murders at Midsomer Worthy, a new death which follows the same pattern (a girl is found strangled in the woods) leads to fears that the serial killer is back in business. Barnaby and Troy look out the old files in dealing with the first new murder - and then others follow.

  • S02E03 Dead Man's Eleven

    • September 12, 1999
    • ITV

    The Barnabys are house hunting in Midsomer Worthy while the village prepares for the annual cricket match with Fletcher's Cross. Sgt Troy, looking to stay in shape, happens to be playing for Midsomer Worthy. Tragedy strikes when the Fletcher's Cross Captain's wife, Tara (Felicity Dean), is found beaten to death with her step-son's cricket bat. Soon Barnaby and Troy find themselves investigating several calculated murders.

  • S02E04 Blood Will Out

    • September 19, 1999
    • ITV

    The sleepy village of Martyr Warren is invaded by quarrelsome New Age travellers, some of whom fall out with Hector Bridges, a local magistrate. The police are well aware of the tensions, but matters come to a head when Hector is found shot dead. It quickly appears that he was feared by almost everyone in sight, including his own family. And there is more to the travellers than meets the eye - one of them is a former British army officer who fought alongside Hector in the Falklands War... Then (as so often happens to Barnaby and Troy) another dead body is found, this time that of an old man at the travellers' camp.Meanwhile, Barnaby is not feeling in full fighting trim for murder investigations, as Joyce has put him on a strict diet to lose weight.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Death of a Stranger

    • December 31, 1999
    • ITV

    A tramp is found murdered in the woods near Marshwood. Superintendent Ron Pringle (who is on the point of retirement) has a local poacher arrested and charged, and he is later convicted of the crime. But then there is a second murder, and Barnaby thinks Pringle has got it badly wrong. He intends to see matters straightened out. Then Pringle himself is killed in what seems at first to be a riding accident - but Barnaby rightly suspects foul play.

  • S03E02 Blue Herrings

    • January 22, 2000
    • ITV

    Barnaby is planning to take a week's holiday to decorate his new house. He also wants to visit his Aunt Alice, who is in a local nursing home, Lawnside, following an operation. However, he stumbles on something curious - it seems that Lawnside residents may be coming under pressure to change their wills, before being helped on their way to the next world in subtle ways by the local doctor... Things come to a head when someone is found dead who has undoubtedly been murdered.

  • S03E03 Judgement Day

    • January 29, 2000
    • ITV

    A thief gets killed with a pitchfork, and the villagers of Midsomer Mallow worry that the killing may undermine their chances of a prize in this year's Perfect Village competition. Things clearly take a turn for the worse when two of the competition judges are the next to be murdered.

  • S03E04 Beyond the Grave

    • February 5, 2000
    • ITV

    Barnaby and Troy are called in to investigate at the museum in Aspen Tallow when the painting of a local historical figure, Jonathan Lowrie, is slashed. When the museum's curator is subsequently assaulted and Lowrie's direct descendant is murdered, the detectives must unravel another mysterious knot. Barnaby does focus on one important clue, however: a packet of smoked mackerel inadvertently dropped in the cemetery. Meanwhile, they are joined by Nico, Cully's actor boyfriend, who has landed a part in a TV series as a detective sergeant.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Garden of Death

    • September 10, 2000
    • ITV

    The Inkpen family has bought back its ancestral home, Inkpen Manor at Midsomer Deverell, and they plan to turn a village Memorial Garden on their land into a tea shop. This causes consternation in the village, and the Bennetts (who previously owned the manor and founded the Memorial Garden) lead the opposition. Then young Fliss Inkpen-Thomas is found dead in the Memorial Garden with her skull smashed in, and a few days later her mother Elspeth dies of poisoning, with the possibility of suicide firmly denied by her family and friends. Barnaby investigates the deaths and finds older and more deep-seated motives for murder lurking in another ancient family.

  • S04E02 Destroying Angel

    • August 26, 2001
    • ITV

    Barnaby attends the funeral of the owner of the Easterly Grange Hotel and hears that the hotel manager has gone missing. The will is read, and it seems the hotel has been divided between the missing manager and his beautiful wife, the hotel's chef and its accountant.A dog finds the hotel manager's severed hand, and the others named in the will receive threatening notes. Then accidents start to happen to them all, including mushroom-poisoning, an apparently accidental shooting, a falling drinks cabinet and a sabotaged vehicle. Barnaby next learns that the missing hotel manager had in his possession a more recent will, which is also now missing....

  • S04E03 Electric Vendetta

    • September 2, 2001
    • ITV

    A man's naked body is found in a crop circle, then another dead man electrocuted at the wheel of his vehicle, and then yet another dead man in another crop circle. Barnaby is not impressed by rumours of extra-terrestrial killings, and is sure he is dealing with a human murderer. Before he can solve the mystery, he has to fathom a forty-year-old rivalry in love, the vengeance of the loser, and the defences of the winner.

  • S04E04 Who Killed Cock Robin?

    • September 9, 2001
    • ITV

    Dr Burgess, on his way home from a party at the glamorous Francesca Ward's riding school, knocks a stranger down in the road at Newton Magna, and the stranger mysteriously vanishes. Barnaby identifies the missing man as Sean O'Connell, a disgraced Irish vet, then he recognizes the village's new squire as Melvyn Stockard, a retired villain. A body found in a well proves to be the father of the man Stockard's daughter is about to marry... everyone knows he was against the marriage, but is Stockard a killer, and where does the missing Irishman fit in?

  • S04E05 Dark Autumn

    • September 16, 2001
    • ITV

    A postman is brutally murdered on his morning round in the hamlet of Goodman's Land. Local WPC Jay Nash helps Barnaby and Troy to establish that Dave offered a very personal service to the female villagers, leaving a trail of jealous husbands in his wake, and it becomes clear that the tiny village is riven with other adulterous affairs. Then the body count begins to go up...Meanwhile, romance is blossoming between Troy and Jay.

  • S04E06 Tainted Fruit

    • September 23, 2001
    • ITV

    Barnaby and Troy go out to the village of Midsomer Malham to investigate death threats against Melissa Townsend, the beautiful daughter of the big house. They find that some Midsomer Malham villagers blame Melissa for causing the death of a local poacher by failing to get the leaking roof of his cottage mended. Then barbiturates are stolen from Raif and Georgina Canning's veterinary surgery and the district nurse is found in her crashed car in a confused state. Barnaby and Troy dash to the Manor, fearing the drugs theft may be connected to the death threats - but they find Melissa is already lying dead by the swimming pool with a syringe in her stomach. Now they have a murderer to find.

Season 5

  • S05E01 Market for Murder

    • June 16, 2002
    • ITV

    In the beautiful village of Midsomer Market someone is killing the members of a ladies' reading circle. Barnaby finds the little society was really a cover for something quite different - the ladies had been operating a secret investment consortium, and there had been fierce disagreements between them about the cashing in of profits. How exactly does Harry Painter, a disgraced currency trader now working in the village as a swimming pool cleaner, fit into the picture, and what exactly is the motive for the murders?

  • S05E02 A Worm in the Bud

    • June 23, 2002
    • ITV

    Susan Bartlett, who was depressed about her infertility, is found dead in a wood - with the appearance that she killed herself. But then Barnaby finds that Susan's emailed suicide note was sent after she was dead. The ensuing murder investigation uncovers old feuds, infidelity and witchcraft.

  • S05E03 Ring Out Your Dead

    • September 15, 2002
    • ITV

    In the village of Midsomer Wellow, someone is killing off the bellringers of the parish church, in the week before a big bell-ringing competition. One young woman on the team is even shot dead in the churchyard on her wedding day.Before he can crack the case, Barnaby has to understand the significance of an old killing in the same village in the year 1840, when the Midsomer Wellow Vicar of the day, the Reverend Jonathan Ebbrell, was murdered and thrown down a well by the bellringers of his church. So where are the Ebbrells now?

  • S05E04 Murder on St Malley's Day

    • September 22, 2002
    • ITV

    The village of Midsomer Parva is dominated by the imposing Devington School - as a seat of learning, Devington may be undistinguished in the great world, but it is socially well-connected and it has economic clout. When the College's Pudding Club sets off a murderous chain of events, ranks begin to close against Barnaby and Troy, and they need inside information to catch a killer who is obsessed by loyalty to the school.

Season 6

  • S06E01 A Talent for Life

    • January 3, 2003
    • ITV

    Accusations of unsportsmanlike conduct on the river are bedevilling the Midsomer game fishermen, and Barnaby has to interview elegant widow Isobel Hewitt, a spendthrift, fast-living, Jaguar-driving 75-year-old, when another lady fly-fisher accuses her of a violent assault. Then first Isobel and later her fellow villager Dr Duncan Goff are found on the river-bank with their skulls smashed in, and there is no shortage of suspects - including an antique dealer who apparently specializes in befriending elderly widows. The picture is confused when one of the suspects, chef-restaurateur Keith Scholey, is found frozen to death in his walk-in deep freeze, with the lock of the door jammed by a nail. Troy has a theory that Scholey was the killer and has made his suicide look like murder, but will that be the end of the affair?

  • S06E02 Death and Dreams

    • January 10, 2003
    • ITV

    Barnaby investigates a death which looks very much like suicide. The dead man was a troubed and depressed gambler on a losing streak, but Barnaby's nose tells him to look for a murderer. During the investigation he recognizes someone from his past, in the shape of Dr Jane Moore.

  • S06E03 Painted in Blood

    • January 17, 2003
    • ITV

    Barnaby's wife, Joyce, finds a dead body on the Midsomer Florey village green while taking part in a watercolour painting class, and she recognizes it as the elderly Miss Fairfax.Barnaby is given the case, then finds himself taken off it and replaced by a team from the National Intelligence Squad, while he is assigned to deal with a missing handbag. However, he continues his investigation into the murder, finding deceit and double-dealing. It appears that 'Miss Fairfax' was not an elderly spinster at all, but a young detective sergeant from the National Intelligence Squad working under cover, and that her colleagues are busy fitting up the village handyman for the murder of an old lady who never was. He discovers that someone is busy hunting for some five million pounds still missing from an old robbery. In the closing moments, Barnaby has to lock two of the National Intelligence Squad's officers in a bank strong-room, where they are trying to snatch the missing cash, and to arrest the

  • S06E04 A Tale of Two Hamlets

    • January 24, 2003
    • ITV

    Someone is decimating the ancient Smythe-Webster family of Upper Walden, and the bad blood between the villages of Upper and Lower Walden is renewed with a vengeance. First, young heart-throb actor Larry Smith (alias Laurence Smythe-Webster) dies in an explosion at a publicity event for a new film. House of Satan is based on a book by a local writer, the late Ellis Bell of Lower Walden - a village whose inhabitants are referred to by its Vicar, the Reverend Simon Smythe-Webster, as ""the weasels of the wild wood"".The next to die is Larry's uncle, House of Satan producer Frank Webster (Francis Smythe-Webster), electrocuted to death on his exercise bike. Finally, Barnaby's principal suspect, Danny Pinchel, the family's cook, is drowned in a large bowl of tomato soup...Barnaby realizes he is dealing with an historic grudge, and he enquires into the family's antecedents.

  • S06E05 Birds of Prey

    • January 31, 2003
    • ITV

    Julian Shepherd, who has most of his money invested in Charles Edmonton's new invention, is found drowned, and there is every appearance that he killed himself due to money problems. Then a villager who has been stealing peregrine falcon eggs from Charles's widow is also found dead, and Barnaby and Troy investigate.

Season 7

  • S07E01 The Green Man

    • November 2, 2003
    • ITV

    The Barnaby-Troy partnership is about to come to an end, as Troy has passed his inspector's exam and is moving on. However, the murderers of Midsomer go on piling up the bodies. Joyce Barnaby gets trapped in a fallen canal tunnel, and in getting her out seven skeletons come to light in a hidden chamber. Meanwhile, two local tearaways are shot dead in the woods at Midsomer Worthy, and a tramp called Tom is accused of the killings. While Troy looks into the shootings, Barnaby wrestles with an old mystery. And although six of the skeletons found in the tunnel date from the 18th century, one is much more recent.

  • S07E02 Bad Tidings

    • January 4, 2004
    • ITV

    Barnaby's new partner, Sergeant Dan Scott, arrives from London's Metropolitan Police and expects to have a quiet life. But then the murders begin. The first victim is Fiona Thompson, stabbed several times with a long knife on her way home from a flamenco night at Midsomer Mallow village hall - and a witness reports a mysterious squeaking noise at the scene of the crime...

  • S07E03 The Fisher King

    • January 11, 2004
    • ITV

    Midsomer Barrow landowner Gareth Heldman is murdered with an Iron Age spear, on the same spot where his father was killed many years before during an archaeologists' dig at the village's prehistoric earthworks. Meanwhile, troupes of new age travellers (whom Heldman strongly disapproved of) are arriving to celebrate the summer solstice on June 21st. Barnaby finds Heldman was a womaniser, with a tangled web of offspring. He also has to reopen the file on the thirty-year-old murder of Roger Heldman and investigate a tale of lost treasure.

  • S07E04 Sins of Commission

    • January 18, 2004
    • ITV

    The Midsomer Literary Festival opens with the real-life murder of a famous author at Midsomer St Michael. In investigating the killing, Barnaby and Scott find that the village highbrows are busy with corruption, embezzlement, and sexual peccadillos of various kinds. And the dead bodies go on piling up.

  • S07E05 The Maid in Splendour

    • January 25, 2004
    • ITV

    Jamie Cruickshank, a bartender at the Maid in Splendour public house, is keen on Bella Monday, a barmaid, and follows her to a tumbledown old cottage in the woods, only to be blasted with a twelve-bore shotgun. Then the pub landlord's son, Stephen Bannerman, is also killed in the same way. Barnaby finds there was ill-feeling between locals and newcomers to the village and also between the landlord and his aggressive son, who was in the process of taking over the business.

  • S07E06 The Straw Woman

    • February 29, 2004
    • ITV

    When a traditional festival is revived at Midsomer Parva, it goes disastrously wrong, with the curate (or assistant priest) being burnt alive inside a straw effigy of a woman. Local property owner Alan Clifford holds an orgy at the Manor House, and it seems he has secrets... And then, just after finding a pig's head on the altar of the parish church, the dead curate's gay lover, the Reverend Jim Hale, dies too, seemingly of 'spontaneous combustion' - that is, he bursts into flames without any normal explanation. Barnaby refuses to believe in rumours of witchcraft and is vindicated when it proves that Hale's clothes had been sprinkled with phosphorus. Then, with Barnaby hot on the killer's trail, Liz Francis is knocked out with a candlestick and becomes the third villager to be burnt alive.

  • S07E07 Ghosts of Christmas Past

    • December 25, 2004
    • ITV

    Exactly nine years after Ferdy Villiers killed himself, his family gathers, with guests, for Christmas at Draycott House, their ancestral country seat - a big country house which has seen better days. There are already tensions in the air when it becomes clear that the surviving members of the Villiers family have some dark secrets to keep. A riddle in a Christmas cracker accurately predicts two deaths. Then Jennifer Carter dies in what seems at first to be a shooting accident, after a shotgun is interfered with, and Aunt Lydia is fatally injured by being pushed downstairs. To solve the crimes in the present day, Barnaby is sure he needs to understand the past suicides of Ferdy Villiers and Clare English.

Season 8

  • S08E01 Things That Go Bump in the Night

    • October 10, 2004
    • ITV

    The Midsomer village of Fletcher's Cross suffers a series of gruesome murders, beginning with that of local undertaker Patrick Pennyman and continuing with the deaths of Elizabeth Key (a friend of Joyce Barnaby's) and John Whittle. All three were hit over the head before having their wrists slashed. Residents are divided about a spiritualist circle run in the village by a medium called Rosetta Price, and Barnaby and Scott find links between Patrick Pennyman's funeral parlour and messages from the Other Side...

  • S08E02 Dead in the Water

    • October 17, 2004
    • ITV

    During the Midsomer Regatta, an annual series of rowing races on the River Thames, the dead body of a leading member of the Midsomer Rowing Club called Guy Sweetman is found in the water. Dastardly deeds are afoot, and as Barnaby investigates Guy's watery end he soon finds some young bloods whose stories do not seem to add up.Meanwhile, the complicated love lives of the gorgeous Hettie Trent and the elegant Claire Bonavita seem to be closely linked with the murder investigation.

  • S08E03 Orchis Fatalis

    • January 9, 2005
    • ITV

    The world of orchids is hotly competitive - but are the Midsomer orchid growers really killing each other?One of the world's rarest orchids is smuggled into Midsomer Malham from Borneo at a cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds, setting off a series of passionate events which lead to murder. Retired classics teacher Madeleine Villiers is poisoned with hemlock, then an orchid collector called Henry Plummer is found strangled. Brother Robert, a monk, obliges by translating Madeleine's diaries of her lurid sex life from the Latin. Barnaby has to find a plant of the Roth Orchid and at least one obsessive killer, while he is busy moving house.

  • S08E04 Bantling Boy

    • January 16, 2005
    • ITV

    Race-horse trainer Bruce Hartley is found bludgeoned to death with a hammer after the Causton Gold Cup race meeting. Bruce, an alcoholic, had threatened to reveal the reason why his father had bequeathed the thoroughbred race-horse Bantling Boy to four Midsomer villagers. The members of the syndicate come under suspicion, and the killing continues when Dr John Osgood, the lover of Bruce's wife Marianna, is also found dead - and even the Gold Cup-winning horse Bantling Boy falls sick. Barnaby and Scott must unravel the secrets of the Bantling family of Bantling Hall to find the killer.

  • S08E05 Second Sight

    • January 23, 2005
    • ITV

    Several of the villagers of Midsomer Mere are said to have 'second sight'. A young couple there, Ben and Emma Kirkby (formerly Ransom), are about to christen their baby daughter Christine, and both the Kirkbys and the Ransoms are anxious to know whether the new baby has the gift of second sight. It is suggested that if Emma and Ben have baby Christine baptized, she would lose the power. Then a young man is found dead with scorch marks on his head, and baby Christine cries loudly, leaving Barnaby wondering what is really going on.

  • S08E06 Hidden Depths

    • March 14, 2005
    • ITV

    Barnaby investigates several more murders in another Midsomer village, at least two of them very imaginitive ones (see list of victims).

  • S08E07 Sauce For The Goose

    • April 3, 2005
    • ITV

    A tour of Plummer's famous relish factory ends in tragedy when one of the visitors is crushed against towers of relish bottles and dumped naked into a 200-degree sterilizer. When the dead man is found to be an executive with rival company Fieldway Foods, Barnaby and Scott's investigation uncovers many secrets and lies among the Plummer family. Someone is also trying to frighten matriarch Amelia Plummer. But who feels strongly enough about Plummer's Relish to commit murder?

  • S08E08 Midsomer Rhapsody

    • October 2, 2005
    • ITV

    Joan Alder, the local composer of a very successful piece of music, 'Midsomer Rhapsody', died twenty years ago, leaving bitternesses among her family. Barnaby and his wife know her mother, Peggy Alder, who is about to remarry. A local man is murdered, and Barnaby realises that he was her music teacher. Then a valuable manuscript shows up among the murdered man's effects, that appears to be an early draft of the work as a collaboration by two hands, but Barnaby suspects it is a forgery, by someone who hopes to gain a share in the continuing royalties. Then Joan's long-lost daughter, Sarah Douglas, appears, followed by the revelation that her boyfriend, who was thought to be dead, is living close by. As the number of people with an interest in Joan Alder's work increases, the number of those interested in her work decreases as further murders occur.

Season 9

  • S09E01 The House in the Woods

    • September 10, 2005
    • ITV

    A couple who have been searching the Midsomer area for a suitable property to renovate, Peter & Caroline Cave, are found brutally garrotted in their car outside a supposedly haunted dilapidated old cottage in the woods near Midsomer Newton. There are several other people interested in buying the house, but are they desperate enough to murder potential rivals? Barnaby investigates, with the assistance of PC Ben Jones, who he temporarily appoints Detective Constable, in the absence of DS Scott. Joyce Barnaby is helping a local group of conservationists identify architecturally important buildings in the area, and is asked to investigate the same cottage, potentially putting her in danger. Barnaby then discovers that there is something odd about the person selling the cottage.

  • S09E02 Dead Letters

    • February 26, 2006
    • ITV

    The village of Midsomer Barton is celebrating Oak Apple Week when a local single mother, Marion Slade, is found drowned in the village stream. It looks like suicide, and that she was driven to it by grief over the death, eight years before, of her daughter, Bella, a local beauty pageant winner. Barnaby investigates and is shaken by two villagers who look like murder victims from his past. Then another body is discovered and it appears that the festivities have stirred up a cocktail of adultery, contempt, unrequited love and revenge in the village. And it all appears to center around Bella Slade.

  • S09E03 Vixen's Run

    • March 5, 2006
    • ITV

    The elderly Sir Freddy Butler has invited both his ex-wives, Annabel & Lucinda, to stay with him and his current wife, Tara. When he dies suddenly of a heart attack, the bitter rivalry between the three and Sandra, the wife of his heir, comes to the surface, with murderous consequences. To solve the mystery, Barnaby must unravel paternity questions about some of the residents of the hall, and find the legendary missing emeralds.

  • S09E04 Down Among the Dead Men

    • March 12, 2006
    • ITV

    Barnaby and Jones investigate the shooting of a blackmailer, Martin Barrett. But he had so many victims, they are spoiled for choice for a suspect. Then one of his victims, Sir John Waverley, gets another demand. The trail leads them to the seaside and diving for treasure on an uncataloged wreck.

  • S09E05 Four Funerals and a Wedding

    • June 12, 2006
    • ITV

    Barnaby's mother-in-law comes to visit, and insists on being taken to the village of Broughton, which has seen a war between the sexes for decades. During this year's traditional fair, elderly women's campaigner Mildred Danvers is murdered. And then the misogynist vicar, the Rev Anthony Gant, is murdered during a bizarre traditional event that forms part of the proceedings. Is this an evening of the score, or is another long-standing feud responsible?

  • S09E06 Country Matters

    • June 19, 2006
    • ITV

    Frank Hopkirk, an environmental adviser on the proposed site of a controversial Goodfare supermarket in Elverton-cum-Latterly, is found stabbed to death in an old farm building on the site. Barnaby & Jones question locals on both sides of the debate over the plans, and find that Mr Hopkirk had extra-curricular dealings with a number of the local ladies and their businesses. But which one of these caused passions to be stirred up to such a murderous extent?

  • S09E07 Death in Chorus

    • June 26, 2006
    • ITV

    The Midsomer Worthy local amateur choir includes Joyce Barnaby & Dr Bullard amongst its members. Their conductor, Laurence Barker, has a bitter feud with a rival. Following a rehearsal for the regional Four Choirs competition, the lead tenor, Connor Simpson, dies mysteriously.

  • S09E08 Last Year's Model

    • July 3, 2006
    • ITV

    Annie Woodrow, a charity worker from Midsomer Malham, is standing trial for killing her best friend, Frances Trevelyan, in a case that Barnaby had investigated ten months previously. But he becomes increasingly unsettled that the prosecution's case doesn't match the facts. Barnaby & Jones enlist the help of key witness Mrs Beverly in a risky entrapment to find out what really happened. Jones's promotion to Det Sgt comes through at the same time.

Season 10

  • S10E01 Dance with the Dead

    • November 12, 2006
    • ITV

    Suicide pact or murder? Barnaby quickly discovers it's the latter when the body of a young man turns up in a hanger at an old disused World War Two airfield. There is also the puzzling disappearance of the victims girlfriend, Laura Sharp. Despite her dubious reputation she seemed popular with many in the local community. Barnaby has to probe deep beneath the soft underbelly of Morton Fendle in order to reveal what Laura actually meant to many of its inhabitants and if one of them may have committed murder on her behalf.

  • SPECIAL 0x5 Super Sleuths

    • November 14, 2006
    • ITV

    Super Sleuth: The Making Of Midsomer Murders MIDSOMER MURDERS is the biggest drama export out of the UK, becoming one of the most successful mysteries both in its domestic market and overseas. This special documentary examines Inspector Barnaby - his methods and techniques of investigation, from his time in the original novels through his translation to television. Super Sleuth goes behind the scenes on Midsomer Murders including interviews with stars John Nettles (Barnaby), Daniel Casey (Troy), Jane Wymark (Joyce Barnaby) and Laura Howard (Cully Barnaby) plus series producer Brian True-May, script writer Anthony Horowitz and novelist Caroline Graham.

  • S10E02 The Animal Within

    • January 19, 2007
    • ITV

    Faith Alexander arrives in Midsomer Deverell to visit her estranged Uncle Rex, much to the surprise of his friends and associates who had been told she was dead. The problem is Rex is missing and Barnaby's initial investigation into his disappearance becomes more sinister when Rex's body is found at the bottom of the weir. The case becomes more complicated as it appears the eccentric Rex left several different wills and everyone wants a slice of his estate. Was this the reason for murder, or is it related to a family feud from 40 years ago? What was the secret of the feud? Those who know are not saying but someone is prepared to commit further murders to ensure it is not revealed.

  • S10E03 King's Crystal

    • January 26, 2007
    • ITV

    When factory owner Alan King, owner of the Kings crystal glass company, meets his death in Shanghai the repercussions are swiftly felt in far off Midsomer Magna. His brother, not only assumes control and closes the factory down but marries the widow, much to the resentment of her son. When the company's chief accountant is found dead in the river Barnaby finds himself drawn into the mysterious world of Masonic rituals and business corruption. Jones's knowledge of the former proves invaluable but it is Cully's performance in an open air version of Hamlet that provides the vital clue, setting the detectives on a race against time to prevent further deaths.

  • S10E04 The Axeman Cometh

    • February 2, 2007
    • ITV

    Barnaby rocks!!! Barnaby dusts off his LPs and reminices about his younger days as a member of a rock band, (much to the amusement of Jones) when his former rock idols Hired Gun', reform to play the Midsomer rock festival. Backstage, however, the old tensions which caused the group to split quickly resurface, and there is still the unexplained mystery of the band member who disappeared 30 years ago. It becomes evident that not everybody shares Barnaby's enthusiasm for the group when one of their members is electrocuted on stage at their opening gig. Who is responsible? Is it one of the band or their sinister butler. Barnaby has to cast aside his fan cloak for his professional one to investigate.

  • S10E05 Death and Dust

    • May 8, 2007
    • ITV

    When Dr. Alan Delaney is killed by a hit and run driver, Barnaby realizes the real target was Delaney's senior partner, Dr. James Kirkwood. Is the killer trying to prevent James from marrying beautiful divorcee Delyth Mostyn? And how is his death linked to £30,000 which is missing from the surgery accounts? Barnaby and Jones must travel to Snowdonia to unravel the truth.

  • S10E06 Picture of Innocence

    • June 3, 2007
    • ITV

    There's a shock for Joyce when she and Tom visit a photo exhibition in Luxton Deeping. Barnaby also gets a glimpse of the bitter rivalry between the traditional film photo followers and the digital enthusiasts. Things develop a more serious turn, however, when a member of the local camera club is brutally strangled. For once there are no shortage of clues and leads, all pointing to one suspect - Barnaby himself !! Suspended from duty, Barnaby, with a little covert help from Jones, has to use all his deductive powers to discover the motive and unmask the real murderer before they strike again.

  • S10E07 They Seek Him Here

    • April 27, 2008
    • ITV

    Nick Cheney was once a successful director, but he has now ended up mainly directing low-budget films. We meet him as he is directing The Scarlet Pimpernel at Magna Manor. A former convict, Jed Norris, has been hired as a security guard on the film set, and one night he finds the director dead, beheaded by the use of a guillotine.

  • S10E08 Death in a Chocolate Box

    • May 11, 2008
    • ITV

    Reformed criminal Ronnie Tyler prepares to leave Midsomer Holm, a tranquil village and halfway house. In the village is an historic camera obscura. New arrival Eddie Marston takes Ronnie's place, making DCI Barnaby uneasy.

Season 11

  • S11E01 Shot at Dawn

    • January 1, 2008
    • ITV

    Although it's 90 years since the end of WW1, the feud between the Hammond and Hicks families still festers. Much to the disgust of Colonel Henry Hammond, Private Tommy Hicks condemned for cowardice in the conflict, has been exonerated and his name added to the local war memorial. Meanwhile Barnaby is not a happy man. His roof is leaking and his peaceful dinner with Joyce at the local hostelry is interrupted when he has to break up a fight between the two elderly patriarchs of the Hicks and Hammonds families who, despite being wheelchair bound, battle it out with baguettes!

  • SPECIAL 0x3 Surviving Midsomer: An Insiders Guide

    • May 24, 2008
    • ITV

  • SPECIAL 0x4 Map of Midsomer

    • May 24, 2008
    • ITV

    Season 11 Extras, Map of Midsomer John Nettles explores the locations used when filming the popular mystery series.

  • SPECIAL 0x6 D.C.I. Barnaby & Me

    • May 24, 2008
    • ITV

  • S11E02 Blood Wedding

    • May 10, 2008
    • ITV

    An upper class wedding results in an evil and sudden death, which becomes another challenge for Barnaby. These people are not used to having the police around asking a lot of silly questions. Besides, Barnaby has Cully's wedding to sort out as well

  • S11E03 Left for Dead

    • May 24, 2008
    • ITV

    The building of a new road attracts protesters to a small Midsomer village, and it seems to be motive for murder. As Barnaby and Jones delve into the complicated nature of this Midsomer village, they realise the key to solving the case lies under a well-concealed pact between several of the villagers.

  • S11E04 Midsomer Life

    • May 31, 2008
    • ITV

    Guy Sandys is a retired City financier, who has bought Midsomer Life magazine, almost as a hobby, and enjoys using its pages to publish sharp reviews of local businesses. The body of Charlie Finleyson is found in woods near Sandys's house, and suspicion falls on Sandys, as his wife Cristina had left him for Finleyson some years previously. Then Sandys himself is found dead in his Midsomer Life office, and Barnaby & Jones have to sift through the long list of people who might hold a grudge against Sandys.

  • S11E05 The Magician's Nephew

    • June 14, 2008
    • ITV

    Jean Wildacre dies suspiciously during a performance as assistant to local magician Aloysius Wilmington, and Barnaby & Jones are called in. They have to investigate the relationships of Midsomer's Magic Circle, a group of old friends whose activities spun off a new cult, and led to long-running animosities. Soon they are looking for colorful South American poison-dart frogs, as the death count rises

  • S11E06 Days of Misrule

    • July 5, 2008
    • ITV

    It is Christmas and DCI Barnaby deals with an explosion and some killings near a freight company, at the same time as trying to deal with his acting CS who has very strong beliefs about teamwork.

  • S11E07 Talking to the Dead

    • August 5, 2008
    • ITV

    Two couples disappear in the tiny village of Monks Barton amid rumours of witchcraft and haunted woods. As Barnaby and Jones investigate, psychic Cyrus LeVanu clashes with cleric Wallace Stone over their different methods of `healing' the woods, while other locals seem to be caught up in a stolen antiques racket. When a body is unearthed and the death toll rises, the detectives race to find a connection between the missing couples and the thefts to catch the killer.

Season 12

  • S12E01 The Dogleg Murders

    • July 22, 2009
    • ITV

    On the Midsomer Golfclub Whiteoaks a member is killed with a golfclub. In the course of the investigation they discover Whiteoaks to be full of hatred, gambling, violence, jealousy and extortion.

  • S12E02 The Black Book

    • August 5, 2009
    • ITV

    The sale of a previously unknown painting by an 18th century painter sends Barnaby into an investigation of murders as well as art forgery.

  • S12E03 Secrets & Spies

    • July 29, 2009
    • ITV

    A number of murders near a government safe house in Midsomer appears to be connected to a group of British spies stationed in East Berlin during the Cold War.

  • S12E04 The Glitch

    • September 23, 2009
    • ITV

    Midsomer University science fellow George Jeffers threatens to make public a problem with his state-of-the-art invention Kernel Logic, but American software boss Clinton Finn fears he will lose millions if the truth comes out. When a schoolteacher is killed in a hit-and-run, Barnaby suspects Jeffers was the intended target.

  • S12E05 Small Mercies

    • September 28, 2009
    • ITV

    Richard Tanner is found murdered in a model village, stabbed and trussed up like Gulliver in a macabre tableau. The disturbing manner of his death leads Barnaby and Jones to suspect that someone in the village of Little Worthy is criminally insane. As further gruesome killings rock the community, the detectives face a race against time to unravel past events that lead to the making of a dangerous serial killer.

  • S12E06 The Creeper

    • January 27, 2010
    • ITV

    Midsomer's Chettham Park House, once owned by Sir William Chettham, has been bought by entrepreneur Jack Filby to save Sir William from financial ruin. Long-term friends dating back to the days of university, Jack has allowed William, his mother Elizabeth, wife Isobel and son Freddy to stay on living at The Dower House - the smaller house on the estate where the Baronet's widowed mother would traditionally live. Jack is the man of the manor now with William and Isobel's son Freddy as his right hand man.

  • S12E07 The Great and The Good

    • April 14, 2010
    • ITV

    The night time peace of Badger's Drift is shattered horribly when teacher Connie Bishop screams in fright, convinced there is an intruder. Days later a local councillor, said to be obsessed with her, is found murdered in her garden. Is Connie the innocent victim she seems? Barnaby and Jones uncover jealous rivals, ruthless social climbers and a cottage with mysterious secrets as they search for the killer.

Season 13

  • S13E01 The Sword of Guillaume

    • February 10, 2010
    • ITV

    Barnaby decides to join Causton's annual trip to Brighton when he become suspicious about the mayor's plans to buy up coastal land for holiday chalets. But before he can get to the bottom of the dubious deal, a hated property developer is beheaded at a funfair and a collection of valuable historical swords goes missing. With the help of his cousin DCI John Barnaby, the detective sets out to crack the case. Guest starring Neil Dudgeon (Roman's Empire), Mark Gatiss (The League of Gentlemen), Coronation Street villain Brian Capron and Blackadder's Tim McInnerny

  • S13E02 The Made-to-Measure Murders

    • May 12, 2010
    • ITV

    The residents of Milton Cross, a feudal estate with a church, farms, houses and acres of land, depend on lord of the manor Edward Milton for their livelihoods. When Sonia Woodley is stabbed to death in the churchyard two years after the death of her husband, bespoke tailor Gerald, Barnaby and Jones investigate, and the village begins to reveal its secrets. Guest staring James Wilby, Gwyneth Strong and Karl Davies (formerly Emmerdale's Robert Sugden), with John Nettles and Jason Hughes

  • S13E03 Blood on the Saddle

    • September 8, 2010
    • ITV

    Ford Florey is a town with a Wild West Society and many grudges. During a Wild West show at the local fayre, the witch on the 'Dunk the Witch' stall is well and truly dunked. Laughter turns to horror when she doesn't get up and the water in the tank starts to turn red. Barnaby and Jones need to be quick on the draw to track down the murderer.

  • S13E04 The Silent Land

    • September 22, 2010
    • ITV

    On a dark night in the village of March Magna, Barnaby's wife Joyce swerves her car to narrowly miss a shadowy figure in the road. Or so she thinks. Later that night a body is discovered in the old cemetery. Did Joyce hit someone after all or was the victim, who seems to have plenty of enemies, killed by one of the villagers? Barnaby and Jones have their work cut out as all the villagers seem to be hiding something - but is it murder?

  • S13E05 Master Class

    • October 6, 2010
    • ITV

    Piano student Zoe Stock has won a place at the Devington Manor Winter School led by internationally renowned musician Sir Michael Fielding. From the riverbank in the grounds of the manor she sees a woman jump from the bridge and disappear underwater. When Barnaby and Jones start investigating the possible drowning, they discover unsavoury connections to the past that could prove lethal twenty years later. But can they intervene before the body count escalates and will the talented Zoe survive her master class?

  • S13E06 The Noble Art

    • October 13, 2010
    • ITV

    Local boxer John Kinsella's successful world title bid stirs up hidden passions among the residents of Midsomer Morchard. As plans to stage a celebratory re-enactment of a Victorian prizefight shape up, jealousy, betrayal and blackmail take a ringside seat, while two suspicious deaths suggest Barnaby has let friendship cloud his judgement. Detective drama, guest starring Phil Daniels (formerly EastEnders' Kevin Wicks)

  • S13E07 Not in My Backyard

    • January 12, 2011
    • ITV

    A planning dispute turns to murder after a leading light in the Midsomer Conservation Society suspects her neighbours are involved in a money-making development scam. Political wrangling, burglaries and sexual liaisons abound in picturesque Great Pelfe - but why is someone driven to start killing? Barnaby and Jones investigate.

  • S13E08 Fit For Murder

    • February 2, 2011
    • ITV

    Barnaby reluctantly accompanies Joyce on a spa weekend to Swavely Manor. But as he attempts to de-stress, a woman is found dead in the flotation chamber. He abandons his treatment to investigate, but his personal worries are never far away as he contemplates his future.

Season 14

  • S14E01 Death in the Slow Lane

    • March 23, 2011
    • ITV

    New DCI John Barnaby arrives in Midsomer and is bemused by the quaint villages and their quirky residents. But when a local DJ is crushed to death at a traditional girls’ boarding school, he soon discovers that murder and deception are never far away. As the death toll rises, could Barnaby’s first case also be his last?

  • S14E02 Dark Secrets

    • March 30, 2011
    • ITV

    The reclusive lives of elderly eccentrics William and Mary Bingham comes under police scrutiny when a social services investigator is murdered. Barnaby and Jones must unearth generations of family secrets and decipher astronomical charts to find the killer.

  • S14E03 Echoes of the Dead

    • April 20, 2011
    • ITV

    When a young woman is dressed like a bride and drowned in a bath, it triggers a spate of ghoulish wedding-themed murders in Great Worthy. The case takes Barnaby and Jones to a donkey sanctuary, a heritage steam railway, and a pub run by an ex-copper and former brothel madam. With the serial killer still at large, could history be repeating itself?

  • S14E04 The Oblong Murders

    • May 25, 2011
    • ITV

    Bullard asks Barnaby to investigate the disappearance of a friend's daughter who was a member of the Oblong Foundation, a cult based at Malham Hall. Jones goes undercover as a new recruit to solve the mystery, but he and Barnaby soon start digging into an old case involving the death of a couple in a boat explosion, which could be linked to the missing woman. With Will Knightley, Kevin Doyle, Holly Aird, Barbara Flynn and John Woodvine

  • S14E05 The Sleeper Under The Hill

    • September 21, 2011
    • ITV

    When the body of a farmer is found in the middle of a stone circle in Midsomer Mow, suspicion points at local druids. The murdered man had planned to plough Gorse Meadow, making Crowcall Circle inaccessible to the group led by high priests Ezra and Leticia. Barnaby and Jones are joined in their investigation by new pathologist Kate Wilding. The body left on the bloodstone is her first assignment, but Kate doesn’t shock easily.

  • S14E06 The Night Of The Stag

    • October 12, 2011
    • ITV

    A tax inspector goes missing as he tries to track down the maker of an illicit, potent cider popular among the residents of Midsomer Abbas. Barnaby and Jones have a murder investigation on their hands when the man's body is found floating in a vat at the village's spring fair, where the duo are sampling the local brew

  • S14E07 A Sacred Trust

    • October 26, 2011
    • ITV

    Barnaby and Jones investigate the cloistered world of Midsomer Priory when a nun is strangled to death. The detectives uncover a complex mystery involving holy orders, teenage romantic liaisons, African art and missing antique silver as the community is forced to open its doors to 21st-century policing

  • S14E08 A Rare Bird

    • January 11, 2012
    • ITV

    A row breaks out between some birdwatchers in Midsomer-in-the-Marsh ends things end up turning nasty after their president is killed. Patrick Morgan died as he hoping to get a glimpse of a rare bird, but is his obsession with ornithology to blame or something much more sinister. Barnaby is called in to investigate.

Season 15

  • S15E01 The Dark Rider

    • February 1, 2012
    • ITV

    When a headless horseman makes an an appearance at Quitewell Hall it foreshadows a number of deaths amongst an aristocratic family. Whilst a Civil War re-enactment takes place the family relive their own historic battles with their neighbours.

  • S15E02 Murder of Innocence

    • March 21, 2012
    • ITV

    After convicted killer Grady Felton returns to his childhood home after 18 years, it causes anger and raw emotion for the family of his victim. A barrister who was involved in the trial is murdered and the finger of suspicion is pointed at Grady. Grady has an alibi though so the detectives suspect he could be working with an accomplice. Grady ends up being critically injured in an arson attack and it looks like somebody is out to settle some old scores.

  • S15E03 Written in the Stars

    • September 25, 2012
    • ITV

    As darkness covers Midsomer Stanton during a total eclipse of the sun, amateur astronomer Jeremy Harper is killed by blow to the head with a meteorite. Barnaby and Jones are called in to investigate, and the duo discover that intrigue, sexual tension and academic rivalry are rife among the local stargazing community.

  • S15E04 Death and the Divas

    • January 2, 2013
    • ITV

    The murder of a journalist leaves reminders of a 1960's horror movie starring Midsomer’s Stella Harris. After Stella’s more famous sister returns following a 40-year family rift, the killings continue, each reminiscent of a film plot. Is life – and death – imitating art?

  • S15E05 The Sicilian Defence

    • January 9, 2013
    • ITV

    After having been in a coma since the night she attempted to elope, Harriet Farmer wakes up. A killer then murders members of a local chess club. John Barnaby and the team investigate whether the attack which left Harriet for dead a year ago could be linked to moves on a chess board and atempt to find out what happened to her boyfriend Finn.

  • S15E06 Schooled in Murder

    • January 30, 2013
    • ITV

    A woman ends up being crushed to death with a giant wheel of Midsomer Blue cheese. Secret and controversial plans to modernise the dairy end up being revealed as rumours about the private lives of the parents cause a row at a local prep school. More people linked to the dairy are involved in shocking deaths as long-held secrets begin to be revealed.

  • S15E07 Death and The Divas - extra

    • Acorn TV

Season 16

  • S16E01 The Christmas Haunting

    • December 24, 2013
    • ITV

    DS Charlie Nelson arrives in Midsomer and is thrown straight into a murder investigation. A man is stabbed with an antique sword during a ghost-hunting party at a ‘haunted’ manor house in Morton Shallows. Can Barnaby and Nelson find a more earthly motive behind the murder and trap the killer?

  • S16E02 Let Us Prey

    • January 8, 2014
    • ITV

    After a medieval fresco is discovered in the crypt of St Clare’s parish church it manges to bring a lot of happiness to the Reverend Martha Hillcott. After a body is discovered in the river and with the river close to bursting its banks, St Clare ends up being at crisis point.

  • S16E03 Wild Harvest

    • January 29, 2014
    • ITV

    Wyvern House restaurant in Midsomer Wyvern is more than a just a restaurant. It is the love and passion of celebrity chef Ruth Cameron’s life. When the landlord of Wyvern House, Martin Strickland, meets a brutal and untimely death in his own woods, many aspersions are cast. As Barnaby and Nelson decipher the intricacies of the relationships within the village, will they find the murderer before they strike again?

  • S16E04 The Flying Club

    • February 5, 2014
    • ITV

    When the owner of Finchmere Airfield is dropped from a plane to meet a gruesome death, Barnaby and Nelson find the exciting world of stunt pilots and military heroes hides many dark secrets. Are anti-aircraft campaigners behind Bernard King's murder or does it link back to a tragic World War Two mission?

  • S16E05 The Killings of Copenhagen

    • February 12, 2014
    • ITV

    When the boss of Calder's Biscuit Company is murdered in Copenhagen, Barnaby and Nelson join forces with two female Danish detectives, the abrasive and astute Poulsen and the charming and cool Degn. They discover Eric Calder had more linking him to Copenhagen than just his famous Golden Clusters.

Season 17

  • S17E01 The Dagger Club

    • January 28, 2015
    • ITV

    A newly-discovered manuscript for a novel by deceased crime-writer George Summersbee is to be unveiled at the Luxton Deeping Crime Festival. However, before the Festival it is stolen and its owner fatally electrocuted by a booby-trapped roulette wheel.

  • S17E02 Murder by Magic

    • February 4, 2015
    • ITV

    After a pub landlord is crushed and killed during a magic show Barnaby and Nelson soon learn about conflict between the village church and some ancient pagan traditions.

  • S17E03 The Ballad of Midsomer County

    • February 11, 2015
    • ITV

    Could a ballad made famous by late, lamented folk sing Johnny Carver be an inspiration for murder? Did someone want to kill Toby Winning for threatening to take the Little Crosby Folk Festival away from Midsomer - Or is the true motive something hidden for 20 years?

  • S17E04 A Vintage Murder

    • February 18, 2015
    • ITV

    The fizz goes out of a sparkling wine launch when one of the glasses is laced with poison. Who is targeting the Midsomer Vinae Winery and what does the attack have to do with the death of a child in a hit-and-run accident?

Season 18

  • S18E01 Habeas Corpus

    • January 6, 2016
    • ITV

    Gregory Lancaster's body goes missing after he dies, exposing a intricate web of secrets and lies across Little Malton. DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson meet new forensic pathologist Kam Karimore as they are drawn into the macabre world of body-snatching.

  • S18E02 The Incident at Cooper Hill

    • January 13, 2016
    • ITV

    A local forest ranger suffers a strange death, but is it linked to the strange lights seen over the sky in the UFO hot-spot Cooper Hill. Barnaby and Nelson unearth suspicions, betrayals and secrets in the search for what's really happened.

  • S18E03 Breaking the Chain

    • January 27, 2016
    • ITV

    An international cycling competition goes through the village of Burwood Mantle and after the race leader is murdered, DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson find themselves involved in a competitive world of blackmail, bribery and bloodshed where winning matters at any cost.

  • S18E04 A Dying Art

    • February 3, 2016
    • ITV

    A new sculpture park is set to open in Angel's Rise, but its launch is soon marred by murder. Barnaby and Nelson have to crack the case were art seems to imitate death and everything has a meaning deeper than is first realised.

  • S18E05 Saints and Sinners

    • February 10, 2016
    • ITV

    A Saint’s bones are found at an archaeological dig and is causes a quite stir in the village of Midsomer Cicely. After the leader of the dig is found dead, DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson soon work out that it’s not only skeletons that have been long buried in the hallowed ground.

  • S18E06 Harvest of Souls

    • February 17, 2016
    • ITV

    It is the yearly harvest fair and the daredevil riders of the Wall of Death come to Whitcombe Mallet. After the owner of an equestrian centre is trampled by his horse, DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson learn about a complex feud from the past, where nothing is what it looks like.

Season 19

  • S19E01 The Village That Rose from the Dead

    • December 18, 2016
    • ITV

    The Village of Little Auburn gas stood abandoned since World War Two but plans are afoot to restore it to its former glory, However, the grand reopening takes a grisly turn when a man is murdered. DCI Barnaby and his new partner, DS Jamie Winter, are soon on the case, and must unravel a web of lies connecting past and present to bring the killer to justice.

  • S19E02 Crime and Punishment

    • January 4, 2017
    • ITV

    The Bleakridge Watch patrols the streets of their remote village, exposing anyone who steps outside the law. When one of their members dies, DCI Barnaby and DS Winter uncover just how far some people will go for power.

  • S19E03 Last Man Out

    • January 11, 2017
    • ITV

    Pom-pom girls go wild as Lower Pampling's star cricketer Leo Henderson wins the match, taking his team through to the C10 Slam tournament semi-final. But later that day, Leo is found dead in the practice area, pummelled by cricket balls… At the cricket ground, Barnaby is surprised when he encounters his old DS Ben Jones. Jones introduces himself as Leo's teammate ‘Jack Morris' and warns an intrigued Barnaby not to blow his cover. In the dark about Jones' real identity, Winter's hackles are raised. Barnaby learns from Leo's friends, Serena and Elliot Luthando, that fast-paced C10 is not everyone's cup of tea. Council members St John Beachwood and Germaine Troughton, a famous ex-cricketer, hate its vulgarity and plan a village vote to decide whether it stays. Later that night, Jones consoles Leo's widow Melody. An intruder breaks in but Jones fails to catch him. Once Melody goes to bed, Jones finds a bag of cash hidden in Leo's study. Meanwhile, venerable St John makes a phone call asking someone to come home… but who is he speaking to? Best friends Melody and Serena discuss a special anniversary and later Serena ceremonially places a flower by a tree, marking the trunk with a knife. St John is delighted when a mysterious person shows up. Whilst Kam and Sarah watch the C10 semi-final together, Kam admires Jones' prowess on the pitch. After Lower Pampling's win, Jones is approached by captain Fitz Theara who bribes him to fix the final. Serena returns home to find an anxious Elliot glued to his computer. Upstairs she is spooked by a flower on her bed, but who has left it there? Melody is also frightened when she receives a funeral wreath from an anonymous donor. By the memorial tree, an impatient Fitz waits for someone. Fate deals him a cruel blow when he is stabbed through the heart with a cricket stump… At the crime scene, Barnaby spots twenty notches on the tree and tasks Winter to find out what happened in the village twenty years ago. Jones comes clean to

  • S19E04 Red in Tooth and Claw

    • January 18, 2017
    • ITV

    When DCI Barnaby and DS Winter discover a dead body covered in live rabbits it reveals a sinister side to the local pet show. Is this a rivalry taken too far or is the killer driven by something darker? Under cover of darkness, local Estate Agent Seb Huntington releases animals from their cages at the Belville Small Pet Show. Someone confronts Seb and the following morning Ailsa Benson arrives to set up her pet food stall to find Seb dead, surrounded by escaped bunnies... At the crime scene Barnaby and Winter meet Locum Pathologist Dr Oliver Marcet. While Winter hides his disappointment that Kam is on a course, Barnaby learns the victim died from a stab wound to the neck. Hearing Ailsa Benson’s alibi, Barnaby and Winter next interview Seb’s distraught girlfriend Tegan Langton and her boss, Hall owner and Pet Show patron the stately Delphi Hartley. Finding no reason anyone would want to harm Seb or sabotage the show, they leave Tegan to be comforted by best friend Shray Varma - watched from afar by the mysterious Errol Judd. Barnaby and Winter go to see Cleo Langton, Tegan’s mum and Seb’s boss at the Estate Agents, and discover Seb was trying to get Delphi to sell the hall, but Delphi wasn’t interested. Theorising the murderer might be a competitor sabotaging the show, Barnaby and Winter next visit Best In Show defending champion Timothy Benson, whose alibi unwittingly throws suspicion back onto his estranged wife Ailsa. Timothy is distraught to discover Hercules has been kidnapped. Meanwhile in a secret room an unknown figure strokes the sleeve of a luxury fur coat. When Winter gleans from Seb’s computer that he was sabotaging the show, Barnaby posits that someone murdered Seb to stop him. Winter reveals that local hotelier Perry Tressel has form for animal rights campaigning and fits the bill. Winter follows up on Ailsa’s dodgy alibi at the pet shop, learning of her affair with charming builder Jayesh Varma and sensing Ailsa is hiding something. At

  • S19E05 Death by Persuasion

    • May 13, 2018
    • ITV

    DCI Barnaby and DS Winter investigate at a Jane Austen-themed stately home after a participant is found murdered on the grounds.

  • S19E06 The Curse of the Ninth

    • May 20, 2018
    • ITV

    When a prize winning violinist is killed, and his Stradivarius stolen, Barnaby must sort through a myriad of suspects and motives to find the killer.

Season 20

  • S20E01 The Ghost of Causton Abbey

    • March 10, 2019
    • ITV

    The ancient Causton Abbey is now a brewery, but the old curse is still active: one person is found boiled to death in one of the vats shortly after a party to launch a new ale.

  • S20E02 Death of the Small Coppers

    • March 17, 2019
    • ITV

    A butterfly collector is found pinned to a wall like one of his specimens.

  • S20E03 Drawing Dead

    • May 19, 2019
    • ITV

    Carver Valley's comic festival is in full swing when the village is shocked by the murder of a former supermodel. With a scathing comic shaming several villagers as the only lead, Barnaby and Winter are left trying to separate fact from fiction.

  • S20E04 The Lions of Causton

    • August 26, 2019
    • ITV

    Barnaby gets to relive his former sporting glory when a death at the local Rugby Club sends Barnaby and Winter into a muddle of rucks, grudges, romance... and artisanal chocolates?

  • S20E05 Till Death Do Us Part

    • November 7, 2019
    • ITV

    Barnaby is less than impressed when Sarah drags him to a wedding. But things go from bad to worse when Barnaby must unveil a murderer with an apparent penchant for local brides.

  • S20E06 Send in the Clowns

    • November 7, 2019
    • ITV

    Things take a gruesome turn when Ferrabees Circus comes to town, bringing with it a chain of sinister clown sightings, threatening notes and deathly dangerous circus acts.

Season 21

  • S21E01 The Point of Balance

    • January 21, 2020
    • ITV

    When a former ballroom-dance champion is found dead with tulle stuffed in her mouth after the opening gala of the Paramount Dance Extravaganza, Barnaby and Winter go toe-to-toe with rival dancers, jealous partners, and suspicious corporate sponsors. Meanwhile, Barnaby contends with a visit from his estranged father.

  • S21E02 The Miniature Murders

    • February 4, 2020
    • ITV

    The worlds of miniature dollhouses and real houses collide when a prolific real-estate agent is shot in front of a crowd at the unveiling of a new dollhouse collection at the Midsomer Museum of the Family. The victim had no small number of enemies: he was an unpopular landlord, an estranged husband with a new lover, and a party to a manslaughter case years ago.

  • S21E03 The Sting of Death

    • February 11, 2020
    • ITV

    Barnaby and Winter are called to the stately home of a master beekeeper after he is injured attempting to apprehend a thief. The village of Granville Norton is abuzz with news of the missing bees, and suspicions fly when one of the locals is stung to death.

  • S21E04 With Baited Breath

    • February 18, 2020
    • ITV

    Tensions run high in the village of Solomon Gorge when a fishing competition and extreme obstacle course are scheduled for the same weekend. With each group attempting to sabotage the other, it's not long before someone's life is on the line.